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Hypervolt Review: Here’s What You Should Know

Muscle strains are very common among people who are physically active. Whether you play sports, go to the gym, or enjoy taking a run everyday, the possibility of experiencing sore muscles exist. Muscle soreness may be from overworked muscles, strains, or other problems. While you can visit a massage therapist to assist with the sore muscles, there are options available for home treatment.

In this Hypervolt review, we are going to take a closer look at one of the industry’s most popular massage guns. We will consider its battery life, the head attachments that comes with these handheld massage guns, and how it works in this Hypervolt review. This will help you gain a better understanding of what the massage gun can do for you – and whether or not it is a worthy option.

Hypervolt Overview

The Hypervolt is a type of massage gun that uses percussive therapy to relieve muscle soreness. The gun has gained significant recognition in the past few years, particularly due to its unique take on massage guns. Many massage guns that are currently on the market tend to produce a loud noise when the recovery tools are used.

The Hyperice Hypervolt, however, has an exceptionally low noise profile. This means it does not generate those loud sounds, allowing you to use it at any time. When a person experiences muscle tension due to a strain, it can take as long as six weeks for them to fully recover. The Hyperice Hypervolt focuses on shortening this recovery time by providing a deep tissue massage.

The Hypervolt device was used in one scientific study, where the results were compared to a control group. Individuals experienced improvements in performance, range of motion, and other benefits when they use this percussion device. The device is accompanied by a number of head attachments, which ultimately expands the versatility that comes with the use of the Hyperice Hypervolt massage gun.

In this review, we are taking a closer look at the benefits that the massage gun provides, but we also consider possible drawbacks that users may note. We’ll assess its functions, portability, and how you use it.

Technical Specifications

Before we dive into the benefits and features that you can expect from the Hyperice Hypervolt, let’s first cover some of the technical specifications. Many people who want to use a massage gun as opposed to going for physical therapy may consider the specifications of these devices a crucial element in helping them decide which one to opt for.

The device itself measures 7.5 by 2.5 by 9.5 inches and wights less than two pounds. This makes it a compact option that is also lightweight – elements to keep in mind when you want to travel with a massage gun.

The Hyperice Hypervolt produces between 53 and 64 db of noise, which also makes it much quieter than some of the other guns. It has three speed levels and features a 12 mm stroke length. There are five head attachments that comes with the package. This includes a flat head and ball attachment, as well as others that you can use to customize your experience.


Let’s start with the benefits that the Hyperice Hypervolt offers. These are the main features that you are likely to use and gives you a chance to have a better understanding of what you should expect from the massage gun.

First of all, it is important to understand that the Hyperice Hypervolt is not the only model that the brand carries. This brand offers a diverse line of products, each providing its own set of benefits. The Hypervolt 2, for example, improves upon the functions of the first model, where as the Plus model gives you access to a more powerful motor.

All of the options that are available within this line of products offers maximum speed settings of 3,200 PPM. This refers to the percussions that the device is able to produce within a 60-second period.

Depending on the specific model that you opt for, you are likely to find a range of attachments included in the package. This includes a ball attachment, flat head, bullet attachment, and more.

The Bluetooth enabled functionality of these devices adds extra convenience to them. You can download the Hyperice app on your smartphone. The Hyperice app is available on Google Play and the Apple App Store. Once downloaded, follow the instructions to sync your smartphone with the Hypervolt 2 or any other Bluetooth enabled model that you own. You can then use the app in order to switch between the three speeds (some models have more speed options) in order to customize your experience when you massage your sore muscles.

Another major benefit of this product line is the fact that the devices come with a carrying case. When you regularly travel with the massage guns, you need a way to effectively protect the device against damage. This is where the carrying case comes into the picture. Simply place the Hyperice Hypervolt into the carrying case and you are ready to go. It also makes it easier to take the device as carry on luggage when you travel.

When you take a closer look at these devices, you will notice that they offer an ergonomic handle design. This can greatly enhance the grip that you have when you hold the gun in your hand. Grip is particularly important as it ensures the device won’t slip out of your hand as you move it over your tense muscles.

Another important benefit that we should mention relates to the battery life. Many people experience problems with the battery life of percussive therapy guns. They often only lasts for a short while before the battery needs to be recharged. The Hypervolt series offers exceptionally battery life that lasts for as long as three hours.

Possible Drawbacks

To provide an unbiased view in this Hyperice Hypervolt review, we also need to consider any potential drawbacks you may experience when you use the device. One of the major drawbacks is the coverage that the device provides. The gun features a design that focuses on precision. This means you cannot target multiple muscle groups at the same time.

The stall force of the Hypervolt massager is also relatively low compared to other devices that offers vibration therapy and percussive technology. Thus, if you need more pressure or a deeper effect on your muscle groups, then you may need to look at other options.

Not all models comes with a full set of attachments. For example, with some models, you may need to buy a ball head and bullet attachments separately from the device itself. This can further add to the overall cost of the device that you wish to opt for.

Who Is The Hypervolt Good For?

The Hypervolt series is good for people who are able to afford a premium massage gun. Apart from a premium budget, the gun is a great choice for people who regularly goes to the gym. This is due to the deep tissue effect that it has when you use it on your muscles.

It may also be a good solution for people who experienced an injury and is busy with recovery. With this said, it is important to consult with a professional to determine if these recovery tools are an appropriate option. There are some cases where rest is the best treatment during the early stages of recovery. At this point, you may not be allowed to use a device like the Hypervolt 2 to massage the muscles or tendons that were damaged during the injury.

Design And Ergonomics

When it comes to reviewing the design of the Hypervolt, you will note that most of these models have a very compact structure. This makes them some of the most portable percussion guns on the market. The portability gets even greater when you look at an option like the Hypervolt Go. The Hypervolt Go features an even smaller structure that makes it great for people who want to travel with these devices. It still offers multiple speed options and the device features Bluetooth connectivity like the other options in its line.

Ergonomics is an important factor in the design of these devices. The overall layout and structure helps to make it feel more comfortable when you hold it in your hand. The structure also offers a great balance in terms of its weight to prevent it from moving over to one side while you massage your tight knots and muscles.

One thing that you should take note of, however, is the fact that the handle sits at a 90 degree angle. Depending on how you use the gun, some may experience strain and tension at their wrist while they hold onto this handle.

The lightweight feel of the device ensures you can use it for extended periods of time on your muscles without experiencing tiredness or fatigue in the arm you use to hold onto the gun.

Battery Life

Most massage guns features a cordless design, which adds to their overall benefits. The cordless design creates a portable device that you can easily take with you when you decide to travel. The gun will use a battery inside in order to ensure you are able to use it without the need for access to a wall outlet.

The battery life of these devices significantly differs between the models and brands. This is actually another area where the Hypervolt range is superior. These guns uses high capacity batteries in order to ensure you are able to use the guns for prolonged periods of time without the need for consistent recharging.

The long battery life is another factor that makes the Hyperice Hypervolt worth it. The specific duration during which the battery will remain capable of powering the device depends on the specific model that you choose. Some of these models come with batteries that can last for as long as three hours with continuous usage.

Massage Gun Head Attachments

A massage gun is not worth much without the attachments that you add to its tip. These attachments can help to add diversity to the device and allow you to massage your muscles more effectively.

Fortunately, most of the models that form part of the Hypervolt range does include some attachments that you can use. The attachments vary from one gun to the next, which is why you should always consider your personal needs before you pick a model. This way, you will understand what type of head attachments you require, such as a flat attachment, to produce effective results.

How Do You Use The Hypervolt Massage Gun?

You should ensure you understand how to use the Hypervolt gun in order to get the most out of these devices. The first step is to unbox the device and lay everything down in front of you. You will find a detailed manual in the box, regardless of which model you decide to opt for. Make sure you go through the manual, as the steps to use these guns may not be exactly the same for every model that the Hypervolt line offers.

You first need to consider the speed settings. It is a good idea to start out with a low speed setting, then work your way up from there. The pressure sensor on the device should also be monitored. You do not want to add too much pressure on your skin, as this could cause you to worsen the problem instead of improving it.

Start by lightly pushing the head of the gun onto the area where you experience pain or tension. Turn the device on and use massaging strokes in order to work the muscles that are part of this particular area.

Make sure you monitor the battery level. Once the battery indicator shows a red light, then you should ensure you plug it in to recharge.

While the battery can last for up to three hours, make sure you do not continuously run it for this entire period. This could cause the device to overheat, which is something you should avoid.

Hypervolt Vs Theragun

The Hypervolt is not the only therapy gun that professional athletes find convenient and useful. Another excellent option is the Theragun, which produces similar benefits as the Hypervolt. Theragun is a professional grade device that offers fast and effective relief of pain, soreness, and stiffness. Similar to Hypervolt, this is also a series of products that focuses on helping to enhance your performance and give you a faster recovery time.

Theragun App

Both Hypervolt and Theragun offers a convenient app control function. This is an optional function that comes with the Bluetooth enabled models. While the design and layout of the apps for these two guns are not the same, the features that you gain access to among the two remains very similar.

You can control the pressure and speed with both of these apps. They also make the process of syncing your smartphone with the gun that you decide to use quick and easy. Furthermore, both apps are available on all major mobile app stores.

Other Differences

There are a couple of other notable differences that exist between the Theragun and the Hypervolt.

Both of these devices offer a deep massage, but some people find that the Theragun reaches deeper tissues. While you get a warranty with both options, the Theragun also comes with a 60-day refund policy. This gives you a chance to try the Theragun device out for yourself. If you are unhappy with the device for any reason, then the manufacturer will provide you with a refund.

Some Theragun models offer superior battery capacity options compared to Hypervolt. There are certain Theragun models that can last for as long as five hours.

The motors on the Theragun are also very quiet, similar to those that the Hypervolt massage gun uses.

One thing to note is the fact that the maximum speed offered by Theragun models is somewhat lower than what you can get with the Hypervolt. The maximum speed of Theragun massage guns is 2,400 PPM. If you need a device that can produce a very fast percussion effect to produce more powerful vibrations, then the Hypervolt is likely the better choice that you should keep in mind.

Is The Hypervolt Worth It?

Most people who give the Hyperice Hypervolt a try find that it is worth it. While these massage guns are more expensive than some of the other options on the market, they do offer a superior design. The high performance motor helps to ensure you can loosen tight muscles faster and with less effort. From the automated speed control to the Hyperice app, there are several reasons why people consider this particular massage gun a worthy investment. It is especially worthy for people who prefer a flat head attachment on percussion massagers, as a flat heat is already included in addition to other attachments.

There are also alternative models from the Hyperice brand that forms part of the Hypervolt series. This includes the Hypervolt Plus, which delivers even more power and offers a much longer battery life than the original version. It essentially uses the same technology as the first addition, but improves on it and adds new functionality.

Studies show that the powerful percussive therapy and vibrations that these devices produce are effective on improving muscle soreness. Physiological restoration is also improved with the use of these therapeutic devices.

With this said, it is still important to consider your personal needs. In this Hyperice Hypervolt review, we considered important factors related to the massage gun. It is not for everyone and the high price tag makes it too expensive for some individuals. If you do not need the best massage guns, but rather just something simple, then you might want to consider some of the cheaper alternatives. While not as effective, they may still help to address your trigger points and reduce the muscle tension that you experience.

What To Avoid With The Hypervolt Massager

While the Hyperice Hypervolt is an excellent massage gun, it is important to understand how to properly operate it. This also means understanding things that you should avoid while you are using these massage guns.

First of all, always check the air openings on the device before you turn it on. These air openings play a major role in keeping the device cool and contributes to its ability to produce a percussive therapy effect. Never operate the Hyperice Hypervolt when these air holes are blocked. This can cause the device to overheat, which ultimately leads to serious damage.

You should also regularly clean the massage gun. In particular, look at the air openings and ensure there are no hair, dust particles, or other elements that are stuck inside the holes. This can also cause a blockage of the air holes.

While the Hyperice Hypervolt is turned on, make sure you keep the rear part of the device away from your finger and body. If you tough this part while using the massage gun to work on your tight muscles, it may cause a pinch on your skin.

It is also important to ensure that you do not replace a physical therapist with the Hypervolt 2 or other vibration therapy guns in this product line. If a specialist advised you to see a physical therapist, do so and discuss the use of a device like the Hypervolt Go with them if you need an on-the-go solution and won’t be in town to attend physical therapy sessions.


This Hypervolt review gave you an overview of what the massage gun is all about. We looked at the main model, as well as consider other massage guns from the brand. In addition to considering the Hyperice Hypervolt massage gun, we also looked at another popular alternative to help you make an unbiased choice when you decide to buy one of these devices. Consider the details we shared about the Hyperice Hypervolt to ensure you know if this device is right for the deep tissue massage you need before or after those strenuous workout sessions.

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