The Complete List of Tricep Bodyweight Exercises

No arm is complete without strong triceps muscles.

Without properly developed triceps, you’ll lack the strength necessary to build the rest of your body.

Luckily, these are the best tricep exercises (without weights) you can find!

Ready to get started? Let’s dive in.

List Of 20+ Tricep Bodyweight Exercises and Workouts

Build big, beautiful triceps with these convenient exercises:

1. Push-up

A compound exercise like the push-up engages your chest and triceps muscles.

By building stronger triceps, you’ll be able to do better push-ups, helping you build a stronger chest.

2. Diamond Push-up

Diamond push-ups put greater emphasis on your triceps.

You might not be able to get the “perfect” diamond at first, but you can start out with your diamond a little more spread out.

As you gain strength, begin to move your fingers together until they’re touching.

3. Iguana Push-up

This requires intense balance and will give you a greater core and triceps workout.

4. Handstand Push-up

Handstand push-ups are primarily a shoulders workout, but they also involve the triceps.

If you need assistance, start by doing handstand push-ups while leaning against a wall.

Still struggling? That’s okay – start by training with the pike pushup below.

5. Pike Push-up

The pike push-up is the introduction exercise to handstand push-ups.

Pike push-ups will help you develop stronger shoulder and triceps muscles.

6. Close-hands Push-up

Similar to diamond push-ups but a bit easier and more comfortable.

The closer your hands get, the more you activate your triceps rather than your chest muscles.

Make sure to keep your elbows tucked in – don’t let them flare to the sides.

7. Weighted Push-up

Weighted push-ups will help in your triceps progression.

Instead of moving from beginner to intermediate/expert bodyweight exercises, just add weight to the simple push-up to further build your triceps.

8. Tricep Dip

Dips and dip variations are great exercises for building the chest and triceps.

In the video above, Scott will teach you how properly dip to target your triceps specifically.

If you don’t have parallel bars, get clever to find dip alternatives: a corner of a fence, ledge, countertop, etc.

9. Weighted Tricep Dip

Once you master dips and are knocking out 20+ reps in a set, start adding resistance.

By adding weight, you’ll be able to add much more volume to your exercises in less time.

10. Bench Dip

The bench dip is a great alternative if you don’t have parallel bars.

You’re not limited to benches though – you can use a ledge, chair, bed, stairs, etc.

11. Elevated Feet Bench Dip

Elevating your feet will put greater stress on your triceps.

12. Weighted Bench Dip

This is a great method for adding weight to your bench dips.

13. Ring Dip

Ring dips require strong triceps and a strong core.

Once you master dips and weighted dips, then you can move on to begin the more difficult ring dips.

14. L-Sit

Another great core and triceps exercise.

In the video, Al will show you the proper L-Sit progression, as well as some variations for different equipment.

15. Triceps Extension

This exercise looks a lot easier than it actually is, so don’t worry about adding it to your workout!

16. Standing Skullcrusher

You don’t need dumbbells or barbells to perform skullcrushers.

This exercise will turn your body into the ultimate skullcrusher, helping you build powerful triceps.

17. Side-lying Triceps Extension

While lots of people don’t love this exercise, it’s ultra-effective and shouldn’t be ignored.

18. Dive Bomber

A great exercise for your shoulders and your triceps.

It’s difficult and it requires no equipment.

19. Straight Bar Dip

A nice transitioning exercise for muscle-ups.

The straight bar dip is convenient because you can do it practically anywhere: the barbells at the gym, pull-up bar, and even jungle gyms at the park.

20. Negative Dip

Negative training will help you get the benefits of eccentric contractions.

21. Dip Hold

If you’re struggling to perform dips, practice dip holds and negative dips to increase your base tricep strength.

Best Tricep Exercises Without Weights

Here are some of our favorite tricep exercises without weights.

  1. Dips
  2. Diamond Push-ups
  3. Standing Skullcrusher

Simple, efficient, and easy(er).

And you don’t need any equipment for these three exercises!

Don’t wait to start building your triceps.

Begin building functional strength into your training program today with these simple exercises.