Neou Fitness Review – Complete Customization

Finding a fitness app or workout routine that works for you can feel like searching for Treasure Island!

Workout apps bring the routine and workouts to your home and phone so there’s no more searching and trial and error.

Whether you want live workouts or want to stream them at your leisure, Neou offers you an option customized to your needs.

There are dozens of different workout classes available through the app so you can choose a class that works for your body type and schedule. Also, you’ll be sure to find a class that captures your interest so you won’t be bored to tears throughout the entire class.

Boredom can often plague workout addicts but with lots of different demand classes and guided programs available you’ll be able to mix up your routine and keep your mind working as well as your body!

The entire app is also compatible with smart TVs and gaming systems so you can follow along on your TV, phone, or tablet no matter where you are.

What is Neou Fitness?

Neou Fitness is an app that customizes your workout for your individual fitness level, setting weekly workout goals, and helping you track your progress and overall achievements!

When choosing your class or routine you can filter through classes based on the duration of the class, what you want your body focus to be, as well as the type of equipment you have or want to use. Some reminders help you stay on track when focusing on your workout.

Neou started and has made its mark on the fitness world from its fitness center in Midtown Manhattan.

They’ve hosted dozens of different fitness experts and created and managed different workout concepts from around the world.

The focus of Neou has been on connecting individuals at any stage of their fitness journey, with expert trainers and gurus to help them along the path.

Throughout the past few years, Neou has been using state-of-the-art technology to connect teachers and students along their respective wellness journeys.

Fitness brands have been using Neou to highlight their particular take on the world for several years.

By developing and maintaining the app Neou connects participants with their selected classes and lets them track their progress throughout their time on the app. One of the biggest perks of the app is that you can set your own goals and customize your workout.

There are also dozens of different workout programs and instructors that you can follow along with to create the perfect workout for your day.

What’s included with Neou Fitness?

The biggest thing that’s included with the app is the huge library of workouts and fitness classes that stretch across the industry.

A successful fitness regime is all about personalization.

You choose your own goals and preferences for every aspect of the workout.

Download classes you want to take and personalize the level of intensity to allow ease!

Reminders from the app make it easy to stay on goal when it comes to reaching your goals. For those of us to need it, alerts are sent to let you know which workout you’re performing that day and when you need to get back into the swing of things.

Once you reach your goals, the app gives you badges and rewards that you can collect to showcase your progress as you workout! Instead of relying on food or other types of rewards, the badges keep you on track without adding extra calories to your daily intake.

Fitness apps like Neou are also places of community and you’ll be surrounded by a supportive team of instructors and community members.

All of these people understand your goals and how you’re striving to reach them and are there to encourage you to keep going even when it gets tough!

Neou Fitness Main Features

The main features of Neou Fitness are the dozens of workouts and fitness routines that are available for streaming live or watching on your own time.

These are hosted by different instructors and work different areas of your body and engage your workout time differently.

Several different subscription levels are customized to the needs of the user. Your fitness program will be set up to fit your lifestyle and your interests.

Everything will also be tracked so you can make changes as you progress.

Types of Exercises Covered By Neou Fitness

There are dozens of different exercises available in the fitness app including everything from dance classes to equipment-free boxing. No matter what you want to try, you can find a class that will suit your needs or desires.

You can start with low-impact classes like yoga and then increase to more intense workouts like technical barre routines and high-energy dance classes.

Engage your core with ab workouts and switch it up throughout the week to keep yourself from getting bored with the workout each week. Or do the same one each week and increase the intensity to keep yourself on your toes!

Getting Neou Connected

When you’re stuck at home because of the pandemic, it can be easy to forget your workout routine. Working within the Neou Fitness app will connect you with a much larger community and allow you to do workouts with encouraging instructors.

Connect Neou to your Roku, Apple TV, Android TV, Fire TV, and your Xbox to watch and do your workouts on a large screen.

You can also download the app from the google play store or the apple store and watch it on your phone or tablet to finish your workout for the day easily!

Neou Fitness Vs. Beachbody

Beachbody On Demand Beachbody On Demand

Streaming Beachbody Workouts Anytime Anywhere! Lose up to 9 lbs. in 14 days with Beachbody -- a community that's 2.5 million users strong!

Dozens of different apps are similar to Neou and none are more well-known than Beachbody.

Choosing one or the other often comes down to price and the types of support and programs available on each app.

Neou’s streaming service is still relatively new and they’ve made a name for themselves by offering live workouts so you can join in with the community.

Beachbody gives you on-demand workouts but they don’t offer the live programs that will connect you with the larger community.

Each workout offered is typically 10-45 minutes so you can choose a short workout to give yourself a pick-me-up or go with a longer one to round out the day.

Beachbody offers longer workouts from 20-60 minutes so you may need to budget more time to finish the workout each time you pull it up.

Cost is a big issue when it comes to choosing a streaming platform for your workouts.

Neou offers their service for $99 per year while Beachbody’s is offered at $99 per year.

The workouts offered through Beachbody are all part of dedicated programs so you can’t pick and choose with as much freedom as Neou.

Their programs offered are varied and wide-ranging for both platforms!

Both services offer options for every individual who signs up.

Neou is still new and working out the kinks in their on-demand platform but their live streams are great for anyone who wants the added boost of community connection!

While Beachbody is the cornerstone in the market, they have a large library of on-demand programs that Neou hasn’t quite built up yet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before investing in a new fitness app, there are always questions you’ll want to have answered! The time and money that you dedicate to the app should give you the benefits you desire and not hinder your overall progress.

Do you have to pay for Neou?

You can download the app for free and when you subscribe to the program you get access to the personalized plan and the ability to track your fitness.

You can choose between monthly and yearly subscriptions and take advantage of the 30-day free trial that NEOU offers! The cost of NEOU is lower than other programs but the yearly cost is still around $100 for the year.

How do I cancel my NEOU Fitness Subscription?

There are no contracts for NEOU Fitness and you can cancel your subscription at any time when you’re on the monthly plan.

To cancel, simply navigate to your account on the NEOU website, go to “Subscriptions and Billing”, then click the link to cancel the current subscription.

How can I watch NEOU on my TV?

NEOU is with the times and has released TV apps across a wide range of platforms including Android TV, Fire TV, and Apple TV. Just download the NEOU app on the platform’s app and get logged in! You can also use a Chromecast to bring your NEOU workout to the big screen.


NEOU is a new app and has been making a name for itself with live workouts and on-demand programs. You’ll have a wide range of programs to choose from so you can mix-up your workout through different styles of workouts or ranges of intensity.

NEOU may be new on the workout and fitness app scene but they’ve worked hard to create a community of followers and instructors that encourage each other.

You’ll never find yourself alone when you’re going through your next workout! You’ll be able to track your progress and set your own goals.

As you achieve your goals, you’ll earn badges and rewards that help to encourage and sustain you on your fitness journey.

You’ll also be able to create a workout plan that fits your schedule and daily routine! Instead of timing your life around the next workout class, your life is free to revolve around you!

Subscribing to NEOU is simple and easy and a monthly or yearly subscription gives you access to all of the live and on-demand programs they’ll offer!

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