Find Your Trainer Review – A Personal Trainer at your Fingertips

Chances are, if you had a personal trainer before this COVID crisis, you are missing them right about now.  Or maybe you have never had a personal trainer, but being at home all of the time is not motivating you to work out, and you need some help. 

What if there was an app for that? 

The Find Your Trainer app might just be your key to success. 

You can find a personal trainer that fits with your lifestyle and meets you wherever you are most comfortable. 

Even better, you can find your previous personal trainer on the app and be reunited.  Picture the two of you running at each other in slow motion.  Sounds too good to be true? 

Keep reading because we are going to do a Find Your Trainer review and blow your mind.

Find Your Trainer – How does this work?

Find your trainer does exactly that–it finds you a personal trainer.  Okay, so there’s more to it than just that. 

Using the website or the app, the client fills out a quiz about their personal training needs. 

Based on that information, Find Your Trainer gives you a list of recommended personal trainers near your area.  Pretty cool, right? 

By the way, the app is free.  Score!

Once you find a personal trainer that you like, you can book your sessions with that trainer right on the app.  You can also pay your trainer directly through the app for your sessions. 

Another bonus is that you can meet them wherever works best for you–at home, the gym, or virtually, the sky’s the limit.

There are even different variations depending on if you are the client or the trainer.  Let’s dive in and explore.

Find Your Trainer for Clients

It’s 2021.  Last year wasn’t the best, but this year, you are determined to make some changes. 

You realize that health is more important now than ever.  Enter the Find Your Trainer app, aka your new best friend.  They make it quick and easy to get set up and get right to it.  All you need to do is fill out a quiz and answer like 100 questions.  We’re kidding. 

This quiz is to find out all about your personal goals, favorite time to work out, how often you want to work out, where you want to work out, age, gender, and the type of trainer you would prefer. 

Immediately after filling out the quiz, the app will link you up with local trainers that fit your requirements.  

All of the Find Your Trainer personal trainers are vetted, certified, and insured. 

All of the trainers are certified through a National Commission for Certifying Agency (NCAA) accredited organization.  They also require all of them to perform a background check. 

The Find Your Trainer app manages the money and schedule for you, so there is no extra work on your side. 

In case you aren’t satisfied with your trainer, no worries.  There is a satisfaction guarantee after your first session, or you get your money back.  Now don’t ask for your money back if you are just sore.  That’s not cool.

Personal training sessions can range anywhere from $29 per session to $166 per session. 

Remember, you get to pick a trainer who is in your price range.  Keep in mind that there are price reductions for partner or group sessions and bulk buying options.  That way you can save some money. 

All of the personal training sessions are 55-60 minutes long.  Are you sitting down?  The sessions you sign up for NEVER expire–like ever.  Not that you want to miss a chance to work out with a fantastic personal trainer.

Need to see your trainer where it works best for you? 

Find Your Trainer can do virtual training sessions, so you never miss a workout.  You can also meet your trainer anywhere that works best for you–the park, the gym, your home, wherever you are, they are. 

Find Your Trainer allows you to have an introductory telephone call with your trainer before the first session.  Introduce yourself to go over all of your goals.  Oh, and don’t worry about equipment either. 

They will bring what you need with them or utilize bodyweight for an effective workout.  Did you just cancel a large dumbbell order on Amazon?  We are saving you so much money!

Find Your Trainer for Professionals

We’re talking to you now, personal trainers. 

Find Your Trainer makes it easy for you to upload your credentials to get started training clients.  They will verify your credentials and get you to work quickly. 

Find Your Trainer uses a proprietary algorithm to match you to potential clients.  Personal trainers will benefit from the online booking system and payment options as well.  Get paid right through the app.

Want to hear the perks?  We all love extras.  You can include past reviews and ratings from previous clients on Find Your Trainer. 

They give you free advertising through the app.  Yes, we said free advertising on Facebook, Instagram, and Google via the app.  

Google ranked Find Your Trainer as the top site connecting clients to personal trainers.  That kind of exposure will do wonders for your business. 

Plus, you decide how much you want to work.  Want to train every day of the week or want to train only on weekends?  You set the pace.

Find Your Trainer Duo

But wait, there’s more!  The Find Your Trainer Duo is a paid app that offers everything that the regular Find Your Trainer app has and then more–much more.

Picture this.  You download the app, and bam!  You have a personal trainer! 

Set your fitness goals, talk about the weather, discuss your dating life, and meet your new partner in crime.  Seriously, discuss whatever you need to with your trainer to ensure that you get everything you can out of your workouts. 

Based on that conversation, your trainer will create a workout plan that fits your needs exactly.

Need some motivation 24/7?  That is precisely what the Find Your Trainer Duo gives you. 

You have access to your trainer at any moment.  They will be there for you at any time through the app to keep you accountable.  This app also gives a full biometric breakdown and performance tracking to track how you are doing.  Link your current fitness tracker to the app.  This app is like the gift that keeps on giving.

If you sign up right now, you get a 14 day free trial.  We like free stuff.  After that, for $129 per month, you have 24/7 access to a personal trainer. 

Get customized workouts that fit you perfectly.  You can see your trainer as often as you would like.  They will work with you on what is best for you and your lifestyle.  If at any point you want to change your trainer, you can. 

After your first month, if you aren’t satisfied with the program,  you will receive your money back.  Also, you can cancel at any time without a fee.  No strings, people!

Pros and Cons – Because we know you love them

Since we reviewed the Find Your Trainer app, it’s only fair that we give you a list of pros and cons to help you decide if this app is right for you.  By the way, it is legit y’all.


  • Flexible
  • Reasonably priced
  • All trainers are vetted
  • No sign-up fees
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Insurance for all scheduled sessions
  • Earn Find Your Trainer rewards with each session
  • Ability to change your trainer at any time
  • A personal trainer at the gym is more expensive than one who will come to your home or meet you anywhere
  • You don’t need a gym membership
  • No contract to sign
  • Partner and group sessions are available
  • Many good reviews and satisfied customers


  • Only available in America
  • No pre-recorded sessions
  • If you don’t want to continue, you need to cancel before your last session, as you are automatically charged for your next session after your last one is over
  • No refunds for unused sessions

Do Personal Trainers work?

Is the sky blue?  They do work, so you need to get one stat. 

One study showed that people who utilize a personal trainer changed their attitudes, which effectively changed their fitness habits. 

Good attitudes do make a difference. 

Of the 129 participants, over 70% moved up a level in their fitness training after being coached by a trainer. 

Speaking of being coached, another study showed the effectiveness of online coaching for athletes.  The results showed that personal trainers were crucial. 

They noticed that users were more engaged when trainers were there to support them and train them remotely. 

What we are telling you is that trainers are where it’s at.  Get one on Find Your Trainer because it’s going to make working out a habit. 

No excuses!

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