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Best Work Out of the Day (WOD) Apps for 2024

Work out of the day or WOD apps have become more and more popular as in-person classes and gyms have been on hiatus.

The WOD apps also give people a greater amount of freedom when it comes to choosing a workout that works best for your ability and your location.

As demand for WOD apps has blossomed, the number of apps available has also skyrocketed. Choosing a high-quality app and will get you the correct workout can feel like pawing through a haystack in search of a needle. We’ve gathered together some of the best WOD apps on the market today so you can make a quality choice in no time.

The Movement Athlete

The movement athlete is one of our all-time favorite fitness apps.

It’s a skill-based workout app that works backward from your goal to deliver WODs that will help you on your path to achieving said goals.

Skills include handstands, muscle-ups, levers, and more. As you can probably tell by now, it’s mostly a calisthenics-focused app. This is both a pro and a con, as you can do most workouts with minimal or no equipment, however, it can be a bit limiting if you’re looking for kettlebells, dumbbells, or other types of exercises.

The pricing is reasonable, the interface is probably the best out of the ones we tried, and the content of the workouts is also good.

With that in mind, this is our editor’s pick for today’s list.

as low as $3.7 / week


  • Adjust Your Training Based on Your Performance
  • Help You Make Lifelong Changes

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Beyond the Whiteboard

When you’re looking for the best WOD app, you want something that will connect you with great workouts, coaches, and include features that keep you at the top of your game.

Beyond the Whiteboard will give you everything you’re looking for and even connect your gym too.

With the program, you can track all of your workouts and progress so everything is all in one place. They also offer free daily programming which includes dumbbell, body weight, and no equipment workouts.

In addition to workouts, you can also track your nutrition with macros and barcode scanning to include all the information needed in your program.

You’ll get immediate access to movement demo videos, fitness levels, previous results, max lifts, and more features when you sign up with BTWB.

Altogether, BTWB analyzes and offers workout specific suggestions for your total fitness and lifestyle habits including sleep, nutrition, mobility, and weakness.

You’ll also be able to compare all of your results against worldwide users.


  • Total analysis
  • Compare results
  • Advanced workout tracking for CrossFit athletes


  • The program can be overwhelming for first-time users


Sometimes you just need a little nudge when it comes to getting started on your workout of the day and SugarWOD pushes you to reach your goals.

Every time there’s a new WOD posted, the app will alert you so you have no excuses when it comes to finishing a workout.

The app also offers you videos based on your daily prescribed workouts so you can follow along and get the workout finished on time.

You’ll be able to record all of your WOD results, keep notes on the workout, and track your records and overall progress.

Through SugarWOD you can also record workouts that happen outside of the gym and choose from thousands of built-in workouts. Or if none of the pre-saved workouts suit your tastes or goals, you can create custom workouts to fit your fitness needs.

Once you’ve completed workouts you can export them so they’ll be saved for the future.


  • Free app
  • Easy to create each workout of the day
  • Community connection
  • Wide range of workouts


  • Difficult to measure energy expenditure
  • Evaluations need work


MyWOD has several excellent features that give you a great advantage when heading out for another workout.

Through the app, the time, AMRAP, EMOM, and TABATA are all fully customizable so your workout will always fit you.

When using the app, the timer is always large and easily visible so you can accurately time your workouts and even integrate music to your time.

There are also voice-guided exercises and workout programs so you’re never alone when you start an intense workout.

There are more than 150 workouts on the app and you can also add your gym’s feed and access those WOD’s directly through the app.

You’ll also be able to easily locate CrossFit gyms in your area.


  • Lots of workouts available
  • Access your gym’s feed
  • Find CrossFit gyms in the area


  • Only available on Android devices


When you open up the app, you can easily select one of the hundreds of WOD benchmarks and push yourself to be better in no time.

Through the WODster app, you can also add your own WOD’s or add a photo from a whiteboard.

If you’re unsure about which WOD to use or choose, the app will give you a random one to try out.

Once you’ve gone through several workouts, you can attach photos that display your results or before and after pictures so you can visually keep track of your progress.

There are a few drawbacks with this app including the fact that it won’t allow you to sync data so you may not be able to transition between devices very easily. You’re also not as connected to the community through the WODster app.

The app itself is ad-free so you can be sure that your experience will be smooth from start to finish.


  • Random WOD selection if you’re unsure
  • Easy to use and ad-free
  • Wide range of workouts available


  • Not as connected to the community
  • Cannot sync data


If you’re all about the data, this is the app for you! One of the biggest benefits this app provides is that you can track your RX vs. scaled weights so you can easily track your efforts and see the results over time.

You’ll also be able to use the app to compare your workouts with others. After entering your workout, the ingrained algorithm will find all of the same workouts and show you the overall average throughout the app users.

All of the data that’s collected and recorded through the app allows you to quickly and accurately track your overall progress.

You can search for an exercise and see your history including your other previous WODs, how you did with them, what your time was, and how you felt afterward.

The entire app is simple and easy to use and is flexible enough to help you find previous personal records on individual workouts. To top it all off, the customer service for WODlog is highly responsive and helpful!


  • Great for tracking your progress
  • Easy to use
  • Great customer support


  • Needs to be updated
  • Rest periods don’t show the stopwatch

The Best WOD App

There are several things you want to be included in your go-to WOD app.

You should easily be able to find and use the workout videos or plans, track all of your progress, and be able to access and contact the community at large.

Throughout the CrossFit community, the overwhelming choice for most users is Beyond the Whiteboard for being able to track and use the app for workouts each day.

The downside to BTWB is that after your 30-day free trial has expired, you’ll be charged to use the app.

Often, the runner-up choice for CrossFit users and the community is MyWOD which you can use for free. The availability of the MyWOD app is narrowed as it’s only available on Android devices. If you use an iPhone or Mac product you won’t be able to access the MyWOD app.

Best Free WOD App

Let’s face it: we all like to get things for free and WOD apps are no exception! While the most well-known and highly thought of WOD app, Beyond the Whiteboard, does require payment, there are some high-quality WOD apps that you can download for free.

Most users and consumers agree that the best free WOD app is SugarWOD as the features offer the best benefits.

You can easily create your workouts and track your progress through the app.

MyWOD is also a great free option but again, it’s only available on Android devices. Availability for this app is much more limited than it is for SugarWOD.

Beyond the Whiteboard

Beyond the Whiteboard is the first choice for many CrossFit participants and is our overall choice for the best WOD app.

Since it tops the list, let’s go into some more crucial details so you can sign up, get started, and make progress toward your goals.

To get you started, you can sign up for BTWB and get a 30-day free trial to test the app. If it fits your goals and suits your needs, your card will be charged.

BTWB offers two different payment options: $87/year, billed annually, and $7.99/month which is billed monthly.

Both options allow you to cancel anytime!

Beginning with CrossFit

CrossFit is one of the latest workout trends making its way around the country and the world.

It’s intense and offers great benefits for participants who stick with the program. The level of intensity increases as you progress through the program.

CrossFit takes the moves and workouts from a wide range of sports including gymnastics, weightlifting, powerlifting, and rowing.

This maximizes the amount of muscle growth and progress you’ll be able to see even in just a short time.

The overall goal that CrossFit wants to achieve is to help boost your overall fitness and eventually help you move better.

Each of the movements that the program uses is considered to be highly functional and is performed at a high intensity.

This repeated movement at high levels of intensity gives you a wider range of motion and increased function.

WOD app for beginners

Each CrossFit class is comprised of a warm-up, strength or skill component, and then the WOD. If you’re not able to make it to your normal gym or you need to do your workout at home, making sure you have that WOD is crucial.

This WOD is short but very intense and having a guided approach to the workout is essential. Workout of the day apps for beginners is easy to find across the market.

Beyond the Whiteboard is a great app for anyone of any skill level but you can also get connected with apps for beginners like 30 Day Fitness Challenge which connects you with fitness coaches that will help you through the workout.

SugarWOD is also another great app that helps you continue to track your performance so as a beginner, you can see your progress as you go through the program. The app will also allow you to compete against other users to push yourself even further.

Keep in Mind

There are a few things you want to keep in mind as you’re starting CrossFit at your local gym or attempting to do it at home.

The first thing you want to do is make sure that you get the all-clear from your doctor or medical professional. If your body can’t take the high-intensity workouts, you should steer clear of CrossFit overall.

CrossFit is naturally competitive and WOD apps almost all have some feature that allows you to compete and compare your results with those in the app.

You may feel a lot of pressure to push yourself right off the bat and jump to lifting heavy weights or pushing your times to the extreme. Start slow and work your way up!

Be sure you completely understand the movements. Once you understand how the movements work and how your body responds to them, you’ll be able to safely perform the moves necessary to start building up muscle and endurance.

Is CrossFit Dangerous?

Just like any type of exercise or sport, there is some inherent risk involved for participants. But compared with a wide range of other exercises and sports, the overall risk of anyone trying CrossFit is relatively low.

CrossFit pushes users to learn and understand each of the movements and methods before adding more weight or moving on to a new exercise.

This gives your body time to adjust and grow without risking extra amounts of injury.

Doing CrossFit exercises or workouts can be tempting to attempt on your own but to get started, it’s best to invest in a quality coach or class.

You’ll then be able to master the essential movements and methods while under the safe and watchful eye of your instructor.

Finding a Good CrossFit Gym

Since CrossFit is so popular, there are lots of introductory classes happening at gyms around the country. Many of these intro classes are free so you can try out the workout program without investing any money right off the bat.

When searching for a good CrossFit gym, ask around while at the class or ask others you may know who are taking more advanced classes to see if they enjoy the leadership or if they’ve been injured while working out.

Leadership is important when it comes to CrossFit classes and instructors should be paying close attention to their charges. If instructors are more involved with their phones than with their class, skip that CrossFit group.


If you’re already involved in a CrossFit class or gym, you know how important it is to continue working on your health even when you’re away from the gym.

To bridge the gap between being in your local gym and sitting on the couch, you can invest in a quality WOD app so you can continue your workout while at home or on the road.

WOD apps like Beyond the Whiteboard offer quality features and a low monthly cost.

Unlike other apps like SugarWOD which is free, BTWB does require a fee to utilize each of the features. With both of these apps and the rest on our list, you can easily track your progress and even compete with other users.

Beyond the Whiteboard is our choice for the best WOD app and MyWOD comes in a close second!

Each of these offers great features so you can keep training and growing every day.

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