Best Shoes for Lower Back Pain – Top 11 Choices Reviewed

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Model Gender Material Sole Materia MSRP TFT’s Score / More Information
ASICS Mens Gel Nimbus 20 Trail Running Shoe
Male Textile Rubber 99.95$ 9.2
Hoka One One Bondi 6
Male Synthethic Rubber 149.95$ 8.9
Brooks Men's Addiction Walker Extra Wide
Male 100% Leather Synthethic 189.95$ 8.5
Orthofeet Men’s Dress Shoes
Male Leather Rubber 139.95$ 8.6
Asics GEL Contend 5 Walker Women's
Female Synthethic Rubber 65$ 9.2

Do you realize that back pain can be aggravated by the shoes that you are wearing? 

According to surveys, back pain is one of the most common reasons why people decide to go to the doctor and it’s easy to understand why. Some much needed pain relief may make a world of difference in how you live your life, and the solution might be easier than you think.

Back pain may be caused by a variety of factors. Sometimes these reasons are obvious but other times it may not be so easy to pinpoint the source of our discomfort.

Perhaps you slept in an odd position, have a sports related injury, or have flat feet.

A little known fact- The most common cause is choice of footwear. The shoes you wear can make a huge difference with your lower back pain even if it stems from an underlying issue.

If you could do something as easy as changing your shoes to bring pain back to a minimum, or remove it all together, wouldn’t you? The answer may just be that simple!

There are different shoes that you can find in the market but the best shoes for back pain sufferers are limited.

You truly need to consider each one and also think about where you will use the shoes to make proper choices.

Best Athletic Shoes For Lower Back Pain – Brooks Women’s Glycerin 13 Running Shoe

Brooks Glycerin has always been known for providing cushioning that is highly comfortable.

This running shoe has been created for those who have neutral to mild overpronator.

The support that this can provide cannot be denied because it can be easily adjusted to fit the different feet of people who wear this pair.

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Runner-Up – ASICS Men’s GEL Nimbus 20 Running Shoe

Running shoes would have to provide the type of support that our feet need and you will not be disappointed with this pair.

The cushioning of this pair is premium and will be hard to defeat especially when compared with other running shoes, making it perfect for everyone – including if you have flat feet.

This will enable people to keep their stability while training, and the slip resistant design is great for those dewy mornings or rainy day runs.

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Hoka One One Men’s Bondi 5 Running Shoe

If you are searching for the best running shoes for lower back pain that will not only get rid of your back problems but will also give you a smooth and comfortable run then this may be the one that you are searching for.

It is evident that this shoe has been constructed with materials that can give utmost comfort and support to the wearer.

These features in addition to the durable rubber outsole will have you hitting the streets and trails for miles to come.

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Saucony Women’s Redeemer ISO 2 Running Shoe​

You are already aware that Saucony is probably one of the most popular running shoe brands at present time and there is a good reason for it.

This is because it has been their mission to make sure that they will provide comfortable shoes to their loyal customer.

This pair in particular has been designed to fit perfectly well with all women who would choose to wear it.

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Let us continue with the best walking options for lower back pain for those days when you do not feel like running.

Best Shoes For Women Lower Back Pain - Brooks Women's Addiction Walker Walking Shoes

There will be times when you do not want to wear shoes that are meant for running.

Rather, you would like shoes that will help you walk around especially when you are running errands. This may be the pair that you need.

This can help provide the support that you need for your arch. Shopping will not be a hard task anymore as you do not have to suffer with painful feet after.

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#1 for Men | Brooks Men’s Addiction Walker Walking Shoes

The fact that these are walking shoes will already give you an idea that this is lightweight.

This is known to be a favorite because of the feeling that it can give to users.

Most users feel like they are walking on clouds.

The design itself is fairly simple and it cannot really be considered as trendy but obviously, this cannot cause back pain.

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We do understand that there are moments when you need to have shoes that you can wear for more formal occasions.

You cannot wear your regular shoes at weddings and special business events, right?

You need best shoes for back support that can be worn for special occasions.

Best Dress Shoes For Back Pain - Orthofeet Gramercy Mens Oxford Shoes​

The Brooks® Addiction Walker shoe is loaded with support for your low arches and control for your overpronation.

This casual yet contemporary walking shoe feels great whenever and wherever your everyday takes you!

Aside from the fact that this is a pair that you can easily use when you have to attend formal events.

This will allow you to be fashionable without hurting the lower portion of your body.

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Runner-Up - Vionic Orthaheel Preston Men's Slip On​

The Ortaheel Technology is one of the most notable things that should be evident about this pair of dress shoes.This feature will make it possible for you to use it all day and still be comfortable.

Since this is slip on, you do not have to fumble too much about keeping the laces intact as well as placing this on and off your feet.You know that this can help reduce the pressure from your feet without problems.

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Now that we have covered the best dress shoes for back pain that can be worn at special events, you would also like to know the best sandals for lower back pain that are nice to wear during the summer time or when you would like to wear your most comfortable shoes.

Here are some of the options you can check out:

Best Sandals For Lower Back Pain - Vionic Amber Open-Toe Synthetic Slingback Sandal​

If you would like to have sandals that look great and will allow you to wear the best shoes for lower back pain, then this may be the right pair for you.

You can wear this in the summer and spring seasons and it will fit well with most of your clothes. It has an exceptional arch that will help you walk well without any pain. If you have not experienced walking without pain for a long period of time, you can try this now. It will change things greatly.

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Runner-Up - Vionic Helen Open-Toe Synthetic Slingback Sandal

The padding of this sandal is highly comfortable and you can wear this pair for a long time without issues. This can help encourage you to walk naturally so that you can comfort your whole lower body and your lower back. The design is well thought of and you would see the difference with every step that you take. Walking for long periods of time will not be an issue when you have these sandals on your feet.

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Vionic Orthaheel Women's Tide II Sandals

When you see this pair, you may think that they are not really sandals but flip flops.

These sandals can provide the stabilization that you need and will also reduce the pressure on your feet and legs so that your back will stop hurting and you can walk in comfort.

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Effects Of Footwear On Back Pain

You have probably heard that high heels can cause back pain but they are not the only type of shoe that causes back pain.

A lot of times, people wear shoes that they are not comfortable in for the sake of their style.

People have the tendency to prioritize looks and style over true comfort and function.

Never mind the fact that they are going to have painful blisters on their feet, in addition to aching calves and thighs. The fact is that bad shoes are causing lower backs to be strained.

Can you imagine letting your body go through these different types of pain just to look good?

Back pain can manifest more as time goes on. The older that people get, the more that they are going to feel the strain brought about by wearing uncomfortable footwear.

When you are young, will you actually make an effort to check out best shoes for lower back pain? Perhaps you would only consider this when your back is already truly painful.

Here are some of the types of footwear available and how they can affect your back:


Womens Red Flats

Are you surprised that flats can actually cause back pain?

When you wear flats, you can expect that you will not be getting any support for your back.

In fact, since you have the tendency to wear them longer, they may actually cause more pressure on your back than other shoes can.

Since flats do not offer any support, you can expect that it will be putting pressure on your legs every time you take a step.

Once your legs have taken enough beating, the pressure will also start to build up on your back.

Without using the right footwear, the time will come when you may even develop plantar fasciitis.

Toning Shoes

Perhaps you feel like you are already happy with how your legs and thighs look but you want to tone them.

The perfect solution may be to purchase toning shoes, right?

This is wrong. When you wear toning shoes, you can expect that your muscles will have the tendency to work more. This is because of the curved bottom of the shoes.

According to some studies, toning shoes do not actually work because they are just similar to athletic shoes.

The main difference is that you can feel each step that you make because of how the shoes are shaped.

There is a big chance that you will have the tendency to feel more pain not only on your lower back but your whole lower body after some time.


Decorated Heels

Since this is the most well-known culprit, let us discuss how this can effect your back.

When it comes to high heels, do not only assume that this is for stilettos and open toed shoes. All shoes with high heels can cause lower back pain – even heels with boots.

Whenever you walk in heels, you walk in a certain posture to balance yourself and this can strain your back eventually.

Usually, the part of your body that gets effected the most by wearing high heels is your knees but eventually, you will cause some issues with your spine too. Altogether, they can cause knee, back, and foot pain.

In order to improve your back’s condition, it is okay if you wear heels when you cannot avoid wearing them but if you are going to wear them on a daily basis, you can already expect that your back will start to hurt. Seriously, they are bad for your back and foot!

Flip Flops

Remember the time when everybody thought that it would be cool to wear flip flops everywhere?

There was a time when people collected different colored flip flops and wore them everywhere.

It is a good thing that over the past years, wearing of flip flops has lessened considerably. Now, they are more seen at the beach where they belong.

Yet, there is a reason why flip flops may be bad for your back. Just notice how you wear them.

Isn’t it that every time you walk, you have to scrunch up your toes?

This means that the pressure will be on your hips so that you can continue moving. Over time, this will have an effect on your lower back too.

The above mentioned types of shoes are not those only types of shoes that can cause back pain.

As long as shoes are not well made and do not offer proper support to your lower body, you can expect to suffer from lower back pain from time to time.

With these things in mind, you cannot help but wonder, what are the best shoes for lower back pain then?

Factors To Consider When Selecting Shoes For Lower Back Pain

One of the misconceptions you may have when you are choosing the best shoes for lower back pain is that you have to wear chunky shoes or immediately shop at the orthopedic section.

This is not true at all. Your main goal is to find shoes that can blend seamlessly with the rest of your wardrobe without causing some back pains.

Here are just some of the factors that you should consider:


Arch on womans shoes

Look at the arch of the shoes that you are considering to purchase.

Does the arch work well with the natural arch of your foot?

Arch can differ from person to person so it does not mean that just because a pair of shoes work well with one person, it already means that it will look amazing on you.


This is another thing that you have to consider.

One of the mistakes that people make is choosing shoes that are too small or too big for them. There are different factors why you have shoes that do not fit well:

No matter what your reason is, purchasing shoes that do not fit well will have a negative effect on your whole body.

Seal Of Acceptance

Do you realize that there are some shoes that have been tested and have passed for being comfortable? If you want shoes that will not hurt your lower body at all. Look for this seal.


Do you realize that there are some shoes that are more rigid than most? Rigid shoes do not really move that well.

They may hurt the feet eventually because the feet will not be allowed to breathe. Shoes that are too flimsy will not do wonders for the feet as well.

Get Evaluated

Barefoot Walking

In order to find the right shoes for you, the best thing that you can do is to have your feet evaluated first.

You have to know if the width of your feet is narrow, medium or wide. The wider your feet are, the harder it may be for you to find shoes that will fit well.

Once you consider these factors, it will be easier for you to eliminate some shoes that you may want to purchase.

You also have an option to have your shoes custom made if you believe that this is the best option.

You can ask your physician if he/she thinks that this will work well for you. On the up side, there are best shoes for lower back pain that you can already buy ready made.


It is evident that there are different types of shoes that can be considered the best shoes for back pain.

There are lots of options but not all will be good for you. Remember, the best shoes for lower back and hip pain will not work if the size is wrong.

Out of all the ones that are mentioned above, which pair do you want to buy first?


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