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The Breather Review

How To Use The Breather Device

Weak respiratory muscles can cause a number of problems. This issue is common among the general population and a frequent reason for shortness of breath.

Best Exercise Machine for Glutes

If you’re looking for the best glute machines in the market right now, you’re in the right place! From leg press machines to cardio equipment,

Bas Rutten O2 Trainer Review

Have you ever thought of training your lungs? Yes, you heard that right. Your lungs.  With the Bas Rutten O2 trainer, you can train your

Best Dip Belt

While weightlifting belts are a regular sight in most gyms, dipping belts are a little less common. This is a real shame, as a dip

Fusion Motion Portable Gym Review

With home training rapidly gaining popularity, new and innovative fitness equipment is flooding the market. While some options work well, others are merely gimmicks designed

Rubber Flooring

The Best Home Gym Flooring

Are you looking to setup a home gym or designated workout area? Putting down durable, foam mats can prevent damage and also make floor exercises