SOMA Breath Review

Improving your life with nothing but the power of your breath – does that sound too good to be true? 

While it might sound like something out of a fairy tale, SOMA breath claims exactly that, and for good reason! 

The founders of this brand have understood something about the human body that has been known to humankind for generations, but we don’t use that knowledge very often: Breathing is a fundamental aspect of our existence, one that we often take for granted. 

Most of us don’t think much about our breath beyond its role in providing oxygen to our bodies. However, the truth is that our breath is much more than just a means of obtaining oxygen. 

It is a powerful tool that can help us manage our physical and mental health, improve our performance, and transform our lives in profound ways.

Whether you are looking to reduce stress and anxiety, boost your athletic performance, or simply enhance your overall quality of life, understanding the importance of the breath is essential. 

So, let’s take a deep breath and dive into the fascinating world of SOMA Breath and what lies behind this brand!

About the SOMA Breath Brand

SOMA Breath was founded by Niraj Naik, a pioneer of therapeutic music technology. Niraj used to be a community pharmacist who then turned things around and became an entrepreneur. 

According to the SOMA breath website, Niraj suffered from ulcerative colitis, leaving him debilitated and exhausted. 

That is until he discovered Ayurvedic medicine and breath work, which turned his life and health around. 

With SOMA Breath, Niraj combines his passion for breathwork, meditation, and holistic health in one brand in order to help other people feel their best. 

The brand SOMA Breath has become a global community that is centered around holistic and natural healing methods.

About the Product

But let’s take a closer look at what this brand has to offer. SOMA Breath is a holistic school that uses breathing exercises to bring positive and lasting changes in the body. 

It uses rhythmic breathing techniques with the help of rhythmic music or “beats” that help you to keep on track with the momentum. 

The breath work is based on Pranayama techniques and principles of Ayurvedic medicine.

However, it’s not all woo-woo-science! These techniques are actually supported by some scientific studies in the field of breath work. 


Now, you may be wondering if these classes will cost you an arm and a leg, but you might be pleasantly surprised! 

The thing is, you pay per class, which is usually an hour long, but there are also longer classes. 

Just the classes alone typically cost somewhere between $5 and $25, but SOMA Breath offers different services, from rhythmic music to online courses and retreats, so the prices can go above $1000 for those. 


If you don’t want to commit just yet, we have some good news for you: SOMA breath offers a FREE 40 min online breathwork masterclass, including 20 min guided session. 

This masterclass uses visualization, breathwork, and uplifting music to give you an idea of what you are getting into. 

If you want to give it a shot for free, visit 

Online Courses

If you like the concept of SOMA breath, you can also sign up for one of their online courses: 

21-Day Awakening Protocol: $497

    This course is a virtual retreat that involves creative visualization and breathwork meditation. 

    It aims to bring clarity to your life goals and create momentum and drive to pursue them, which is great if you have been feeling stuck in life lately. 

    This technique is a Self-hypnotic tool for seeding your intentions into your subconscious mind. 

    Once rooted there, you will be able to pursue them with more passion and clarity. 

    And the best part? The University of Cambridge partnered with SOMA Breath to study this approach to mindfulness and breathing.

    Soma Breath | Meditation for Rest Digest Sleep Relaxation Soma Breath | Meditation for Rest Digest Sleep Relaxation

    Groundbreaking breathwork meditation technology proven by science. Unleash your peak performance & unlock your inner pharmacy with SOMA Breath®.

    We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.
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    SOMA BreathFit Challenge: $97

      If you want to improve your energy levels, so you can do more and better in life, the SOMA BreathFit Challenge might be a good option for you. 

      It’s an 11-day program consisting of videos that will help you eliminate brain fog and feelings of tiredness.

      Breathwork for quick relief from anxiety: $37

        For anyone struggling with anxiety, this course is a great choice. It combines meditation and relaxing music to alleviate mood. 

        On top of that, it offers a Collection of easy-to-follow breath work meditation videos that will reinforce a positive mindset and help develop positive thinking patterns. 

        Breath of Life: $47

          This course teaches yogic breathing techniques for health and vitality to feel your best. 

          Instructor course: $1500 to $3000

          This is for individuals who want to become SOMA Breath instructors themselves. Learn how to help yourself and others! 


          You can also buy music from SOMA Breath. It is $19 per volume and includes trypnaural meditation beats.

          These are designed to stimulate the production of dopamine, serotonin, and melatonin, and they promote creativity and imagination. 

          Take the power of these beats anywhere! 


          Apart from classes, SOMA Breath also offers a supplement, Colostrum, which is supposed to be packed full of nutrients to give you energy all day long. 

          Their supplement is gluten-free, antibiotic-free, easily digestible, and supports immunity while boosting your energy levels. 

          Customers have reported that this also helped them with gut issues such as leaky gut. 

          Soma Breath | Colostrum Powder Supplement Soma Breath | Colostrum Powder Supplement
          • Packed packed with over 95 immune factors and 87 growth factors, making it up to 1000x more potent than a human mother's best colostrum.
          • Powder colostrum also helps stimulate the growth of healthy intestinal flora and promotes a healthy stomach and provides relief for people suffering from digestion issues.
          • Best consumed on an empty stomach. For better health results, people ages 12 up should have 1 to 2 tablespoons twice a day.
          We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.
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          How does SOMA Breath work?

          SOMA Breath combines three principles: Rhythmic Breathing, Breath Retention, and Relaxation (plus Trypnaural Music). 

          Breath retention, specifically Intermittent Hypoxia Training (IHT) is probably the principle that is the most transformative of the three. 

          It builds up CO2, helps your body adapt to lower levels of oxygen, and prevents oxidative stress. 

          Over time, this will lower your stress levels and help you adapt to situations a lot better without freaking out. 

          Benefits of SOMA Breath

          The benefits of SOMA Breath depend on the person, but the website claims that by using their breathing techniques consistently, you will see the following benefits: 

          • More efficient at using oxygen
          • Better CO2 tolerance
          • Increased mind-body connection
          • Increased cardiovascular health
          • Reduced inflammation
          • A more balanced nervous system
          • Experience deep meditation 
          • Self-hypnosis
          • Mental and physical resilience
          • Calmer mind
          • Manage stress better
          • Awaken to your soul’s purpose
          • Increased confidence and self-esteem
          • Emotional release and processing 

          Our Experience with the SOMA Breath: Pros and Cons

          Let’s take a look at our experience with SOMA Breath: what were some pros and cons?


          The pros definitely outweighed the cons here:

          • Lifetime access to any of the courses
          • FREE 40 min masterclass to get a feel of what SOMA Breath can offer for you
          • Improves mental clarity and focus
          • Holistic approach to health and wellness (Mind, body, and spirit)
          • Accessible anywhere
          • Does not require expensive equipment
          • A pilot study found that SOMA Breath can induce positive effects similar to psychedelics.


          However, there are some cons to this brand that you should be aware of. 

          The biggest con of SOMA Breath is probably the fact that some of their claims are metaphysical and need further scientific studies to be proven. 

          If you are a fan of the law of attraction, or talking about positive and negative energy, this might not be a big deal, but for some people, it may be a bit “out there” and not scientific enough. 

          On top of that, you need to be mindful when using breath retention, as it can cause dizziness or lightheadedness. Never do these exercises while driving or when you are in the water. 

          Lastly, an aspect that might raise concern is the fact that there is limited guidance for the videos. While they are amazing, some people might struggle with knowing whether they are doing the exercises correctly. 

          User Reviews

          The reviews of SOMA Breath were mostly very positive. Users reported that the “incredible music helps to relax and focus on meditation”. 

          Apparently, some concepts are similar to the Wim Hof method but with a more “hippy” approach, so if you like that, SOMA Breath might be right up your alley. 

          Certain users said that visualization and music allow a clearer mind and help with brain fog, and the 21-day challenge allowed people to get into the habit of breath work, which is a great thing!

          Best for

          So, who is going to benefit the most from SOMA Breath

          These classes are for people who either want to get started with meditation and self-healing or who are already in the practice. 

          Anyone who wants to dive into the practical use of yogic breathing will also benefit from these classes. 

          Oftentimes, these exercises are great for people who enjoy solitude and being in the comfort of their own homes rather than being in a large group. 

          However, also people who suffer from stress or have difficulties sleeping will see great results with SOMA Breath. 

          Simply put, anyone who wants to get more in touch with themselves will benefit from taking these classes.

          Where to buy

          SOMA Breath classes can easily be found on their store page

          If you are looking for certification courses, you need to book a call on their website.


          Is SOMA Breath safe?

          SOMA Breath is relatively safe, but if you have COPD, you should be careful since the courses are done online without physical guidance and the breath work could be triggering. 

          Another thing to consider is that there might be dizziness or lightheadedness due to breath retention. 

          How long does a SOMA Breath session last?

          The sessions can last up to an hour or more, depending on the program and instructor. Most sessions are around one hour, though. 

          Can SOMA Breath improve athletic performance?

          Breath work, in general, is beneficial for athletes to regulate their stress, improve oxygen levels and mental focus. 

          With improved oxygen levels, endurance will also benefit. 

          Apart from breath work, Lung exercisers can also be used for athletes. 

          Is SOMA Breath suitable for beginners?

          The courses are structured in a way that is simple to comprehend and can be repeated as needed for further practice, so SOMA Breath is definitely suitable for beginners. 

          How do I prepare for a SOMA Breath Session? 

          Wear comfortable clothes so that you can breathe freely. Yoga-style clothing is perfect.

          All breath work techniques should be done on an empty stomach since that increases the effect. 

          Other ways to train your breathing

          Wim Hof Method

          The Wim Hof Method uses breathing techniques in combination with cold exposure to enhance performance, immunity, and general well-being. 

          Lung exercises  

          Lung exercises use different breathing exercises to keep the lungs active and healthy. 

          Tai Chi

          Tai Chi is a traditional Chinese practice that combines breathing techniques with slow, flowing movements to promote relaxation and balance. 

          Alternatives to SOMA breath

          Here are two alternatives to SOMA Breath:

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