NASM Elite: Is It Worth It?

Let’s be honest. We all want to be a little elite. When it comes to personal trainers, having a NASM (National Academy of Science Medicine) certification puts you in an elite club. However, what if we told you that NASM offers more than a personal training certification?

What if you could get multiple NASM certifications in one bundle that includes a certified personal trainer, nutrition coach, group fitness instructor, and more? If that sounds like what you need in this competitive fitness industry, keep reading to discover more about NASM Elite personal fitness training.

The NASM Elite Bundle

The NASM Elite Bundle offers fitness professionals six popular courses that increase your value within the personal trainer community. The courses included are below.

The NASM CPT (certified personal trainer) certification is world-renown and one of the most esteemed by employers. Fitness professionals with a NASM certification on their resume peak interest immediately due to the high level of expertise and training involved in the program.

While NASM has offered personal training, nutrition coaching, and corrective exercise specialist training for years, this bundle allows you to certify for everything at once for an excellent price.

NASM | Personal Training & Fitness Certifications | Start Online! NASM | Personal Training & Fitness Certifications | Start Online!
  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • Corrective Exercise Specialization
  • Certified Nutrition Coach
  • Performance Enhancement Specialization
  • Behavior Change Specialization
  • Certified Group Fitness Instructor
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What Is The Cost?

To understand the savings with the NASM Elite Bundle, let’s find out how much one of these certifications costs by itself. For example, the nutrition certification called NASM CNC costs $899, as does the NASM CPT certification. If you bought those two certifications individually, it would cost you $1798.

The NASM Elite Bundle gives you those two certifications and four more for $2,199. Paying for each would cost about $12,000 without any promotions. The savings when buying all of these certifications through the NASM Elite Bundle is astounding.

Another awesome thing about NASM Elite is they offer payment plan options. One option is an 18-month plan where you only pay $111/month. You must make payments on time to stay connected to the program. These payment options give you some breathing room until you can recoup the cash when you become a NASM-certified personal trainer and start working.

How To Enroll

Enrolling into the NASM Elite program is as simple as clicking this link and hitting “Enroll now.” One of the most beneficial things about the NASM CPT program is that the entire certification course is online. This option benefits people working full-time who want to break into the fitness industry. There is no need to go somewhere to start studying. They can do their NASM CPT certification on their timeline.

Once you enroll, ensure to fill in your profile in its entirety. This process guarantees your name and details are correct for your certification records once you pass the NASM CPT exam.


NASM Corrective Exercise Specialization (CES) - Self-Study NASM Corrective Exercise Specialization (CES) - Self-Study

CEUs: NASM – 1.9; ACE 2.0


  • Lecture videos
  • Self-Care and Recovery chapters
  • Exercise technique & cueing videos
  • Interactive learning modules & quizzes
  • Client scenarios and sample programming
  • Desktop + mobile delivery
  • Additional Training Programs
  • Online practice exam
  • Online CES exam

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Since we mentioned the NASM exam and we could feel your anxiety rise, let’s understand what the exams entail. Each program offers an exam at the end of the certification to pass. The NASM CPT exam is live-proctored and can be done online or in person. All of the other exams are online only. They consist of 100 multiple choice questions with a score of 70% to pass.

NASM study apps are available to make sure you pass the courses. They consist of practice tests that help you understand what is included in the final exam. Some apps offer online games and quizzes to help you study or online flashcards. There are many to choose from, so everyone can find an option that works for them.

The NASM CPT exam must be taken within six months of enrollment. For more about the NASM CPT course, read here. The NASM CES exam and the NASM CNC exam are handled within a year of registration. If you do not pass the exam, most NASM certifications allow for a free retest.

Is NASM Elite Worth It?

With the wide range of certifications at a discounted price, we think the NASM Elite Bundle is worth it for those seeking to expand their certification further than personal training. If there is only one course you are interested in, the bundle might not be worth it.

If you want to become a corrective exercise specialist with a background in nutrition and behavior change, this program will give you that and more for a lower price. Pay attention to online promotions as NASM often sells the NASM Elite bundle at a discounted price.

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