How Robert Oberst’s Story Can Help You Strengthen Your Muscles

The biography and story of this strongman competitor, Robert Oberst, shows how anyone can accomplish their goals with the correct training and regime. 

Who Is Robert Oberst?

Robert Oberst is a Strongman competitor. He’s from the United States and was a World’s Strongest Man finalist in 2013 and 2018.

He’s also been much stronger and larger than other people. By the age of 12, he was already 220 pounds and 6 feet tall. 

Due to his size, he was always a fantastic sports player and participated in football and running when he was in high school. He then went on to play football at Western Oregon University. 

Although he was picked on by people in school, his confidence through sports and his mom gave him the courage to continue following his dreams. He didn’t make it into the NFL as planned and instead begin training to be a Strongman. 

How Did Robert Oberst Get So Strong?

Robert Oberst has always had a naturally large muscular build.

However, he still had to do some intense training and workouts before he entered the competition. In competitions, he has log-lifted 465 pounds and deadlifted 750 pounds for 4 reps. 

Robert says that he begins gaining strength from the lifting he did during his football years and the explosive movements he does during training. He is passionate about working out and makes sure to dedicate time every day to gaining strength. 

He also concentrates on what he is good at but also trains in his weaknesses. This allows him to gain more strength in key areas.

Part of the training he does includes shoulder and arm workouts. He starts with small weights and gradually increases until he can reach his maximum load. 

Many people wonder if they can get strong doing CrossFit. Robert Oberst and many other competitors practice CrossFit movements to stay in shape and gain strength. If starting CrossFit for the first time, make sure you know the terms and start from the beginning. 

Robert Oberst Measurements

Robert Oberst has won many strength competitions leaving many people to wonder about his size

His body measurements are about 40-44-40 (chest-waist-hips) inches. He has a bicep size of 27 inches. He also has a shoe size of 14.5 showing that his natural size even before weightlifting is very large. 

He is 6’7”. His weight fluctuates due to training and weight loss before and after competitions, but he’s usually around 377 pounds. 

Robert Oberst Diet

Robert Oberst does intermittent fasting, which is a very popular way of consuming calories within the world of athletes and celebrities.

Intermittent fasting is said to help your metabolism and allow you to burn off weight quicker. 

During intermittent fasting, he eats around 6,000 calories a day. Before intermittent fasting, he was consuming about 8,000-9,000 calories each day. Most of his calories from lean meats, eggs, rice, and vegetables. 

With strength training and exercising, people need to eat protein and try to consume full amino acid chains.

However, he still eats sweets sometimes and tries not to be too restrictive. He would rather eat something sweet than a piece of bread. 

He also works with a nutritionist to ensure that he has all the vitamins he needs. Nathan Payton, his nutritionist has also worked with other Strongman champions such as Brian Shaw and Matins Licis. 

Robert Oberst’s Training Program

Oberst follows a pretty strict training program even though the gyms have been closed and his competition has been postponed to the COVID-19 pandemic.

He knows that getting too heavy in squats and deadlifts can make your movements stiffen up. He’s focused on gaining strength but also being able to meet previous time records. 

He does cardio several times a week and practices a strict diet to keep him at optimal weight and health. For lifting, he does 70% of his maximal loads for 3-5 sets. He also does sets of 4-8 reps. 

When training for competition, he starts his rigorous exercises about 16 weeks before the competition. He gradually increases the load to focus on certain competition events. Two weeks before the competition, he focuses on resting and muscle recuperation. 

Of course, his training is all about building muscle mass. There are some exercises you can do similar to Robert Oberst if you want to build muscle mass quickly. The key is to work with every muscle group so that they can learn to work together. 

Awards And Records Held by Robert Oberst

Robert Oberst has won several awards and beat many records.

Below are the ones he has received and the years he obtained them:

  • First Place, San Jose Fit Expo, 2012
  • First Place, Dallas Europa, 2012
  • Third Place, America’s Strongest Man, 2012
  • First Place, Giants Live Las Vegas, 2013
  • First Place, Odd Haugen’s US Open MAS Wrestling Championship, 2013
  • Third Place, All-American Strongman Challenge, 2013
  • Sixth Place, Giants Live British Open, 2013
  • Third Place, China’s Strongest Man, 2013
  • Ninth Place, World’s Strongest Man, 2013
  • Second Place, America’s Strongest Man, 2013
  • Fifth Place, MAS-Wrestling World Cup, 2013

All your answers to questions about Robert Oberst 

Is Oberst the strongest man in history?

Robert Oberst has participated in many competitions in the past. He is officially classified as a strongman. Oberst has not yet placed top in any of his competitions, but he did obtain placement as a finalist before. 

Some additional facts about his competitions:

  • In 2013, Oberst was a finalist in the World’s Strongest Man competition. Robert also gained a similar position in the competition in 2018. Other than these, Robert has been participating in the competition on an annual basis. 
  • Even though not classified as the world’s strongest man, Robert has gained popularity as a strongman.
  • There are other competitions where Robert was awarded first place as a strongman. 
    • In 2012, Robert won first place in the San Jose Fit Expo.
    • In 2012, Robert placed first in the Dallas Europa Strongman Competition.
    • Robert was awarded first placed in 2013 at the Giant’s Live Las Vegas event
  • Robert can perform a log lift with a weight of up to 465 pounds. He has also achieved a deadlift of 750 pounds, which he performed at America’s Strongest Man in the year 2013.

Who is Oberst’s wife?

Robert was previously married to Kristin Oberst, but the couple got divorced. He is currently dating Meghan Nesgoda.

They met at a Strongman event in 2017 and quickly began dating afterward. They regularly post about each other on social media and fans hope that they tie the knot someday. 

Who is the strongest man alive?

The World’s Strongest Man competition has been won by multiple individuals in the past. The latest award went to Martins Licis. This award was provided in the year 2019. The runner-up, Mateusz Kieliszkowski, fell just behind the lifts achieved by Martins Licis during the competition. 

Who are the 4 strongest men in the world?

To determine who the strongest men in the world are, it is important to take previous winners of the World’s Strongest Man competition into account.

According to recently published data, this would mean that the following men that are the strongest at the moment are:

  • Martins Licis
  • Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson
  • Eddie Hall
  • Brian Shaw

Final Thoughts 

Robert Oberst became strong through dedication and hard work.

He has broken many records and gained popularity for himself through passion.

He’s an example of how exercising and staying healthy can help you meet your goals. 

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