Fusion Motion Portable Gym Review

With home training rapidly gaining popularity, new and innovative fitness equipment is flooding the market.

While some options work well, others are merely gimmicks designed to maximise profits on the current trends.

In our Fusion Motion Portable Gym review, I am going to take a closer look at one such product. I will show you what it is, how it works, and outline both the benefits and drawbacks of the product.

This should make you a little clearer on its true potential and help you decide whether or not it is the solution for your own home fitness needs.

What Is The Fusion Motion Portable Gym?

The Fusion Motion Portable Gym is a product designed to train your entire body.

It consists of a base board that can be used as a platform to perform exercises like squats on, while also offering a level surface for exercises that require balance, like push-ups or planks.

Primarily used for body weight exercises, accessories like resistance bands increase the difficulty beyond that of your own weight.

Its numerous attachments quickly and easily come off and on, allowing you to switch between working your legs to different parts of your upper body in seconds.

With a weight capacity of 290lbs, it is suitable for use by the vast majority of people. Meanwhile, its accompanying exercise guide provides plenty of inspiration, whether you’re new to fitness and looking for guidance or experienced and simply wanting to shake things up.

Perhaps the greatest selling point of the Fusion Motion Portable Gym is that it is both compact and lightweight. This makes it easy to transport from place to place, ensuring you never have to miss a workout, even when you’re on the go or staying away from home.

Top Features Of The Fusion Motion Portable Gym

While there are numerous selling points for the Fusion Motion Portable Gym, there are 4 main factors that best demonstrate the quality and versatility of the product.

Space-Saving Design

A space saving design is essential to a piece of home workout equipment for most people, as the vast majority won’t have the luxury of dedicated gym space to use or store it in.

The Fusion Motion Portable Gym takes up very little room when you are using it and even less when folded away for storage.

This means everyone will be able to make the most of it, even if they have only a few feet to work with.

It also provides the added bonus of being convenient to transport, meaning you never have to miss a workout when you are away from home.


With a product that is designed both for transport and for use by heavier people, durability is key to its long-term success.

The Fusion Motion Portable Gym is reinforced with steel to ensure that it can stand up to anything you throw at it.

Whether you are banging it a round in transit or pushing it at the top end of the weight limit, you can expect the Fusion Motion Portable Gym to continue functioning at a high level for years to come.

Workout Guide

The Fusion Motion Portable Gym comes with a workout guide featuring 200 different exercises to work your entire body.

This massively increases the versatility of the product, as it ensures everyone from beginners to experienced trainers always have options to keep things fresh and to stop their results from plateauing.

Fast Assembly

As a piece of equipment designed to work your entire body, it is essential that it doesn’t take too long to adjust the machine from one setting to the next.

With the Fusion Motion Portable Gym having attachments that can be removed and added in just a few seconds, it allows you to seamlessly transition from one exercise or body part to another, allowing for training styles that work multiple body parts or methods like supersets to be used.

It also means that it can be easily readied for use from its fully folded position. This is incredibly important for an item that is designed to be transported or stored away when not in use.

What Is Included With The Fusion Motion Portable Gym?

What makes the Fusion Motion Portable Gym so wildly successful is the fact it has so many parts and accessories, making it incredibly versatile.

Primary Platform

The main platform of the product is a solid unit that can be easily stored and transported, as well as sustain people up to 290 pounds through a wide range of exercises.

Resistance Bands

The Fusion Motion Portable Gym includes 4 resistance bands, 2 normal and 2 strong. This adds sufficient resistance and room for growth, while not adding much weight to the product.

Door anchor

The heavy-duty door anchor allows the Fusion Motion Portable Gym to be secured in different positions. This is a great bonus for those who really want to push themselves or hit a muscle from a different angle, without worrying about the platform moving.

Pulse attachments

Pulse attachments give you a way to use the resistance bands, without having to hold them in your hands. This is ideal if you are trying to eliminate the forearms from an exercise or are using the Fusion Motion Portable Gym to perform lower body exercises like hip adductors.

Push-Up Handles

A choice of both static and dynamic push-up handles lets you use the Fusion Motion Portable Gym to target your chest from slightly different angles, allowing for more complete development, as well as giving beginners a helping hand to get started.

Fusion Bar / Squat Rack

The fusion bar attachment lets you add weight to your squats and similar large compound exercises using the resistance bands.

This is incredibly convenient to change up your training, as it allows you to push yourself harder than you could using individual bands.

Ab Roller Wheel

The Fusion Motion Portable Gym’s ab roller wheel is a fabulous way to target your abs.

Not only can it be used in the same way as a traditional ab wheel, but it can also be connected to the platform with the resistance bands to dramatically increase the challenge of the exercise.

Storage bag

The sleek and stylish storage bag that comes with the Fusion Motion Portable Gym is the perfect finishing touch for this convenient piece of kit.

Whether storing it away or taking it on your travels, it can neatly be popped in this handled bag and grabbed as and when you need it.

Training guide

A free training guide that includes 200 different exercises you can perform on the Fusion Motion Portable Gym makes it suitable for everyone to use. Whether you know most of what you will be doing or have no idea at all, you will have plenty of options at your fingertips to keep things moving.

10/05/2022 03:16 am GMT

Fusion Motion Portable Gym Exercise Options

The Fusion Motion Portable Gym lists 200 different exercises that can be performed with it.

These cover your entire body, ensuring you can have confidence in no part of your body being left untrained.

For example, a small selection of the exercises in the workout guide include:

  • Calf Raises (Calves)
  • Barbell Squats (Quadriceps)
  • Barbell Lunges (Hamstring)
  • Ab Wheel Plank (Abs)
  • Back Extension (Lower Back)
  • Barbell Row (Upper Back)
  • Lateral Pulldown (Lats)
  • Chest Fly (Chest)
  • Bicep Curls (Biceps)
  • Triceps Extensions (Triceps)
  • Shoulder Press (Shoulders)
  • Upright Row (Traps)

As diverse as the guide is, there are plenty more options beyond it that experienced trainers can use the Fusion Motion Portable Gym for as well.

A truly diverse piece of equipment, the only real limitation when it comes to the range of exercises is your own knowledge.

Fusion Motion Pros

  • Easy to store and transport
  • Great range of possible exercises to train the whole body
  • Numerous attachments make it incredibly versatile
  • Workout guide ensures it provides options for users of all abilities
  • Easy to assemble and switch between exercises
  • Very durable

Fusion Motion Cons

  • Reasonably expensive
  • Max weight limit will be restrictive for some users
  • There are limits to how far you can push yourself

User Reviews:

Fusion Motion Portable Gym Fusion Motion Portable Gym
  • Lightweight folding base and easy carrying handle
  • Made with exclusive estructural polyethylene
10/05/2022 03:16 am GMT

How To Get The Most Out Of The Fusion Motion Portable Gym

As you can use the Fusion Motion Portable Gym to train your entire body, you can use it every day, without worrying about overtraining.

However, while incredibly convenient and versatile, the Fusion Motion Portable Gym is like any other piece of fitness equipment in that it can’t do it all by itself.

In order to truly maximise its potential, you will need to combine your workouts with a well organised diet and potentially even a range of supplements, such as protein shakes and pre-workout.


The Fusion Motion Portable Gym is a great piece of home fitness equipment that is particularly useful for those with limited space or who travel a lot that still want to train their entire body.

There are some drawbacks, such as the overall level of resistance the equipment can provide. However, considering the size when compared to traditional functional trainers, this is to be expected.

Some will also point to the price as a stumbling block, as there are cheaper alternatives available that do a similar job.

That said, when considering the sheer quantity of exercises and attachments it offers, as well as the incredible convenience, it can only be considered a great piece of equipment for anyone who needs an option to train whenever and wherever they want.

Fusion Motion Portable Gym Alternatives

10/05/2022 03:16 am GMT

A good alternative to the Fusion Motion Portable Gym is the Gonex Portable Home Gym.

It is slightly cheaper than the Fusion Motion and also includes a few more accessories.

The main drawbacks are that it doesn’t come with a door anchor to secure it in place, while it is also slightly larger and doesn’t feature a carry bag, so isn’t as ideal for storage or transport.

While it does include a great workout guide filled with manuals, programs, and video guides, the overall quantity of exercises included is slightly smaller.

Overall, the two options are quite equally matched and the option you prefer will depend on the finer details of what it can offer.

For anyone who is really struggling with the price of both of these options, the Bodyblade is another alternative worth considering.

Despite the fact that it doesn’t offer half as much versatility as these systems do, it can still do plenty to spice up your workouts, while being available for a price everyone can afford.

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