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The 9 Best Paid Workout Programs In 2024

While planning a new training program can be an exciting prospect for many people, for others, it is an extremely daunting task. Even those who enjoy writing workout programs often struggle to come up with enough new ideas to keep things enjoyable and their progress moving in the right direction.

No matter how much hard work you put into your training or diet, if you are not doing the right things in the gym, you aren’t going to see results. This makes ensuring that the training program you are using is the right one for you absolutely imperative to your success.

This is why many people will turn to get a professional workout program. While free workout programs are available, they are usually very basic in nature, and are often simply designed to sell you other products or workouts. As a result, paid workout programs are normally the way to go.

The problem is, how do you know that the workout program you spend your hard-earned money on is going to be the right one to produce the kind of results you desire?

Well, in today’s article, we are going to be analyzing what we consider to be the 9 best paid workout programs in 2024. We’ll look at what each offers, how much it costs, and how likely it is to work. This should make finding a perfect workout to help you achieve your goals as quick and easy as can be.

Are Workout Programs Worth It?

If you want to get serious about your training, you shouldn’t try to reinvent the wheel and come up with crazy or “unique” routines.

Most of us will have done this at some point but, unless you’re highly qualified and experienced, chances are what you come up with will be less effective than routines that are already out there.

Instead, it can be much quicker, easier, and more beneficial to use a program designed by a fitness professional that has been tried and tested. While no routine is guaranteed to produce results as our bodies are all different, a professional workout program is the closest you will get to a sure thing.

Professional workout programs aren’t just for beginners either. While people just getting started may get the most out of them, advanced users regularly use programs too to help them get out of plateaus or take their results to the next level.

Is It Worth Paying For A Workout Program?

It is absolutely worth paying for a workout program, provided you do your research and make sure the one you select has been designed by reputable professionals. Most people will be able to afford a workout program of some kind, as there are plenty of relatively cheap options to get you started.

Even when you start looking at programs that cost hundreds of dollars, they can still offer good value if you plan to use it for at least 4 hours a week for years to come.

At the end of the day, almost any program is cheap and good value when compared to the hours of use you’ll get out of it and the hours you will save not having to build your own. 

The Benefits Of Workout Programs

Many people often ask why they should use a predesigned workout program when they feel their fitness knowledge is good enough to let them do their own thing. There are a great number of benefits of workout programs and, in the following section, we will show you exactly what they are.

Removes Major Excuses

One of the most common reasons for people skipping a workout or not training hard enough is that they don’t have a definite plan in place. Without a gameplan, it is easy to say you don’t need to train that day or wander around aimlessly in the gym doing things with no end goal.

Planning can take time and energy and, if you have to do it before every workout or even every few weeks, you may start to avoid training altogether.

Using a professionally designed plan helps you to overcome this roadblock. By going in knowing the exact exercises, weights, reps, sets, times, and distances you need to use, you can focus solely on completing the tasks at hand and progressing, rather than working out what to do next.

Nothing Gets Missed

When people build their own workout programs, they will usually hit all of the main muscle groups but often miss some of the smaller areas, such as the calves, forearms, obliques, serratus etc.

By using a professional workout program, you won’t have to wonder or worry about missing a body part or not training it enough, as the optimal levels and exercises to develop a well-rounded physique will have been built in for you.

Easy To Track Your Progress

Making sure you track how you are progressing while you train is vital if you are going to keep improving. It is also one of the most satisfying feelings when you see that weights, times, reps, or distances you previously struggled with or couldn’t do are becoming easier and more attainable.

This will provide continued motivation, as you are always developing and can clearly see just how far you’ve come from when you started the program. Having regular tests and benchmarks built into a program lets you see how things are going, without you needing to worry about checking manually.

Planned To Be Fun

Just because you are training to see results doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy what you are doing. A well designed workout plan can help to make sure you cover all of the bases required to hit your fitness goals, while also ensuring there are elements of fun and play in the program. 

Making sure you are able to do things that you enjoy while still following a structured plan is vital to the success of a long-term plan. It should be considered a core component to a workout for anyone who isn’t training to compete at an elite level, as it will increase motivation significantly.

The 9 Best Paid Workout Programs In 2024

We now move on to look at our list of the best paid workout programs in 2024. This will cover workouts of all different styles, to try and help everyone find their perfect workout routine and achieve their fitness goals.

Calisthenics Movement: Complete Calisthenics

Calisthenics Movement, also known as Cali Move, was developed by Sven Kohl and Alex “El Eggs” Lorenz. Between them, they have more than 25 years of fitness and Calisthenics experience and knowledge.

Their Complete Calisthenics program comes in 5 courses which are referred to as “levels”. These levels are numbered and named simply 1 to 5 or Beginner to Master. Every week is further divided into a number of different phases.

Each course lasts 19 weeks and is a cycle of a test week, where you do a number of benchmark tests, followed by 3 to 4 weeks of actual training. This means that the Complete Calisthenics program is a very long program, and it will last nearly 2 years (95 weeks) if you follow it from start to finish.

The program uses a mix of styles, including bodybuilding techniques and calisthenic and body weight exercises. This is done to produce maximum gains in strength, size, core stability, and overall fitness at the same time while allowing you to continue progressing for a much longer period.

The program is known to produce results very quickly, and huge changes are almost guaranteed in about 6 months. This is particularly true for newbies, who will be going from nothing to performing very challenging, yet easy-to-follow exercises.

The entire program can be very useful for users of all ability levels, but it is especially useful for beginners, people who don’t have access to traditional gym equipment, those who like “playground” style workouts, or anyone who simply lacks the motivation to stick to regular workout routines.

Cali Move also has a dedicated YouTube channel that covers everything to do with calisthenics. This gives you plenty of different ways to expand the options and workouts found in the program and combine them with the other ideas the company’s many trainers and instructors are presenting.

One of the top-selling points of the program is that very little equipment is needed, so it can be done anywhere and requires very little monetary investment. The programs start as low as $19.99 for one, but they do become very expensive very quickly if you decide you want to buy them all individually.

The most cost-effective way to buy the course is with the complete bundle. This retails for $299.99 or $347.99, depending on whether you pay upfront or monthly, and offers up to $120 worth of discounts when compared to making individual purchases.

Workout Mobility | Cali Move Workout Mobility | Cali Move

- 6+ month program

- 3 different difficulty levels

- Lifetime access (including updates)

- Bonus downloadable PDF

- Online video platform

-15-40 min per Workout, 3-6 times a week

- Additional advanced tutorials for Splits, Handstand Press and V-Sit


  • Harder exercises only start to be included once you reach an appropriate level
  • Offers great developments while setting realistic expectations
  • Minimal equipment is required to complete the entire program
  • Uses only well tested training styles that are proven to produce results
  • Includes a wide variety of options and exercises
  • Is great for those lacking motivation and is extremely “newbie” friendly
  • The videos and easy to follow tutorials are instructed by experienced fitness professionals
  • Created by highly experienced professionals in calisthenics training
  • Ideal for those without access to traditional fitness equipment
  • Will help you to continue progressing over an extended period of time


  • The program can be too long to keep some people’s attention
  • The 2 years doesn’t include rest days, holidays, or being sick
  • Buying individual levels is very expensive, which is not ideal for advanced users who don’t need to do the beginner stages
  • Very little nutritional information is supplied to support your training

The Movement Athlete

The Movement Athlete is an app that offers online training programs on a paid subscription model. Available on virtually all smart devices, it has calisthenics programs and other health and calisthenics related information, to help you fully develop your body using only bodyweight exercises.

It has options perfectly suited for everyone from beginners and intermediate calisthenic enthusiasts to advanced athletes looking for a greater challenge in their workouts. The planned routines can then be easily downloaded to your device, to ensure you can always follow the schedule.

All of the routines are easy to follow, even for beginners, have been fully tested, and are based on initial assessments of your age, fitness, ability level, age, gender, size, weight, goals, and various other factors.

This ensures the workouts you are recommended are personal and perfectly match up with where you are and what you are trying to achieve.

You will also get constant reminders and alarms to make sure you never miss a session, while the community nature of the app helps you to stay accountable and motivated.

A library of more than 100 different calisthenic exercises for you to master will ensure that you are constantly progressing and never get bored. They can then continue to be adapted, advanced, and customised as your ability, strength, and physique develops.

Constant support and accountability is provided by both trainers and the community, which will help even those with the greatest trouble staying motivated to remain on track. 6 different price options then ensure The Movement Athlete app can be used by virtually everyone, no matter their budget.

Tariff options include a monthly fee billed at $6.30 a week or $24.97 a month, a quarterly rate of $4.00 a week or $47.00 a quarter, and an annual option billed at $3.70 a week or $157.00 a year. This range of choice has helped it to become one of the most popular calisthenics apps available.

The Movement Athlete app is a perfect choice for both beginners and intermediate users, as well as those who like using apps to stay motivated. While it does require some additional equipment to do all of the workouts in their entirety, what is required is both minimal and affordable.

as low as $3.7 / week


  • Adjust Your Training Based on Your Performance
  • Help You Make Lifelong Changes

USE THE DISCOUNT CODE calisthenicsgear30 for 30% off FOREVER!


  • All of the workouts are fully customised to your own wants, needs, fitness, and experience
  • Additional resources are available to progress the program for elite athletes like pro weightlifters and gymnasts
  • A supportive community ensures you always remain motivated and kept accountable
  • It is progressive and allows plenty of room to be adapted as your physique and skills advance
  • High quality customer service and support is available directly on the app
  • A 60-day trial is available, so you can ensure it is right for you before you buy it
  • Easy to get started on, follow and use, while outlining a clear path and exercises to follow
  • A range of different pricing options are available to suit all different budgets


  • No audio input on videos will be off-putting or alienating for some users
  • There are no nutrition guides to help you develop your physique
  • Missing movements limit the progress you can make in some areas
  • The app’s user interface can be glitchy from time to time
  • The pricing options are quite steep if you don’t purchase the lifetime plan


Vahva Fitness is an online company that make a variety of multifaceted physical education and body transformation tools and fitness programs. They are great for everyone from athletes and martial artists to yogis, physical therapists, casual fitness enthusiasts, and even those just starting out.

The idea is to make fun workouts that focus on getting people moving and in shape, while improving their coordination, flexibility, fitness, strength, and mobility. They are split into two main categories: movement training and strength and mobility training.

This is then further divided into 3 training programs, 4 body transformation methods, and 4 Courses, all of which are instructed by Grandmaster Jiang Yu Shan and Vahva Fitness head coach and content designer Eero Westerberg, who between them have decades of experience in the fitness industry.

The movement body transformation methods will include high flow (standing), low flow (low to the ground), and ground flow (on the ground) exercises. The strength and mobility training programs will then work on your push strength & mobility, pull strength & mobility, and leg strength & mobility.

Vahva fitness programs are all membership based and need users to sign up to the website. You will then be given access to an online portal which has a huge amount of video content and is clearly split into sections, to ensure users of all ability levels can quickly and easily find what they need.

Every exercise and routine is explained in great depth, and showing visual demonstrations will make sure everyone is able to safely and effectively follow each of the routines exactly as intended.

Vahva is a fabulous option for people who prefer non-traditional workouts or training using only bodyweight exercises, without the need for any additional tools or equipment. This also makes it ideal for those who want to follow along and train in the comfort of their own home.

Each course can be bought individually and has its own price tag, meaning you can pick and choose what you do and don’t have to buy the entire course. That said, none of them are cheap and they are more aimed at people who have enough money to spend on advanced workout programs.

For those who do want to purchase the complete package though, access is available for $997. This is also able be paid in monthly instalments, so is still attainable for those on a tighter budget who can’t afford such a large lump sum.

Vahva Fitness- Movement 20XX Program Vahva Fitness- Movement 20XX Program

Inside the movement masterclass you will find 15 lessons on the fundamentals & methods of Movement 20XX Method. 

  • The fundamentals of movement training.
  • How to become limber and open up the body.
  • Developing creative courage.
  • The Flow Method by Eero Westerberg.
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.


  • 1 free training program per person gives you the opportunity to try Vahva before you buy it
  • Can be used by people of all ability levels, from starters to experts
  • Most of the exercises and routines rely on bodyweight training, so minimal equipment or tools is required
  • Includes a wide variety of different types of online workout programs


  • More experienced athletes and fitness enthusiasts can find the programs too basic or not flashy enough
  • The programs are quite expensive, particularly the advanced routines and complete package

Onnit Kettlebell 6

Onnit Kettlebell 6 is the world’s first holistic kettlebell transformation plan. It helps you to progress your physique and physical abilities, while optimising your overall wellbeing as well, so it is an ideal choice for both kettlebell lovers or those who are simply looking for a new and exciting challenge.

The routines teach you how to master the kettlebell and are split into three parts, which include pre workout stretching, post workout stretching, and the main workout itself. If you don’t have a strong kettlebell foundation it will give you one, while experienced users will progress extremely quickly.

With the entire program lasting just 6 weeks, some people will find it a little short, but it is ideal for those who want a short workout routine. However, based on the design of the workout, it does offer plenty of reusability, as you can adapt and reuse things countless times.

Priced at $50, Onnit Kettlebell 6 is a very affordable workout routine that is capable of offering incredible results for people of all different abilities and backgrounds. For anyone looking at kettlebell courses, this is easily one of the best options to consider.

Editor's Choice
Onnit 6: Kettlebell Workout Videos & Online Training Program | Onnit Onnit 6: Kettlebell Workout Videos & Online Training Program | Onnit

A full-body, transformative workout you can do in the comfort of your own home in just six weeks.


  • 6 weeks of workouts
  • 3 difficulty levels
  • Supplements and diet plans
  • Mindset strategies from Aubrey Marcus
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.


  • The entire routine can be completed with just a single kettlebell
  • Very fairly priced
  • Plenty of reuse value
  • Includes “active” rest days, where you do yoga and stretching to keep you moving


  • Very repetitive and quite short
  • Timed programs that have both timed exercise and timed rest are not for everyone
  • Not ideal for people who prefer using a range of different tools or movements

Reps Hand Balancing

The REPS Hand Balancing Course is designed to help users develop the strength and physical abilities needed to do a handstand, while also learning all the necessary techniques along the way. It has one of the top success rates for people achieving higher levels of mobility and flexibility on completion.

Considered one of the top handstand courses on the market, it is instructed by one of the industry leaders in Yuri Marmerstein. Split into two programs, it is suitable for people of all ability levels.

UNLOCKING THE HANDSTAND is aimed at beginners and helps to give them a basic understanding of the knowledge and skills you need, while teaching you to do each stage of a handstand individually.

Then there is ADVANCING THE HANDSTAND, which is designed to help pros and more experienced fitness enthusiasts improve their techniques and learn tips to enhance their form, make doing a handstand easier, and develop their handstand and combine it together with other exercises.

The Reps Hand Balancing Course has a very affordable price tag, particularly if you decide to buy the complete bundle. It works out at $49.95 for one course or $89.99 for both. This includes up to four hours of HD course material and access to 24/7 customer support.

Receiving lifetime access with your purchase makes it even better value, as does a range of course materials which includes access to articles, eBooks, community courses and classes, and a large Facebook community.

While you will need a reasonable amount of core strength to begin with, it is a great option to boost mobility, particularly if you already want to learn how to do a handstand or try to avoid conventional workout programs.

Reps Handstand Bundle Reps Handstand Bundle
  • Lifetime access
  • 4 hours of HD course material
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Access to Unlocking The Handstand
  • Access to Advancing The Handstand

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.


  • Very affordable when compared to similar programs, especially is you purchase the complete bundle
  • Utilises a holistic approach to training that helps to develop both the mind and body
  • Includes access to a Facebook community that offers even more support and ideas
  • Features a very high quality production value
  • Provides lifetime access to all of the included resources
  • A huge range of resources makes it suitable for all different types of people who like to learn in different ways
  • Can be used by both beginners and advanced users


  • No long-term program progression or variety means it has a limited lifespan
  • No nutrition support to help you develop your body as you progress

The Hybrid Athlete Hybrid Training Bundle

The Hybrid Athlete Hybrid Training Bundle contains 4 exercise programs in a single package. It comes in an eBook format and has 5 eBooks full of both text and pictures, plus links to video tutorials. Each of the 5 programs is also available in both an online desktop and mobile-friendly version as well.

The Hybrid Athlete Hybrid Training Bundle features 2 bodyweight workout programs, a kettlebell workout program, and a 30 day challenge workout. Each program has a PDF workout calendar you can print out, so you can always keep track of what you have done so far and what you need to do.

Retailing for $49.99, the Hybrid Training Bundle saves you over $30 off of the $80 price tag that the 4 programs cost when bought individually. The bundle also comes with a free 5th book which is not sold anywhere else and gives users an intro to nutrition and healthy eating to support their training.

Across the 4 programs you will use both bodyweight and resistance training, ensuring your sessions are always diverse, fun, and produce incredibly well rounded results. Workouts also range between 25 and 60 minutes, so there are plenty of different options available to suit your time constraints.

The Hybrid Athlete Hybrid Training Bundle is an ideal choice for people who prefer to use an eBook over a video or app, as well as people on a budget. It is also a good option for those who have a good idea of how to do most exercises with proper form but who still need a bit of help or support.

Best Budget Option
Hybrid Training Bundle - Hybrid Athlete Hybrid Training Bundle - Hybrid Athlete

Get all the Hybrid Training Plans

Save $30 with our bundle of every Hybrid Athlete training plan. Perfect for anyone looking to start a fitness routine, level up their workouts, or add variety to their training.

You’ll receive:

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.


  • Very cost effective and a perfect choice for people on a budget
  • Includes a nutrition and healthy food guide to support your goals
  • Uses a mix of videos, pictures, and text, to ensure there are options suited to all preferences
  • Features both bodyweight and resistance exercises, to ensure well rounded results
  • Comes in a choice of online, app, and printable versions


  • Some people find the eBook style to be quite outdated
  • A lot of the information is available from free sites online, you just have to put it all together
  • Can be seen as a little boring or bland when compared to some of the newer programs

Onnit 6 Bodyweight

Onnit 6 Bodyweight is a calisthenics training program that takes only 6 weeks. It has no need for any large or expensive bits of kit, enables you to work out in any place and at any time, and has exercises for muscle growth, stamina, toning, definition, cardio, and movement, so is extremely well rounded.

The program is delivered through videos which can be accessed online on virtually any desktop or smart device. It also gives subscribers around the clock Access to the ONNIT Tribe Community, where other members and exercise professionals can provide motivation and new ideas to try.

This range of features means the Onnit 6 Bodyweight program can consistently give you assistance, even outside of workouts, with things like diet and supplement advice and tips offered to support your training and goals. It can also be linked with a range of other Onnit products and programs.

This is furthered by the range of recipes and meal plans that come with the program, which ensure you know precisely what and how much you should be eating to support your training and get the results you are seeking.

The Onnit 6 Bodyweight program even boasts a collection of additional content, such as lifestyle hacks from its creators, Aubrey Marcus and Kyle Kingsbury. This provides tips on how to start each day, boost fat loss, and enhance the quality and duration of your sleep at night.

The Onnit 6 Bodyweight program is a perfect choice for people who want a quick program, a break from normal weightlifting, or to exercise with as little equipment as possible and have the freedom to train anywhere. Costing only $49.95, it is also a good option for people on a tighter budget.

Onnit 6: Bodyweight Workout Videos & Online Training Program Onnit 6: Bodyweight Workout Videos & Online Training Program

Onnit 6 is a full-body, transformative workout you can do in the comfort of your own home in just six weeks.

Program Includes:

  • Follow along video workouts.
  • Meal plans.
  • Yoga routines. 
  • 24/7 Access to ONNIT Tribe Community. 
  • Choose your intensity level.
  • Downloadable content.
  • No equipment required.
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.


  • One of the cheapest programs around that is actually effective
  • There is no need to invest too much time or money in order to see results
  • All of the program’s workouts can be completed anywhere, without any equipment 
  • Delivered entirely through easy to follow videos
  • Features free extras like recipes and advice on diet, fat burning, and sleep
  • Provides access to a community offering additional support, advice, and tips


  • It is not the most effective program for gains in muscle size or strength
  • Can be repetitive once you get a few weeks into the program
  • Many people find doing the exact same warmups and cool downs every day very boring
  • Exercise instructions are repeated in every session, which becomes very tedious after a while and wastes a lot of time

GOWOD Mobility Program

The GOWOD mobility program is a CrossFit “Workout Of the Day” delivered through an app. Users have to subscribe to the service and are then given access to a range of customised routines that are designed to boost your movement, wellness, and overall quality of life.

You will select routines out of a range which are separated into 8, 12, 15, and 20 minute workouts. Some workouts will be based around traditional exercises, yet the majority will consist primarily of performing specific stretches and positions for durations ranging from one to three minutes.

The main workout categories are then further divided into four subcategories. These include pre workout routines, post workout routines, routines designed to replace your regular workout, and routines designed to help rehab injuries or pains in the joints, ligaments, and muscles.

GOWOD is also a fabulous option to help track your progress. When you begin, the app will help you select a suitable routine by getting you to input your goals, and you’ll then be shown detailed videos and instructions on each exercise and position, so you can complete the routine exactly as intended.

The GOWOD Mobility Program is available on a number of tariffs. You can pay $9.99 for a month to month rolling option, $49.99 for a six month option, and $89.99 for a twelve month option. All tariffs include a 14-day free trial, so you can make sure GOWOD is right for you before you commit to it.

While a small amount of fitness equipment will be needed to complete some of the more advanced routines, it is all fairly small and affordable. The type of equipment you will need includes things like a foam roller, lacrosse ball, and resistance band.


  • Features workouts for pre workout, post workout, rest days, and specific injuries
  • Routines are all customised to the user based on the muscles and goals you pick in the app
  • A 14-day free trial ensures you can make sure it is for you before you buy it
  • Various pricing options are available for people of all budgets
  • All the workouts are separated into a range of easy to navigate categories
  • The app helps to track your progress and helps you to stay on track while you’re on the go


  • Some extra equipment will be needed to fully complete a number of the exercises

ROMWOD Mobility Program

ROMWOD mobility program is a “Range Of Motion Workout Of the Day”. Users pay a subscription fee and are given access to an incredible library of more than 1,500 videos, which is still continuing to grow. Every video has the option to be either streamed online or downloaded and watched later.

All the routines are made specifically to improve a person’s flexibility, mobility, and range of motion and they include detailed instructions and demonstrations to ensure you do them correctly. Many of the routines have evolved from yoga and offer other benefits like stress relief and relaxation as well.

ROWOD Mobility Program workouts are split into clearly defined categories based around your goals and ability level, and this helps users pick the routine they will complete. Each routine lasts for 15 to 20 minutes, so they should be easy to complete, no matter how little free time you have available.

The ROMWOD app is a wonderful way to track your progress and to help you pinpoint any possible weaknesses you may have. It also offers various helpful suggestions which help beginners to get into the swing of things quickly and start progressing safely as fast as can be.

The ROMWOD Mobility Program is priced at $13.95 per month on a rolling contract. All users will also be offered a 7 day free trial, which gives you the chance to see if it is the right program for you, before you begin paying for it.


  • Has plenty of innovative ideas, making it a great choice for more experienced users
  • Constant updates make sure there is always plenty of new content available
  • A huge range of different stretches are used which cover the entire body
  • The program’s foundation in yoga allows it to offer relaxation and stress relief as well
  • Useful for yoga enthusiasts to enhance and progress their skills
  • Can be trialled for 7 days without any financial risk
  • All of the routines are split into easy to differentiate categories
  • Tracking your progress and pinpointing your weaknesses is quick and easy with the app
  • Videos are available to be downloaded and watched offline
  • No extra equipment is needed


  • Some of the features on the app can only be used on Apple devices

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right workout program to help you achieve your goals is a decision that is equal parts challenging and important. Our article on the 9 best paid workout programs in 2024 will hopefully have made that decision a little easier for you.

That means all you have left to do now is purchase you chosen program, so that you can start progressing towards your goals as quickly as possible.

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