Fitbod Review – Work out all of the Muscle Groups with this Excellent App

Suppose you are looking for a workout program that you can utilize right at your fingertips, all while reaching your fitness goals.

Welcome to the Fitbod app. 

There are several fitness and WOD apps available, and the Fitbod workout fitness app is one of the best. 

It has tons of content for you no matter what kind of exercise you desire.  Gym equipment isn’t required if you can’t get to the gym.  You can use bodyweight workouts to reach your fitness goals. 

We’re talking strength training on all muscle groups to get that awesome muscle tone you deserve. 

Yes, the Fitbod app can do all of that.  Let’s check it out.


The Fitbod app is a fitness mobile application that works as a subscription to get your body in the best shape by losing weight or increasing your lean muscle mass. 

Whatever your goals are, the Fitbod app can provide you with the tools to achieve them. 

A three-day free trial is available to help you decide if the Fitbod monthly subscription is for you.  While that is a short amount of time, you will have all of the same access you would if you were paying for the monthly subscription.  Get that free trial and get to scoping out this workout app. 

A lot of apps don’t give you full access with their free trial.  Fitbod provides you with everything to make an informed choice about their app before you make that investment. 

When you have decided that Fitbod is incredible (and you will), then you can purchase a subscription for $9.99 per month or $59.99 per year.  

Let’s Talk Fitbod Workout Fitness Features

Speaking of features, the Fitbod app has been featured on Men’s Health, NBC News, and Time just to name a few media outlets. 

Available on the Google or Apple app store, this app is legit.  The word is out, and Fitbod is making waves in the fitness industry.  

Once you download this app and sign in, you need to choose your specific fitness goal.  Choose from a focus on increasing strength, losing weight, or building muscle. 

If you have several of these goals in mind, choose them both.  The Fitbod does not limit you on your goals. 

All of the exercises and programs are personalized to your specific needs.  Professional trainers provide guidance and support in your exercise customization.  Whew!  We all love some excellent help.

All of the exercises are categorized so that you can find them easily.  The best thing about exercise personalization is the ability to achieve your goals quicker and without being hindered by side effects that are common in other fitness programs. 

For instance, if you have knee problems, high-impact moves are not for you. 

While other fitness programs might have difficulty lowering the impact without reducing the intensity, the Fitbod app gives you a workout plan with alternative exercises that work no matter what limitations you might have. 

This app even asks you for specifics about your current situation.  Are COVID restrictions keeping you from a gym visit?  Don’t stress. 

If you don’t have available gym equipment, there are a variety of exercises that Fitbod shows you that will work with bodyweight only.  Get stronger with cardio workouts or strength training that involves push-ups or multiple reps of crunches.  Who else is excited to plank?  

You found your personalized exercises, and now you are ready to schedule your workouts. 

A complete schedule is provided that gives you a detailed explanation and video of all of your exercises.  Experts tell you exactly what muscle groups you will use and how those muscle groups will work together for your ultimate goals.  


  • The free trial is a great way to utilize the app’s different aspects and figure out if it is for you before investing.
  • The programs are highly customizable to fit everyone’s wants and needs.
  • The user can track their progress easily by seeing past workouts.
  • All of the exercises come with an instructional video, an explanation on how to perform the exercise, and an overview of the specific muscles utilized.


  • The monthly subscription is double the yearly subscription price, but for all of the same features.
  • The three-day trial is not long enough to test the platform before deciding if you want to invest.

Is the Fitbod Workout Program Worth It?

We know that it’s hard to get motivated especially if you do most of your workouts in your home gym. 

The beauty of this app is you can personalize it to what you want to do.  If Olympic weightlifting is not your thing, don’t do it.  When your workout isn’t fun, you won’t do it.  If you don’t have a set schedule, it’s hard to find the motivation to put your shoes on and get that workout done. 

Fitbod is worth it because it gives you a personalized schedule that will guide you on your way to your goals with or without gym equipment.  

Another great thing about Fitbod is the detailed descriptions of your exercises.  If you are new to training, this is a significant win. 

Learn more about how certain a muscle group works together with another and how to attain your goals based on what workouts you perform.   A personal trainer is there to guide you through it all, and we don’t just mean your Apple watch.  

If you are ready to schedule a time to lose weight or increase your overall fitness, this is the app for you.   Even if you are a gym member, never underestimate the power of an excellent health fitness app that can motivate you right from home. 

Tracking your workouts helps you to see progress in real-time.  When you start to see and feel results, that powers you to keep going. 

If the gym becomes an issue because we know that COVID is still a thing, Fitbod is there to instruct you right from home.  Never miss a workout with Fitbod. 

The Science Behind Strength Training Apps

Let’s be real y’all.  The actual disease we are fighting is a sedentary lifestyle.  Because at the end of the day, that lifestyle leads to all of these well-known health problems like diabetes and heart disease. 

We know it’s difficult when many of us are sitting in front of a computer to work all day.  It’s that idle time that we have to change. 

Instead of sitting in front of the television to destress, let’s exercise and find our stress relief there.  Studies have shown the importance of fitness app on a sedentary lifestyle. 

One study, in particular, researched the effects of a fitness app on increased exercise during leisure time.  With over 1,000 mobile fitness apps to choose from, there are many avenues to getting fit online. 

Over 700 participants were separated into three groups in this study.  One group never downloaded an app.  Another group downloaded an app but used it rarely, and the third group downloaded a fitness app and used it regularly. 

You might have guessed that the conclusion was that people with a fitness app were more likely to exercise during their leisure time. 

The workout motivation might be connected to an app that keeps you accountable.  That gentle nudge from our workout program might just be what we need to defeat the sedentary lifestyle.  It’s that old saying from our teachers.  Use your time wisely.

What is the Best Personal Trainer App?

Like we said before, there are over 1,000 fitness apps to choose from when you want to get fit. 

We recommend using Fitbod because it offers you a free trial that gives you access to its entire platform. 

You will be able to try it out and figure out if it is the right workout for you.  There is nothing worse than spending money on a fitness app and then finding it has a bad training algorithm that makes it difficult to use.  That will definitely make your motivation plummet. 

Your workouts are important and Fitbod gives you access to every kind of workout that you can imagine.  Users report that “it’s the best app they have used so far.”

Fitbod’s app is the Workout Program You Need

The reviews are in, people.  Save time for your health and invest in this cost-effective fitness app. 

When an app is free, many times the fitness training it provides is lacking.  The Fitbod app provides an excellent platform that is simple and effective. 

Get exercise into your routine and with whatever available equipment you have.  If the gym isn’t open, don’t let your workouts suffer. 

Log in to Fitbod and dedicate your life to workouts that produce results. 


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Kristen holds a bachelors in English from Louisianna university. With a longstanding passion for fitness, she owns and operate her own gym and is a certified jazzercise instructor.

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