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How Long Does Pre-Workout Last – We’ve got the answers

Did you know that your pre-workout is just as essential as your actual workout? 

If you don’t give your body the proper fuel to exercise, you won’t have the energy to sustain maximum effort to burn calories and build muscles. 

The good news is you can take a pre-workout supplement that will get you through your training and possibly last even after you are done. 

Sounds amazing?  Let the discussion commence.

Pre-Workout Explained

When we say pre-workout, we refer to a dietary supplement you can take that will increase your energy and give you the right ingredients to sustain any exercise program. 

If you’ve ever taken a protein powder supplement filled with protein for muscle rebuild, beta-alanine, and creatine for increased performance, caffeine for better focus, or L-citrulline for increased blood flow, then you have used a pre-workout and know of its benefits.  Sometimes they even come as a pill. 

A pre-workout supplement might be just what you need to take your exercise program to the next level with benefits of pre-workout being better focus, performance, and energy. 

If you have felt sluggish and lackluster in your workouts, take pre-workout supplements and see if it helps.  We guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

How Long Does a Pre-Workout Last?

How long pre-workout effects last will vary from person to person.  There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to pre-workout. 

Body composition, diet, age, caffeine tolerance, and quality and quantity will determine how long the pre-workout will last. 

Some people notice the effects of pre-workout for one to three hours, while others might feel the impact for four to six hours.  It will depend on what ingredients are in the pre-workout. 

The half-life of caffeine is four to six hours, while the half-life of some amino acids is closer to one to two hours.  That’s the amount of time it takes your body to reduce the ingredient by half. 

That said, you can see how specific pre-workouts might vary depending on their ingredient list. 

Pre-workout Quantity is Key

While taking pre-workout is vital for your workout, you need to ensure you are taking the right amount. 

Always follow the instructions on the bottle and only consume the right amount per day.  All pre-workouts require taking different amounts depending on the ingredients listed. 

Check out the per serving size and stick to it.  More is not better. 

It’s vital to always take the pre-workout about 20 to 40 minutes before your exercise.  That way, it will start to take effect for your workout.  You might feel a tingling sensation or notice that your energy level is through the roof. 

This is how you know pre-workouts are doing their job.  You don’t have to take a pre-workout on a rest day.

Side Effects of Pre-workouts

A pre-workout might indeed have some side effects.  Again, this will vary depending on the person. 

While taking a pre-workout supplement is not approved by the food and drug administration, that doesn’t mean you can’t take it and reap its benefits. 

However, since ingredients like caffeine, L-citrulline, and arginine cause blood flow to increase and blood vessels to constrict, anyone with any heart or high blood pressure conditions must consult their physician before taking a pre-workout. 

Chances are they might be safe to take as long as you take a pre-workout with a lower caffeine dosage or even a caffeine free one. 

Most side effects that people experience are jitteriness, insomnia, overstimulation, diarrhea, and headaches usually caused by dehydration. 

If you experience these symptoms, check the dosage you take and consider decreasing it.  A pre-work needs to work for you, not against you.

Pre-workout for the Win!

An excellent pre-workout supplement might be just what you need for an energy boost to rev that metabolism and lead to a better performance in your workout. 

How long does pre-workout last will depend on many factors that we discussed.  Keep that ingredients list in mind when selecting the right pre-workout for you. 

If you are less tolerant to caffeine, maybe consider half of the recommended dosage or avoid working out at night and using it beforehand. 

Now get that workout going and pre-workout ahead of time for excellent results.  You’ll thank us later.

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Kristen holds a bachelors in English from Louisianna university. With a longstanding passion for fitness, she owns and operate her own gym and is a certified jazzercise instructor.

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