ROMWOD vs GOWOD: The Battle of the Mobility Apps

Mobility training is rapidly becoming more and more popular, both within the fitness industry as well as with the larger population.

Its ability to increase range of motion, help muscles recover, treat joint pain, and prevent injury makes it ideal for boosting your workouts and increasing your quality of life.

The problem many people face is that getting into something they have no previous experience with means they can be a little unsure which mobility app is best suited for them. That brings us to the topic of today’s article.

ROMWOD, which now calls itself pliability app, and GOWOD are currently two of the most popular and effective mobility programs available.

Today, I am going to break each of them down and explain what they offer and who each is best suited for.

That should give you plenty to go on when it comes to choosing the perfect mobility program to use yourself.

ROMWOD Mobility App (now known as the pliability app)

The ROMWOD mobility program stands for “Range Of Motion Workout Of the Day”.

It is a subscription service that provides access to daily videos, as well as an extensive library of older clips.

The videos are designed exclusively to help you boost your mobility, increase your flexibility, and improve your range of motion.

Each lasts between 15 and 20 minutes and features clear and concise instructions, narration, and breathing cues, to ensure everyone can follow along exactly as intended.

Features Of The ROMWOD Mobility Program

The ROMWOD mobility app, now called pliability features an app that contains more than 1500 hours of videos which can be streamed live or downloaded and watched offline.

The program begins with a mobility test to gauge your current ability level, so that the app can target areas of weakness and select exercises you will be capable of safely completing.

A selection of daily guided stretching videos and programming are ideal for newer users to quickly jump in and perform a routine, ensuring they aren’t inclined to skip it due to a lack of available time.

More experienced users can also choose their own routines from the Flows With ROMWOD paths.

These are a variety of playlists that are specifically tailored to different levels of mobility and states of being.

The app is particularly useful for users with Apple devices, as it leverages the technology found in iPads and iPhones to measure your body’s true active range of motion as precisely as possible.

No additional equipment is required to complete any of the routines, although a yoga mat is recommended to make the sessions as enjoyable as possible.

A subscription to ROMWOD costs $13.95 per month, although there is a 7-day trail available, in order to allow new users to give it a go without any risk.

ROMWOD Routines & Workouts

ROMWOD, or the pliability app, as its now known, features more than 1500 different flexibility and mobility routines, with new stretching routines continuing to be released daily.

Many of the routines included are inspired by yin yoga, which allows them to offer a combination of improved flexibility and relaxation.

Users with specific goals can choose different paths, which will guide them through carefully selected routines to help them achieve the goals they desire.

The most basic path is the welcome series, which is suitable for all and is a great way to get accustomed to the ROMWOD program.

Other paths currently available include the Desk Job Hero, Explosive Athlete, Hip Flexor Fix, Improved Sleep, Ready To Run, Standing Straddle, Upper Body Intensive, and Wheel ROM. Additional new paths also continue to be released regularly.

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GOWOD Mobility App

GOWOD is a personalised mobility program that stands for “Workout Of the Day” and is usually based on CrossFit.

It is a subscription service that centres around a dedicated app, which currently has more than 780,000 users.

The primary aim of the GOWOD mobility program is to enhance movement, increase wellness, and improve your overall lifestyle.

Features Of The GOWOD Mobility Program

The GOWOD mobility program starts off with a mobility test, which you will then repeat every 30 days, in order to gauge your progress.

Each day you will select a routine from the four available options: daily, pre WOD, post WOD, and specific protocols, and then choose whether you do the 8-, 12-, 15-, or 20-minute version of it.

These routines are generally based around performing specific exercises and holding positions for 1 to 3 minutes.

The app will track both the total time you have performed the routines for each day, as well as the progress you have made since you began, giving you accurate data on your development.

By inputting the workouts you will be performing that day, the app will select mobility exercises for you that relate to the joints and muscles you will be using in them, in order to maximise the benefits.

You will also have the option to tailor the routines even further, to help you focus on your weaknesses.

Each exercise on the app comes with comprehensive instructions and videos, ensuring everyone is capable of following the routines, regardless of how little experience they have.

While no specific equipment is essential to complete the routines, a yoga mat can be useful to help your sessions be as smooth and comfortable as possible.

In a similar vein, some routines will require the use of equipment like a foam roller, lacrosse ball, or resistance bands in order to perform the most challenging versions of the exercises included.

All of these accessories are available from the company directly, as is a range of branded workout clothing suitable for performing the routines in.

Subscriptions include a $9.99 rolling monthly option, as well as a 6-month option for $49.99 and a 12-month option for $89.99.

They also offer a 14-day free trial to all new members, so you have the chance to test everything out without any risks, before you actually commit to signing up.

GOWOD Routines And Workouts

GOWOD routines and workouts are made up from a library of more than 180 different exercises. These are then broken up into four different sections.


The daily mobility routine is designed to help with basic physical mobilisation in a simple and effective way.

This option is as easy as just pressing the start button and letting the app guide you through the mobility routine that it feels will be best for you.

These routines will help to relax both your body and mind, as well as increasing your mobility in the long term.

They are all completely customisable and will adapt to both the time you have available and your current level of mobility.


Pre WOD stands for Pre Workout Of the Day and is designed to be done before you complete your daily exercise routines.

These can again be adapted to fit in with your available time and current level of mobility.

The included mobility exercises will be targeted to the muscles and movements you will be using during your workout.

This will improve the range of motion in these specific areas, helping to boost your performance during your session.

Post WOD

Post WOD is the opposite of Pre WOD, as it stands for Post Workout Of the Day and is designed to be performed after you finish exercising for the day.

Its purpose is to target and relax the muscles you have used and optimise recovery, helping your body to recover more quickly and efficiently.

Like the previous two options, it can be customised based on your level of mobility and the time you have available.

Specific Protocols

The Specific Protocols option is available for users to create a completely customised mobility routine, based on their own needs.

You can set things like how much time you have available, what muscles you want to target, and what your current level of mobility is.

You can also dictate whether it is a routine designed to be used pre or post workout, or even on a rest day.

This option is best reserved only for the most experienced users, as you will need a clear understanding of what you are doing and how your body works.

Which Mobility App Is Best?

Both GOWOD and ROMWOD are great options for different people.

GOWOD appears to be a little more personalised and is a great option for beginners, while ROMWOD is more general and better suited to advanced athletes.

In general, the feedback suggests that GOWOD is popular with a greater number of users, as it offers a more personal experience and can be customised to work in unison with the other workouts you will be performing that day.

Some people also find that ROMWOD can be a little more difficult to use. That said, both programs have their own lists of pros and cons.

GOWOD Pros & Cons


  • All packages are cheaper than the ROMWOD service
  • Offers a more personalised experience
  • Routines are included for both pre and post workout, as well as rest days
  • Much better suited for people of beginner and intermediate levels
  • Customises routines based on muscles you will use in your daily workout
  • 14-day trail lets you test the features out without any risk
  • Branded accessories to use during sessions are available directly from the company


  • Not as many options for lower body mobility as ROMWOD
  • Much smaller library of exercises and routines than ROMWOD
  • Some additional equipment is required to perform certain exercises to their full capacity

ROMWOD Pros & Cons


  • Great for advanced athletes
  • Continuous updates ensure there is always new content available
  • Huge variety of different exercises on offer
  • The paths and flows system is perfect for users with specific goals
  • Emphasis on lower body mobility is perfect for issues in this area
  • Exercises based on yin yoga positions allows it to offer a level of relaxation
  • Can help yoga practitioners improve their performance


  • More expensive than all GOWOD plans
  • Some complaints that it is too difficult for less experienced users
  • Not as personalized as GOWOD
  • Seems a little too focused on the lower body, with less emphasis placed on major upper body joints like the shoulders
  • Free trial is a little short compared to GOWOD
  • Some features can only be used on Apple devices


While both the GOWOD and ROMWOD mobility programs offer a number of potential benefits, GOWOD appears to be the more suitable option for a greater number of people, especially those at a beginner or intermediate level.

It is easy to follow, has routines specifically designed to interact with your daily workouts, and has pricing options suitable for people of all budgets.

That said, ROMWOD is still a fabulous alternative for more experienced users looking for a challenge, as well as people looking specifically to target their lower body, improve their yoga performance, or enjoy an incredibly broad range of exercises.

You will hopefully now be much clearer on which of these is the perfect mobility program for you.

With both offering free trials, there is literally nothing to stop you following the links to your preferred product above and giving it a go today.

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