The Ultimate Lung Boost User Review

While still an item many people will not have heard of, respiratory trainers are becoming more and more popular in recent times, thanks largely to the success of the Expand-A-Lung.

Designed to strengthen the muscles of the respiratory system, they can be used by everyone from the sick and elderly to performance athletes, with even average people seeing benefits to their use as well.

There are various different models and brands available, however one that is making a name for itself as one of the top options on the market is the Lung Boost by ChoiceMMed.

An easy to set up and use respiratory training device designed to improve lung function by strengthening the muscles used for both inhalation and exhalation, it seems to offer everything you could want from such a device.

Is it really as good as it sounds though, and can it hold its own with the competition at the top end of the market? Let’s take a closer look as the Lung Boost and decide for ourselves.

What Is The ChoiceMMed Lung Boost Respiratory Trainer?

Lung Boost is a respiratory training device designed by Chinese company ChoiceMMed, one of the largest manufacturers of medical equipment in the world.

It is specifically designed to strengthen the muscles in your respiratory system.

Lung Boost is intended for use by anyone who wishes to boost the strength and endurance of their respiratory muscles and can be adjusted to varying levels of intensity.

This makes it suitable for users of a wide range of abilities, ranging from people with lung conditions and healthy individuals to both professional and recreational athletes.

This makes it ideal for helping people with respiratory problems to breathe easier, as well as aiding athletes seeking to improve their physical performance.

When following a suitable training program, this allows it to help people improve their respiratory functions in the quickest way possible.

Unlike many respiratory trainers, which focus on targeting only the muscles used during inspiration, Lung Boost can help strengthen both the inspiration and expiration muscles.

This dual functionality makes it useful for both endurance aerobic training and high intensity anaerobic interval training.

Numerous studies have shown that using a suitable respiratory muscle training (RMT) device, such as Lung Boost, in combination with a fitness regime as basic as regularly walking, can significantly improve the strength and endurance of the respiratory muscles

Lung Boost Specs And Features

The first thing you need to do when reviewing any product is to carefully examine its specifications and scrutinise over the features that it offers.


Lung Boost boasts dimensions of 70 mm (W) x 117 mm (D) x 160 mm (H) and weighs just 250 grams, which includes the two AA batteries it requires to operate.

This makes it incredibly convenient for transporting and using while on the go.

It features a block blue and white design that is very clinical in appearance.

While it isn’t overly aesthetically pleasing, it isn’t offensive either. The large display is also fairly clear and easy to read.

A tube and 5 different cones, plus 5 different resistance levels make it extremely customisable to your own needs.

With an expected battery life of one year, you also don’t need to worry about constantly changing them or having the device run out of power when you need it.


Lung Boost offers a choice of two different training modes, endurance and strength, and five levels of resistance, with 1 being the easiest and 5 the hardest, which are easily adjustable using the controller.

There are also five resistance cones included that can then make things even more challenging once you have reached your potential on the base machine.

These resistance cones are small, circular plastic caps that can be attached to the back of the unit to create a higher level of pressure in the breathing tube.

They should be used in order to increase the difficulty of the exercise.

Everything is controlled by the built in, easy to use controls, which consists of six different buttons: endurance, exit, level, memory, OK, and strength.

The easy to read digital display is just as helpful and straightforward as the controls as well.

It displays information including what mode the device is in, when to begin an exercise or take a rest (and for how long), whether you are currently inhaling or exhaling, the seconds a manoeuvrer was held for and how many times it was completed, the current difficulty and exertion levels, the remaining power in the battery, and any errors in the event that one occurs.

Everything is quick and easy to both assemble and disassemble, making Lung Boost convenient to use, clean, and transport.


  • Quick and straighforward to assemble and disassemble
  • Easy to read display shows all necessary information
  • Simple to use
  • Convenient to clean or transport
  • Can be used for both inhalation and exhalation
  • Long battery life
  • Great range of different difficulty and exertion levels


  • Availability of the machine can make it difficult to get hold of
  • There are some complaints regarding insufficient literature being included with the product
CHOICEMMED | LungBoost Electronic Smart Lung Exerciser CHOICEMMED | LungBoost Electronic Smart Lung Exerciser
  • Lung Strengthener for Improving Lung Capacity
  • Replacement for Altitude Mask, Breathing Bag
  • Diving and Instrument Breathe Trainer

How To Use The Lung Boost Respiratory Trainer

To use the Lung Boost respiratory trainer, begin by inserting two AA batteries into the battery compartment.

There is no on off button on the machine, so you will instead press OK to turn it on. It will then turn off automatically after 10 minutes.

The first time you start the device up you will need to enter the time of day. You will then have to choose which of the two modes you want to use it in: strength mode or endurance mode.

After choosing your mode, you will then need to select a difficulty level.

There are 5 different difficulty levels, each of which has 7 different levels of exertion.

New users will want to begin on the lowest difficulty level, without a resistance cone, and gradually work their way up.

Each time you can comfortably reach exertion level 7 on a difficulty it is time to take it up a level. When you are capable of reaching exertion level 7 on difficulty level 5, you will then add the next resistance cone and begin the cycle again.

To start a session, breathe into the mouthpiece and “GO” will flash on screen.

Begin gently inhaling or exhaling into the mouthpiece and the unit will automatically adjust to whichever breathing action you are performing, and the inhale/exhale indicator will switch to show the current breathing action

Your effort level will also be indicated and displayed as an exertion level, which is shown by lighting up that number of the seven balls on the monitor.

Endurance Mode allows you to focus on endurance aerobic training. In this mode you will need to inhale or exhale air for as long as possible, while trying to keep the ball in the air stable.

You should strive to raise the effort level to at least 2 and maintain it until the end of the exercise.

Strength Mode allows you to perform high intensity anaerobic interval training, where you will be aiming to inhale or exhale as hard as you can, to fill or light as many balls as possible.

You should try to fill or light the balls as quickly as you can, with the target being to do it in less than two seconds.

After completion of each exercise the rest indicator will show and indicate that you need to rest for 15 seconds.

Once the machine registers that you have done so, the GO indicator will show again, allowing you to begin another round if desired.

You can repeat this process as many times as you would like and can incorporate both strength and endurance routines into a workout.

After you finish, all of the data from the current workout will be stored in the device’s memory.

When you access the memory, the device will display your training history, your performance in the last 30 Exercises, your daily, weekly, and monthly scores, as well as overall averages for your endurance exhale, endurance inhale, strength exhale and strength inhale performances.

Benefits Of Respiratory Trainers

The benefits of respiratory trainers are wide ranging, although most revolve around the ability of this type of device to strengthen the muscles we use when we breathe.

This can help to promote greater lung capacity, improved endurance, and notably easier breathing.

The most common usage of a respiratory trainer is to gain an advantage in athletic performance or to improve the symptoms of an illness such as chronic bronchitis, with some cases even reporting the conditions can be reversed.

It is important to remember though, that the true effectiveness of a respiratory trainer can vary based on a number of factors, including the person who is using it and the particular device that they have selected.

Who Should Use Lung Boost?

Lung Boost is designed for use by a wide range of different people. It can help athletes to train harder and reach new levels, while singers and musicians can also benefit greatly from increased lung capacity.

Those who have who have weakened respiratory muscles due to age, illness, or disease can also use it to help reverse the condition or prevent many of the symptoms.

In this case, it is recommended you consult a medical professional before you begin using the device though.

In truth, Lung Boost can be used by anyone who wants increased lung capacity or ease of breathing. This makes it a good choice for most of the population that are seeking a better quality of life.

Alternatives To The ChoiceMMed Lung Boost

While the ChoiceMMed Lung Boost is certainly a great option for those in the market for a respiratory trainer, it isn’t going to be the right choice for everyone.

With that in mind, we will now look at some of the best alternatives currently available, to hopefully help you find the one that is.

Airofit Pro 

The Airofit Pro is a high tech respiratory trainer that works together in synchronicity with its dedicated, interactive mobile App.

It is designed to coach your respiratory muscles so that they can achieve their full potential and maximum ability.

The live guidance and feedback ensures exercises are always performed correctly, while also helping you to keep track of your progress along the way.

The Airofit Pro respiratory trainer is fully customisable, so will be suitable for use no matter your age, gender, size, physical abilities, or medical conditions.

However you set it up, you will receive carefully tailored programs specifically designed to match your personal needs.

Just 5 to 10 minutes of training with the Airofit Pro each day has been shown to significantly increase lung capacity, energy levels, and exercise performance, decrease stress, and cleanse your lungs.

Most users report seeing improvements in as little as one to two weeks.

It has been shown to be particularly effective for helping elderly people and those with asthma to receive respiratory therapy and improve their conditions.

Airofit Pro is also designed to be used separately from physical activity, meaning you don’t have to exercise for it to work.

Its compact nature means you can take it with you wherever you go and train as often as you want, while the 45 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee gives you plenty of time to ensure you are happy with your purchase.

The only drawback is that its recommended retail price of $377.95 will be off-putting or even unobtainable for some.


  • Results are achievable in as little as one to two weeks
  • Highly interactive and customisable
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Very durable
  • 45 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee
  • Can be used to treat asthma, exercise and cleanse your lungs, and provide respiratory therapy
  • Dedicated app provides personalised coaching while tracking your progression and helping you to improve


  • Extremely expensive

The Breather

Much like the Lung Boost, The Breather is a respiratory muscle training device that allows you to train both inspiratory and expiratory muscles.

However, this particular machine allows you to train each independently of the other, simply by twisting a dial to alter the resistance settings.

The Breather boosts lung strength and capacity by improving the flow of oxygen and its uptake to vital organs.

This makes it a particularly good choice for anyone currently undergoing respiratory treatment.

The device is incredibly quick and easy to use, meaning you will always be able to make a little time to fit in a session on The Breather, to ensure you can continue reaping benefits of it.

It is also suitable for users of all ages and abilities, ranging from children, the elderly, and even smokers or those with lung conditions all the way to professional athletes, swimmers, and singers.

The dedicated mobile app is chock full of features that will help you make the most of your product.

This includes online training videos and monthly webinars with medical professionals, who can answer all of your questions, as well as the ability to track all of your progress, to show you exactly how you are advancing.

With a current recommended retail price of just $49.95, it is one of the cheapest options on the market.

This makes it suitable for people of all budgets and, combined with its level of effectiveness, explains why it has a user base of more than 1.5 million people and continues to grow daily. 


  • Extremely affordable
  • Incredibly easy to adjust and use
  • Dedicated app provides training videos, progress tracking, and access to medical professionals
  • Suitable for people of all ages and abilities
  • Trains both inhalation and exhalation muscles and can be easily swapped between the two
  • Features six different levels of resistance


  • No money back guarantee
  • Can prove difficult to clean
THE BREATHER│Hand-Held Inspiratory Expiratory Muscle Trainer THE BREATHER│Hand-Held Inspiratory Expiratory Muscle Trainer

For Drug-Free Respiratory Therapy 

  • Your new Breather device with 6 inspiratory and 5 expiratory settings.
  • Including an original comfort mouthpiece and a 15mm to 22mm adapter.
  • The Breather uses the power of your breath.


The AirPhysio Sports Edition is a respiratory trainer specifically designed for those looking for more advanced developments.

It is aimed primarily at performance athletes and sporting elites, as it is able to induce small improvements even at the very top end of the spectrum.

The device works by increasing the transfer of O2 and CO2, which improves the power and capacity of your lungs.

This will lead to small increases in physical performance and reductions in recovery time, which can be the difference between winning and losing and helping you set personal records.

Using the AirPhysio for just five minutes can provide notable differences. You can also use the device whenever is convenient, although consistent use is required in order to achieve noticeable results.

A recommended retail price of $69.97 also makes it attainable for most people, no matter their budget.


  • Comfortably affordable
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Highly durable and effective
  • Capable of providing improvements for elite athletes
  • Great for clearing lungs and aiding with the symptoms of asthma
  • Increases gas transfer to expand the lungs and improve their power


  • Focuses solely on expiration
  • Not appropriate for less conditioned athletes
Editor's Pick
AirPhysio Natural Breathing Lung Expansion AirPhysio Natural Breathing Lung Expansion
  • Uses Oscillating Positive Expiratory Pressure (OPEP)
  • Used for respiratory training
  • Also used for alleviating symptoms of Asthma, Atelectasis, Bronchiectasis, Emphysema, COPD, Chronic Bronchitis, and many more

 Final Thoughts    

That concludes our review on the ChoiceMMed Lung Boost device.

While by no means the only device of this nature on the market, it has more than proven to hold its own and is a great choice for people of all ages, genders, abilities, and budgets.

Even if you are one of the few that have decided Lung Boost isn’t the best respiratory trainer for you, this article will hopefully have helped you to identify the one that is.

All that’s left is to go and purchase your preferred respiratory trainer, so you can start making improvements to your performance and quality of life as soon as possible.

CHOICEMMED | LungBoost Electronic Smart Lung Exerciser CHOICEMMED | LungBoost Electronic Smart Lung Exerciser
  • Lung Strengthener for Improving Lung Capacity
  • Replacement for Altitude Mask, Breathing Bag
  • Diving and Instrument Breathe Trainer
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