How Will Weight Logging Help You Lose Weight Faster?

For most people, the science of calories and how it affects the body feels like “common knowledge”. These days, it appears that everyone — gym-buddies-turned-micro-influencers, friends, family, even the random guy you meet at the store — has something to say about the body and calories.

Despite all the available information, when it comes to weight loss, not many people get the results they are looking for. There are potentially many reasons for this to happen, but one of the main ones is undoubtedly our natural shortcomings when it comes to calorie counting. Recent studies show that we overestimate how many calories we burn from physical activity and underestimate how many calories we take in from meals and snacks.

Thankfully, there’s a way to avoid being an armchair analyst of your body’s calorie levels. That way is weight logging. A weight log is simply a way to track how much you eat and how much energy you use during exercise.

With applications like Lasta, stress, and discouragement that come from tedious homework are removed. Not only does it help you lose weight through a log weight calculator it also keeps track of your overall health and wellbeing.

How Can You Track Weight?

Tracking weight is all about accurately recording what you eat and how much physical activity you engage in. Don’t let the “accurate recording” part confuse you; keeping track of your weight is mainly undemanding.

There are a few ways people track their weight.

Some keep journals, others use sticky notes, and the majority use their phones to log weight. This means weight logging can basically be done in two ways — manually or digitally.

Flowing from years of hands-on experience, we now know that keeping weight track using digital means —like a mobile application— is much more effective. Here are some reasons why:

Accuracy — A weight loss log works best when there’s honesty with the data put in, leading to accurate calculations. A mobile application can automate the data entry process so that it’s easier to be upfront about the recorded data.

Convenience — Mobile applications are far more convenient. Most people can’t really be away from their phones, but they sure can lose pens and journals.

Efficiency —  Mobile applications often add a weight calculator to their functionality to improve efficiency. Calculating calories may be quite tasking since there are so many variables. It is already tricky enough to attempt to shed weight; why add the stress of doing math?

How does Keeping a Weight Log Keep You on Track?

Choosing to make lifestyle adjustments is difficult on any level, and even more so when losing weight. At the beginning of a journey like weight loss, it is normal to feel like pigs may fly before you lose the desired weight. But, with every weight-loss activity that you do, it becomes clear that your weight loss goals are within reach.

What a weight loss log does for you on this journey is that it helps you maintain focus.

A weight log directly shows the choices we make when it comes to food and how it affects our body and its progress. One importance of weight logging is that it puts you in a position where you’re conscious of even the smallest details and helps you notice how the little things affect you. And, you defo need to be in that position.

Because of how tasty a meal is, it is possible to have a little more than you should. If you correctly log how much you eat at one sitting and how you feel afterward, you develop a certain consciousness that steps in when you’re in a situation that could cause a relapse. That consciousness helps you make better choices.

A weight calculator also reveals how much more exercise you might need in the moments you slip and take in more calories than you need.

In the end, effectively tracking your weight will keep you on track to smashing your weight loss goals.

It’s Simpler Than You Think

Now, you’ve decided that you’re ready to try an app that helps you keep track of your weight. But you’re not sure how.

We’ve got you covered. With a weight loss application, you can track and lose weight when you take the following steps:

  1. Make a decision. Decide that you want to lose weight, and you’ll do what it takes to get the job done.
  2. Set 15 minutes apart for data input. Our app makes it super easy to keep a weight loss log. So, yeah, 15 minutes is all the time you need.
  3. Start logging your weight immediately. A common misconception about weight logging is that you have to know what you’re doing immediately but that’s not true. You can start weight logging before you start that new diet or that new workout regime.
  4. Keep adding data to your weight log. Data including what you eat and when you eat, and how the food makes you feel should be added. Counting calories manually is complex and can be bogus in its results, but the results are direct and conclusive with a weight calculator.

A simple way to go about using a weight log app is choosing what you eat specifically.

  • Resist. Fight the urge to eat meals that you’re unsure of its nutritional properties. You want to be able to record all the necessary details.

How to Stay Motivated?

It is easy to get discouraged when losing weight — because that’s the easy way out. The mind’s always looking for that.

Losing weight requires depriving yourself of certain things that you enjoy. Who likes work?! That’s why staying motivated is key.

The best form of motivation is seeing results. It might take a few weeks of consistency but at the end of the day, the results would be there, clear as day.

Weight logging provides you with proof of how far you’ve come on your journey to optimal body weight. You could also identify lifestyle changes that impacted your overall journey. Weight logging reminds you, on the days when you’re feeling short on the drive, that you have had a good run and you can have an even better one.

After a few months of weight logging, you’ll have all the motivation you need. You’ll find it in that nicely designed application with a small icon on your phone. You’ll see it and smile at how far you’ve come.


Weight logging is a tried-and-tested weight-loss hack. The knowledge of what you eat or what you don’t eat and its effects provides a personal roadmap to achieving weight loss and overall fitness.

A weight-loss log also allows you to understand your body and how it reacts to certain physical activities. Taking that first step is now easy. Pick up your phone. Download the app. Begin your journey to a new and better you. It’s like taking candy from a baby.

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