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The Ultimate Dynamic Infrared 2 Sauna Review For 2024

Saunas have long been used for their healing and therapeutic properties across the world and have even become a cultural staple in places like Scandinavia. As a result, while they used to only be seen at spas and health clubs, personal options to use in your home have become increasingly popular.

Many of the top options have even moved away from the traditional heating methods and turned to using infrared technology instead. This allows users to incorporate both things into a single session, allowing them to make the most of all the benefits offered by both.

While the competition in the infrared sauna market continues to grow as the industry expands, one option that commonly finds itself in the discussion of the best choice for such a product is the Dynamic Infrared 2 sauna.

The question is, who exactly are Dynamic Saunas and what makes their product the best? Well, we will now try to answer exactly that, so anyone thinking of purchasing an infrared sauna can determine for themselves whether or not this is the perfect option for them.

Dynamic Saunas: About the Brand

Owned by the Golden Designs, Inc. wellbeing company, Dynamic Saunas is a brand that specialises in the production of FAR infrared saunas. Established in 2008 in Ontario, California, they collaborate directly with component manufacturers to do so.

They have grown over the last 14 years to become one of the largest, most well respected producers and suppliers of infrared saunas in North America. Operating out of a 100,000 square foot facility, they routinely have more than 4,000 saunas in stock of varying models.

Originally sold directly on, as they have grown their saunas have begun to  be stocked by prominent retailers, such as Costco and Wayfair. They are still available on their own website too, as well as from specialty retailers throughout both the US and Canada.

Dynamic Infrared 2 Sauna Specifications

The Dynamic Infrared 2 sauna is a beautiful looking product made of hemlock, a solid wood with a brown finish. This is used on the floor, ceiling, and walls, to create a stunning, completely closed in, rectangular product, which incorporates the rustic style of traditional saunas.

Its tempered glass door lets the interior become part of the product’s aesthetic, while also allowing you to see out and even do things like watch TV while inside. The interior lighting is also fully LED powered, creating a bright yet calming atmosphere and eliminating the need to change bulbs.

With inside dimensions of 70 inches (H) x 45 inches (W) x 38 inches (D), it is reasonably spacious, and its dual benches ensure 2 people can comfortably use it at the same time. Its exterior dimensions of 75 inches (H) x 45 inches (W) x 49 inches (D) also mean you won’t need too much space to install it.

Meanwhile, its weight of 345 pounds ensures it is a sturdy product, yet one that can still be placed on virtually any floor or surface. That said, it is only designed for indoor use, and should be installed in a dry location that doesn’t get too cold.

The built in vents mean there is plenty of airflow, so you won’t have a stuffy or unpleasant experience.

This also helps to keep the temperature where you want it, with the adjustable controls allowing you to set it to anything up to 140°F (60°C).

The control panel is located inside, meaning you can adjust the temperature and other settings without having to leave the sauna. There is also a remote control included, so you can set it up from outside or simply adjust things during use without even having to get up.

The infrared heating elements use FAR infrared technology to control the temperature in the sauna through 6 separate heaters with a power output of 120 Volts / 1700 Watts / 15 Amps. It also manages to achieve this while maintaining a respectable EMF rating of 8.

The sauna also has an antimicrobial capacity, meaning the infrared technology not only heals the muscles but also prevents the build up of bacteria, ensuring a clean, healthy experience. Similarly, the built in timer will help prevent you accidentally staying inside too long and doing yourself harm.

The Dynamic Infrared 2 sauna also has a built in music system with 2 dynamic speakers with pre-amp, mp3 compatibility, and Bluetooth and auxiliary connectivity. This makes it an ideal choice for those who want to fill their sauna with serene sounds or some of their favourite tunes.

Made for home use only, the sauna can be used on a daily basis but may not stand up to the rigours of commercial use or being used by large numbers of people or left on for long periods each day. All purchases include a 5 year warranty on all electronic parts, which covers any manufacturing defects.

An inspection will be required before a repair or replacement is offered though, to determine the issue hasn’t been cause through wear and tear or commercial use. A more comprehensive warranty can also be added however, for $443.99, which also runs for 5 years.

The recommended retail price of the Dynamic Infrared 2 sauna is $3,895, although is available from some retailers for $2,699. This reduced price can also be paid either in full, in 4 interest free payments of $674.75, or in 18 monthly instalments of $150.

Assembly & Shipping

The Dynamic Infrared 2 sauna comes largely flat packed and will require a reasonable amount of assembly to install. Dynamic Saunas suggest you will need at least 3 people to safely install it. You will also need a few tools not included in the package, such as a ladder and a screwdriver.

Those who are comfortable doing moderate amounts of DIY should be able to install the sauna themselves. However, those not as comfortable doing practical work should seek professional assistance, to ensure it is installed properly. An installation service is offered at a cost of $569.

The product ships in 3 separate boxes and has a total combined shipping weight of 435 pounds. Free shipping is included with purchases from most retailers, and they suggest you should allow between 3 to 4 weeks for delivery.


  • Boasts a stylish, traditional wood and glass design
  • Enough space and benches for 2 people to comfortably use it at the same time
  • Has a good range of temperature settings, which can be controlled from inside the sauna
  • Built in timer ensures you don’t use the sauna for an unsafe length of time
  • Mp3 player and speakers let you play your own music for entertainment or atmosphere
  • Remote control lets you set the sauna from outside and adjust it without moving
  • Uses FAR infrared technology
  • Includes free shipping and a 5 year warranty on electrical components
  • Comes in 3 separate boxes, making it easier to carry and install
  • Doesn’t require professional installation
  • Can be paid for in more affordable instalments
  • Antimicrobial capacity ensures it remains clean and safe


  • Very expensive, even at the reduced prices, and takes quite a long time to be delivered
  • Warranty doesn’t include the structure or reasonable wear and tear
  • Installation fees are extremely high if you can’t do it yourself
  • Can’t be installed by 1 person on their own and will require extra tools that aren’t included
  • Can’t be used outdoors, so must be installed in the home, requiring a lot of free space

Dynamic Infrared 2 Sauna Alternative

The Dynamic Infrared 2 sauna is a great product that will meet the needs of most people seeking such an item. That said, like with everything, there will be some people who don’t feel it is the right option for them, for one reason or another.

With that in mind, we will now look at one of the best alternative options to the Dynamic Infrared 2 sauna to try and make sure everyone goes away with a good idea of the ideal at home sauna for you.

HigherDose Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna

The HigherDose Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna is another wood and glass home sauna that utilises infrared technology to heat the muscles. However, the major difference here is that this sauna allows you to choose between using far, mid, or near infrared rays.

The HigherDose sauna also uses special lights to add chromotherapeutic light therapy to its list of functions, which adds a host of extra benefits. Its entertainment features are also slightly more expansive, as it includes things like iPad docking stations.

Made in 2 and 3 person models, both of which are larger than the Dynamic Infrared 2, you also have more ways to customise your purchase. This does mean it will require more space to set up though.

These luxuries do, unfortunately, come at a price though, as the HigherDose Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna retails for a whopping $12,623. The warranty is at least more comprehensive though, and you are covered for almost everything, which is important when paying such a huge sum.


  • Comes in both 2 and 3 person models, all boasting a comfortable, spacious, stylish design
  • Includes lighting and entertainment features to keep you relaxed yet entertained
  • Its 5 year warranty is extremely comprehensive
  • Uses infrared light and chromotherapeutic light therapy, plus the benefits of regular saunas


  • Extremely expensive
  • Much larger than the Dynamic Infrared 2 and requires a large amount of space

FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions)

Before we end our Dynamic Infrared 2 sauna review, I want to cover a few of the most frequently asked questions people have about the product. This should ensure everyone knows all of the ins and outs and has all of the information they need to decide if it is the right sauna for them or not.

Is Dynamic A Good Brand Of Sauna?

Overall, Dynamic Saunas are considered a “Luxury” sauna brand. Their products receive an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars, are sold continentwide, and are routinely regarded as one of the best options on the market.

Does The Dynamic 2 Infrared Sauna Need To Be Professionally Installed?

The Dynamic 2 Infrared sauna doesn’t need to be professionally installed. With clear instructions included, most people should be able to install it themselves, provided they have the correct tools and enough people to help them, with the recommended number being 3.

However, those who aren’t comfortable doing practical jobs around the house should consider having it professionally installed, to make sure it is safe. Professional installation is available from the company for the price of $569.

What Is The Healthiest Type Of Sauna?

Infrared saunas that use FAR infrared technology are thought to be the healthiest and most effective type of sauna. This type of infrared sauna offers all of the benefits of a regular sauna, yet is also superior when it comes to detoxification, enhancing physical performance, and easing arthritic pain. 

Research into FAR infrared saunas shows that they improve physical performance across the spectrum, with everyone from athletes to people with issues such as heart disease experiencing notable improvements in multiple aspects of their life.

What Are The Benefits Of Infrared Saunas?

The list of benefits linked to infrared saunas is extensive. From improved heart health, pain relief, and a stronger immune system to greater relaxation, better sleep, enhanced recovery of sore muscles, and a host of other things, there are plenty of reasons to use an infrared sauna.

It is worth noting though that the level to which you experience each of the benefits can vary from both sauna to sauna and person to person.

What Are The Best Alternatives To Infrared Saunas?

Those who don’t have the space, money, or desire to install a full size sauna in their own home still have a number of options they can use to enjoy the benefits they offer. Things like portable steam saunas, sauna blankets, heat pads, and a number of other alternatives are readily available.

Each of these options is significantly smaller, cheaper, and easier to transport. While the benefits may not be as prominent as you would find with some of the best at home infrared saunas, they are still extremely effective and are a great compromise for those not ready to go for the real thing.

Final Thoughts

Dynamic Infrared 2 – Person Indoor Bluetooth Compatible FAR Infrared Sauna in Hemlock Dynamic Infrared 2 – Person Indoor Bluetooth Compatible FAR Infrared Sauna in Hemlock


  • Interior reading - chromotherapy lighting system
  • Music system with Bluetooth capability and 2 dynamic speakers with pre-amp, does not include a radio
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03/08/2024 12:04 am GMT

The Dynamic Infrared 2 sauna is a great product and is one of the top infrared saunas on the market for a reason. It provides all of the benefits you would expect from such a product, while including additional features that will make your experience as relaxing and enjoyable as possible.

While it is by no means a cheap product, you get what you pay for, as it is certainly a luxury item, and it isn’t even close to being the most expensive sauna of its kind on the market.

This article will hopefully have helped you determine if the Dynamic Infrared 2 sauna is right for you or, if not, what a suitable alternative may be. That means there should be nothing left stopping you from purchasing your preferred option and experiencing all the benefits it has to offer for yourself.

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