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Are all of your friends raving about their vitamin subscription services and how they feel better than ever? Are you intrigued? Maybe it’s time to jump aboard the vitamin train and treat your body to the extra fuel it deserves. As always, The Fitness Tribe guides you through the process with the best vitamin subscription services. Sit back, relax, and let’s get down to business.

Are Vitamins Necessary?

Before we delve into the best vitamin subscriptions, let’s talk more about vitamins in general. Vitamins are molecules produced in the body or found in food that allow the body to function properly. They help facilitate metabolic processes, support nerve function, and work as antioxidants to keep the body healthy.

Since vitamins are essential for your body to function properly, they are necessary. The problem is some vitamins are only made in small doses by the body or not at all. Because of this, people often experience vitamin deficiencies when they aren’t eating properly. Vitamin deficiencies cause numerous health problems like cancer or heart issues. A daily vitamin to counteract any deficiency is an excellent idea once you speak to your doctor.

More Vitamin Benefits

  • Vitamins help prevent health issues like anemia, scurvy, osteoporosis, etc.
  • Certain groups, like pregnant women, vegans, or the older generation, benefit from vitamin supplements based on their condition, diet, or age.
  • Some vitamins support daily bodily functions like bone health, the immune system, and energy levels.
  • While getting vitamins via a healthy diet is best, speaking with your doctor about vitamin supplements may help if certain vitamins are lacking.

How We Chose The Best Vitamin Supplements

Don’t worry. We didn’t just pick any kind of vitamin supplement subscription. We researched to ensure we’re recommending the best of the best. Here’s a quick guideline on how we chose.

  • We considered quality, personalization, convenience, cost, and customer satisfaction for the vitamin subscriptions.
  • Taking it further, we ensured someone thoroughly tested the vitamins to guarantee they contained pure ingredients.
  • Our vitamin subscription recommendations are personalized to meet an individual’s needs and preferences.
  • We only provide subscription services that use excellent delivery and packaging options.
  • Affordable pricing is essential, and we ensured these subscriptions weren’t expensive.
  • We also considered the pros and cons for each one, so you know we are being as transparent as possible with each selection.
  • Positive customer feedback rounds out our guidelines to ensure you receive vitamins others revere.

Best Overall Vitamin Subscription Service


We like GEM because they provide vitamin supplements made from real food ingredients. They contain 13 essential vitamins and nutrients like D3, B12, iron, and magnesium. Vegans will love this option as they are vegan-friendly. In addition, they are soy and gluten-free and are non-GMO. We like these best for people looking for sustainable vitamins made with real food.


  • Vitamins taste great and are convenient
  • Contain no synthetic fillers or additives
  • It aids in digestion, builds immune support, boosts energy, and helps skin


  • A more expensive option compared to other vitamin subscription products
  • It may not work for people with allergies or sensitivities
  • Vitamins are only available in the USA

Future Kind

Vegans, we are here for you because Future Kind was made specifically with you in mind. They created a vitamin supplement rich in vitamins B12 and D3, common deficiencies for people following a vegan lifestyle. The supplements also contain omega-3 fatty acids from algae oil.

In addition to being vegan-friendly, Future Kind vitamin supplements are gluten, soy, dairy, and nut-free. They are made in the USA and are non-GMO. We love Future Kind products’ vegan-friendliness, environmentally-friendly appeal, and excellent quality and sourcing. 


  • It helps vegans obtain the essential nutrients they need
  • Bioavailable and vegan-friendly vitamins and minerals
  • The company supports animal sanctuaries and uses biodegradable packaging


  • It doesn’t contain zinc, calcium, or iodine, which are also common deficiencies for vegans
  • Future Kind vitamins are only available for purchase in USA and Canada
  • You must use the subscription service to receive deals and free shipping
future kind+ | Vegan Complete Multivitamin (Vitamins + Probiotic + Enzymes) future kind+ | Vegan Complete Multivitamin (Vitamins + Probiotic + Enzymes)

This is the vegan complete multivitamin for those that want it all. Complete with a whopping 42 GMO-free fruits and veggies, enzymes, and probiotics, this wellness-boosting formula offers all the vitamins and minerals your body needs to thrive, no matter your diet.

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Best Personalized Vitamin Subscription Service


The Autumn supplement subscription service features personalized vitamins based on your DNA and blood test results. This process ensures you receive the correct vitamins and minerals for your health. The personalization test considers over 500 health markers for a personalized experience. Every person who subscribes receives an RDN (registered dietitian nutritionist) for questions and advice along the way.

Autumn is an excellent choice because of the scientific approach behind the personalization and a great way to ensure you receive the correct nutrition due to the blood and DNA testing.


  • DNA and blood testing tailors the vitamin subscription service to your specific needs
  • Access to RDN for questions or concerns
  • Receive comprehensive health reports with explanations about testing


  • Focuses only on health markers about nutrition absorption
  • No diet or lifestyle recommendations to go along with vitamin supplementation
  • Products are only available in the USA.


Rootine provides a similar experience to Autumn with a personalized DNA and blood test to align each individual with the correct supplements. It analyzes 50 genetic variants and 11 lab markers related to nutrition. Rootine’s supplements are in microbead form, allowing you to sprinkle the vitamins and nutrients in your food or drink.

We like Rootine for its flexibility, convenient subscription service, and microbeads rather than pills. To dive further into this specific vitamin supplement service, check out our Rootine review.


  • Uses DNA and blood tests to provide each person with the correct vitamin supplement
  • It contains high-quality, clean ingredients
  • Ability to modify or cancel the service at any time


  • Uses fewer genetic variants than some competitors during the testing process
  • No diet or lifestyle recommendations to complement the vitamins
  • Only available in the USA
Rootine | Precision Nutrition Rootine | Precision Nutrition
  • Boost productivity, unlock fitness, optimize health & improve energy, stress, brain fog, and more.
  • Rootine identifies and addresses your key nutritional weaknesses through advanced at-home testing completed in under 5 minutes.

HUM Nutrition

Another personalized subscription service that’s best for people seeking a quick, easy way to get a customized experience with various supplement offerings. Hum Nutrition uses a quiz to determine the correct supplementation course for each person. There are 36 different kinds of supplements available in powders, gummies, tablets, and soft gels. Each person who signs up for a subscription receives an RDN for consultation.

We like HUM Nutrition for RDN access and quick, easy access to vitamin supplements via a personalized quiz.


  • Personalized vitamin supplements via a lifestyle quiz for your convenience.
  • Loads of products available to meet many needs and preferences
  • Access to RDN for questions or concerns


  • No DNA or blood tests before personalization
  • It doesn’t refer to diet or lifestyle changes required to accompany vitamin supplements
  • Supplements aren’t organized in daily packets
Persona Nutrition Persona Nutrition
  • Personalized vitamin plans
  • Convenient daily packs delivered to your door
  • Goal tracking app
  • 1-on-1 coaching
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Persona Nutrition

Persona Nutrition is for you if you want a comprehensive supplement regimen with a nutritionist guiding you. This service uses a personalized quiz to understand your wants and needs regarding vitamin supplements. A huge library of supplements is available, including probiotics, herbs, minerals, and vitamins. Nutritionists are on hand to answer questions or concerns about supplements. 


  • Personalized supplements based on a lifestyle quiz
  • Massive selection of supplements to cater to many different kinds of needs
  • Nutritionists available for consultation


  • No DNA or blood testing for personalization
  • No diet or lifestyle recommendations
  • Shipping charges apply for orders under $50


Where are our gummy lovers? Are allergies part of your life? If so, VitaFive might be the best option for you. They provide vitamins, minerals, probiotics, and omega-3s in gummy form to enhance your healthy lifestyle. Choose from 10 different products to determine which suits you best.


  • Tasty gummies
  • Uses natural flavors while catering to people with allergies and vegans
  • Users have complete customization of their subscription


  • Doesn’t use DNA or blood testing for personalization
  • No diet or lifestyle recommendations
  • Problem with providing accurate dosages


What are vitamin subscription services?

Vitamin subscription services provide monthly packages of vitamins specifically for needs based on quizzes, DNA, or blood testing. Supplements ship monthly to your home in convenient packages to keep you organized.

Why should you use a vitamin subscription service?

A vitamin subscription service allows you to get the correct nutrients specific to your health. It saves you time and effort to find the proper vitamins yourself.

How do I choose the right subscription service for me?

Choosing the correct vitamin subscription service for you depends on quality, personalization, cost, and customer satisfaction. Compare different types of services depending on what suits your lifestyle regarding health goals, lifestyle factors, and budget constraints.

Are vitamin supplement services worth it?

They are if you want to increase nutrients your diet lacks, enjoy more energy, and need a convenient, affordable way to accomplish better health. Always check with your doctor before taking any vitamin supplements to ensure they are right for you.

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