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The Rise of Workout Plans: Why More People are Embracing Structured Fitness

Over time fitness has evolved from calisthenics at gym class to federal standards for fitness requirements, to a nation thats standards have been reducing rapidly, as seen in this article pubnlished by the CDC.  Fortunately there is hope yet in ever increasing content opportunities through apps, social media and the like.  It is clear that without a vision the people perish, so where then can we the people find the vision, path, or road forward on our fitness journey? 

We are fortunate to own a couple of websites in the health and wellness space, and we have found that of the 8 of the 20 most read articles on The Fitness Tribe website in the last 12 months were workout plans.  We have listed 2 of those article below.

  1. A Classic 4 Day Weight Lifting Workout Split  “Trying out a 4-day split workout can be a great way to mix up your normal exercise routine, and experiment with intensity and recovery. Unlike other exercise schedules that focus on full-body routines, high-intensity training, and focused muscle groups, the 4-day split workout combines a good balance of high weight, low reps, and efficient recovery.
  2. The Ultimate List of Calisthenics Exercises “Calisthenics is a form of training where you use bodyweight exercises to build muscle. Think pull-ups, push-ups, dips, pistol squats—those kinds of exercises. No gym membership—no expensive weights. Just you and your body. Calisthenics training is usually associated with lean and agile athletes, but there’s more to calisthenics than crazy pull-up bar routines, tight abs, and a chiseled upper body.”

Workout plans are not what you think, they are not a one size fits all approach.  They are a guideline to be observed and mostly followed.  Workout plans help you the same way an outline is helping me to write this article.  Fitness takes knowledge and practice.  Where there is knowledge, put it to practice!

What are the benefits of a workout plan?

There are many benefits of following a workout plan.  Not having one is like trying to get to a destination without a map, I would argue it is critical to your success otherwise you are aimlessly trying to achieve a fitter and healthier life.  So, what are the benefits, well, a structured approach that can more clearly help you determine what is working and not working.  There is accountability in built in to a workout plan, pass or fail, did you complete your workout or not? Then of course the obvious….The Results

A structured approach can make your journey less daunting.  Going to the gym with a plan or “map” will help you get to the destination.  Sometimes the destination is completing 3 lifts and a 1 mile walk on the treadmill.  Guess what..thats ok.  Showing up is commitment and you are not a faker if you show up.

Accountability is a curse word to some because there are many people they have encountered, including themselves who have let them down.  Today is a new done there is no yesterday and no tomorrow only now.  When you decide to have a structured approach and stick to it.  You are breaking the curse of the word!

The results are the treasure or destination on your map.  That end result will be different for everyone but having a reason you are going to the gym with a plan and giving it your all puts you ahead of the previous version of yourself that didn’t.

How do you choose the right workout plan?

Choosing the right workout plan is simply a necessary evil.  The key is to pick a workout plan you can do regularly, easily, but most importantly you WILL do again and again.  Therefore the components to consider are far more contextual than they are mechanical.

Start by assessing yourself.  Be honest with yourself and where you are at.  Will you be able to hit your goals after 1 8 week training plan, or do you need to ease your way in? Is your goal realistic?If you are clearly assessing yourself than you need to find a plan that is easy to do.  Not that the movements are easy, but if the plan requires you to be at the gym then dont do it!  Thats right I said it…If you are not a regular gym goes than get used to working out at home.  Learn the movements and more about what your limitations are so you can keep working out and in the future go to the gym.

Set yourself up for success by making it easy to do repeatedly. Remember in the words of Aristotle, “YOu are what you repeatedly do, excellence then is not an act but a habit.”

How can I become someone who works out?

Everyone started somewhere.  The key to fitness is start, one day or day one.  Make sure you can start and keep working out. Track your progress, on paper is fine.  Take pictures for your own records.  Remember you cant workout enough to make up for a bad diet.  Diet and nutrition are essential elements to your fitness success.  You musrt commit to the process.  Sometimes you need to do 10 push ups in your living room.  Othertimes you need to train for a 5k.  Follow a plan, even if the plan is doing “something” active.  Once you have that down then graduate to a consistent workout plan to follow doing multiple vertices of fitness.  Once you are there, you can compete in fitness against others or your former self.  Your tastes will change your standard for a good day will be redefined.  You will become someone who is fit and healthy.  You are always one decision away.


Workout plans are rising in popularity and for good reason.  People care about being in shape.  It is innate in us to want to be the best version of ourselves. There are innumerable benefits to using a workout plan, it acts as a map to your destination, which are the results or treasure you are after.  Choosing the right plan matters more contextually then it does mechanically.  If your plan has you at a gym 4 days a week but you can only go 2 days, pick a bodyweight work out plan for home.  As you do and as you do continually you will be someone who works out and people who workout and diet are fit people.

You can do this, I wish you great success on your journey.

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Andrew has been a fitness enthusiast since high school where he was an all state athlete, competed in weight lifting competitions, and is in his weight rooms Hall of Fame. He played college football and later coached at his alma mater h.s. He continues to provide fitness content only transitioning from the gridiron to the web.

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