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Best NASM Study App – Studying Just Got Easier

Are you studying to become a NASM certified personal trainer?

Have you read our NASM CPT Review and the NASM Nutrition Certification review found here?

If so, you know that the National Academy of Sports Medicine offers a range of training programs.

To pass the NASM exam, it’s imperative to utilize practice questions, review the NASM resources, and perform customized tests.

One excellent addition to the NASM resources is a study app. It allows for exam preparation when you’re on the go.

A study guide is available at your fingertips to ensure a passing score with just a few taps.

Our guide to the best NASM study apps will bring that personal training certification right to your door.

Why Are NASM Study Apps Helpful?

NASM study apps bring your textbooks to you with just a few taps on your smartphone or tablet.

These study guides make exam prep more streamlined with customized practice tests and detailed answer explanations. Everything you need is on the app for your exam preparation rather than searching through multiple textbooks or guides as you study.

It’s an excellent option for people who travel often and want to become personal trainers.

Also, there are many apps to choose from as you prepare for the NASM CPT exam. Choose your favorite exam preparation app and get to work.

The Best NASM Study Apps

Here is the list of NASM study apps to ensure you pass the NASM CPT exam and receive your personal training certification.

NASM Edge App

The NASM Edge app is our first recommendation because NASM produces it.

Since NASM makes this app, all of the study materials you require to prepare for the NASM CPT exam are in the app.

Download this mobile test prep app via the Apple or Google Playstore for free to access all of the course materials. It’s also available via the NASM website by entering your phone number, sending you a link to download.

The NASM Edge app features a practice exam that can be taken unlimited times. It also has are over 600 practice questions based on course material and over 500 flashcards to help with exam prep.

The great thing about the NASM Edge app is that once you start your successful personal training business, it has many helpful tools to use for training instruction.

Find management tools like processing and collection payments through the app and a live chat function to send your clients videos or messages.

Manage workouts, calories, and performance to ensure your client’s fitness goals are met.

The NASM Edge app is excellent for exam prep and finding your way once you are a certified personal trainer.

NASM Pocket Prep

Created by Pocket Prep, this NASM study app is full of practice questions to lead you to a passing score on the NASM CPT exam.

A free Basic Prep option is available for download on both Apple and Android devices. The app is divided into six sections to develop a detailed understanding of the following areas. 

  • Assessment
  • Client Relations and Behavioral Coaching
  • Professional Development and Responsibility
  • Basic and Applied Sciences and Nutritional Concepts
  • Exercise Technique and Training Instruction
  • Program Design

Receive detailed answer explanations in all areas and choose from six practice quizzes to ensure success with the NASM Pocket Prep app.

Take note of weaknesses within specific subject areas as the app tracks missed quiz questions.

This tracking allows you to focus on areas of weakness within the program to study more effectively and receive a passing score on the actual exam.

Quizlet NASM CPT

Quizlet is an excellent resource for helping you prepare for the NASM CPT exam by offering two modes to ensure a passing score.

There are flashcards, practice questions, and quizzes to test your knowledge on various certified personal trainer subjects within the study mode. Play mode features multiple games to play to test your personal fitness training skills.

Take advantage of both modes for your exam prep to ensure a passing score on the test. While Quizlet features a heavy emphasis on exam prep through flashcards, it’s a great way to test your knowledge once you have studied the NASM material.

Find out which areas you know best and what areas need improvement. Focus on improvement areas with flashcards and games to make exam prep more manageable and enjoyable.

Final Thoughts on NASM Study Apps

Whether you are looking to become a certified personal trainer or a nutrition coach, the National Academy of Sports Medicine offers numerous study materials to help you get personal fitness training or nutritional coach certification.

In our NASM CES Review, we explored the corrective exercise specialist certification NASM offers.

This certification is one of many specialized options available through the NASM program.

With so many certified personal trainer options available and study apps to create customized practice tests and flashcards to ensure a passing score, there’s a reason why NASM is at the forefront of the personal training industry.

Choose NASM as your certification program, find a study app that works best for you, and the certification is inevitable. Good luck!

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