The Best Online Mobility Courses [2020]

Mobility has taken the fitness industry by storm.

If you spend any amount of time scrolling through the profiles of instagram’s many fitness “influencers”, you’ve probably seen them in a deep squat or similar position, discussing the benefits of improving your range of movement and mobility.

But unlike a lot of trends, this one is actually proving to be beneficial to the fitness industry.

For decades and decades people have been training with one sole purpose in mind: To loose weight or gain muscles, often neglecting their muscle, joint, and bone health. With that in mind, this new wholistic way of seeing physical exercise as a means of also improving flexibility and joint health is, in our opinion, great.

Mobility training is also often referred to as movement, animal flow, animal movement, or any similar assortment of words, and the approaches vary only slightly between them.

But does this movement (see what we did there?) have any weight to it? If it does, are there any quality mobility courses available online?

Well, you’re about to find out.

If you’re in a rush, the short is yes, of course there are quality online movement courses, here are our favourites:

CourseFeaturesBest ForOur Rating / Price
Cali Move
Editor's Choice
    8 week program consisting of 3 levels + 4 extra modules

    Over 100 video workouts and explanations

    PDF workout schedules and routines

    FAQ section where you can ask questions to the coach

    Focus on mobility for calisthenics and skill progression
    Increasing Range of Motion

    Unlocking calisthenics progressions
Vahva Fitness- Movement 20XX
    6 month's worth of workouts

    9 sections

    PDF workout schedules

    Private facebook group for trouble shooting
    Increasing Strength and Range of Motion

    Unlocking calisthenics progressions
ACE Functional Training Specialist Program
    Certification upon completion

    1.7 CECs awarded

    5 modules

    Corrective Exercise Library
    Fitness professionals

    Injury Recovery

What is Mobility and Movement training?

In a nutshell, mobility is the ability to move your body freely.

In particular, mobility training aims to improve the range of motion of your joints and limbs. It’s similar to flexibility training, with the addition of strength training.

It has gain prominence as our lifestyles have become increasingly sedentary and, as a result, we have lost a lot of range of motion that we used to have. We’ve also become more obese and injury prone.

Mobility training comes as a solution to this new reality.

And why is it important, you may ask?

Besides improving your fitness and sports performance, it’s key in preventing injury, increasing the longevity of your body, and it’s an easy and low risk way of training for over weight people and people with physical restrictions.

But if you’re reading this, you’ve probably researched this kind of training already and don’t need much convincing.

So without further ado, here are the best online mobility and movement courses we’ve found and tested. Ranked and reviewed.

#1- Calisthenics Movement- Workout Mobility Course Review

What is Calisthenics Movement?

As the name would suggest, cali move is focuses on producing calisthenics courses.

The duo of athletes hailing from Germany are a stapple in the street workout and calisthenics community, amassing over 2.2 million subscribers on youtube and over 300 000 followers on instagram.

Despite being famous for their calisthenics content, their mobility course is also standout in the industry.

In fact, calisthenics and mobility have a lot in common and complement each other well. The former focuses primarily on strength whilst the latter focuses on flexibility, though both are required for both disciplines.

The Calisthenics Movement Workout Mobility Program

The Cali Move Workout Mobility program, is simply the best online program money can buy right now.

We were blow away by it, which doesn’t normally happen.

The main reason for our praise is that it’s just so simple and enjoyable to do.

Unlike others courses, where you can choose different paths and progressions to focus on, sometimes giving you decision paralysis, with cali move, you simply start the course and keep going until its done.

Your skill level, preferences for certain movements, etc, don’t matter. You just do it for a couple of months and at the end, you’ll have a wider range of motion, more flexibility, and more strength. It really is that simple.

As somebody who has enrolled and attempted to do dozens of online courses only to give up because I get “lost” or am not sure which exercise, lesson, or progression to focus on, this style of course was really refreshing. Any time you want to train, you log on to the calisthenics movement site, you pick up where you left off the last time (after finishing a lesson / workout, a checkmark will appear in front of it), and you follow along their video routine. If you’re unsure about the proper form, you can check their video library of exercise explanations.

The course uses the teachable platform, which is quite common for online programs, but this is the best use of it we’ve seen so far.

Another major difference between this course and others in the list is that it approaches mobility as an auxiliary practice to calisthenics and other forms of training, rather than approaching it as a form of practice in itself.

Of course, you don’t need to do approach it in this manner, you can workout using the mobility drills and routines in the course, but if that’s the only thing your doing and want to see a rapid progression, you might want to add some sets of more vigorous exercise to your workouts.

Calisthenics Movement Workout Mobility Program- Pros

  • Great delivery and course structure. A simply plug and play linear structure that is quite refreshing.
  • Routines are light and fun to do. Great for warm ups of rest days.
  • Highly knowledgable teacher
  • Most in-depth explanation of movement and mobility drills we’ve seen so far.
  • Suitable for all skill and strength levels.
  • FAQ section where you can ask question and check previously asked questions.

Calisthenics Movement Workout Mobility Program- Cons

  • Quite “rigid” structure. Not very personalised, though if you are advanced, you can skip the initial weeks of workouts.

Cali Move Workout Mobility Program- Our Verdict: 9.5 Out Of 10

It’s almost perfect. In fact, we can’t really think of a single way we could improve it.

This is clearly a course that took a lot of time to make. The production quality is great, the depth of knowledge shared is huge and the structure is one of the best we’ve seen for all kinds of courses.

#2- Vahva Fitness- Movement 20XX Review

What is Vahva Fitness?

Vahva fitness is the brainchild of Finnish duo Samuli and Eero. Having backgrounds in martial arts and calisthenics, they’ve developed an approach to fitness very much focused on precise movement and bodyweight training.

This is a very healthy approach that focuses on performing certain movements correctly, rather than getting a certain number of repetitions in, or training until exaustion.

They have a very holistic approach to training of which we are fans of.

The Movement 20XX Program

There are two sections to this course:

  • Main Elements
  • Flow Elements

Main elements focuses on strength and mobility- a more “classic” approach to training. Within this section, you’ll focus on 3 categories of training:

  • Push strength and mobility
  • Pull strength and mobility
  • Leg strength and mobility

Flow elements focuses on movement solely. It consists of 3 categories:

  • High flow (standing up)
  • Low flow (low stance)
  • Ground flow (lying on the floor)

You can choose to do one of the elements, the other, or both.

As previously mentioned, the core value of this course is quality of the movement. The instructors make this point throughout the course: It’s better to do only one repetition well than to do many repetitions with poor form.

Movement 20XX- Pros

  • The flow movement category is, in our opinion, the real stand out of the course. It’s so much fun and doesn’t feel like a workout at all, and brings real mobility benefits.
  • Very little gear needed. In fact, you can probably get away with having no gear at all. But if you do want to be able to do 100% of the exercises, investing in a set of gymnastics rings will do the trick.
  • Great structure– very easy to follow. There is an introduction page, followed by a workouts page, where you’ll find your workout schedule presented in a user friendly manner, and then there are video and text breakdowns of all exercises.
  • Overall, it’s extremely enjoyable to follow, and doesn’t require much commitment or effort to get through.

Movement 20XX- Cons

  • If you’re looking for overnight muscle gains, keep looking. Here you’ll find long term results and a focus on injury prevention, flexibility, and slow build up of strength.
  • Some advanced athletes might find the course a bit limited. The course is divided into 6 months, with the final months representing the advanced level. We found this level relatively challenging but not very hard. But then again, the whole point of the course is to focus on movement and not so much number of repititions or strength.

Movement 20XX- Our Verdict: 9.2 out of 10

Overall, this is a great course. In fact, it is our favourite online movement course.

It represents great value for money, giving you 6 months of workouts and a lifetime of progressions and exercises for the price of a couple of months of a gym membership.

It provides a really solid foundations to develop cool skills and a chiseled physique.

Finally, it strikes the perfect balance between flexibility, strength, and movement. No area is neglected.

#3- American Council On Exercise (ACE)– Functional Training Specialist Program Review

What Is ACE?

ACE is the American Council on Exercise, the leading certifying body for personal trainers globally.

If you are a physical training profession you’ve surely heard of them. If you haven’t, all you need to know is that they provide the golden standard of training and certification for personal trainers.

The Functional Training Specialist Program

We were on the fence on wether to include this program/certification or another of the several mobility focused programs that are for non-professionals.

However, we decided to suggest this ACE Continuing Education Credits course in lieu of that. After enrolling in a couple of other mobility and movement courses, we found that they actually don’t vary that much.

In each course you’ll have an instructor go over the same overall principles, suggesting a pretty similar schedule, and focusing almost exclusively on practical skills.

These are great if you’re just interested in improving your own mobility without going to deep into the topic.

But if you’re anything like us, you might find yourself asking why mobility is so important and what this kind of training is actually achieving.

And that’s why we recommend taking the function training specialist program.

It’s based on the very popular BioMechanics Method® of diagnosing and fixing physical problems and will leave you prepared to work on your own mobility issues as well as other people’s issues.

It’s a course aimed at industry professionals, but this shouldn’t deter you from taking it. If you’re a complete

The Functional Training Specialist Program Pros

  • Certification and Continuing Education Credits. If your a fitness professional, this is the course for you.
  • In-depth, academic approach. Instead of just learning drills, you’ll learn anatomy, physiotherapy, and all the theory behind mobility.
  • Based on the widely used BioMechanics Method®. This will give you an easy to remember framework that you can apply to your’s and other’s mobility issues

The Functional Training Specialist Program Pros

  • Not as entertaining or easy to follow. If you enrol in this course, you must be a highly motivated individual
  • Focused on teaching others rather than personal development

The Functional Training Specialist Program- Our Verdict: 9 Out Of 10

This score is highly dependant on your goal. If you’re looking to improve your theoretical knowledge and start or progress your career in fitness, we would rank this course higher.

However, if you’re only looking to learn new mobility drills, we find that the other two courses listed do a better job.

Honorable Mentions

With the amount of courses available online, it would be impossible to review all of them.

However, some notable ommissions in our list must be addressed. Including:

  • Saturno Movement: This guy’s youtube is gold mine. He is one of our favourite calisthenics instructors and has a huge focus on movement and mobility. If you’re looking for specific videos on opening up your hip flexors, shoulders, harmstrings, or any other flexor Saturno is your guy.
  • Athlean-x also has a great series on flexibility on his youtube channel. He’s also one of our references when it comes to calisthenics training.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve made it this far- congrats, we admire your committment to improving your mobility.

The 5 courses we mentioned should more than cover all the basics and include both paid and free option.

Despite the wealth of information available for free, we encourage our readers to bite the bullet and invest in a paid course. This ensures proper form, gives you a structure, offers guidance from the community and teachers and in general will make you progress much faster.

If you’ve still got any question, feel free to leave a comment below.

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