Iron Chest Master Review – Become a Push-Up Professional with this Excellent Piece of Equipment

Just when you thought your push-ups couldn’t get any better, we are going to introduce you to a piece of equipment that is a game-changer. 

Meet the Iron Chest Master — not to be confused with the Iron Chef.  We do love us some Iron Chef, though. 

If working your upper, lower, and inner chest muscles are high on your priority list, you’ve come to the right place. 

Check out what the Iron Chest Master can do for you.  You won’t be disappointed – just maybe a little sore.

Iron Chest Master Explained

If you are wondering what the heck an Iron Chest Master is, we’ve got you covered. 

The Iron Chest Master is a piece of equipment that brings your push-ups to next-level awesome. 

We are talking about making your push-ups as efficient as possible so you can maximize the workout for multiple muscle groups reaching peak contraction. 

It comes with two handles that slide into the most comfortable position for you and allow you to increase your range of motion in a push-up.  Also, add some resistance to your push-ups with resistance bands to increase the effectiveness of the chest muscle work. 

The Iron Chest Master lets you slide the handles closer together or further apart, depending on what muscle group you want to isolate the most.  

Key Elements to Consider

Before you run out and buy an Iron Chest Master, let us walk you through some things you might want to consider. 

We did the research so let us help!


It’s always the first element to consider because it’s crucial to spend the right amount of money on exercise equipment. 

While something like a Bowflex costs quite a bit of money, it’s incredibly versatile and works for many muscle groups.  When considering a chest appartus, it might not be as expensive as the Bowflex, but it should be worth the cost. 

Make sure you check out the included features and options to ensure the price matches the equipment.


When it comes to exercise equipment, you need to ensure you get the right equipment for your workout. 

Don’t purchase an Iron Chest Master if you want to get the perfect set of glutes, correct?  This piece of equipment will rock those pecs, delts, triceps, core, and back. 

If that’s what you are looking for, an Iron Chest Master is right for you.  Plus, perfecting your push-ups is always a good idea.


Some workout equipment features an all-in-one option where the sky’s the limit on the muscles you work. 

Others focus on just one or two muscle groups.  Look at the equipment’s versatility to determine if it will work for you.


Size matters, people.  We are here to tell you that.  However, in the case of workout equipment, bigger isn’t always better. Most of us are buying equipment for our home gym. 

Unless you are an Olympian, you probably don’t have a whole lot of space to work in your home gym. 

Look for something that won’t be bulky or too large.  Exercise equipment that is portable and even folds down is a fan favorite.

Iron Chest Master Fitness System

It’s here.  The Iron Chest Master is an apparatus that promotes better muscle contraction for a more efficient push-up. 

Developed by one of the most decorated bodybuilders of all time, Ron Williams, the Iron Master is the addition you need in your home gym. 

The handles slide to allow for different hand placements to initiate the push-up from several other muscle groups.  Add in some resistance bands to increase the effectiveness of your shoulders, chest, arms, and core, and you have the ultimate push-up machine. 

It features six resistance bands that add 10 lbs of resistance each.  That’s up to 60 lbs of added resistance when using the Iron Chest Master. 

At only 48” long and 6” wide and weighing only 5 lbs, the Iron Chest Master is lightweight, portable, and easily stored when not in use.  Your home gym will thank you for that.

One of the best features of the Iron Chest Master is protecting your joints while performing the push-up.  By initiating what Ron Williams calls the Power Position, you engage the wrist, elbow, and shoulder joints. 

This push-up position has your hands wider than your shoulders which maximizes the contraction in your upper body without hurting those joints. 

In addition to that, the Iron Chest Master allows for slower movement in your push-ups.  Studies have shown that doing push-ups slower increases muscle strength and contraction and helps with the stress on the elbow joint.

Where are our bench press lovers?  If you swear by the bench press to strengthen your chest muscles, we have a surprise for you. 

The Iron Chest Master is almost 60% more effective at activating muscles in the chest and arms than the bench press.  Say what?  It’s true, ya’ll. 

The beauty of this apparatus is that it combines a bunch of exercises all in one without the bulk.  We mentioned bench press, but it also works like a dumbbell press and dumbbell fly would. 

You can check all of the boxes on your exercises with just one push-up machine.  That is money well spent.

Resistance Bands

Since the Iron Chest Master comes equipped with six resistance bands for added muscle work, let’s discuss how they work. 

First, we are happy to tell you that adding or removing the bands on the Iron Chest Master is easy.  The band has one end that is ribbed and fits into the side of the apparatus.  The other end fits right onto the handle. 

If you want to adjust the width of the handles, it’s simple to do that as well.  There is a small button on the bottom of the Iron Chest Master that you can push to move the handles. 

If that’s not enough for your resistance, knobs on the handles will increase the pressure on the resistance bands to make the workout more challenging or more manageable. 

That way, anyone from a novice to an experienced person can make the most of their exercise.

Pricing Bundles

Not only does Ron Williams offer the Iron Chest Master, but he also gives you options for purchasing more or fewer features depending on your fitness level. 

Here’s a breakdown of what you can buy.

Standard Bundle

We know it’s called standard, but there’s nothing standard about this bundle. 

For $99.99 (usually $119), receive the complete Iron Chest Master Fitness system, including the apparatus and six resistance bands. 

With this bundle, receive access to the online training courses, Nutrition Guidance and Six Unique Iron Chest Master Workouts for a limited time.  This is a great way to get started using this excellent exercise equipment.

Pro Bundle

Things are starting to get even more interesting with this bundle. 

Coming in at $114.99 (usually $139.99), get the complete system and the standard resistance bands. 

Then it goes even further and offers six iron resistance bands which each offer 20 lbs of resistance each.  Again, this bundle includes the online courses for a limited time.

Extreme Bundle

Don’t get scared.  It’s called extreme, but that just means you are getting more for your money. 

For $139.99 (usually $169.99), get all of the features from the previous bundle and also a 60 lb chest strap for even more muscle resistance. 

Yes, it’s making the push-ups harder with more weight on the chest, but that just means more strength in those muscles. 

Get those online courses for a limited time with this bundle too.

Ultimate Bundle

Where there is an extreme, you know there is going to be an ultimate. 

With the ultimate bundle, you get all of what we mentioned plus a 45 lb heavy resistance band.  You literally have enough resistance bands for days with this one. 

It’s coming in at $179.99 (usually $229.99). 

Of course, those online courses are available for a limited time with this one as well.  Why not go for the ultimate?


  • A fantastic chest workout
  • Anyone can use this, from a beginner to an experienced fitness guru
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Adjustable for different resistance levels
  • Excellent for a home gym that requires smaller equipment
  • Results are achieved quickly


  • Reviews complained of the screws on the resistance bands sometimes falling out.
  • Complaints that this equipment is too pricey

User Reviews:

Chest Muscles – Yes, Please!

If you said “yes, please,” you need to get an Iron Chest Master to add to your home gym.  Don’t let its small size fool you. 

This exercise equipment is versatile and allows loads of added resistance to accommodate everyone, from beginners to professionals. 

Many other competitors like the Perfect Push-up apparatus don’t allow for increased resistance.  That is something that helps the Iron Chest Master stand out from the rest. 

Add in some peak contraction from those chest and arm muscles, and you have yourself an excellent source for muscle building at an affordable price. 

Did you already order one on Amazon after you saw that 4.5-star review?  We thought so.  Enjoy!

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