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A Comprehensive Review Of The Durherm Portable Steam Sauna

When it comes to health and fitness, many people focus solely on exercise, without realising just how important rest and relaxation is to our body.

While those seeking complete relaxation often turn to spas or wellness centres, this is an option that is out of the price range of many.

However, in recent years, at home steam saunas have become a popular alternative to traditional spas.

They claim to be able to provide all of the same benefits as spa saunas from the comfort of your own home and without the need to pay for a membership or treatment.

While there are a number of at home steam saunas on the market, one that particularly stands out from the crowd is the Durherm Portable Steam Sauna.

Available in a range of models, it is seen as an effective, portable option, which is affordable for the vast majority of people.

Does the Durherm Portable Steam Sauna really live up to all the hype though? Let’s take a closer look and decide for ourselves.

What Is The Durherm Portable Steam Sauna?

The Durherm Portable Steam Sauna is a personal, at home steam sauna that is created to be easily set up and disassembled, making it perfect for both transportation and storage.

Its design is incredibly lightweight but also durable, meaning it can be easily moved from place to place, without the risk of damage.

Large enough to fit a folding chair inside, it is a product that is ideal for those who prioritise comfort yet is equally well suited to those looking for the most effective option possible. Meanwhile, being both easy to use and incredibly affordable makes it a product that is attainable for all.

All of these factors combined have earned the Durherm Portable Steam Sauna a reputation as one of the best at home steam saunas in their price range.

What Is A Portable Steam Sauna?

Portable steam saunas are devices designed to replicate the effects of a traditional sauna, with the added bonuses of being significantly cheaper than a spa membership and letting you to take them with you to use from the comfort of your own home.

They will usually be made from a waterproof material that forms a structure large enough to comfortably fit an average adult with a significant amount of extra space around them, which allows the air to move around without escaping.

They will then be plugged into the mains, where the heating mechanisms will raise the temperature of the air surrounding the user to around 110-140°F (45-60°C).

The design will usually be collapsible, allowing them to be easily stored and transported, while a zip will normally be used to allow users to easily get in and out of the sauna without assistance. Many will also feature holes for your arms, to allow you to keep them out of the sauna to do other things.

Benefits Of Portable Steam Saunas

The most common benefits that people associate with portable steam saunas are the same as those seen in regular saunas; the ability to clean pores and produce clear skin.

By raising your temperature, you force your body to sweat, clearing out any toxins and removing the dirt that clogs your pores and causes blemishes. However, this increased heat also provides a range of other benefits for the human body.

For starters, it causes the entire body to completely relax. This will not only help to relieve muscle soreness and reduce joint pain, especially after a workout, but can also eliminate stress and improve your mood.

It can also improve your circulation, allowing blood to flow around your body much more quickly.

This helps oxygen and nutrients get to where they’re going much quicker, leading to benefits like more efficient muscular repair and growth, as well as a reduction in inflammation.

Finally, it puts your body into a thermogenic state.

This is where your metabolism dramatically increases, causing you to burn through consumed calories and your accumulated fat stores significantly faster, making a portable steam sauna a great option for those trying to lose weight.

Durherm Portable Steam Sauna Specifications

The Durherm Portable Steam Sauna is all you need to set up and enjoy a complete home sauna experience.

It is an incredibly easy to use product, that comes with a manual explaining everything you need to know to achieve a truly effective and relaxing experience, without any fuss or mess.

Its powerful 800 watt steam generator is capable of producing temperatures up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit (45 degrees Celsius), with as little as 15 minutes needed for the steam hose to pump it in and achieve max temperature, depending on whether you add hot or cold water to the condenser.

Capable of storing 1.8 litres of water, the Durherm Portable Steam Sauna maintains its temperature amazingly well.

Meanwhile, a built in timer, which can be set to anywhere from 10 to 60 minutes, ensures you can have a relaxing experience, without worrying you have been in it too long.

With dimensions of 33 (L) x 28.5 (W) x 39.5 (H) inches, there is plenty of room for you to relax and move around inside.

There is a hole for your head and two zippered openings for the hands, all of which can be conveniently opened or closed from the inside, so you can read a book or use a device

While the Durherm Portable Steam Sauna doesn’t come with a chair, there is more than enough space to put one inside.

Users should select one according to their height, so that it allows their head to poke through comfortably.

It is also a great product for travel, as the detachable frame and foldable tent make it easy to disassemble for storage or transport.

Both the condenser and the hollow PVC tubes that make up the supporting framework are also incredibly light, with the entire unit weighing just 12 pounds.

While the base colour of the tent is grey, it is available in a choice of pink, blue, or grey highlights, to help it match your own personal style and décor. At a recommended retail price of $129.95, it is by no means a cheap item, but isn’t overpriced and should be attainable for the majority of people.


  • Affordable and offers great value
  • Gets very hot very quickly and holds the heat extremely well
  • A built in timer ensures you don’t stay in the sauna for too long
  • Zippered holes allow you to read or use phone or tablet, without letting the heat escape
  • Incredibly easy to set up and use
  • Large and offers plenty of room to move about
  • Lightweight and incredibly easy to store or transport


  • The temperature cannot be adjusted
  • There are some complaints that the PVC frame is a little flimsy

User Reviews:

Durherm | Portable Personal Spa Durherm | Portable Personal Spa
  • EASY TO USE: Convenient to use a personal sauna in your own home
  • COMPLETE SAUNA: Everything you need to set up and enjoy a sauna experience
02/18/2024 07:40 pm GMT

Does The Durherm Portable Steam Sauna Really Work?

The vast majority of users that have reviewed the Durherm Portable Steam Sauna agree that yes, it does really work.

It is known to be a powerful, highly effective at home steam sauna with a durable and reliable design.

It is one of the best options available for the price and can produce all of the known benefits associated with both portable and traditional steam saunas, making it an ideal choice for those who want to improve their health, without breaking the bank.

Durherm Portable Steam Sauna Alternatives

While the Durherm Portable Steam Sauna is undoubtedly a fabulous product, it isn’t going to be the right choice for everyone, for one reason or another.

With that in mind, we will now look at some of the best Durherm Portable Steam Sauna alternatives on the market, to ensure that everybody can find the perfect product to allow them to make the most of all the benefits associated with at home steam saunas.

Durasage Portable Steam Sauna

The Durasage Portable Steam Sauna is one of the most comparable options available to the Durherm Portable Steam Sauna.

It again is an all-inclusive system that features everything you need to set up and enjoy a sauna experience

It features an 800 watt steam generator and a timer that can be set for up to 60 minutes, as well as a detachable frame that makes it extremely easy to disassemble for storage or transport.

It also has almost identical dimensions, at 33.5 (L) x 28.5 (W) x 39 (H) inches.

There are even the two zippered openings for the hands, which allow the user to read a book or use a device.

However, the addition of a front pocket allows you to keep all of your necessities nearby, so they are easy to access while inside the sauna.

Aside from the pocket, there are three other notable differences between the two models.

Firstly, it comes in a range of colours, which includes black, blue, grey, pink, and silver, making it much easier to match to the décor in your home.

This option also includes its own folding chair to use inside the sauna, which will be blue, regardless of which colour scheme you select.

The final difference is that these other extras increase the price of the unit to $159.95.

This means that, for $30 more, you will need to particularly want one of the other benefits to make it a more worthwhile purchase.


  • Reasonably affordable
  • Lightweight and easy to assemble, store, or transport
  • Powerful and effective design
  • Available in a choice of colours
  • Includes its own perfectly fitted folding chair
  • Features a convenient pocket to hold all of your accessories while in use


  • There have been some reports that the zippers can break
  • More expensive than the Durherm model

User Reviews:

Durasage Lightweight Portable Personal Steam Sauna Durasage Lightweight Portable Personal Steam Sauna

Spa for Relaxation at Home, 60 Minute Timer, 800 Watt Steam Generator, Chair Included - Gray

  • Detachable frame makes it easy to disassemble for easy storage
  • Two zippered openings allowing hands to read a book or use a device
  • Convenient to use a personal sauna in your own home
03/08/2024 02:49 pm GMT

SereneLife Full Size Portable Steam Sauna

The SereneLife Full Size Portable Steam Sauna comes with everything you need to enjoy an authentic sauna experience in your home.

It also features an easy access design and convenient zippered hand holes, so you can access things to keep you entertained while inside.

Despite being easy to disassemble into a compact size for storage or transport, this single person steam sauna is much taller than most of its competitors at 35. 4 (L) x35. 4 (W) x70. 9 (H) inches.

With an almost identical footprint otherwise, it means you will have much more space to move around in, without needing any additional area to set it up.

The SereneLife Full Size Portable Steam Sauna also has a 1600 watt, high power heating element, allowing the tent to reach a max temperature of 122 Fahrenheit (50 Celsius), which is hotter than other options.

Capable of reaching max temperature incredibly fast, it is also highly power efficient.

It boasts a wired controller to allow you to easily set or adjust the timer. However, the heat setting is, once again, automatic.

It also includes a comfortable folding sauna chair, which can be easily assembled and disassembled.

The SereneLife Full Size Portable Steam Sauna is a great home sauna option to help detoxify the body, promote weight loss, and relieve stress or fatigue, as heat radiates throughout it.

While only available in one colour, the choice of black with midnight blue piping makes it incredibly stylish.

However, with a recommended retail price of $251.75, it is considerably more expensive than many of the other options on this list, or the market in general.


  • A great option for those seeking a full body steam room
  • Incredibly large and spacious
  • Heats up extremely quickly and reaches notably high temperatures
  • Includes a comfortable, foldable chair
  • Quick and easy to assemble


  • Extremely expensive
  • Requires more vertical space to set up

User Reviews:

SereneLife Full Size Portable Steam Sauna SereneLife Full Size Portable Steam Sauna

Use this portable sauna steamer machine home sauna for weight loss, detoxing, and stress/fatigue relief. The heat that radiates from the sauna and soothes achy muscles, helps prevent fatigue, detoxes the system.

02/18/2024 04:31 pm GMT

SereneLife Portable Infrared Sauna

The SereneLife Portable Infrared Sauna is another home sauna kit that comes with everything you need to enjoy a spa experience from the comfort of your own home.

It is conveniently portable and can be picked up and moved or stored whenever you need.

However, the difference here is that, instead of steam, this unit uses powerful 1050 watt infrared technology to heat the body.

This not only allows the heat to get deeper into the muscles, but also allows it to be adjusted and reach the much higher temperature of 140 Fahrenheit (60 Celsius).

Many people also find it a more comfortable experience, while large quantities of water aren’t required either.

The timer is again able to be set for anything up to 60 minutes, which is perhaps more important than ever, given the increased heat.

The included sauna chair is both foldable and comfortable, so you can have a completely relaxing experience, without having to worry about not being able to carry it around.

It is also designed so you can use a book, phone, or other device while in it, ensuring you are relaxed, instead of bored.

With dimensions of 27.6 (L) x 31.5 (W) x 37.8 (H) inches, it is a little smaller than most of the other portable sauna tents we have looked at.

While the recommended retail price of $206.75 is a little steeper than some of those options, this is a good value price for those seeking an infrared option.


  • Utilises infrared heat for a hotter, more comfortable experience
  • Includes a comfortable folding sauna chair
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Incredibly effective and beneficial for the body
  • Controller included to adjust the time and heat


  • Some users prefer the effects and experience of steam
  • Some people find it a little small

User Reviews:

SereneLife Portable Full Size Infrared Home Spa SereneLife Portable Full Size Infrared Home Spa

 One Person Sauna with Heating Foot Pad and Portable Chair.

  • Compact and Portable
  • High-Powered Heating Element
  • Comfortable Seating
  • Compact SPA Size
02/18/2024 01:34 pm GMT

Are There Any Risks With Using A Portable Steam Sauna?

The main risk associated with using a portable steam sauna is dehydration, due to the amount you sweat while using one.

To prevent this, it is important that a person using a sauna of any kind drinks plenty of water before, during, and after use, to make sure they have plenty of fluids in their system.

People who are extremely sensitive to heat should also avoid using a portable steam sauna, as should those recovering from issues such as heat stroke.

Other people who may experience complications from its use include pregnant women and those with low blood pressure.

Both groups should take extreme care when using a sauna, to ensure they don’t experience any negative effects from its use.

How Do Portable Steam Saunas Compare With Sensory Deprivation Tents?

A sensory deprivation tent has a similar appearance to a portable steam sauna, however, it will encase your entire body, including your head and arms.

It is designed to be filled with salt water and is made from a completely opaque material, to ensure it is pitch black inside.

Users will then shut themselves inside in the dark. The salt water will allow them to experience weightlessness, while the material blocks out all light and sound.

While a portable steam sauna relaxes all of the muscles throughout the body, the removal of all of your senses in a sensory deprivation tent does the same for the mind.

This makes using a routine of both a sensory deprivation tent and a portable steam sauna a perfect combination for those seeking complete relaxation of their entire body and mind.

Is The Durherm Portable Steam Sauna Worth It?

Durherm | Portable Personal Spa Durherm | Portable Personal Spa
  • EASY TO USE: Convenient to use a personal sauna in your own home
  • COMPLETE SAUNA: Everything you need to set up and enjoy a sauna experience
02/18/2024 07:40 pm GMT

The Durherm Portable Steam Sauna is a more than worthwhile purchase for anyone hoping to take advantage of all the benefits that saunas offer, from the comfort of their own home and without having to shell out for a spa treatment or membership.

A powerful, portable, affordable option, it is a great choice for the vast majority of people.

Even if, for whatever reason, the Durherm Portable Steam Sauna isn’t the ideal choice for you, this article will hopefully have helped you to identify another of the best portable saunas that is.

That means all that is left is to go and purchase your at home steam sauna of choice. That way, you can start experiencing the fabulous benefits provided by saunas for yourself, as soon as possible.

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