Colostrum for Muscle Building – The Supplement You Have Been Waiting For Is Here

There are plenty of options for supplements when it comes to building muscle mass. It’s all about finding the right combination to ensure you are igniting muscle growth while torching unwanted fat. The combination of a supplement like colostrum mixed with high-intensity training boosts the immune system and initiates growth factors in the muscles throughout the body.

Here at the Fitness Tribe, we aim to keep you updated on all things related to overall health and well-being. We’ll go through colostrum supplementation and ensure you understand how it works to build lean body mass.

Colostrum Explained

Colostrum is a nutrient-enriched fluid that derives from the mammary glands of mammals after giving birth. The early onset of breastmilk contains colostrum for the first four to five days after delivery. It is packed with immune-boosting antibodies and nutrients for building muscle mass. Newborns benefit from the immune factors to keep them healthy as their bodies acclimate to life outside the womb.

More About Building Muscle Mass

Since colostrum has excellent growth factors, putting it into whey protein powders and other supplements promotes more significant muscle mass. Bovine colostrum is the milk produced by cows immediately after giving birth to calves. With large amounts of protein and bioactive substances affecting growth, bovine colostrum supplementation assists in building lean tissue mass as you perform a resistance training program.

A study posted in the National Library of Science showed bovine colostrum supplementation combined with whey protein powder increased lean muscle mass significantly in older adults. In addition to the effect of bovine colostrum on increased muscle mass, athletes, like highly trained cyclists, found colostrum supplementation increased their energy during high-intensity training.

Other Benefits of Bovine Colostrum Supplementation

In addition to changes in body composition, the effect of bovine colostrum supplementation goes further for your health. For one thing, it increases immune function. The high concentrations of immunoglobulins found in colostrum are the main reason for these better immune factors. Immunoglobulins or antibodies are Y-shaped proteins that protect the body from foreign bacteria and viruses. The high concentrations found in colostrum are excellent for the immune system.

Taking an oral bovine colostrum supplementation along with anti-diarrhea medications assists in preventing loose stools and their frequency. A study performed on HIV patients in Uganda found that patients who used a colostrum supplement and anti-diarrheal medicine saw significant reductions in loose stools. Because HIV patients in developing countries suffer from diarrhea frequently, finding out how beneficial colostrum supplementation can be is remarkable for them. People with leaky gut benefit from bovine colostrum too.

Along with gut health, bovine colostrum supplementation increases intestinal health by stimulating cell growth. Cell growth increases stability in the gut wall, making it stronger and less susceptible to harmful bacteria.

Bovine Colostrum Dosage

If you want to build muscle mass while improving immune function, a suggested dosage is 20mg daily for eight weeks. Combining an exercise program with colostrum supplementation is essential for creating lean muscle mass.

Ideally, a colostrum supplementation should be taken on an empty stomach, either 30 minutes before a meal or two hours after eating. Taking an oral bovine colostrum supplement allows this nutrient-heavy fluid to start working in the gut immediately. As with all supplements, ensure you drink plenty of water when taking colostrum.

Whey Protein Powder vs. Colostrum

Whey protein powder increases exercise performance and improve body composition by promoting lean muscle mass. However, compared to colostrum supplementation, whey protein falls short. Multiple studies show that colostrum significantly improves performance for sprinters and helps athletes recover faster. It’s worth adding colostrum to your whey protein powder to build muscle further.

Final Thoughts on Colostrum

If you have tried many avenues to promote muscle growth with little success, it may be time to up the ante by adding colostrum to your diet. It’s an excellent combination of antibodies and antioxidants that increases support for the immune system while building muscles. Combining colostrum with resistance training sessions might be what you have always needed to promote a better body composition.

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