Power Tower Exercises: A Complete Guide to this Amazing Piece of Workout Equipment

If you’re looking for a way to work out at home or are starting a home workout program, you might be wondering about the best pieces of equipment to buy and use.

The power tower is a lesser-known piece of equipment but is extremely effective at helping build muscle and lose fat. 

What Is a Power Tower?

A power tower is a piece of equipment that can give you a solid and consistent workout.

It’s a versatile all-in-one piece of equipment that can be used at the gym or your home.

Many people find that a power tower can give them all the equipment that needs to complete a full-body home workout program. 

The tower is divided into three sections. The upper portion is for pull-ups and pulls days. The middle part of the section can be used for any kind of core or drip exercise and the lower portion is great for leg workouts. 

What Type of Workouts Can You Do with A Power Tower?

A power tower can be used for arm workouts, leg workouts, or full-body workouts.

The versatile design does an amazing job of giving you all the tools you need to do a full workout. 

A basic workout plan might look something like this:

  • Pull-ups
  • Assisted handstands 
  • Assisted one-arm incline push-ups
  • Glute-hamstring raises 
  • Assisted pistol squats 
  • Inverted bicep curls 
  • Triceps dips 
  • L-sits 

For a tough workout, you can do this simple plan:

  • Planche holds 
  • Weighted chin-ups 
  • Assisted handstand push-ups 
  • Pistol jump squats 
  • Muscle-ups 
  • V-sits 

For a more creative workout on the days you feel like you might be getting bored, try this one:

  • Chest dips + Chin-ups 
  • Glute hamstring raises + jump squats 
  • Triceps extensions + inverted rows 
  • A circuit with L-sits, hanging leg raises, and hanging vertical knee raises 

These are just some sample plans. Power towers can be used for a large variety of exercises depending on what your fitness goals are. 

What Can You Do with A Power Tower?


A power tower can be used to do a large variety of exercises. For the top section of the bar, try the following exercises:

  • Pull-ups
  • Chin-ups
  • Hanging knee/leg raises 
  • Oblique hanging vertical knee raises 
  • Side-to-side pull-ups 
  • One-arm chin-ups 
  • Front level pulls 
  • Back levers 
  • Muscle-ups 
  • Single-bar dips 

For the middle section of the tower, you can try these exercises:

  • L-sits 
  • Seated leg raises or knee raise 
  • Windshield wipers 
  • Bodyweight dips
  • Inverted rows 
  • Inverted bicep curls 
  • One-arm inverted rows 
  • Assisted handstands 

For the lower section of the bar, try these exercises:

  • Assisted calf raises 
  • Glute-hamstring raises
  • Bulgarian split squats 
  • Assisted pistol squats 
  • Assisted sit-ups
  • Feet-elevated planks 
  • Dragon flags 
  • Incline push-ups
  • Lower triceps extensions 
  • Side-to-side push-ups 
  • Assisted one-arm push-ups 
  • Planche holds 

Losing Weight with A Power Tower

Losing weight with a power tower can be a great way to get back into shape.

The power tower gives you many options for losing weight and getting back on track with your fitness level.

The best part about the power tower is that you can lose weight just by using your own body weight for the exercises. 

The power tower will adapt to your body weight and give you an amazing workout without needing to have any weights or extra equipment.

Any time you are working out and consuming fewer calories, you will lose weight. 

If you want to focus on losing large amounts of weight or are trying to lose weight quickly, you might want to focus just as much energy on the food you are eating as well as the workouts you are performing. 

A study by the International Journal of Exercise Science titled “Effects of Home-based Exercise Training Systems, Combined with Diet, on Cardiometabolic Health.”

This can be important when are looking at the efficacy of the power tower because it is a home-based workout program. 

The study also had all the participants follow a diet and made sure they were eating healthier than what they had been doing in the past.

This shows the importance of combining a healthy diet with exercise. 

Some other important results and figures from the study:

  • Researchers conducted a study to determine the efficacy of a home workout program among the average individual. The study had a large focus on cardiometabolic health. Various markers associated with cardiovascular disease and other related health factors were analyzed throughout the study. 
  • The study did not only focus on home workouts. In addition to these workouts, participants were also asked to follow a specific diet. The combined effects were considered. 
  • Post-intervention analysis showed that a home workout program can be effective for people who have risks associated with cardiometabolic diseases. The participants in the study experienced improvements in blood pressure levels. The most significant improvement was observed in diastolic blood pressure. 
  • A reduction in visceral fat was noted, along with a decline in body fat mass. This also leads to a decrease in the total body weight of the participants. 
  • Researchers also noted improvements in resting heart rate. Aerobic fitness was improved among both men and women who participated in the study. 

The power tower home workouts combined with healthy eating had a sharp decline in body fat mass and visceral fat. Since the power tower workout is a full-body workout and a cardio workout, you can easily burn fat. 

Building Muscle with A Power Tower

Many of the power tower exercises are targeted to build muscle mass in different areas of the body. With a full-body program, you can build muscle in your core, arms, legs, shoulders, and chest. 

The great part about the power tower is that you can also target specific muscle groups if there is a part of your body you want to focus more on.

You can create exercise plans or use sample ones from this guide to focus on a specific group of muscles. 

Make sure you are alternating the muscle groups from day to day or week to week that way you aren’t overdoing a certain part of the body. It’s also best to vary your exercises to avoid injury and potential risks. 

Best Power Tower Exercises

These are some of the best power tower exercises according to the muscle group you want to target. 

Power Tower Abs Exercises

Hanging leg raises

For this exercise, you will hang onto the top of the power tower and then raise your legs until your body is in L shape.

The legs should be pointing straight in front of the body. Make sure you hold it for a second or two before lowering and then repeating. 

Vertical chair knee raise 

Bring the knees up into the chest and slightly tilt the upper forward into a mini-crunch position. Make sure to start each rep from a stationary position. 


When you think of ab exercises, you probably always think of the crunch. This is a great exercise for core strength. You can always put a fitness mat under the power tower to make this exercise more comfortable. 

Lie down and fix the feet with the legs bent at the knee. Cross your hands at the chest or put them behind your head. Lift the body keeping your back straight. Return to the starting position and repeat. 

Power Tower Back Exercises


You might think of push-ups as an arm exercise, but it’s also a fantastic back exercise.

Place the hands on the bar facing away from you a little wider than your shoulders. Do a set of reps, take a brief break, and then start over. 


To engage more of the back, do a usual grip for a chin-up, just a little narrower than shoulder-width to shoulder width. To engage more of the back, using a supinated grip, making your hands face you on the bar.

Pull-ups and chin-ups are some of the harder exercises to do, so make sure not to overdo it and be patient with yourself. 

Supine row 

For this exercise, you will need to purchase additional loops to help you do the supine row. It is a great exercise to work with the back muscles, such as the latissimus dorsi and the posterior deltoids. 

Take the handles with your hands and lean back. Hold your body vertical but at a slight angle. Hands straighten your back and keep your head straight as well. Start by bending your arms at the elbow. 

Power Tower Shoulder Exercises

Pull-up with outer grip 

This works the shoulders as well as the latissimus dorsi because of the outer grip.

If you can’t perform multiple repetitions while keeping a good form, you might want to use rubber bands to help you with this exercise. Make sure to keep a slight bend in your elbow as well. 

Power Tower Arms Exercises

Tricep Dips 

The most common power tower exercise is the triceps dip. The tower allows you to rest your arms and hands on the grips.

You can then extend your triceps to raise your entire body upwards before relaxing them and returning to the starting position. 

Power Tower Chest Exercises


There are many kinds of dips, and some can specifically target the chest.

If you want to emphasize the chest rather than focusing on the triceps, follow these steps:

  • Slightly tilt your upper body forward 
  • Flare elbows out slightly on the descent 
  • Get your elbows a hair above your shoulders 
  • Squeeze the chest at the top using your inner arms 

Decline push-up 

A decline push-up will work the major chest muscles such as the pectoralis major and the anterior deltoids.

Kneel with your back to the tower and place your hand’s shoulder-width apart or slightly wider. 

Life your body with your torso straightened at a slight angle to the floor.

Lower the body by bending the arms to a right angle at the elbow. Pause briefly at the bottom point. Live your body until your arms are straight. 

How Much Does a Power Tower Cost?

The cost of the power tower will depend on the brand and size you buy.

Some powers start around $130.

Assembly is usually required for these, but they are a good basic piece of equipment, especially for beginners. 

Some are even less than $100, but they have specific weight requirements and might be harder to adjust and put together because of the cheaper parts. 

If you want one with a bench that can also make your exercises more versatile and comfortable, you are looking at spending $200 or more.

Some power towers even cost more than $300 or $400. However, a power tower in that range is usually not required by most people who just want a better way to work out at home. 

Before buying a power tower, always check the brand and make sure it is reputable. Also, read many reviews and see what other people say about it. 

Frequently asked questions about power towers

What exercises can you do on a power tower?

Power towers are known to be versatile equipment pieces.

They are relatively compact compared to some of the other equipment types, but still offer a versatile range of tools that can be used to exercise. 

The structure of a power tower allows one to perform different types of exercises. Some examples include dips, pull-ups, chin-ups, leg raises, push-ups, and more. 

Due to the large number of exercises a person can perform on a power tower, the system is generally considered a whole-body solution. Any muscle group in the body can be targeted using a power tower.

Exercises are often divided into specific groups that focus on certain parts of the body – such as the chest, arms, legs, abdomen, and more. 

Are power towers worth it?

Power towers might not be the most expensive piece of home equipment on the market, but they can still reach high prices sometimes.

This is especially the case when looking at more feature-rich power towers – and those with larger frames. Thus, many people do ask whether it would be worth the money to buy one of these structures. 

Generally, most people who invest in a power tower finds that the system is highly effective and turns out to be a worthy investment.

One system can easily replace multiple pieces of equipment that a person would usually have in their home gym. Thus, in the long run, when setting up a home gym, a power tower could even be more affordable. 

A person should, however, first consider their own budget before deciding whether a power tower would be worth it for them.

If the person can afford a power tower, then it can be a good option. If the equipment would set the person back too much, then they might want to look at more affordable alternatives. 

Can you lose weight with a power tower?

A power tower is essentially a multipurpose training system. There are a large variety of exercises a person can perform with this single piece of equipment.

By offering such a diverse range of exercises, the system would be a good addition to a person’s weight loss process. 

While possible, a person should consider a few things when they are looking to lose weight with a power tower.

A calorie deficit diet would still be necessary. If the person eats too many calories compared to the number they burn, then they are not going to lose weight. 

A power tower can help with muscle mass in the body. When lean mass increases, people generally find that they start losing weight faster. This is because lean mass causes the metabolism to increase.

A person’s resting metabolism also increases – and this means more calories are burnt while the person is inactive. 

When using a power tower as a method for weight loss, a person should consider implementing some sort of cardio workout into their routine too.

Cardio is an essential factor when it comes to burning calories. More calories burnt equals more weight lost. 

Cardio may include running, or even home workouts like jumping jacks, burpees, or using a treadmill.

In addition to burning calories, several studies have shown that aerobic and cardio exercises are important for maintaining a healthy heart, supporting the immune system, and reducing levels of stress in the body. 

Are power towers good for abs?

Yes, power towers are considered, as the name suggests, a “powerhouse” for muscle building.

Note that a power tower is not going to help a person build the biggest muscles – but it can be an excellent piece of equipment for a person who wants to get a six-pack. 

Numerous exercises can be performed on the power tower. Many of these activities will affect the core muscle groups.

These are the muscles that a person wants to focus on when the goal is to get abs. 

Core stability can also be greatly enhanced with the use of a powerhouse.

The individual can perform exercises that not only work on lean mass and toning of the abs but also increases strength and adds more balanced to other muscle groups that surround the abdominal region. 

Final Thoughts 

A power tower can give you a fantastic way to work out at home all with one piece of equipment.

With the three different sections, you have an easy way to work out every major muscle group.

The power tower will help you lose weight and build more muscle mass. 

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