How To Use The Breather Device

Weak respiratory muscles can cause a number of problems. This issue is common among the general population and a frequent reason for shortness of breath.

The use of respiratory muscle trainers is gaining popularity, particularly due to their ability to improve the strength and functioning of these muscles.

While there are quite a few of these devices on the market, The Breather remains one of the most preferred options at the moment.

Understanding how to use this particular device is important, as this allows you to gain maximum benefits from The Breather.

By utilizing the full potential of the device, you are able to effectively train your breathing muscles and improve respiratory function.

In this post, we take a look at how you should be using The Breather for respiratory muscle training.

What Is The Breather?

The Breather is a portable device that was developed to assist with respiratory muscle training.

The manufacturer of the device decided on this particular product to provide patients with a drug-free solution for training their respiratory system.

When using The Breather, you are essentially training all of the muscles located in the respiratory tract, which helps to improve breathing and may also assist with blood flow in the area.

While The Breather can be a useful addition for individuals who require respiratory support in a medical setting, the average individual can also greatly benefit from the use of the device.

Studies have also shown positive results when using a respiratory training device.

There are several uses for this respiratory muscle training device, apart from improving breathing. Some people use the device to provide an improvement in their overall exercise performance.

There are also cases where The Breather can be useful in people who have speech problems.

In one study, researchers also showed that the use of a breathing exercise device can effectively improve blood pressure control.

In addition to these benefits, it is also possible to use the device as a means of improving swallowing. Problems with the ability to swallow foods and liquids are commonly seen among the senior population.

This can make it harder for the individual to consume the appropriate nutrients their body needs to remain healthy.

It is also important to note that The Breather does not only help with respiratory muscles but also trains the expiratory muscles.

How Does The Breather Work For Respiratory Muscle Training?

The Breather works by adding resistance to your breathing.

This is the major factor that contributes to the respiratory muscle training you obtain when using the device.

The device focuses on providing resistance to both inhaling and exhaling, which makes it a more effective option for training muscles that are located in the respiratory system.

By adding resistance to both your inhales and your exhales, you will be able to effectively train these muscles. In turn, the muscles become stronger – which provides better support when you breathe without the device.

What Are The Benefits Of Using The Breather Device For Breathing Muscles?

The Breather is a multipurpose device that holds a number of potential benefits. The specific benefits really depend on why you are using it.

In some cases, the device may become a drug-free treatment option for certain medical problems, which can serve as a complementary therapy to existing therapy.

We share some of the most important benefits that you are able to achieve with the use of The Breather:

  • One of the biggest benefits offered by the device is its ease of use. There are no complicated steps to follow if you wish to improve peripheral muscle strength with the Breather. Simply configure the two knobs and start breathing into the device.
  • The Breather features multiple customization settings for both inhalation and exhalation. This allows you to experiment and find a setting that is suitable for your own needs. The inhale and exhale resistances can be adjusted independently. Each of these settings offers six different levels of resistance.
  • There are no batteries used in the device. This means you do not have to worry about frequently changing or charging the batteries. You also do not require a power outlet. The battery-free design of the device makes it an excellent option for people who travel frequently – simply pack the device in your bag and use it whenever you need to.
  • The Breather is not just a great option for people who want to improve their breathing. There are several additional benefits that you can expect when using the device. Apart from shortness of breath, the device also helps with COPD, problems related to your ability to swallow, and speech difficulties.
  • The device can serve as a useful therapy for people who have a chronic condition that causes weakness in the respiratory muscles.
  • The compact structure of the device adds more versatility to it. This means there is no need to carry large and heavy objects with you. The device is small enough to fit into handbags and backpacks.
  • The silicone padding at the grip of The Breather helps you hold the device. The enhanced grip ensures there is no need to worry about the device slipping out of your hands while using it.
  • The device was developed with everyone in mind. It is simple enough to be used by a child, yet effective enough for professional athletes who want to enhance their exercise performance. Seniors can also gain significant benefits from the use of the device.
  • The Breather promotes diaphragmatic breathing, which yields additional benefits for muscles in the surrounding region too. This may provide improvements in abdominal muscles, as well as the muscles that are located in the stomach and rib cage.
THE BREATHER│Hand-Held Inspiratory Expiratory Muscle Trainer THE BREATHER│Hand-Held Inspiratory Expiratory Muscle Trainer

For Drug-Free Respiratory Therapy 

  • Your new Breather device with 6 inspiratory and 5 expiratory settings.
  • Including an original comfort mouthpiece and a 15mm to 22mm adapter.
  • The Breather uses the power of your breath.

What To Know Before Using The Breather Device

While The Breather is a highly effective device, there are a few things to consider before using it.

One of the most important factors is related to the settings on this respiratory muscle training device. There are two knobs on the sides of the device.

One knob adjusts the inhale resistance, while the other one configures the resistance level when exhaling. When you just get started with the device, set both of these to “1”, as this is the lowest resistance setting. As you progress, gradually increase the resistance on both sides.

You should also prioritize hygiene when using the device, especially if you are not the only one using The Breather. Always make sure you properly clean the mouthpiece after every use.

Failure to implement this step can result in bacteria, viruses, and other microbes forming on the mouthpiece of the device.

It is generally a better idea to have separate devices for every person who needs to use them, as this helps to provide better protection against the spreading of viruses or bacteria.

The Breather Protocol

There are specific instructions to consider when using The Breather as a respiratory muscle training device.

By following these instructions, often referred to as The Breather Protocol, you will be able to maximize the benefits you are able to achieve.

Below, you will find a step-by-step list of instructions to help you use the device effectively.

1. Diaphragmatic Breathing

An important factor to note is that you need to use a diaphragmatic breathing technique to fully utilize the device.

A good idea is to train yourself to better understand how this type of breathing works before you start using the device.

2. Resistance Settings

Before you start with your breathing exercises, take note of the current settings. You should always start your exercise on the lowest setting on both inhale and exhale.

3. Three Step Process

The Breather Protocol consists of three important steps. Start with a rapid inhale. You need to inhale deeply and fill your lungs with air.

After a short pause, you need to exhale forcefully. Avoid exhaling slowly, as this would not give you the full benefits of the device.

4. Increasing Resistance

As you train your respiratory muscles, you can gradually increase the resistance settings on the device.

Do not switch from the lowest to the highest setting immediately, but rather gradually turn the knobs up.

THE BREATHER│Hand-Held Inspiratory Expiratory Muscle Trainer THE BREATHER│Hand-Held Inspiratory Expiratory Muscle Trainer

For Drug-Free Respiratory Therapy 

  • Your new Breather device with 6 inspiratory and 5 expiratory settings.
  • Including an original comfort mouthpiece and a 15mm to 22mm adapter.
  • The Breather uses the power of your breath.

How To Clean The Breather Device

The Breather constantly connects to your mouth. This means that bacteria from your mouth can leak into the device, which can result in the growth of microbes.

This is why it is important to ensure you clean the device after every use. When you frequently clean The Breather, the device tends to last longer and won’t expose you to pathogenic microorganisms.

It is crucial to ensure you follow appropriate care instructions when cleaning the device.

The Breather should never be added to the dishwasher and you need to avoid using any harsh cleaning detergents.

Using Dish Soap To Clean The Device

These actions can cause damage to the internal components of the device. You can wipe the mouthpiece off with some warm water.

If you do prefer to use a cleaning detergent, then opt for very mild dish soap.

The soap will help to remove any bacteria or other microorganisms that have accumulated on the mouthpiece, without causing damage.

After using dish soap, be sure to rinse the mouthpiece properly to avoid exposing your mouth to the chemicals used in its formula.


The Breather provides an effective solution for respiratory muscle training. The device is compact, making it a convenient addition for your bag.

By training your respiratory and expiratory muscles, The Breather is able to improve breathing and reduce problems like shortness of breath.

Be sure to follow the instructions we shared in this post to help you gain enhanced breath support while using the device.

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