Powerbreathe Plus Review – Increase your Endurance By Training your Lungs

Do you ever wonder how your breathing affects your overall health? While breathing isn’t something we actively focus on, maybe we should.

Studies show that IMT (inspiratory muscle training) or RMT (respiratory muscle training) positively impacts an athlete’s overall performance and stamina when training and performing.

Not only that, asthma patients and those who suffer from lung diseases like COPD can benefit from strengthening their breathing muscles to help their condition without the use of drugs.

POWERbreathe Plus | Medium Resistance Breathing Muscle Trainer POWERbreathe Plus | Medium Resistance Breathing Muscle Trainer

This breathing exerciser assists with one of the most important components in your daily life - your lungs and breathing.

But how can you achieve inspiratory muscle training, and how exactly does it work? One way is via a Powerbreathe Plus.

It’s an excellent lung exerciser that rivals its fierce competitor, the Airofit.

In this review, we’ll discuss how it enhances your breathing muscles like any other resistance training to increase your lung capacity and lead to better athletic performance.

What is a Powerbreathe Plus?

Like other muscles in your body, you need to exercise your breathing muscles to get stronger and help increase your breathing efficiency.

This inspiratory muscle training device trains your breathing muscles and increases airflow throughout your body.

As we know, muscles need oxygen to perform. Your muscles can work more efficiently by increasing the airflow, causing better performance in your training sessions. 

The Powerbreathe Plus comes in three different models that gradually increase resistance as your breathing muscle strength improves.

POWERBREATHE Plus | Heavy Resistance Breathing Muscle Trainer POWERBREATHE Plus | Heavy Resistance Breathing Muscle Trainer
  • Improves performance of Inspiratory Muscles
  • Strengthens Breathing Muscles
  • Reduces breathlessness and improves breathing during exercise
  • Adjustable tension range resistance

If you are new to exercise and breathing muscle training, start with the light resistance option. It offers different levels of resistance as breathing muscles work harder.

The medium resistance model is the next level up and provides more resistance training for those whose breathing muscles are ready for the challenge.

Finally, the heavy resistance Powerbreath Plus offers the most resistance for your breathing training. The great thing about the various breathing training models is that someone with a high lung capacity can start with the highest resistance.

On the other hand, a beginner exercising the inspiratory muscles might begin with the light resistance model and work their way to the heavy resistance.

How does Inspiratory Muscle Training Work?

Much like dumbbells are used to strengthen arm muscles, a Powerbreath Plus adjustable resistance device strengthens the inspiratory muscles we use to breathe.

The breathing muscles are the diaphragm, intercostals, abdominals, neck, and collarbone muscles. As you breathe, these muscles work together to get oxygen into your lungs and release carbon dioxide out of your body.

As you breathe in with the Powerbreathe Plus in place in your mouth, you feel your diaphragm expand. Depending on the resistance level, your muscles will work hard to pull the air into your lungs.

If it’s too hard, consider lowering the resistance on your particular model. Once you have taken a full breath in, exhale slowly, releasing the air out of your lungs.

This will be easier than your inhale. Continue doing this for 30 breaths, twice a day. As you do this over the next few days, you will find it becomes easier to inhale on your set resistance level.

Once that happens, you can increase the resistance level to work your breathing muscles harder. It’s resistance training for your breathing muscles.

This laboratory-proven training regimen works to improve your lung capacity and is excellent for people with chronic conditions like COPD or cystic fibrosis.

Powerbreathe Plus Vs. Airofit

The Airofit inspiratory muscle training device is a close competitor to the Powerbreathe Plus. How does it compare?

For one thing, the Powerbreathe is held in your hand, with the mouthpiece fitting into your mouth. The Airofit has no handle and fits directly into your mouth.

If you travel often, the compact nature of the Airofit is a nice feature.

The Airofit Pro works with an app that is downloaded via Google Play or the Apple app store. Once downloaded, place the Airofit pro into your mouth and begin your breathing techniques.

As you do, the app evaluates your breathing via the app. See your lung function and find out your breathing muscle strength through the analysis.

Another nice thing about the Airofit Pro is the ability to adjust the resistance levels without buying a new product. Breathing muscles work harder with this device as you increase resistance.

The Powerbreathe Plus requires you to buy another device to increase the resistance for your breathing muscle training.

The excellent news for Powerbreathe Plus customers is that the price is $65 instead of the Airofit Pro that is costly at $299.

Final Thoughts on PowerBreathe Plus

POWERbreathe Plus | Medium Resistance Breathing Muscle Trainer POWERbreathe Plus | Medium Resistance Breathing Muscle Trainer

This breathing exerciser assists with one of the most important components in your daily life - your lungs and breathing.

We like the Powerbreathe Plus as part of the inspiratory muscle training series that works for anyone.

Asthma patients, people with chronic conditions like COPD and cystic fibrosis, or a collapsed lung will undoubtedly benefit from its airflow performance as well as a regular fitness guru.

Often we turn to drug interactions to improve our quality of life. However, regular use of an inspiratory muscle trainer can lead to greater lung capacity and better physical fitness.

Add the Powerbreathe Plus to your regular physical exercise routine, and with a little extra effort, reap the rewards of better overall health. Time to give those lungs a boost.

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Kristen holds a bachelors in English from Louisianna university. With a longstanding passion for fitness, she owns and operate her own gym and is a certified jazzercise instructor.

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