Best Shoes for Kettlebell Training

This article will help you find the best shoe for your workout routine.

It can be hard to find a good shoe that is perfect for all of your workouts, but we have found some great ones.

We hope this article helps you in finding the best shoes for kettlebell training that fits well and doesn’t hurt!


Looking for a versatile shoe that can take your training to the next level? Look no further than the FEIYUE Fe Lo 1920 Trainers.

With a breathable mesh upper and supportive PU leather overlay, these shoes will keep your feet comfortable while you’re working up a sweat.

The reinforced toe box is perfect for protecting your feet during high-intensity workouts, and the split sole design provides excellent traction and flexibility.

The shoes also come in a vegan leather version.

Product Info

Warranty: 90-day warranty policy


  • Mesh upper 
  • PU leather overlays

Sizes: 4-13

FEIYUE Unisex - Adult Mid-Top Trainers Shoes FEIYUE Unisex - Adult Mid-Top Trainers Shoes

Hit the park, gym or the street and 'Fly Forward' in your Feiyue. With perfected features for flexibility and comfort, this shoe is built for movement. Plus, the grip of the sole tread provides maximum traction, making these a best choice training shoe with comfort and function.

02/18/2024 05:24 pm GMT


  • The breathable mesh upper and supportive PU leather overlays keep your feet comfortable
  • The reinforced toe box protects your feet during high-intensity workouts
  • The split sole design provides excellent traction and flexibility
  • Comes in a vegan leather version


  • Some users report issues with sizes being too small
  • Some users don’t appreciate the insoles, claiming they are too hard

User Reviews:

Nike Metcon

The Nike Metcon is a great shoe for weightlifting and kettlebell training.

It has a stable platform that provides good traction and durability, and the heel clip helps keep your foot in place.

The Nike Metcon is also available in a wide variety of colors and styles, so you can find the perfect one for you.

Product Info

Warranty: Limited warranty


  • Mesh upper with synthetic overlays
  • Flywire cables for stability

Sizes: 7-12 men’s

Nike Metcon Sport Nike Metcon Sport

Enjoy a versatile experience while lifting weights or drilling for speed and agility with the dynamic Nike® Metcon Sport cross training shoes.

02/19/2024 04:36 pm GMT


  • The stable platform provides good traction and durability
  • Heel clip helps keep your foot in place
  • Wide variety of colors and styles


  • Some users find the shoe to be too narrow

User Reviews:

Reebok Nano X1

The Reebok Nano X1 is a great shoe for CrossFit and kettlebell training.

It has a flexible and lightweight design that provides good traction and stability, and the low-cut design allows for easy movement.

The Reebok Nano X1 is also available in a wide variety of colors and styles, so you can find the perfect one for you.

Product Info

Warranty: Limited warranty


  • Flexweave upper
  • Low-cut design
Reebok Men's Nano X1 Cross Trainer Reebok Men's Nano X1 Cross Trainer

Versatile Workout Shoes: Workout the way you want - these combination training and running shoes enable you to jump, climb, and even throw the barbell around with complete confidence.

02/18/2024 04:49 pm GMT


  • Flexible and lightweight design provides good traction and stability
  • Low-cut design allows for easy movement
  • Wide variety of colors and styles


  • Some users find the shoe to be too tight

User Reviews:

Asics Weightlifting Shoes

Whether you’re a casual lifter or a powerlifter, the ASICS weightlifting shoes will come in handy, especially the Liftmaster.

They are also great kettlebell training and cross-training shoes.

These ASICS trainers stand out because they use a high-abrasion rubber outsole that is sturdy and durable. Plus, it touches all points of the floor to deliver a strong and stable base.

More supportive cross-trainers from this brand come with a gel midsole that boosts support without being overly bulky.

Another thing, these flat shoes come at a reasonable price.

Product Info

Warranty: 1 Year


  • Synthetic Leather upper with no-sew overlays, including a breathable mesh
  • TPU heel with rubber lining the bottom
ASICS Men's Lift Master Lite Cross-Trainer Shoe ASICS Men's Lift Master Lite Cross-Trainer Shoe

The lift master lite™ product defines our power category, while exceeding the cross-training demands of olympic lifters and dedicated weight trainers.


  • Sizable Raised Heel Platform
  • Foot Straps for increased stability
  • Tight snug fit
  • Wide toe box


  • Narrow fit

User Reviews:

Brooks Lifting Shoes

While Brooks is known for its running shoes, they also produce weight lifting shoes like the Adrenaline GTS 22.

It comes with a firmer midsole, which makes it great for weight-training exercises, like kettlebell swings. It also makes an excellent cross trainer.

The firm and uniform midsole deliver enough support while being comfortable enough for goblet squats. Let’s not forget the soft cushioning under the outsole for smoother transitions from heel to toe during cross training.

Like most Brooks shoes, the Adrenaline GTS 22 is perfect for men and women alike and delivers exceptional performance at an affordable cost.

Product Info

Warranty: 100-day return and 3-year extended warranty


  • Engineered spacer mesh upper, including inner gusset
  • EVA blend foam Midsole with Guiderails
Brooks Adrenaline GTS 22 Men's Supportive Running Shoe Brooks Adrenaline GTS 22 Men's Supportive Running Shoe

The new Engineered Air Mesh upper hugs the foot for a secure fit while also improving breathability.

02/19/2024 12:54 am GMT


  • Come in a variety of colors
  • Designed to provide amazing support and softness
  • Great for heavier runners and gym exercises
  • Breathable mesh upper


  • Some people might find GuideRails uncomfortable
  • Others might find the pair of shoes heavy on their feet

User Reviews:

Nike Romaleos 4

Designed for great stability and strength, Nike Romaleos 4 is another impressive strength training shoe ideal for heavy kettlebells lifting.

The comfortable shoes feature wide straps over the laces. Users can adjust the straps for more secure support during intense workouts like the pistol squat, bench press, or kettlebell leg workout.

Besides that, it comes with a firm midsole with a heel lift to allow maximum power transmission from the ground to promote explosive movements.

You will also love the shoe’s wide raised heel, which creates a stable base for heavy lifting. The unique feature makes the pair the perfect wrestling shoes. 

Whether you’re a certified personal trainer or casual gym-goer, you will love these Nike shoes with superior cushioning.

Product Info

Warranty: 90 days return policy and a 2-year minimum warranty


  • Upper fabric material
  • Flat sole, rubber thread for durable traction, and rigid midsole


  • Excellent stability, support, and superior cushioning
  • Efficient traction
  • Quality material and heavy construction
  • Heavy to keep you glued to the floor
  • True to size


  • According to some customers, the shoes are too narrow
  • Hard Heel slip issue
  • Don’t feature the flywire technology

Best for: Individuals who favor firmer, heavier support and superior durability

Can You Do Kettlebell Training Barefoot?

Yes! You can train bare feet when swinging kettlebells.

Most weightlifting shoes tend to limit the movement of your feet and toes, especially those without a wide toe box.

Furthermore, today, it’s hard to find people walking barefoot in their homes or workplace. This means their feet and toes don’t get enough training.

As a matter of fact, experts say, training barefoot gives you more stability. That’s especially true when it comes to strength training – kettlebell workouts, barbell training, or any other form of weight exercise. 

Barefoot training in the gym helps you expend more energy than you would form a pair of athletic shoes with a cushioned sole. As a result, your workouts become more productive.

While other factors can affect the way you train, shoes have a huge impact. The problem with wearing some kettlebell shoes or cross training shoes is that they come with squishy soles, making it hard to stay balanced.

If you wear shoes with cushioned soles during kettlebell lifting, chances are you will get propelled forward. But having no shoes on ensures you stay firmly in one position.

Besides that, some cross trainers tend to come with a raised heel, which places the feet in a more plantarflexed position.

This becomes an issue, particularly during kettlebell training, because you will have a flawed foundation. As such, you will not be centered on your feet for a more effective push down into the floor to activate your whole posterior chain.

Keep in mind that sometimes even the right footwear can limit the range of motion of ankles.

Reasons to Train Barefoot

Greater Body Awareness

Proprioception or kinesthesia is the ability of our bodies to sense movement, action, and location.

Every muscle had proprioceptors, but a huge concentration of these receptors can be found in our feet.

If you spend most of your day wearing shoes, chances are the proprioceptors in your legs are not getting stimulated enough by the ground.

They’re only receiving feedback from the inside cushioning of your shoes.

Training barefoot on a hard surface allows you to stimulate the proprioception in your feet effectively since there’s no rubber sole shielding your feet.

Better Foot Rooting

Sometimes the best lifting shoes can limit your feet rooting, especially when doing deadlifts, squats, or kettlebells swings. Training barefoot allows you to create a solid foundation between your foot and the floor.

When lifting weights, you drive forces against the ground to move weights upwards. If your feet are rooted correctly on the floor, you can drive maximum power up through your muscles to the bar or kettlebell.

Proper foot rooting help to trigger neurological pattern in your body to stimulate the correct muscle groups used in lifting. As a result, your swings will feel more explosive and you will enjoy more balance.

Can You Use Running Shoes for Kettlebell Training?

Most people usually hit the gym with their comfortable running shoes. While this might sound like a fine idea, running shoes are not designed for weightlifting.

Keep in mind that every sport has sport-specific gear that will help you perform better, and kettlebell training or weight lifting shoes are no different.

Shoes for kettlebell training usually feature soles made from plastic or sometimes hardwood, instead of soft rubber found in most running shoes.

Also, they feature raised heels for reduced ankle mobility when doing squats. In running shoes, you will discover heavy arch support and raised toe to promote forefoot mobility.

Therefore, running shoes lack the solid bases required in kettlebell swings.

The right pair of shoes for kettlebell training should come with a rigid sole so the heels can drive into the floor when working out.

Wearing shoes that don’t offer your maximum stability and support when lifting something, reduces your power output and increases your risk of injury.

When performing compound workouts such as deadlifts and squats, opt for a cross trainer with a minimalistic sole featuring a few counters. This way, your foot can stabilize itself and your muscle can develop.

Flat Sole Shoes for Kettlebell Training

Flat sole shoes have been in kettlebell training and powerlifting for many years.

While these shoes come with no special features and kettlebell or weight training constructions, they’re simple and cost-effective. That explains why they’re the go-to option for many people.

These shoes often feature flat outsole and midsole construction.

Also, they come with a 0mm heel-to-toe drop, meaning your heel will sit at the same height as the forefoot and toes.

Flat breathable shoes come with several benefits. For example, you will enjoy more stability when doing your kettlebell swings.

These shoes often come with wider surface areas, making them perfect for lower body workouts. Your feet will fully splay and spread to grip the floor while doing deadlifts and squats.

Another thing, the flat construction helps your foot touch all the corners of the floor.

A flat foot position means more balance and better performance when doing the different variations of kettlebell exercises.

The Chuck Taylors All-Star High Top and Reebok CrossFit Lite LTR are perhaps the best flat sole shoes for kettlebell training.

Can You Get Ripped with Kettlebells?

Yes! Kettlebells can help you get ripped much faster. But this depends on your commitment. Study shows that kettlebells swings can significantly boost your strength by 12% compared to power training.

The kettlebell shape makes it easier for individuals to push, pull, and swing it with ease. As a result, you can unlock a new branch of exercises that you never thought possible before.

Besides that, kettlebells work your glutes, hips, core, shoulder, back, and hamstring.

Different variations of kettlebells exercise will help you shed fat, build muscles, increase strength and get a muscular physique quickly.

What’s more, you can use them for your workouts at the gym and even at home since they don’t occupy so much room.


The best shoes for kettlebell training need to be comfortable and durable.

They need to have a low heel-to-toe ratio and wide toe box for more stability and balance. They should also feature a grip to hold you on the floor.

However, some experts recommend you do kettlebell training barefooted to promote foot rooting, maximum ankle movement, and achieve better body awareness.

Whether you’re training barefooted or with shoes, kettlebell sport is a great way to get ripped and stay healthy.

They promote muscle development, a stronger posterior chain, powerful calorie burns, and better cardiorespiratory fitness.

That’s enough for today. We hope this article has provided you with all the information you needed, and now you can make an informed decision.

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