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Tacfit Flowfit 101 Review

Looking for some innovative fitness programs to burn fat? FlowFit 101 is an excellent movement modality that takes you beyond just burning fat and building muscle. It shows you how to use Flow in your fitness, tap into the movements, and restore innate flow.

If you are looking for a standard exercise system – then FlowFit 101 is not for you. But, if you want a program that incorporates intuitive awareness, a full range of human movement, structural alignment, and synchronizing breath, then you are in for a treat. 

Flow challenges the entire system to create an internal experience of integrating movement, structure, and breath to tap into a biochemical event that experts refer to as a “state of Flow”. The best thing about the FlowFit 101 program is that you don’t need to invest in any special equipment.

All you have to do is stick to the programs and exercises specified in the DVD and reap the results. The question is, does it really work? We decided to take a closer look at this “health first” fitness program and provide more info on the pros and cons that come with it. 

Here is a comprehensive review of FlowFit 101 and its real life impact. 

What Is FlowFit 101?

FlowFit is a home exercise DVD program. It is an interesting example of health first fitness, providing people with adequate information about their exercise needs. Other conventional fitness programs are often very specific and exercise-oriented.

FlowFit is different in the sense that it gives people important cues of exercise and movement. Yet, it leaves space for open-ended explorations of these movements.

The DVD program shows you how to practice complex sequences that stimulate the mind to improve its capacity for learning. But, the movements are not the point. What matters is how you perceive those movements, the way you send your awareness to the internal experience of your breath, movement, and structure.

It is about waking up the brain and improving your brain’s capacity through learning transitioning between movements. And the creativity and art that can come from making your own flows. 

The program starts with a decent introduction, activities, and exercise sessions in terms of flexibility and movement. Once you implement the training cycle, it unlocks flow, engages the entire system, boosts intuitive awareness, and offers a range of benefits. 

With the TACFIT FlowFit 101 – Primer, you are getting 24/7 access through their online portal. Including HD instructional and follow-along videos, 8 full-body flows, a digital handbook, and targeted cool-down/closed chain mobility warm-up. 

There is also an intuitive protocol design that you can customize as you like. The program consists of 4 parts, each with its own focus and training cycle. 

FlowFit 101 - TACFIT FlowFit 101 - TACFIT

Flow exemplifies " health - first " fitnes. It encompasses the full range of human movement,incorporating intuitive awereness,intergrating stuctural alignment,synchronizing breath,and allowing movement to become unbound in all its degrees of freedom.

Flowfit 101 Includes :

  • 24/7 access through our TACFIT online portal,or doenload the videos to your ow device
  • 19 HD videos
  • 8 Full-body flows
  • Intructional digital handbook in downloadble PDF
  • Closed chain mobility warm-up/targeted cool-down
  • "Intuitive Protocol Design" that can be customized as desired
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Part 1

The first part starts with a short introduction and talks about the closed chain Intu-Flow. Coach Scott Sonnon has been teaching an Intu-Flow program, which is, in a way, a ROM (range of motion) exercise program. 

It is touted as being good for improving joint mobility, reducing the odds of an injury, and for rehabilitation of joints. This is a daily journey into healthy longevity and pain-free movement. 

Scott Sonnon’s introductory comments on intuitive training in the Original FlowFit program give you valuable insight into the importance of gaining access to the deep levels of mind/body and vitality. 

Part 2

The second part consists of instructional flow. Such as shin box flow, spinal roll flow, tactical burpee or ape flow, kong flow, etc. You get to learn how to flow through each workout without overexerting the body.

Part 3

The third part is a follow along flow. The coach shows you the most practical and efficient flows for boosting fitness. Including every variation and ways, you can benefit from exercise and movements. 

Part 4

During the fourth part, you get to delve even deeper into the aspects of flow. You get to experience the benefits of movements like tripod squat flow, sit-thru to lunge flow, and kong flow.

How Does FlowFit 101 Work?

Flow Fit is a movement modality that takes an unorthodox approach to fitness. It integrates fitness of body, mind, and spirit that engages the entire system. With FlowFit, you can simultaneously work on your mobility, agility, strength, cardiovascular, and muscular endurance.

The main goal of FlowFit 101 is to restore innate Flow. To experience flow means that you are completely absorbed and engaged in any activity, not just exercise. You can move from one exercise to another without losing focus, engagement, and concentration. 

According to coach Scott Sonnon, the founder of TACFIT, this type of training has a number of benefits. It can:

  • Promote attentional stamina
  • Boost the capacity for situational awareness
  • Increase reasoning
  • Amplify free memory recall
  • Improve accuracy and decision-making speed

Every flow is supposed to be practiced on its own as an intuitive protocol. This makes FlowFit an effective standalone program. It also has solid dynamic rehabilitative, warmup, or cooldown applications. 

The DVD explains and teaches you different movements. You get to learn how to progress with these movements and practice them regularly. 

How Does Flow Affect Your Exercise Routine?

When was the last time you were completely absorbed in your exercise? Most people call this being in the zone. Experts call it “flow”. 

Based on scientific research, Flow is a subjective psychological state that people experience when they are fully involved in an activity. They are so focused to the point where they forget their surroundings and time. The only thing that matters is the activity itself. 

Flow is a mindset people can enter when they fully immerse themselves in an activity they enjoy.  Experts speculate that when most people enter the “flow”, they can work out at optimal performance level. But, why is that?

Being in flow during physical rehabilitation might offer notable advantages to functional outcomes.

Flow involves balance, timing, coordination, proprioceptive awareness, essential synergy, motor control, accuracy, agility, sensitivity, and rhythm.

Of course, you can have different flow experiences. But, overall, being in flow means that you are in a harmonious and rewarding state of mind. While you are in it, you can exclude any irrelevant emotions or thoughts that might get in the way of your fitness routine. 

The experience is so enjoyable to people, that they often want to do it just for the sake of it.

Original FlowFit Vs New FlowFit 101 Program

The original FlowFit program included a series of 7 drills performed across 4 levels. The FlowFit 101 has 8 different flows – all in a single level – but with a ton of drills that were previously not included in the original program. 

With FlowFit 101, you get to move through different planes of motion with reduced total effort, better ease of motion, and more imagination. The goal is for you to reach the pivotal internal event that unlocks flow and create a biochemical environment to boost your wellness, overall health, and fitness. 

  • It is more than just burning fat or building muscle. This new program can help you kick-start the brain, and temporarily boost alertness, and mental clarity.

These movements can help you achieve intuitive awareness and overcome different fitness challenges. With it, you get the freedom to work on your mobility, start integrating structural alignment and synchronizing breath on a regular basis, and achieve success with a minimum number of tries. 

Who Can Benefit From FlowFit 101?

Anyone who wants to lose weight, and improve their overall health, mobility, and flexibility can make use of these programs. 

Whether you have little fitness experience or are a skilled veteran, you can benefit from this DVD program. Especially if you have the motivation and drive to work on your body, flow, muscle, and physical health. 

It can increase your capacity for incorporating intuitive awareness, burning fat, and full range of motion. But, the workout itself can prove difficult for anyone who is overweight. The excess fat makes it hard to balance the weight when doing these exercises or movements. 

So, it is important that you don’t overexert the body by practicing multiple reps a week. Instead, take your time and gradually practice structural alignment, synchronizing breath, and movement. You can take a break if the movements appear too difficult at first.

We suggest you talk to a doctor before doing the FlowFit challenge if you:

  • Use prescription medicine (such as asthma medication, blood pressure drugs, or immunosuppressants)
  • Recently suffered an injury
  • Are prone to injuries or falls
  • Have a high risk of heart problems (such as heart attack, cardiovascular disease, or stroke)
  • Are a heavy drinker or smoker (these habits can reduce lung capacity and affect your training or freedom of movement)
  • Are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Experience pain in the chest while doing any physical exercise
  • Have an eating disorder 
  • Recently had surgery

If you are confident enough that your body is ready to exercise, you can implement this workout and experience a full range of benefits.

What to Expect With FlowFit 101?

FlowFit 101 is a 4-phase, follow-along fat loss workout DVD. 

Those who exercise may start feeling healthy, balanced, and energetic. Regular training can improve mood, metabolism, and body composition. Many people experience weight loss without using any special equipment. 

The program is meant to build strength, gain flow, and burn fat. It is a simple approach that uses the benefits of Tai Chi and Yoga. But, instead of it taking you months or years to perfect, you can learn it in hours. 

You can expect this program to:

  • Help with fat loss 
  • Decrease the waistline
  • Boost flexibility, energy, and confidence
  • Reduce body tension and stress

You can expect FlowFit’s protocol to be about the pace of a brisk jog. The best thing about it is that there are no weights, restrictions, or waiting.

To start out, you should be in good shape. It can be a great choice for those who are not overweight or don’t have any knee problems. 

This is an excellent program that helps you reach a pivotal internal event that unlocks flow. It gives you the ability to concentrate on your breath, create flow, and accomplish a range of challenges.

But, FlowFit 101 is not a substitute for passive stretching or yoga. It is more of a conditioning workout with dynamic stretches. So, it would be in your best interest to do some hard or passive stretches in addition to FlowFit 101. 

Also, if you can’t do any squats, like pistol squats or rolling squats, you might not enjoy the FlowFit training schedule. That’s because FlowFit 101 requires you to learn the tripod squat flow, tactical squat flow, and more. 

If you are a competitive athlete, then you might find that FlowFit 101 is not enough to get you into competition readiness. You would still need to do your daily routine to stay in shape. But, FlowFit 101 excels in helping athletes fill in the gaps in their regular training routine.

What Is There to Like About FlowFit 101?

There are many things we like about FlowFit 101. Here are our top reasons why you might want to give this program a try.

It is action-oriented. We like how this product was designed with execution in mind. You can get right down to work and keep exercising. There is no fluff and is truly plug-and-play. 

The coach makes sure that the information is accessible and can be done in the comfort of your home. The stretching and movements don’t take up too much space. And if you have access to a device, like a smartphone or a computer, you can take the program with you.

Besides, you can start feeling the results, probably in a week, after completing the repetitions. You can sleep better, have more energy in the morning, and feel eager to exercise or move around more. 

However, if you like putting in the extra effort on lifting weights or overexerting the muscles, then this program is not for you.

Another thing we like about the FlowFit 101 is that the sessions are relatively brief and simple to follow. If you follow the coach’s instructions to a tee, the exercises are safe and quick to get used to. 

Now, it is completely normal to take a couple of breaks during your first session. We suggest you pause the video and spend a bit more time on particular transitions or exercises that require more effort. With practice, you too can get the hang of it. Just, don’t push yourself too hard at the start.

To make the movements easier to follow, we suggest you wear comfortable shoes. Like minimalist footwear or running shoes. Minimalist shoes are best when you want better sensory contact with the foot once it touches the ground. But, if you are exercising outside, then running shoes can offer better protection against dirt and pebbles. 


  • Quality workout. Great program for people who want to improve their aerobic capacity.
  • There is no up-selling. You don’t need to buy any extras, products, or supplements to make use of the DVD program.
  • Excellent versatility. You get access to both simple and challenging movements that can offer positive results on fat loss, metabolism, energy, and flexibility.
  • Offers freedom and flow. The program is allowing movement to not be bound in all its degrees of freedom.
  • Great design and audio quality. The DVD program is clean and professionally formatted. 
  • No special equipment is required.


  • It may not be for everyone. If you are overweight, have knee problems, or have other health issues, you might want to consult a doctor first before trying FlowFit 101. 
FlowFit 101 - TACFIT FlowFit 101 - TACFIT

Flow exemplifies " health - first " fitnes. It encompasses the full range of human movement,incorporating intuitive awereness,intergrating stuctural alignment,synchronizing breath,and allowing movement to become unbound in all its degrees of freedom.

Flowfit 101 Includes :

  • 24/7 access through our TACFIT online portal,or doenload the videos to your ow device
  • 19 HD videos
  • 8 Full-body flows
  • Intructional digital handbook in downloadble PDF
  • Closed chain mobility warm-up/targeted cool-down
  • "Intuitive Protocol Design" that can be customized as desired
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

How Can FlowFit Burn Fat?

You can build muscle and burn fat as you transition from one movement to another. You will be doing a lot of bending, pulling, pushing, squatting, and twisting. All the effort you put into each exercise can help you burn fat and build muscle. 

When you create flow and chain various exercises, your system experiences better muscular recruitment. This can trigger the metabolism to go into fat burning mode and achieve the necessary fat loss. And these effects come with experience, practice, and dedication.

In the beginning, training feels a bit taxing. Especially for someone who has led a sedentary lifestyle. But, in a short time, you can notice your newfound strength for moving through these exercises. You get to build core strength and efficiently transfer force from your legs, through your core, and into your arms. 

The sooner you memorize the exercises, the easier it is to manipulate some of the training variables and enjoy the freedom of movement. You can then tailor it to your personal fitness goals. 

As Sonnon explained in his original FlowFit program, you can achieve fat loss when you time your sessions to match your physiological response to training. You can then maximize the time it would take for you to achieve optimal body weight. 

Can FlowFit 101 Replace Traditional Strength Training?

FlowFit 101 doesn’t use machines or free weights to build strength. Flow exemplifies a unique approach by integrating structural alignment, incorporating intuitive awareness, and using human movement to unlock flow and boost overall health. 

Strength training, on the other hand, builds muscle by using muscular contraction to increase anaerobic endurance and strength. Some examples of strength training include lifting weights, exercising with resistance bands, climbing stairs, doing sit-ups, doing push-ups, etc. 

Anyone can benefit from FlowFit 101, as long as they don’t experience any physical discomfort and their body is in relatively good shape. While power and strength training is often reserved for experienced athletes. 

Is FlowFit 101 Worth It?

FlowFit is relatively expensive. It costs $49.99 for one DVD, which is a lot more than the original version. But, after seeing how effective it is, many believe that the program is worth the cost. The demonstrations are simple and the instructions are very clear. 

FlowFit 101 is ideal for those looking for a different perspective on workouts and who want to strengthen their mind and body. This is not a conventional exercise system. Rather, it teaches people ways to access flow in their fitness and throughout their life. 

You will be moving through all six degrees of freedom in an efficient manner. With time and a bit of effort, you can work on your upper body strength, health, and wellness. It promises to aid in fat loss, decreasing the waistline and reducing body tension.

By memorizing the techniques and movements, you can boost your self-confidence, energy, and flexibility, and enjoy movements in all degrees of freedom.

How Do You Know If FlowFit 101 is Right for You?

If you enjoy the exercises and feel stimulated to do more, then this program is the right one for you. But, if you dread even thinking about it, then you might want to start doing something else. The goal is to get value with your purchase. 

Those who enjoy intuitive exercising can have a good time with FlowFit 101. You can use it to expand and restore your mobility, burn off fat, and integrate meaningful movements into your daily fitness. Now, do have in mind that everyone has different preferences. 

And what works for others may not work for you. If you are a fan of the original FlowFit program, then FlowFit 101 won’t fail to deliver. It takes the old methods, applies newer tactics, and improves your workout methods in different ways. 


Many programs that teach you how to do exercises focus only on the physical aspects of things. FlowFit 101 is different. It is a revolutionary system that uses human movement and restores innate flow. By practicing it, you are challenging your whole system. 

You start incorporating intuitive awareness, integrating structural alignment, and synchronizing breath, to achieve what many programs lack – increased flow in life. You put your health first, while also working on your well-being. 

Compared to strength training programs, this one doesn’t require any equipment. You use your ability to perform different exercises and can achieve fat loss. If you are feeling tired, you can rest before you progress with the other exercises. Overall, this is one of those fitness programs that have a lot to offer for those willing to think outside the box and follow intuitive protocols.  

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