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Best Power Tower for Home Use – Bodyweight Workouts without Bulky Equipment

Ready to upgrade your home gym?  If so, a power tower might be precisely what you need. 

It’s not overly massive or expensive and yet has the effect you need for muscle building.  Sounds pretty awesome, right? 

Before you run out and grab a power tower, let us enlighten you with some of the best power towers your money can buy. 

We’ll give you what to look for, and some example buys of what we like best.  Grab that cup of joe and let the reading begin.

What is a Power Tower?

It’s a tower of power, ya’ll. 

A simple structure, power towers usually feature a dip station and pull-up bar that allows you to build muscle and tone the arms, legs, and core with just one structure. 

They vary in size depending on the brand.  Some of the most common exercises range from pull-ups, push-ups, hanging leg raises, dips, crunches, and more. 

Since they need to be sturdy because all of your body weight is supported by the structure, they usually do not break down.  Ensure you have the proper space, including several feet above and around the frame, for your chin-ups, pull-ups, dips, etc. 

The beauty of a power tower is its versatility in allowing you to build multiple muscle groups in your calisthenics training—one tower to rule them all. 

Any Lord of the Rings fans out there?  We thought so.

Considerations for Power Towers

When you do your research, keep these elements in mind to ensure you get the correct value for your money.


Check your budget and then search for a power tower that will fit your needs but not break the bank. 

They range in price from $100 to over $1000.  That’s a wide range, so don’t stress. 

You can get an excellent power tower for a lot less than $1000 by doing your research and checking reviews. 

Remember, people will be honest about a product when money is on the line.  Trust us on that one.


Consider your space before buying an apparatus for your home gym. 

There’s nothing worse than purchasing something and then realizing you are limited in the amount of space around it. 

A power tower needs some room, so take the measurements before you buy. 

Also, keep in mind that most power towers don’t break down to be stored.  Sturdiness is essential and breaking it down, and rebuilding isn’t a good option with something like that.

Weight Capacity

Check the weight limit of your power tower and ensure you are well under it.  This is imperative for multiple reasons. 

You never want to compromise the sturdiness of the structure because you are close to the weight limit. 

Also, if you decide to add weights to increase your fitness level at any point, you don’t want to be overcapacity.  Always look for a high weight capacity.


The power tower must be stable.  Let’s say that again, just in case. 

Stability is vital when it comes to power towers. 

You never want to risk the tower wobbling and falling over or collapsing.  This is a significant safety concern. 

Look for power towers with wide bases as that will increase the stability.


We mentioned that power towers were versatile, but some are more so than others. 

The power tower should generally include a chin-up/pull-up bar, dip station with padding, hanging leg raise area, sit-up station, and an option to perform elevated push-ups. 

That said, other added features are hanging handles for lat pulldowns or ways to anchor your feet for different crunch options.  Some may even come with wheels that provide ease of movement around your home gym. 

Check to make sure that all of the items are adjustable for your height and size requirements.

Exercises Available

The more exercises you can perform, the better your power tower will be for your fitness goals. 

Ensure there is a range of options available with the tower you choose. 

It should be a pull-up, push-up, vertical knee raise, and dip beast!


Construction goes along with our stability element.  The better it is made, the more stable it will be. 

Look for something that has heavy-duty steel construction and padding for any dip areas or seated areas. 

The material should be comfortable and able to wick away sweat.  Otherwise, it might start to smell in time, and no one wants that.

Best Power Towers for Home Use

We’ve given you the critical options to look for, and now it’s time to grab that best power tower. 

Here are some of our favorites.

1. Weider Power Tower

Measuring at 84” x 41” x 57” with a 300 lb weight capacity, the Weider Power Tower is a fan favorite for its value for your money. 

Get a comfortable workout with a thick pad for the armrest and backrest.  It’s made with a heavy-duty steel frame for stable and safe training. 

This piece of equipment provides pull-ups, knee raises, dips, and elevated push-ups for your calisthenics needs. 

While it’s rather large, if you have room in your home gym, we highly recommend this one as it’s only $149.98 and is available on Amazon. 

Free shipping for the win!


  • Excellent quality product for an affordable price
  • Made with heavy-duty steel for durability and stability
  • The backrest and armrest are made with thick padding for comfort
  • High weight capacity so no wobbling for heavier users 


  • Some reviews suggest it is rather complicated to assemble
  • The tools required for assembling aren’t included, so grab that toolbox.

User Reviews:

Weider Power Tower with 4 Workout Stations and 300 Lb. User Capacity Weider Power Tower with 4 Workout Stations and 300 Lb. User Capacity

Get more out of your push-up workout with the Power Tower’s incorporated push-up station with molded hand grips.

  • Protected with a 90 Days Parts and Labor Warranty
  • 84" H x 41" W x 57" L Footprint

2. Stamina 1690 Power Tower

Don’t we all want a power tower with stamina? 

The durable steel frame allows for users up to 250 lbs.  While it’s not as substantial as some competitors, reviews state that using this tower gets the job done. 

There is no vertical knee raise station, but that exercise is still possible with this apparatus.  In addition to that, it allows for pull-ups, push-ups, sit-ups, and dips. 

The padding is comfortable, and the grips on the handles are well made. If you are on a budget and limited on space, this is an excellent option for $142.87.


  • Well made and sturdy
  • The sit-up station is padded and comfortable
  • Smaller in size for people with less space for home gym equipment
  • It’s lightweight, so very easy to move out of the way after exercises are completed.


  • Weight capacity is only 250 lbs
  • While you can perform vertical knee raises, there isn’t a particular station for this exercise.

User Reviews:

Stamina Power Towers Stamina Power Towers

Power Towers allow for many different bodyweight exercises, helping you lose weight, build muscle and improve heart health. Bodyweight routines are invigorating and effective for major muscle groups.

  • The durable steel frame supports users of up to 250 lbs.
  • Stamina Power Tower 1690 is a compact 49”x42.5”x81”
02/18/2024 03:33 pm GMT

3. Gold’s Gym XR 10.9 Power Tower

If you’re a member of Gold’s Gym, you know that they make the best of the best. 

The same holds for this power tower made with professional heavy-duty steel and is 58” x 20” x 9” in size.  It holds up to 250 lbs and has a D-frame base for extra stability and no wobble. 

This piece of equipment includes a vertical knee raise, pull-up, push-up, and dip station to work the core, arms, back, and chest. 

The Gold’s Gym power tower features extra comfortable padding on the grips, armrest, and backrest. 

It is a quality power tower at $179.52 on Amazon for those with limited space.


  • Extremely comfortable and sturdy
  • Assembly is simple
  • Those with limited space will love this one


  • Weight capacity is only 250 lbs which are more restrictive than some
  • Some reviews state that the grips are too wide, especially if you are a smaller person.

User Reviews:

Gold's Gym XR 10.9 Power Tower Gold's Gym XR 10.9 Power Tower

Step up and discover your inner 6 pack with this comfortable Vertical Knee Raise station.

  • Get the most out of your push up workout with these padded, push up hand grips.
  • Build triceps, chest and shoulder muscles along with incredible upper body strength.

4. Fitness Gear Pro Power Tower

Now, if Amazon is your jam, we regret to inform you that this one isn’t available there. 

However, it’s a favorite of ours because it comes with foldable arms for the dip bar to save your space since it’s 63” x 38” x 85”.  Use this power tower for knee raises, pull-ups, chin-ups, and more. 

The heavy-duty steel frame and finish that prevents chipping means this power tower is durable and stable–two must-haves when it comes to your power tower. 

To add to its features, it comes with a one-year warranty on parts.  To add this home gym equipment to your collection, it’s $179.99.


  • The power tower features foldable arms on the dip station
  • Made with excellent materials for a sturdy power tower
  • The price is excellent


  • Some reviews state it is rather difficult to assemble
  • Other reviews say the paint chips with time

5. Total Gym Power Tower

With the Total Gym power tower, we are headed back to Amazon.  Did we hear a cheer out there?  Seriously, what did we do before Amazon? 

Anyway, this piece of equipment is not your average power tower.  It features dip bars and enables core workouts, but with a different style.  It has a padded glide board and a wing attachment. 

Add up to eight levels of resistance and practice over 70 exercises with this power tower.  It is more like an all-in-one gym than a power tower but utilizes similar exercises. It’s 93” x 43” x 15.5”, but it folds up for storage purposes.  The steel frame ensures a sturdy and stable workout. 

Plus, all of the features are easy to adjust for height and weight requirements.  It also has a maximum weight capacity of 300 lbs. 

We like that when we want to add resistance.  At $399, we love this one for an all-in-one home gym.


  • Offers low impact options and is easy to use
  • Over 70 exercises performed on this power tower
  • It folds so you can store it easily


  • Not an average power tower
  • More expensive than some competitors

User Reviews:

Total Gym APEX Versatile Indoor Home Workout Total Gym APEX Versatile Indoor Home Workout

Total Body Strength Training Fitness Equipment with up to 10 Levels of Resistance and Attachments.

  • 8 levels of resistance, 70+ exercises, and supports 300 lbs. of total weight
  • Cable pulley system with embroidered nylon handles
  • Padded rolling glideboard
  • Quality steel frame construction
02/18/2024 03:04 pm GMT

6. Fitness Reality X Class Power Tower

Another high-end product, the Fitness Reality X Class power tower, is made with a heavy-duty steel frame with a maximum weight capacity of up to 400 lbs. 

With that kind of weight capacity, never worry about adding weight to increase your fitness level. 

This is one of the best power towers on the market because of its high weight capacity, adjustable handlebars, comfortable padding for your back and arms, and an adjustable beam that increases the stability and support of the structure. 

If you think that this power tower will be a beast to put together, think again.  It’s easy to assemble, which adds to its excellent features.  The power tower will never falter or wobble whether you perform pull-ups, utilize the dip station, or perform knee raises. 

The price of $697.95 is higher, but you get an incredible power tower that will last.


  • Has one of the highest weight capacities available on the market
  • Three-position beam means durability and sturdiness
  • Made with premium heavy-duty steel that lasts
  • Add weights to exercises without worrying about the weight limit
  • Multiple adjustments to suit any size and shape.


  • A rather expensive option

User Reviews:

Fitness Reality X-Class High Capacity Multi-Function Power Tower Fitness Reality X-Class High Capacity Multi-Function Power Tower
  • Ergonomically designed 3" thick angled backrest for real comfort. 2.25" thick angled forearm cushions for comfortable forearm and Elbow support
  • Heavy duty powder coated steel tube frame with up to 400 lbs.

7. Bowflex BodyTower

Who doesn’t love a Bowflex?  The Bowflex BodyTower is no different. 

It comes with an array of options for your calisthenics needs.  Everything is adjustable and easy to use, so beginners love this power tower. 

There are sling straps for assisting with hanging exercises, a dip station with adjustable bars, and horizontal bars that are also adjustable for your needs. 

Its maximum weight capacity is 300 lbs and is 50” x 50” x 77”.  With an assembly time of only about 30 minutes, get your Bowflex BodyTower for $297.  We love the versatility of this one.


  • The sling straps and handles increase the versatility of this power tower
  • High weight capacity
  • Well constructed and strong
  • The dip bars and horizontal bars are adjustable


  • Some reviews suggest taller users may prefer a taller power tower
  • Another rather expensive option

User Reviews:

Bowflex Home Gym Series Bowflex Home Gym Series
  • 7 levels of adjustment that allows you to do 20+ exercises
  • E 7 adjust horizontal bars let you add variety and intensity to your workouts

Final Musings

If you are looking for exercise equipment that offers multi-function and a range of bodyweight exercises, look no further. 

A power tower provides an array of exercises for multiple muscle groups without overtaking your home gym. 

We gave you some of the best power towers to try, and now it’s your turn to put your money to the test.  We never steer you wrong, do we? 

The Fitness Tribe is signing off on this one!

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