Whoop Strap Review – Revolutionize Your Exercise Regimen with Data-Driven Results

Picture this.  You wake up and feel ready to go.  You go to the gym (pretend this is pre-COVID), and you are doing your usual workout but are really struggling.  What isn’t adding up?  Chances are you don’t have a Whoop Strap and, ya’ll, this thing is the real deal. 

What is a Whoop Strap?  It’s a state of the art fitness strap that tracks your fitness, sleep, and recovery. 

Yes, sleep and recovery are paramount to your fitness level, and that is probably why you were feeling sluggish in our example. 

In this Whoop Strap review, we will bring the facts and let you decide how awesome the Whoop Strap is.  Also, I bet you sang “Whoomp! There it is” every time I said “whoop” so far. 

Well done, people. Well done.


Whoop Strap – Tell Me More About Yourself

The Whoop Strap is a fitness tracker that measures way more than your workouts. 

Using HRV (heart rate variability–a measure of the variation of time between heartbeats), resting heart rate, sleep, and respiratory rate, the Whoop Strap is your new coach. 

While we all like to have someone in our corner, cheering us on, having an actual coach makes us more accountable for our fitness goals.  If a coach shows you exactly what you need to do to accomplish your goals and how to do them, you will be successful.  It’s really that simple.  Plus, the Whoop Strap has been on the market since 2011. 

Top professional athletes like Lebron James and Michael Phelps are proud wearers.  Who wants to be in the same category as them?  Us!!  Pick Us!!!!

Isn’t this like every other Fitness Tracker?

In this Whoop Strap review, we’ll go over how the Whoop Strap is different from any other fitness tracker you have tried in the past. In fact, it’s better. 

For one, the Whoop Strap doesn’t have a display like a watch or a step counter.  It is literally a strap that looks sleek and professional.  With its stretchy, comfortable strap in various colors, it is designed to be worn all day and night to reap the benefits of all the data it collects. 

Also, it’s functional without the bulk.  Have you ever hit yourself in the face with your Apple Watch while sleeping?  So have we, and it’s not pretty.

By design, the Whoop Strap syncs to your phone’s Bluetooth and updates the app accordingly all throughout the day and night.

It measures heart rate change to gauge your workouts, respiratory rate to measure your breaths per minute, sleep patterns to understand how restful your sleep is, and your stress levels based on your heart rate variability. 

It then puts all of those metrics together in the app using graphs and charts so you can understand more about what your body needs.  Basically, it’s getting you more in tune with your body. 

While we know fitness is essential to our body’s health and well-being, we tend to forget how often life’s other factors affect our bodies.  Stress, diet, and sleep are a huge part of our fitness regimen. 

Most of the time, we ignore the signs that we need to stop and recover based on those factors.  With the Whoop Strap, we find our balance again. 

Instead of partying to “Whoomp! There it is” until 3 am, we learn to listen to our Whoop Strap coach, and a healthy lifestyle becomes our priority.

Can I measure my Blood Pressure with the Whoop Strap?

Unfortunately, no, the Whoop Strap cannot measure blood pressure. 

Measuring blood pressure requires special equipment that a fitness tracker just does not have. 

That said, the Whoop Strap does calculate your heart rate variability, which measures your cardiovascular health.  Because of that, you can get a good indication of heart health. 

Of course, if you truly need to check your blood pressure, you should see your doctor.

If it does all that, is it costly?

Hold onto your hats, people, because the actual Whoop Strap itself is free.  Your mind is blown, right? 

The Whoop Strap developers wanted this fitness and recovery tracker to lead to lifestyle changes for those who use it.  Instead of paying a ton of money upfront for something that you only end up using for a few months until the novelty wears off, you pay a monthly subscription that works like a gym membership. 

You can sign up for a subscription of 6 months for $30 per month ($360 annually), 12 months for $24 per month ($288 annually), or 18 months for $18 per month ($216 annually). 

The subscription pricing keeps you accountable for your fitness goals.  Remember, the Whoop Strap is the new coach you hired to get that healthy lifestyle you have always wanted. 

You have to pay them monthly, and every time you do, you stay firmly committed to a healthier you.  Perhaps you can even name your coach.  What’s up, Coach Whoopie!

Think about it.  How many of us pay for a gym membership that we never use?  It’s hard sometimes because life gets in the way of fitness.  We are talking to you, COVID. 

If you have something on your wrist that is a gentle reminder every day that you are a beast and can make healthy living your top priority, you are going to do it.  The amount of data that you get back from the app is remarkable.  Your coach is telling you daily what you need to do.  It’s up to us to follow through and make it happen.

Whoop Strap 3.0 Review – Your New Bestie


Now the Whoop Strap 3.0 came out last year, and let’s be real; it was one of the very few highlights of 2020. 

The new and improved Whoop Strap has taken the original and cranked it up several notches. 

We will explore all of the benefits of owning the latest and greatest in this Whoop Strap 3.0 review, so don’t worry.  Even if you are already the proud owner of a Whoop Strap, pay attention.  You just might want to get yourself an upgrade because we all need to treat ourselves.

That New Designer Strap is Posh

We already told you about how the strap itself looks pretty slick. 

With the Whoop Strap 3.0, that strap just got better looking.  The new standard for the strap is called ProKnit. 

The old straps were made out of less durable material, which led to some disappointment from users.  However, the new straps are made of high-tenancy yarn and rubber, making them more durable.

This strap is very similar to the Apple Watch bands. 

Also, if you already own a Whoop Strap 2.0, the new ProKnit straps can be used with that version as well.  Also, they automatically send you a ProKnit version that is the color of Onyx (black), but they will send you a colorful one for a little bit more money. 

There’s even a color called ‘Thunder and Lightning.’  You can literally bring the thunder.  Cue Imagine Dragons.

Where are our swimmers and sweat-ers?  Show of hands, please.  Yes, we raised our hands because we like an occasional swim, but maybe we also sweat like the beasts we are.  If that’s the case, have no fear. 

The Whoop Strap 3.0 is waterproof.  “Whoomp! There it is!”  Sorry, we promise that is the last time. 

By that, we mean the electronic device is waterproof.  Keep in mind that the strap itself does get wet and can take some time to dry.  If you know you will be using it while in the water, then go ahead and pay a little extra to get the Hydroband strap. 

This quick-dry strap is definitely what you want if you are a swimmer. 

Either way, you can sweat, swim, or shower with it, wearing it to your heart’s content.

Comfort is Key

Remember hitting yourself with the Apple Watch and the pain that followed?  Well, no more of that in your life. 

The new ProKnit strap isn’t bulky or flashy. 

The Whoop Strap 3.0 likes to keep a low profile while looking classy at the same time.  Because of that, some reviews of the Whoop Strap suggest that it is the most comfortable fitness tracker on the market. 

To be accurate, fitness trackers need to be flush to the skin to measure your heart rate.  One of the main problems for most fitness trackers is that the material is uncomfortable, and you won’t wear it for long periods. 

If it’s uncomfortable, the novelty wears off quickly, and the fitness tracker starts growing dust on your nightstand. 

The Whoop Strap 3.0, on the other hand, is so comfortable you forget it’s there.  Since it needs to be tight enough for your pinkie not to fit under it, you want the material to be comfortable. 

You are more than happy to have it flush to your skin because it doesn’t feel awful.  It’s like how Kleenex makes tissue so soft you blow your nose just to use one.  Well, it’s not exactly that, but you get the point. 

Power for Days

Are you sitting down?  Of course you are because reading fitness articles is what you love to do while you recover from your latest workout. 

Am I right? 

Now, this is one of the best parts of the new Whoop Strap 3.0.  It will stay charged for 5 days.  That’s right.  Five days of charge with the new Whoop Strap 3.0.  Its predecessor, the 2.0, only stayed charged for 2 days.  Here’s what is even better. 

The Whoop Strap 3.0 has a battery pack charger that fits over the strap to charge it while it’s on your arm.  This way, you never have to remove the strap while it’s charging. 

You won’t have the Whoop Strap 3.0 missing a workout or other important metric that drives your data.  Recharge it right on your arm for a little over an hour, and you are at full charge again.  One thing to note is the battery pack charger is not waterproof.  Make sure you remove it before you jump in the shower.

With many other fitness trackers, the battery dies quicker when using it to record a workout.  This is not the case for the Whoop Strap 3.0. 

The battery life is 5 days no matter what amount of exercising you are doing. 

The strap has three LED lights on the side that indicate how much battery power is left.  Three lights are a full charge, while two lights are about 60%-79% charged.  One LED light is about 20%-39% charged.  Make it smart by keeping it simple.

Walk me through the Tracking

The real question is, what doesn’t the Whoop Strap 3.0 track?  It is a tracking beast.  Let’s break it down.

Fitness Tracking

As we’ve mentioned before, it is unnecessary to start and stop your workout with a Whoop Strap 3.0.  The device is smart enough to recognize your increased heart rate and start measuring your exercise. 

The constant tracking of your heart rate enables it to do this accurately. 

One minor drawback is that you need to exercise for 15 minutes before the Whoop Strap will start logging it as exercise.

However, if you ever want to override the automatic system that it uses, you can always go on the app and log activity—that way, all of your workouts will be calculated, even weight training.

Using these calculations, the Whoop Strap 3.0 can calculate your daily strain.  Your strain is basically all of your cardio for the day to include your workouts.  Think of it as the amount of strain that you have put on your body on any given day. 

This will change daily and be different for everyone, so don’t compare yourself to someone else when it comes to strain.  The strain will also take into account your recovery and how much you have recovered from previous workouts.

Now one of the awesome features of the Whoop Strap 3.0 is the strain coach.  This coach will inform you of how much strain should be put on your body on any given day. 

Considering past strain or lack thereof, the strain coach urges you to increase or decrease your strain. Utilizing the strain coach is a great way to avoid burnout.  Coach Strainer has a nice ring to it!

A bonus when it comes to the strain coach is that you can go into the app and adjust the strain depending on your workout goals.  For instance, if you are training for a marathon, you know you will be putting more strain on your body day after day. 

You can set your strain threshold a little higher so that the strain coach can take that into account when making your daily recommendations.  Also, if you are training for a marathon, you are a rock star.

Recovery Tracking

After all of your workouts and cardio are complete and your strain calculated, it’s time to focus on your recovery tracking.  Based on the strain that you have put on your body, the Whoop Strap calculates your recovery percentage. 

This takes listening to your body to a whole new level.  By detecting your heart rate along with your sleep tracking (we’ll get to that in a minute), it can project your recovery score. 

The better you weather strain and recovery, the better your recovery score will be.  By detecting your RHR (resting heart rate), the Whoop Strap 3.0 can determine how well you are recovering. 

A lower RHR is a good indication that your recovery is going well and you are doing the right things.  We are basically telling you to sit on the couch and prop your feet up.  You’re welcome.

Sleep Tracking

The Whoop Strap’s 3.0 ability to track sleep performance to the extent it does is what sets it apart from other fitness trackers. 

The advanced technology can tell you how much sleep you got and how beneficial the sleep was.  Based on your movement patterns and heart rate, it can track your REM sleep vs. light sleep.  It can also tell how long it actually takes you to fall asleep in the first place. 

All of these factors will play into your recovery tracking.  While we might think we are getting good sleep, the quality of our sleep might be lacking.  This might be why we are in a constant state of exhaustion. 

The Whoop Strap 3.0 can tell you what is affecting your sleep.  It’s hard to hear, but alcohol is one of the biggest reasons your sleep is interrupted.  Whatever the case may be, finding the reasons behind your bad sleep patterns helps you fix those issues. 

The results are better recovery and a healthier lifestyle.

The sleep coach is also available via the app.  Considering your strain from the day, projected strain for the next day, sleep deprivation, and how long it takes you to fall asleep, the sleep coach recommends when you should go to bed. 

For some, it’s a nice reminder that maybe just one more NetFlix show isn’t the best idea.  Coach ZZZ’s to the rescue!

Whoop Live – Getting Social

For this Whoop Strap 3.0 review, we need to fill you in on how Whoop Strap is going live–meaning it’s now integrating with social media.  People love sharing on social media. 

We all know this.  What better way to promote your healthier lifestyle than being able to record some of your workouts to show friends you are rocking it.  This tool utilizes your camera to record your workout. 

Just save a clip and post it.  Not only will this motivate you, but it also motivates others to workout.  For fitness influencers or professionals, it’s huge for your customers. 

They can see your workouts, which promotes them to get moving too.  It’s the old domino effect, but we’re not falling.  We are rising!

Time to Compare

Okay, we’ve done our Whoop Strap review and the Whoop Strap 3.0 review, but it wouldn’t be complete without some comparisons. 

We know a lot of you out there love your Apple Watch and Fitbits, but how do those compare to the Whoop Strap?  Allow us to present our findings.

Oura Ring vs. Whoop Strap

Oura Ring

The Oura Ring is similar to the Whoop Strap in a lot of ways.  It tracks your sleep, activity, and readiness. 

Readiness is comparable to the recovery on the Whoop Strap.  The Oura Ring also utilizes the heart rate variability and resting heart rate to gather your information.

One of the main differences between it and the Whoop Strap is that it also tracks your body temperature.  This can be another measure that helps you to figure out if you are getting sick. 

The Oura Ring tracks all of your movements throughout the day to include light housework, whereas the Whoop Strap only tracks exercise when it is longer than 15 minutes. 

Both the Oura Ring and the Whoop Strap have a battery life of 5 days, but the Oura Ring must be removed to charge.  Also, there is a different charger for every ring size, and those chargers are not interchangeable. 

While the sleep tracking with the Oura Ring is in line with the Whoop Strap as far as detecting REM sleep, light sleep, and overall sleep quality, it has been inaccurate when it comes to its sleep tracking. 

Our Whoop Strap is extremely accurate with our sleep.  For some of us, it’s like it knows it’s our favorite thing to do.

Fitbit vs. Whoop Strap

Fitbit Charge 4 Fitbit Charge 4

Fitness and Activity Tracker with Built-in GPS, Heart Rate, Sleep & Swim Tracking, Black/Black, One Size (S &L Bands Included).

02/19/2024 05:07 am GMT

Some of the higher end Fitbits, like the Fitbit Versa and the Fitbit Ionic watch, are on par when it comes to tracking fitness like the Whoop Strap. 

Tracking heart rate and your fitness activity is accurately measured by these Fitbits. 

However, where the Fitbit falls short of the Whoop Strap is the ability to take your heart rate, steps, and physical activity and interpret it into beneficial results for your overall fitness.  Without giving you data based on those results, you will not know your recovery, which is vital to your fitness regimen. 

It’s as important as your workout. 

Another way the Fitbit falls short is its inability to sleep track as accurately as the Whoop Strap.  It’s missing the innovative technology that the Whoop Strap has to track your detailed sleep patterns and process those results into recovery. 

To build on your fitness, you need to know how the results will affect your future workouts.  Don’t you want a fitness tracker to care about you?  We thought so.

Biostrap vs. Whoop Strap

Like the Whoop Strap, the Biostrap measures sleep, recovery, and performance using the same features as the Whoop Strap. 

Some of the main differences are the battery life, sleep tracking accuracy, and comfort. 

The Biostrap only has a battery life of 2 days compared to the Whoop Strap’s 5 days.  Also, you have to remove the Biostrap to charge it. 

The sleep tracker on the Biostrap has been known to be inaccurate.  For example, one user watched television on multiple occasions, and it thought the person was asleep.  That’s not what you want. 

Finally, when it comes to comfort, the Biostrap is definitely less comfortable than the Whoop Strap.  Comfort is everything, people. 

One thing the Biostrap does offer is a pulse oximeter to capture additional data.  Some reviews mentioned having issues with interference with the pulse oximeter.  That can result in inaccurate data. 

Apple Watch vs. Whoop Strap

The Apple Watch is also similar to the Whoop Strap in how it tracks fitness.  Both devices can detect when you start working out based on heart rate variability without starting and stopping a workout. 

Of course, the main difference is that you can glance at your Apple Watch to see the heart rate increase right on the screen.  However, the Whoop Strap interprets all of this data to gauge your recovery while the Apple Watch does not. 

The Whoop Strap also has the Apple Watch beat on sleep tracking.  While the Apple Watch gives you basic sleep tracking, the Whoop Strap surpasses that to the extreme. 

Detailed sleep patterns and data on what is affecting your sleep are just some of what the Whoop Strap does.  When it comes to recovery, Whoop Strap has the Apple watch beat here too. 

The Apple Watch doesn’t offer anything when it comes to recovery, while the Whoop Strap makes it a major part of your overall fitness well-being.

Even further, the Apple Watch battery only lasts about 18 hours and needs to be removed to be charged.  Another major difference here is that a workout drastically drains the battery on an Apple Watch. 

With the Whoop Strap, the device is constantly monitoring your heart rate, so workouts do not drain the battery.  It is worth noting that the FDA has approved the Apple Watch heart rate monitor as a medical device to measure your heart rate.  The Whoop Strap has not been approved as such.

We have to say that when it comes to comparing the fitness tracker of a Whoop Strap to the fitness tracker of an Apple Watch, the Whoop Strap is the clear winner. 

Yes, the Apple Watch gives you an entire interface with other technology, but the Whoop Strap fitness tracker is far superior.  Sorry, Apple.  You can’t win them all.

Reading is Fun

Isn’t reading fun?  Hopefully, our Whoop Strap review has given you some insight into why everyone is talking about this fabulous fitness tracker.  It’s not just the cool colors of the strap either. 

Well, we are pretty excited about that ;Thunder and Lightning’ color. 

The Whoop Strap is the coach that will propel you to a lifestyle of healthy living rather than just your average fitness tracker that counts steps.  It’s innovative approach to tracking recovery is what sets it apart from the rest of the market. 

Don’t worry that you need to have your phone or tablet nearby while exercising if you want to see your live results. 

Our best tablet holder article dives into some great phone and tablet holder accessories to get that live feedback you desire from your Whoop Strap.  Isn’t it great to follow us on The Fitness Tribe?

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