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Paleo Exercises: Complementing the Paleo Diet

As you start a new diet, you want to get the most out of it. This can involve meal planning and tracking calories and other nutritional factors.

Some diets have more restrictions and limitations than others and require more active tracking on your part. 

One aspect of starting a new diet is getting the right exercise routine. You want to ensure that your diet and exercise routine work together to get you the best results.

Exercise is always good, but some routines are better for some diets than others.  

The Paleo diet can have a lot of restrictions and rules to follow. With so many restrictions, you want to follow a workout routine that brings out the best in the Paleo diet. You can choose from different routines of varying levels of difficulties to get the most out of your diet.     

Carbs, Fats, and Proteins on a Paleo Diet

The Paleo diet focuses on eating what cavemen would have eaten.

This restricts your diet from heavily processed foods, even bread, and other similar staples. Many of these can be expected on many diets.

Paleo eliminates other food items to be more restrictive.  

Since you’re trying to eat as close to a caveman as possible, you’ll be avoiding many carbs. Carbs include legumes, grains, and potatoes.

Dairy is also avoided while on the Paleo diet. Since cavemen did not have sugar, you will also cut sugar out as much as possible.  

A Paleo diet consists of protein and good fats. You don’t want to use processed oil in your meal prep, but natural oils can be eaten.

Natural oils include olive, avocado, and flaxseed oils. Protein from fish, other meats, and eggs is encouraged.  

Paleo can be healthy and meet all of your nutritional needs when done correctly.

Many people may report Vitamin D deficiencies that can affect bone development and health. Taking supplements can help you meet all of your dietary needs on Paleo.   

Can You Do Any Exercises on a Paleo Diet?

Exercises can be completed with any diet.

While living on a Paleo diet you can do several kinds of exercises that will help you stay healthy. These exercises range from natural movements to high-intensity workouts depending on what your needs are. 

Natural movement workouts can be a multi-joint endeavor as you move your body in different ways.

You can adjust your workout as needed to build strength or endurance. These exercises can hit all aspects of your body and health. 

Crossfit has also become a popular workout for people on Paleo. Cross-Fit combines conditioning and cardio to provide a complete exercise routine. 

When finding the right routine for your diet, you want to look at what you can eat on the diet and what movements work best with it.

Since Paleo is protein-heavy and focuses on cavemen simplicity, you want a routine that brings that out as well.   

Focusing on Natural Movements

If you focus on natural movements for exercising, you may find that you can do a lot of different activities. Natural movement exercises take you back to basics, which include walking, running, and climbing. Crawling is also a natural movement exercise! 

To begin, you can walk or run every day. This simple cardio will help with your endurance and remind you how to move like a caveman. Throwing and catching will also help you focus on different aspects of your movement for a multi-joint exercise. 

To understand even more how you can move naturally for a workout, play with small children and see how they move. Try to imitate how they move while in active play. Crawl on the floor and try to be as flexible as possible.  

You use this to challenge yourself, find how many ways you can get off the floor without using your hands. Create routines that require ducking, crawling, squatting, and reaching. Push yourself as you get familiar with these movements.  

By focusing on natural movements, you can increase your flexibility and endurance. You can increase the difficulty of your challenges as you get familiar with moving. You may be surprised how strong and flexible you get just by moving naturally!    

Why Crossfit is Great for the Paleo Diet

Crossfit has become popular with people on Paleo for several reasons.

The protein-rich diet works perfectly with Cross-Fit that requires high-intensity movement. Cross-Fit also focuses on building endurance to make it the perfect Paleo exercise. 

Research shows that CrossFit is an intense workout. You need a lot of fat to get the most out of a routine.

Paleo structures that into your meal plans so you can choose CrossFit safely. You need a lot of energy to complete CrossFit and Paleo gives you that energy every day.  

Every workout with Crossfit works to improve your endurance and speed, two aspects of a caveman’s health.

CrossFit also provides different workout routines to work on muscle tissue and work on strength training. 

By working on conditioning and cardio, you can build up your endurance just as a caveman would. Cavemen would walk and run long distances to get food and back home. Relive those days with the right exercise routine. 

Crossfit is also a great way to burn excess calories.

Cavemen were constantly moving and burning calories. You can do the same with a great workout routine.    

Conditioning and Strength Building on the Paleo Diet

The main focus of a workout while on Paleo is to focus on conditioning and strength building.

Paleo attempts to take us back to our cavemen roots with a simple diet. Your exercise should be similar. 

Cavemen were constantly moving from one place to another, building strength and endurance. Whether they were hunting, gathering food, or settling in a new location, cavemen had to be strong and be able to move long distances.  

Many of us have lost this ability, our sedentary lifestyles make it hard for us to run long distances or carry heavy loads.

We can get that ability back with the right exercise routine. You can start small and work your way up as necessary to create the right routine for you.  

When you exercise, focus on building your strength and conditioning. This will help test and build your endurance. Over time, you’ll be able to run long distances and lift heavy objects, if you choose to. 

People choose the Paleo diet because it takes us back to a simpler time. You eat simple foods and cut out the excess.

You can do the same with your workout routine. By concentrating on what a caveman would do, you can get the most out of your diet and exercise.  

These routines can vary in intensity depending on what you want out of your workout.

You can keep things simple with natural movements or ramp up the intensity with CrossFit. You can choose how much endurance and conditioning you need.  


The Paleo diet can be a great choice for many people.

The concentration of simple foods can help you stay focused on your health and remind you what you really need.

This caveman diet can help many people get on track. If you choose to eat Paleo, you’ll enjoy the different meals you can eat while staying healthy.  

When you eat like a caveman, you may also want to work out like one. Several workout routines can help you get the most out of your Paleo diet.

When you choose your routine, you will want to find one that focuses on building strength and endurance. 

Natural movement exercises focus on moving your body through walking, running, and other kinds of movement.

Even through simple exercises, you can improve your flexibility and endurance. Cardio is also a key component of this exercise.

CrossFit has become popular with many people on Paleo. The two work together perfectly because the high protein diet of Paleo helps you get the most out of CrossFit.

CrossFit also focuses on strength and endurance to help you build your cavemen strength.

No matter what you want to get out of a Paleo diet, the right workout routine will help you get it.

Your fitness goals can be achieved with the right combination of diet and exercise.

Bring out the caveman in you with Paleo and an exercise routine.   

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