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The Body Spartan Review

Working out is only half of the battle when you want to lose weight or gain muscle.

In addition to working out and matching your body type with the best method for gaining muscle, you’ll also want to pair your workout with quality nutrition.

Body Spartan gives users both a workout program and nutrition tips so you can lose weight or build muscle in no time.

For men, Body Spartan is all about bulking up and building muscle.

Women can expect to see their bodies become more toned and lean when participating in any Body Spartan workout program. Regardless of your body type or your overall goal, Body Spartan can help you reach your goals and get fit!

Body Spartan In-Home Full Body Workout Program

Venturing out of your house in the middle of a full-blown pandemic to hit the gym may seem like more of a risk than a reward.

Instead of going to your local gym you can pull up and do the Body Spartan workout right in your own home.

One of the best benefits of leaving your house and heading to the gym is a sense of accountability and purpose. It can be hard to spend the time sweating and working out when the couch is calling from the next room!

But home-based workouts can be extremely effective and efficient when you want to build muscle or tone your whole body.

Mobile apps and e-book workouts like Body Spartan are highly efficient for anyone who wants to start on their health journey.

The apps and e-book allow you to be flexible with your schedule as well as do the workout wherever you have room in your house. In addition to the static app and e-book, Body Spartan also offers live workouts that you can follow along with for your daily dose of sweat-inducing exercise.

Personalized workouts have been regularly shown to keep participants on track with their weight-loss or health goals.

Body Spartan doesn’t offer personalized workouts quite yet but you can pick and choose from the standard workouts they offer to create one that will work best for the time and space you have available.

To stay engaged while using an in-home program like Body Spartan, researchers recommend connecting several other health technologies to engage at a higher rate.

With all of our engagement becoming increasingly mobile and centered around phones and tablets, by connecting to the workout program via devices, you’ll keep on track with your Body Spartan programming.

No need to venture out and hit the local gym when you can complete the entire workout in the safety of your home!

Body Spartan Body Spartan


Body Spartan Genesis

No matter what your goals are when it comes to a weight-loss journey, Body Spartan has a program that will suit your needs.

Body Spartan Genesis is the most popular part of their training program and focuses on two overall goals: weight loss and muscle gain.

Weight loss and muscle gain are worth nothing if they can’t be maintained!

The Body Spartan Genesis program focuses on achieving those goals and then spends time teaching participants how to maintain their results.

This part of the program is presented by Gabe Tuft himself and focuses on how exercise and nutrition work hand in hand to achieve weight loss and muscle gain.

Genesis was developed by Tuft who is a WWE Superstar and wanted to create a digital program that focuses on diet and fitness. The entire program runs over 12 weeks and you can score a free trial for 14 days to test the program before purchasing.

The mobile app is one of the best features of this program and customizes meal plans and workouts to suit the user’s height, weight, and goals.

By utilizing a cyclic ketogenic diet, the Genesis program offers users a chance to see changes in their health within the 14 day trial period!


  • Free 14-day trial
  • Results can be seen within the first 14 days
  • 12-week program
  • Developed and run by WWE Superstar
  • Nutrition and physical exercise combined for overall health


  • A cyclic keto diet may not be suitable for all users
  • Support after the 12-week workout program was spotty
  • Workouts are long

Savage Shred Program

If you’re looking to shed pounds fast, this program developed by David Larson, a Natural Pro-Bodybuilder, is a great choice!

The 12-week program ensures that even as your dropping pounds, you retain any lean muscle mass that you accumulate.

To make sure that your body is balanced, Savage Shred uses scientific data to cultivate and customize the perfect blend of macronutrients that will maximize your results. You’ll even start to see results with the free 14-day trial program!

While the Genesis program focuses on cyclic ketogenic nutrition, Savage Shred uses intermittent fasting to help balance nutrition and exercise for participants.

During the 12 week program, you’ll be guided through every step of the process with HIIT, and weight training used to lose weight and build those lean muscles throughout the workout and maintain better health long after your workout is finished for the day.

Body Spartan - Savage Shred Program Body Spartan - Savage Shred Program

A full 12-week program from INBA Natural Pro-Bodybuilder, David Larson, Savage Shred is a high volume, contest-shred style program that mixes weight training, HIIT training, and intermittent fasting for rapid body fat loss and muscle gain in as little as 14-days.


  • Intermittent fasting focused nutrition for overall health
  • Complete guidance for the 12-week program
  • HIIT and weight training exercises combined
  • See results within 14 days


  • Program timing may not work with certain schedules
  • Workouts can be as long as 90 minutes

Forge 5X Program

For many programs, the focus is on shredding fat and simply retaining muscle during this time.

With the Forge 5X program, the focus becomes on shredding fat and bulking up muscle simultaneously resulting in a program that bulks as you lose weight.

To achieve the goals set out for the program, users utilize hybrid intermittent fasting along with customized macros to create a program that fits the individual.

Throughout the week users have five workout sessions that center around different exercises and last about 50 minutes. While the number of workouts is high, the variation between them gives you an incentive to keep coming back each day.

This is a much more intense workout and program than others in the Body Spartan line-up.

To shred pounds and bulk up at the same time takes serious work and dedication. If you’re ready to dig deep and get fit, this program will take you all the way!

Body Spartan - Forge5x Program Body Spartan - Forge5x Program

Forge5X does what no other program has before - allows you to shred and bulk at the same time. Shred, bulk, repeat - and look the best you ever have.


  • Intense workouts
  • Five different workouts each week
  • Free 14-day trial
  • Shred fat and bulk up at the same time
  • Hybrid nutritional program of intermittent fasting


  • Intermittent fasting can be hard for some users to tolerate
  • Exercises included in the program may be too strenuous for some users

Big Arm Bible

Instead of working out your whole body, this part of the Body Spartan program focuses solely on the user’s arms and building bigger muscles throughout.

To increase the size of your biceps and arms overall, the Big Arm Bible utilizes an overload system that gives you five workout sessions every week.

Each workout is 50-60 minutes and is designed to bulk up your muscles fast.

You’ll end up seeing some serious results from this program in about a month with the scientifically developed exercises.

This is a great program if you’ve already got a base of lean muscle and you’re looking to just get bigger and more ripped through the program.

For the most part, this program only focuses on the biceps.

So you may end up with showy, good-looking biceps that won’t give you the overall strength and toning you’re searching for.

The overload system that the Big Arm Bible uses can increase your risk of injury in the long-run and should only be attempted if you’re in the best of health.

Body Spartan - Big Arm Bible Body Spartan - Big Arm Bible

You'll get all my science-based arm workouts that helped me and my team gain an inch on our arms in just four weeks. 


  • You’ll see results in a month
  • Exercises have been scientifically developed
  • Bulks up with lean mass only


  • Exercises only focus on bicep muscles
  • Can increase the risk of injury

Revolution Female Shred

Women train in fundamentally different ways than men and having a program that understands that is crucial to success.

Revolution Female Shred is designed by a woman for women and focuses on helping to burn fat and build lean muscle.

Revolution Female Shred is designed for rapid shedding within a female body and burns fat 200-300% faster than normal programs. To achieve this rapid shredding, the program is designed with multiple workout strategies that can be used in combination to get better results.

Throughout the program, a customized nutrition plan which is based on the keto diet comes alongside the workout routines to boost overall health.

The plan was originally developed by Elite level sports nutritionists who know what it takes to shred and build.

Body Spartan - Revolution Female Shred Body Spartan - Revolution Female Shred

12 Weeks of step-by-step workouts using Priscilla's unique 3-phase Rapid Shredding Training Technique.


  • Developed especially for women
  • Created by Elite level sports nutritionists
  • Increases rate of fat burning
  • Tri-phase exercise strategies


  • Focuses too much on building bulk for some women
  • Keto diet can be hard to follow for some

Home Workouts and Your Health

For many, working out and getting fit tops their New Year’s resolution list every year. But it can be hard to get out of bed early to hit the gym or stop by before heading to your cozy home.

Instead of going outside of your house to get your workout in, investing in a mobile or at-home workout program can help you reach your goals and keep you out of the cold!

Mobile Workout Programs

There is nearly every type of workout program available online and through your phone.

Programs like Body Spartan are popular because they’re so accessible.

Utilizing a whole health program like Body Spartan Genesis gives you nutritional and diet plans as well as a structured exercise routine so you have the feel of going to the gym, working through a program with a partner or trainer without heading out to the gym.

Most of these programs also allow you to workout whenever works best for you.

Instead of being forced to show up to a class on time or schedule around your gym membership, you can pull up the workout early in the morning or late at night, or even over your lunch hour. However, it works best with your schedule, at home mobile workout programs can get it done!

Privacy during Your Workout

Gyms can be crowded places.

Even without the threat of a pandemic, they’re not exactly the most welcoming and fun places to be if you’re just starting or you’re just not a fan of people-watching!

Doing your workout from home is a great way to maintain your privacy.

If you’re just getting started it can be intimidating to hit the gym. People seem relaxed and at ease, ponytails never slouch and no one seems to sweat.

Working out at home lets you get through the program and feel no shame about the amount of water you accidentally spill or the way your feet stink when you change shoes. You can be relaxed and focus on your health instead of what others may think of you!

No Excuses

There will always be someday that’s a little too rainy, you’re a little too rushed, or “something else is bound to come up” attitude gets you down.

These days can quickly turn into ones where you skip the gym in total and excuses abound.

Doing your workout at home is a great way to avoid giving in to those excuses. When your workout equipment or the mobile app is staring you in the face it’s much easier to jump in and get things done!


If you’re tired of paying high gym prices every month, investing in a home gym or home workouts is a great way to cut costs!

You may still need to pay a little for a membership to a gym service like Body Spartan but you’ll save on monthly costs and be able to do your workouts from the comfort of your own home.

Focus on Fitness

Traveling to and from the gym, squeezing it into your workday, or just ignoring it altogether is a great way to lose focus and initiative. By working out at home you save on travel costs and keep the focus on your overall fitness.

You’ll also bypass the temptations of stopping for fast food or other groceries on your way home and stick to your diet or nutrition plan at home instead!

Gyms and workout spots outside of your home while great for socializing can sometimes detract from the focus of building up muscle or shedding pounds.

Clearing a space and time in your own home allows you to focus completely on yourself and the ability to build things up within your own life. You’ll also be able to shower in your own home and avoid any germs!

Frequently Asked Questions

Before investing in a home workout program like Body Spartan, you’ll most likely have some practical questions.

Investing in a home workout program is an investment in your health and life and you’ll not just build muscle but you’ll also be adding years to your life by taking your health seriously.

What Makes Body Spartan Unique?

Why choose Body Spartan over other workout programs?

Body Spartan may cost a little bit more than other types of workout programs but you get a lot of unique benefits from the 12-week programs no matter which tracks you choose!

The entire program tends to work fast and be very effective.

The combination of nutrition and diet suggestions along with intense workouts gives you results fast.

The diets themselves aren’t hard to follow even for beginners or those who don’t have much experience with keto or intermittent fasting. You’ll be able to see visible results that you can easily maintain while working through the program.

Is it Effective to Workout at Home?

There have been several scientific studies that show how efficient home workouts can be but clinical trials have yet to determine whether the workouts are effective.

The key part of home workouts is the same key to any workout: be diligent and determined.

Mobile apps make it easy to keep track of your workouts and your progress as well as remind you to do your workouts each day.

How do I start Working Out at Home?

Start by determining your goals including goal weight, body fat percentage, and lean muscle mass percentage.

Then find a program that suits your desires and health and one that fits your weekly or daily schedule.

Don’t focus on workouts alone! Be sure to include your overall nutrition and exercise in your goals for working out at home.

Plans like Body Spartan can help you determine the right amount of macronutrients to reduce your overall fat content and increase lean muscle mass. If you’re wanting to bulk up, you’ll need to adjust your intake but you’ll be able to determine that when you settle on a program to begin.

Body Spartan Body Spartan


What is the Best Exercise to Do at Home?

Start with programs that require little or no exercise equipment.

There’s no reason to trade in your expensive gym membership if you’re just going to spend a lot of money on equipment! Workout plans like Body Spartan use little or no gym equipment so you can bulk up with shelling out a lot of money.

Work with a program that also addresses your diet and nutrition.

Exercise alone will only take you so far! You need to balance what you’re putting in your body with what you’re expending during a workout.

Programs can help you with a full diet plan or just simple nutritional choices so pick a program that will help you out in that regard.

Utilize a trainer. Body Spartan is a great place to start as they offer workouts that are led by fully trained teachers. This will keep you motivated and guide you through the exercise so you’re safe and getting the best benefits throughout the workout.

Use a mobile app! Your program is only as good as its overall accessibility. If you’re someone who will ignore a paper book, the mobile app will keep you on track.

Whether it sets reminders for you or just guides you through your workouts, a mobile app allows you to be flexible with your time and workout schedule.


Body Spartan is a great place to start if you want to see results fast and keep them around!

The program was started by a WWE Superstar and combines both exercise and diet to give you full-body health.

Exercise and workouts will only take you so far but keeping you on track with your food intake as well the program will help you achieve your goals.

There’s no reason to invest in expensive gyms or a full home gym set when you can pick a program that will work with your body type and exercise goals without breaking the bank.

Plans like Body Spartan have a monthly cost but the benefit you get from being able to work out at home will keep you focused and comfortable.

All in all, Body Spartan is a great mobile plan that allows you to easily workout at home.

Save on gym costs and awkward interactions while out and about by just doing your workout at home. Home workouts also save you on travel costs and keep temptations out of your way.

They’re just as effective as gym workouts especially when paired with a nutritional plan like Body Spartan and results are fast and easy to maintain.

Body Spartan is a great investment for anyone who wants to get started working out at home.

You’ll be guided through workouts by professionals and you have your choice of track for plans overall.

No need to hit the gym, instead, hit the app and get started right at home!

Body Spartan Body Spartan


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