The Movement Athlete Review – Calisthenics Loading in 3, 2, 1!

Calisthenics is the art of exercise using body weight with little equipment. Calisthenics is a savior in a world where life is sometimes too chaotic to get to the gym. It helps build strength, endurance, and cardiovascular health.

Sometimes the wide range of apps available for calisthenics is overwhelming. We like to pick some excellent calisthenic apps and research them to give you the best. The Movement Athlete is our next app to digest. We’ll give you all of the details of this app and how it can work for you. Drum roll, please!

Introducing The Movement Athlete

The Movement Athlete was developed by Agnieszka Nazaruk and is registered in the UK. The Movement Athlete uses AI (artificial intelligence) to create personalized training programs based on the user’s goals, fitness level, equipment, and feedback. It contains a comprehensive assessment, guided workouts, progress tracking, a resource library, and a community platform. Share your progress and success story with over 50,000 other members to motivate you!

With over 100 calisthenics skills, The Movement Athlete strives to improve body composition and joint strength by learning from calisthenics experts. The training derives from an individual’s fitness level and ability, making this app excellent for beginners to advanced athletes. The initial assessment personalizes your training and builds progressions to follow and skills to master.

How Does The Movement Athlete Work?

The Movement Athlete is in the Google PlayStore for Android or the Apple Store for iOS users. Once you download the app, you complete an assessment that discusses goals, access to equipment, and feedback. The AI creates daily workouts, including a warm-up, skill work, strength, muscle, endurance, and cooldown, that meets the requirements based on the assessment.

As you begin your training sessions, The Movement Athlete tracks your progress, alters your workouts based on your progressions, and adds challenges to keep you focused. There are over 1,000 videos available with calisthenics skills with their instructions and advances. Additionally, professionals like weightlifters, gymnasts, and bodybuilders give expert advice on calisthenics. Between them and the 50,000 members, there are always ways to improve and evolve your calisthenics skills.

as low as $3.7 / week


  • Adjust Your Training Based on Your Performance
  • Help You Make Lifelong Changes

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  • The interface is modern and sleek, with easy-to-use functionality.
  • Personalized training for each individual based on their assessment
  • Effective and helps users reach fitness goals
  • Flexible app with little equipment required
  • Affordable app with a money-back guarantee


  • An Internet connection is required to use the app
  • No voice guidance during videos or workouts
  • It does not include nutritional content or supplements
  • No advanced movement for strength athletes

User Reviews

The users love the personalization of this app and its flexibility as it tracks your progress through workouts. The sleek design and ease of use are significant wins for this app. With a community of followers and coaches, people love the motivation. A final victory is the 60-day money-back guarantee and the 7-day free trial.

Some things people don’t like about The Movement Athlete are that some equipment isn’t available to everyone, and there isn’t audio for the instructional videos. Advanced athletes also don’t like that there are advanced movements.

Who Should Download This App?

We recommend The Movement Athlete for people interested in calisthenics and who want a personalized training program with individualized goals, feedback, and equipment availability taken into consideration. It’s also excellent for people who want to work out from anywhere and love a supportive environment with community users.

How to Purchase The Movement Athlete?

The Movement Athlete app is on iOS or Android online app stores. The price varies depending on your subscription level, like monthly, quarterly, or yearly. Here is the price breakdown.

  • $24.97 monthly equates to $6.30 per week
  • $47.00 quarterly equates to $4.00 per week
  • $157.00 yearly equates to $3.70 per week

Before starting any plan, there is a 7-day trial to see if the app works for you. There is also a 60-day money-back guarantee if you don’t like the app in that time frame.


What are the benefits of calisthenics?

Calisthenics is a training that uses body weight to build muscle and endurance. It requires little to no equipment and can be done anywhere.

How does The Movement Athlete App work?

The app provides workouts based on your personalized assessment. All exercises have a warmup, skill, strength, and cool-down section. The app tracks your progress and alters workouts based on achievements.

What are the requirements to use the app?

You need an Android or iOS smartphone or tablet with an internet connection to use the app.

How long are the workouts, and how often should I use them?

Most workouts range from 45-60 minutes, depending on your goals. The app gives you a schedule to adhere to that can be adjusted by the individual.

How can I get help or support for the app?

The app has a support team available via chat or email at There is also a help center on the app with FAQs and articles about the app’s functionality.

Alternative Apps


Freeletics is another fitness app that uses AI to create personalized workouts to suit an individual’s goals. It has mindset training, meditations, and podcasts to help you stay motivated through your training sessions. While its main focus isn’t calisthenics, it does feature bodyweight training. It’s affordable but requires upfront payment for three months at a time.


Thenx is a calisthenics app featuring a paid app or free YouTube videos. Like The Movement Athlete, there is a community forum to help you stay motivated. It guides you in developing particular calisthenic skills like muscle-ups, levers, and planches. It is priced moderately but requires a yearly subscription.


Calisthenics for everyone | Caliverse Calisthenics for everyone | Caliverse

Customized calisthenics workouts- no gear necessary, right from your smartphone! The easy-to-navigate interface gives you access to workouts by text and videos so everyone can be successful. It is offered on both Android and iOS operating systems, and it’s free to download.

  • All made for you to know what exactly to do every day
  • Have a workout set for every day of your week

Another calisthenics app that works through personalization by adapting to your goals and fitness level. It features an excellent user interface with a timer and leaderboard that tracks progress. The best part is it has a free or paid version, depending on your budget.

We are Done!

No dumbbells? No problem. This calisthenics app has everything you need to build strength and endurance with body weight alone. While we have reviewed many calisthenics and CrossFit apps, we highly recommend The Movement Athlete to get you started on your fitness journey. It features everything you need to become a calisthenics athlete!

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