Best Recovery Tools For CrossFit – Massage, Roll, Scrap, and Band Your Way out of Muscle Tension

CrossFit is a strenuous exercise that engages entire muscle groups to transform and sculpt the body.

Because of the intensity of this exercise program, muscle soreness is inevitable. Active recovery is an excellent muscle recovery tool, while sometimes, a massager or stretch band can help too.

We’ve given you the best CrossFit gear and the CrossFit diet, so now it’s time to find the best tools for muscle recovery.

Let’s rock and roll.

Massage Guns

Massages are great recovery tools for muscle soreness, and they increase blood flow to heal the body.

However, they are expensive, and it isn’t always easy to find the time to fit them into your schedule.

That’s where massage guns come into play as one of the best Crossfit recovery tools. Take a look at some of our top recommendations below.

TheraGun Elite

The newest TheraGun Elite is the 4th generation of the model.

It features a QX65 motor with Quietforce technology and longer battery life than its predecessors. Use this massager for up to two hours without needing to recharge.

Because a lithium battery powers it, no cords get in the way while massaging. It has an ergonomic handle for comfort and an OLED screen that showcases the speed and force used.

With Bluetooth capabilities to connect to wellness apps, the TheraGun Elite is a favorite for its efficiency in proper recovery from a CrossFit workout.

It’s available on Amazon for $399 and comes in black or white.

It features five different attachments that focus on overall muscle massages to more specific triggers needing recovery.

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Comfier Mini Massage Gun

If you are looking for a good budget option, the Comfier Mini Massage gun is perfect for a post-workout recovery tool.

It’s a compact tool, weighing only 1.2lbs, which is excellent for travel.

To offset delayed onset muscle soreness, grab this compact device and use it for up to five hours on one charge.

A USB port is available for charging and a noise reduction technology to keep it quiet while in use.

For $59.99, available on Amazon in either black or white, the Comfier Mini Massage gun is affordable with four attachments to decrease muscle fatigue and promote blood flow after your CrossFit training.

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Foam Rollers

Another CrossFit recovery tool is the foam roller.

CrossFit athletes swear by foam rollers as an excellent way to stretch sore muscles.

Here are a few of the best ones to try.

LuxFit Foam Roller

Picture this. You just completed an epic training session involving one tough workout after another.

How do you regain muscle function? You reach for the LuxFit foam roller and revive those muscles.

This speckled foam roller comes in various colors and sizes to relieve soreness by rolling tight muscles to stretch and massage all at once.

The foam roller molds to your body, promoting better muscle stretching, coordination, and overall body awareness.

Recovery methods like foam rolling have been proven to help prevent injuries post-workout.

The LuxFit foam roller is made with high-density foam, guaranteed to last with a 10-year warranty.

The price of this foam roller ranges from $12.95 for the smallest 12” roller to $29.95 for the largest roller at 36”. An 18” and 24” foam roller is also available.

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Elvire Sport Foam Roller for Physical Therapy

The Elvire Sport foam roller is a medical-grade high-density foam roller that comes as a set.

Receive a soft inner roller for gentle massages post-workout. If you require foam rolling at a more intense level, go for the hard covering roller with sharper pins to massage deeper for more muscle gain.

The Elvire Sport also comes with a foot massager and massage ball. All of this comes in a carry-all bag, making it easy to bring with you for CrossFit recovery.

All of these recovery tools are available together on Amazon for $34.99.

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Muscle Scrapers

Another CrossFit recovery tool, the muscle scraper, is a small apparatus that manipulates small muscle tissue for better blood flow and relief from muscle tension.

Here are a few of our favorites.

BYYDDIY Gua Sha Muscle Scraper Tool

The BYYDDIY Gua Sha muscle scraper is excellent because it comes in various sizes and shapes depending on what area of the body you need to use it.

For example, the stainless steel scraper tool in the form of an S works for the face, neck, calves, back, arms, and chest.

The muscle scraping is intended for smaller areas to activate the small muscle tissue leading to more blood flow and relief from muscle fatigue.

Since it’s made out of stainless steel, you never have to worry about it rusting or wearing. Plus, the range of different shapes helps you recover all over your body. 

The prices of the BYYDDIY muscle scrapers range depending on their shape and size from $13.99 to $17.99.

The good news is they are all available via Amazon for those who love Amazon Prime and free shipping.

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FeelFree Sport Stainless Steel Gua Sha Tools

Coming in one shape for all body areas, the FeelFree Sport tool is one of the best recovery tools to eliminate muscle tension.

Soft tissues get a massage, causing blood to flow quickly to the area for maximum recovery. It’s made with stainless steel, protecting it from rust or wear and tear.

The hole in the center of the tool allows for a better grip for your hand to reach any muscle that needs relief.

Two different sizes are available on Amazon for $18.99 for the regular size and $24.99 for the large size.

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Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are involved in many training programs, but did you know that they are excellent for muscle recovery too?

They provide great ways to stretch out sore muscles full of lactic acid on hard training days.

They are great as active recovery so let’s look at some of our recommendations.

Walito Resistance Bands

This active recovery tool comes in a set of three with varying intensities to stretch out muscle tension.

They work best for the butt and legs, especially sprains or muscle strains.

The antislip technology ensures the band stays in place for your CrossFit workout if used for active recovery. The levels of resistance are as follows.

  • Green – 14-25 lbs 
  • Pink – 25-35 lbs
  • Purple – 40-50 lbs

They offer a lifetime guarantee on the bands. If one breaks, simply send it back for a new one.

Get all three bands plus a carry bag for $14.99 on Amazon. We like these bands for their ability to keep the resistance over time and non-slip technology.

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Taimasi 23 pcs Resistance Band Set

You read that correctly. The Taimasi comes with 23 pieces of equipment to cut your recovery time down on those tender muscles.

Here’s what is included with the set.

  • Five resistance bands of different intensities with handles
  • One Figure-eight resistance band
  • Five loop bands
  • One jump rope
  • One headband
  • One hand strengthener ring
  • One towel
  • Two soft-grips
  • An exercise guide
  • One carry bag
  • One door anchor
  • Two ankle straps

All of this is available on Amazon for purchase.

The resistance bands feature up to 150lbs for those wanting to push themselves further in their exercise.

The door anchor allows you to hook the resistance bands to the door to get the ultimate stretch with these bands.

We like this for the number of items offered in this set for various ways to find active recovery after a CrossFit workout.

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The CrossFit Recovery Process

Whether you look to active recovery through resistance bands or muscle recovery via massagers and the foam roll, the CrossFit recovery process is vital for maintaining muscle strength and avoiding injury.

The CrossFit workout is intense, but recovery tools are in place to ensure you don’t overdo it. It’s essential to make recovery a part of your everyday routine.

Ice baths, massagers, and foam rollers are all great ways to indulge your body after a hard workout.

CrossFit recovery enables you to reach fitness goals by giving yourself time to repair muscle tissue after that WOD app puts you through the grinder.

Plus, who doesn’t love a good massager? Happy shopping!

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