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The Best Sugar-Free Protein Powders!

When setting an exercise routine, you want your diet to match your goals. When aiming for building muscles, you want to get enough protein in your diet. 

Protein is important for several reasons.

For people who work out, it provides essential amino acids to build muscles.

Many people may want to use protein powders to supplement their diet to get enough protein. 

Protein powder can be made with different ingredients and can even be sugar-free for those who want to watch their sugar intake.

Drinking a protein drink can be a part of your regular diet with the right ingredients! 

Why Use Protein Powder?

Protein powder can ensure that you get enough protein before a workout. Using them will also help you build muscle without running into a calorie deficiency.

When you drink protein powders you can see growing muscles in no time! 

Protein powders can be made to accommodate different dietary restrictions, including lactose intolerant athletes. Many people may choose sugar-free for health reasons or to keep their sugar levels down. 

Several options are available to help you choose the best protein powder.

With all of the options ready for you, you won’t feel restricted by your dietary choices!


SunWarrior-Warrior Organic Blend

Warrior Organic Blend is perfect for those looking for a plant-based protein powder.

Using a mixture of pea protein, antioxidants, and legumes, you can get the most of nature! 

Warrior Organic Blend is also vegan, dairy-free, and keto-friendly to fit in many dietary needs.

Besides being animal friendly, it’s earth-friendly with a recyclable container. Show your care for the earth after you finish your protein drink!

In one serving, you get 130 calories and 18g of protein. Each drink will be full of amino acids and BCAAs to build muscles.

It comes in five flavors; mocha, vanilla, chocolate, berry, and natural, so you don’t have to choose between flavor and muscle. 

Sunwarrior Warrior Blend | Organic Vegan Plant Protein Powder Sunwarrior Warrior Blend | Organic Vegan Plant Protein Powder
$40.47 ($1.54 / Ounce)

 with BCAAs and Pea Protein - Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Soy Free, Non- GMO, Plant Based Protein Powder, Sugar Free and Keto Friendly

02/18/2024 10:55 pm GMT


  • No bad aftertaste
  • Large container
  • Great meal replacement
  • Compares well to pricier alternatives
  • Lots of clean ingredients


  • The lid doesn’t fasten securely
  • Some complaint about the flavors

User Reviews:

Naked Egg

Naked Egg gets its protein from egg whites from non-GMO chickens.

The eggs are quickly processed into a protein powder to retain a complete protein profile. Get lean mass by drinking your eggs!

With two scoops you get 110 calories and 25g of protein. The protein contains all of the essential amino acids that are found in eggs, including Tyrosine, Cystine, and Valine. 

With its natural and simple ingredients, it’s easy to digest.

Since it’s unflavored you can add it to anything to help you get enough protein throughout the day. Bake your protein in your day with this protein powder!

NAKED EGG – 3LB Non-GMO Egg White Protein Powder NAKED EGG – 3LB Non-GMO Egg White Protein Powder
$67.99 ($1.42 / Ounce)

Naked Egg contains egg white protein powder that comes from Non-GMO chicken eggs. Fresh eggs are processed into a powder in under one day to retain a complete amino acid profile to support lean muscle mass. Dairy-free. No additives or artificial sweeteners. We are committed to shortening the steps between our farms and you. Don’t let the supplement industry fool you; additives are for their bottom line, not your health.

  • Egg white protein from eggs raised on US farms and sunflower lecithin
  • Our powdered egg whites are sourced exclusively from US farms and are processed in under a day to maintain the highest and most complete amino acid profile
02/18/2024 11:46 am GMT


  • No flavor and can be mixed with anything
  • Nutrition and protein counts are great
  • BCAAs
  • Blends well


  • Can be expensive
  • Comes in an overly large container

User Reviews:

Now Sports Organic Pea Protein

To get protein from an unusual source, Now Sports has the answer.

Pea protein can be a wonderful source of protein, especially for vegans who want to get enough amino acids in their diet. 

This certified organic protein powder is an informed certified sport product that can be used by serious and casual athletes alike. Its flavorless powder means that you can add it to anything, not just shakes, and get your protein in all kinds of ways. 

Each two-scoop serving comes in at 80 calories and 15g of protein. This protein powder comes with over 2,700mg of branched-chain amino acids and over 1,300mg of arginine.

Give your body all the protein it needs with peas!

NOW Sports Nutrition | Organic Pea Protein NOW Sports Nutrition | Organic Pea Protein
$22.05 ($0.92 / Ounce)

Peas are well known for being a source of highly bioavailable protein. Additionally, peas are not considered one of the major dietary allergens. Collectively, this makes pea protein an ideal source of post-workout nutrition for athletes who may have difficulty supplementing with other types of protein. NOW Sports Organic Pea Protein is a non-GMO vegetable protein isolate that has 15 grams of easily-digested protein. Each 2 scoop serving typically has over 2,700 mg of branched-chain amino acids, and over 1,300 mg of arginine. NOW Sports Organic Pea Protein is pure and natural, unflavored, and mixes easily into your favorite beverages.

  • A non-GMO vegetable protein isolate that has 15 grams of easily-digested protein
  • Packaged in the USA by a family owned and operated company since 1968
02/18/2024 09:47 pm GMT


  • Unflavored and can be used in baking
  • Low in carbs
  • Good for weight loss
  • BCAAs


  • Poor taste for some
  • Some complaints that the tubs are inconsistent textures

User Reviews:

Vega One Organic All-in-One Shake

Though it’s not completely sugar-free, Vega One has no added sugars and is a great protein powder to start the day.

This plant-based protein powder can be mixed with a fruit of your choice to start your day strong!

Not only does this powder provide 20g of protein, but you also get 50 percent of your daily vitamins from broccoli, kale, and strawberries in this non-GMO and vegan powder. How many protein powders can do that?

Besides providing several nutritional benefits, it comes in seven flavors you can choose from.

You can start your day with french vanilla, chocolate, berry, chocolate mint, plain, mocha, or coconut almond. Your mornings won’t be boring again!

Vega One® Organic All-in-One Shake Vega One® Organic All-in-One Shake

Vega One® is all in for organic. Full of real, organic plant-based ingredients, Vega One® Organic All-in-One Shake harnesses the power of plants to help you supercharge your day, deliciously.

  • Provides 20g of plant protein and at least 25% of 11
  • Good-for-you vitamins and minerals.


  • Great for breakfast
  • Much better than competitive all-in-one shakes
  • Feel good and have more energy
  • Can mix with anything
  • Good for weight loss


  • Some don’t enjoy the taste
  • Daily value percentages have been reduced recently

The Plant Era-Organic Vegan Protein Powder

Among one of the many plant-based protein powders, this one stands out by being made from brown rice protein.

This protein powder brings you 21 grams of protein with every serving. It’s no wonder it’s a favorite of Arsenal Football Captain Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. 

You can enjoy this punch of protein even if you’re not a professional athlete.

With no artificial sweeteners, soy, dairy, or gluten it can be enjoyed by people with different dietary restrictions. You can even use it to help with weight loss.

It comes in two flavors; dark chocolate and strawberry basil. You won’t even taste the brown rice!

The Plant Era | Organic Vegan Strawberry-Basil Protein Powder The Plant Era | Organic Vegan Strawberry-Basil Protein Powder

Our organic, nutrient dense, and delicious vegan Strawberry-Basil protein powder (33 servings) has helped thousands of people across the world, including including Barcelona striker, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, tone, build, and recover lean muscle!

  • 100% of your RI vitamin B12
  • 21 grams of organic protein


  • Great taste
  • High-quality
  • Low in cholesterol
  • High in nutrient, B12, and amino acids


  • Can clump together

Vital Collagen Peptides

Vital collagen peptides protein helps with much more than building muscles.

Collagen helps support hair and nails so you will look your best all over with this protein powder. 

Made with bovine hide collagen peptides, you will get a youthful glow.

Vital Collagen Peptides protein is also made with Vitamin C to help your overall health. You can use it for hot or cold drinks to enjoy whenever you want!

Every serving comes with 18 g of protein that is paleo-friendly and Whole30 approved.

Get your protein in unique ways with Vital Collagen Peptides protein.

Vital Proteins | Collagen Peptides Powder Vital Proteins | Collagen Peptides Powder
$35.99 ($1.80 / Ounce)
  • Paleo Friendly & Whole30 Approved.
  • No added sugars or sweeteners.
  • Gluten / cholesterol / heavy metals / dairy free.
  • Flavorless, odorless.
02/18/2024 06:00 pm GMT


  • Easily soluble
  • Supports healthy skin, hair, and nails
  • Flavorless to add to anything
  • Improves sleep 
  • Improves overall health


  • Not vegan friendly
  • Some people’s skin may react poorly

User Reviews:

Naked Casein

Naked Casein is a protein powder made from one ingredient; casein protein powder.

It’s gluten, soy, and GMO-free with all of the essential amino acids. 

Even with one ingredient and no additives, it still brings 26g of protein in every serving.

The protein continues to build muscle long after you drink it, even when you’re sleeping. This is one of the hardest working protein powders available!

One ingredient also comes with flavor options. You can choose to have your protein unflavored or in vanilla and chocolate flavors.

Naked Casein | 5LB 100% Micellar Casein Protein Powder Naked Casein | 5LB 100% Micellar Casein Protein Powder
  • 100% Micellar Casein Protein Powder with no rBGH and no rBST.
  • No additives mean your casein shakes, smoothies and recipes will provide clean muscle gains and maximum recovery.


  • A sensation of fullness longer
  • Easier to digest than whey
  • Flavorless option
  • Best casein protein powder
  • No additives with one ingredient


  • Some trouble mixing
  • Expensive

User Reviews:

Biochem 100% Whey Isolate Protein

Many people want whey protein in their protein powders.

This mix takes whey protein isolate so you can have whey protein without the sugar. Besides helping with muscle, it also helps with overall health and weight loss. 

Every serving of this whey protein isolate powder comes at 90 calories and 20g of protein.

It’s flexible for many diets, including vegetarian and keto while still keeping a complete amino acid profile. 

With no artificial sweeteners or colors, you can trust that there is no sugar in this protein powder. It comes in one vanilla flavor that tastes great.

Biochem | 100% Whey Isolate Protein Biochem | 100% Whey Isolate Protein
$45.44 ($45.44 / Count)
  • Natural Flavor - 24.6 oz
  • Pre & Post Workout - Meal Replacement
  • Keto-Friendly - 20g of Protein
  • Easily Digestible / Refreshing Taste / Easy to Mix
03/08/2024 03:55 pm GMT


  • Great taste
  • Sugar-free whey protein
  • Mixes well
  • Mild flavor
  • Good for weight loss and muscle gain


  • Some say it tastes like a sweetener
  • Contains maltodextrin

How to Choose Your Protein Powder

The best sugar-free protein powder will depend on several different factors.

Everyone has different expectations for their protein powders and health needs.

With all of the options available, you won’t need to worry about finding the best one!


You want to be sure that your protein powder fits your budget. This can be a part of your daily routine and you should plan to purchase it regularly.

Many high-quality protein powders are available at different budgets. 

Depending on what your budget is, you may be sacrificing taste, texture, or nutritional content.

Finding the powder that fits in your budget can be a delicate balance of all of these different factors. 


Since this is something that you will be drinking consistently, you should enjoy the taste.

Some people like to drink their protein in a shake or another drink and want it to come in different flavors. 

Flavorless options can be great for those who want to take in their protein in different ways. With flavorless protein powders, you can bake your protein into different foods. This can make it easier to enjoy your protein on the go! 


For those who want to drink their protein powders, having them mix well is often important.

You don’t want it to clump together or mix poorly. Some protein powders mix easily with a spoon or by being shaken, others require a blender. 

Hot and cold drink solubility can also be important.

If you want variety in how you take your protein drink, you will want it to mix well at different temperatures. 

Protein Type

Even sugar-free protein powders come with different protein bases. You will want to consider any dietary restrictions that you have when looking at protein bases for protein powders. 

Whey protein is derived from dairy and comes in a full amino acid profile.

It’s quickly absorbed in the body with its high-protein and low-carb contents. Whey protein often comes with a lot of sugar and can be hard to find sugar-free varieties. 

Casein protein also comes from dairy. It can be slower to digest than whey but also comes with a complete amino acid profile. It can be great for fasting and a supplement for in-between meals.  

Egg protein also has a complete amino acid profile. It’s a great protein powder for people with dairy intolerances and who are on keto.

It also provides other essential vitamins and minerals. While not good for vegans, it is a great choice for vegetarians.  

Collagen protein comes from animal byproducts and doesn’t fit in a vegetarian or vegan diet. It has a lower protein count but can be helpful for your overall health. Its flavorless options make it great for baking if you want your protein supplement in different ways. 

Soy protein has a high protein count and is great for people who can’t have dairy and want a plant-based protein powder. It can be high in sugar in some cases and is not a great option for people who are limiting their sugar. 

Pea protein is one of the more unusual ways of getting protein. It can be a great plant-based protein powder with amino acids. It can be flavorless and some manufacturers may add sugar so check the label before purchasing.  

Rice protein can also be unusual for protein powders, but it’s hypoallergenic and comes with a complete amino acid profile. It does have lower protein by weight so that will need to be accounted for. 

Ingredients and Nutrients

Besides looking at the protein base, you will want to know what’s in your supplement.

Your health relies on more than getting enough protein. Everything in it will help you get the body you want so you want to be sure that it will be good! 

The ingredients will tell you everything that’s in the supplement, beyond the protein. This can include fruits, vegetables, and other supplements that can impact your health.

You may also want to stick with foods that are organic or follow specific diet restrictions, like vegan or keto. You can even find protein powders made with organic ingredients!

The nutritional value of protein powders is important too. Beyond knowing the protein breakdown of your supplement, you will also want to know what other nutritional value it has.

How many calories you’ll get in a serving and other nutritional benefits are important nutritional factors to consider with any supplement. 

Purpose of the Supplement

Different protein powders will complete different purposes. The best sugar-free protein powder for you will meet those needs and help you reach your health and fitness goals.

People who want to build muscles will require a different supplement than those that want to improve their overall health. 

If you are looking for something to help with your overall health, protein powders with a lower protein count will help you more than one with a high amount of protein.

Not all protein powders are made the same and you deserve one that helps you!


Protein powders can help you with any of your health and fitness goals.

They can ensure that you get enough nutrition as you work out and help you look younger. With a protein supplement, you can stay on track with your diet and nutritional needs. 

Several kinds of protein powders are available that can fit in your daily life and diet.

With the variety on the market today, you won’t need to worry about finding one that best fits your needs. You can choose from different protein types to get the supplement that fits your lifestyle. 

The best sugar-free protein supplement is the one that will fit your budget, taste, and diet.

With all of the options, you’ll be enjoying a protein supplement in no time!        

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