The 5 Best Mobility & Flexibility Apps In 2022

Mobility and flexibility are two of the hottest buzzwords in the fitness industry right now, and their prominence continues to grow the more people learn about their benefits. As with anything in the modern world, this means tech companies have been scrambling to release apps dedicated to them.

That has led to a situation where people are simply spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a mobility or flexibility app. Now, while that may seem like a good thing, and it is, it also comes with the downside of it being incredibly difficult to know which app you should select.

That is why we have decided to give you a helping hand and create our list of the 5 best mobility and flexibility apps for 2022. In our guide, we will show you the best options for a host of different people and needs.

So, if you want to use an app to improve your mobility or flexibility but aren’t sure which one, this is the article for you.

What Are Mobility & Flexibility Apps?

Mobility and flexibility apps are fitness programs made for your smart devices. They are a great way for newcomers to get into mobility or flexibility or help experienced trainers try out new ideas, push themselves even further or harder, or just shake things up to keep their training fresh and enjoyable.

They usually have a large range of easy-to-do workouts and custom routines, which are created using an extensive list of exercises. Many will design workouts just for you by getting you to input your physical statistics, while most will also allow you to design or tweak your own personal plans as well.

Some apps will be dedicated to one area, such as flexibility, mobility, stretching, and yoga, while some will work to combine many or all of the different principles. You then have those that take things even further and are even more specialised as well.

This includes apps dedicated to improving your mobility or flexibility in a specific area, such as ankle mobility WODs, or trying to increase your ability and teach you a new skill, like learning how to perform a handstand. These are perfect for those trying to combat a particular issue.

What To Look For In A Mobility & Flexibility App?

When choosing a mobility or flexibility app, you need to make sure it matches your own needs or wants, otherwise you are likely to be left feeling disappointed. Luckily, with such a wide range of apps currently available, there is almost certainly one that perfectly matches what you are after.

When picking your ideal app, you have to consider things like how many exercises it includes, who it was made by, how much it costs, what resources are included, what equipment you need, what are its primary goals, what platforms it is available on, and how well it helps people achieve these goals.

The 5 Best Mobility & Flexibility Apps In 2022

We now move on to our list of the 5 best mobility & flexibility apps in 2022. Taking all of the factors we looked at above into consideration, we have compiled a guide of what we believe are the very top choices currently available, with options to suit people with all different wants and needs.

This should ensure everyone is capable of selecting a mobility or flexibility app that is perfect for them and enables them to become the best version of themselves that they can possibly be.

REPS Hand Balancing Course

The REPS Hand Balancing Course is a program designed to help people learn the techniques and gain the physical abilities required to perform a handstand. Taught by Yuri Marmerstein, one of the best in his field, the course is broken into two separate programs for people of differing abilities.

For beginners, there is UNLOCKING THE HANDSTAND, where you gain a basic understanding of what is required and learn how to do a handstand in stages.

For pros and more experienced people, you then have ADVANCING THE HANDSTAND, where you not only learn tips to make the process easier but are also given ways to adapt and further develop your handstand and combine it with other exercises.

Featuring a competitive price tag, especially if you buy the bundle, the course also includes access to a big Facebook community, and resources like eBooks, articles, and community classes and courses.

It is a great option for boosting mobility, especially if you have the clear end goal of learning to learn to do a handstand, as it has one of the highest success rates for people achieving a greater level of mobility and flexibility upon completion.

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.


  • Very affordable, especially if both programs are purchased together
  • Lifetime access to all of the included resources
  • Takes a holistic approach to training that is good for both the mind and body
  • Wide range of resources lends the program to people who like to learn in different ways
  • Good for both beginners and advanced users alike


  • Lack of long-term programs for you to continue progressing through
  • No nutritional support to help you achieve your goals

The Movement Athlete

The Movement Athlete is an app that revolves around easy-to-follow routines that have been proven to be effective. It is perfect for everyone from total beginners to intermediate calisthenic enthusiasts and advanced athletes who want to be challenged with new workouts and methods of training.

The program assesses your abilities and goals at the outset and then designs workouts specifically for you from a range of more than 100 different calisthenic exercises. Ongoing, continuous support will then be provided by both professional trainers and other members of the online community.

All of the routines are based around mobility and gymnastics and will continue to be adapted as you master the moves, and your strength and physique progress. This makes it ideal for anyone who has the discipline to both learn and progress in bodyweight training.

The program works on a subscription service with a base price of $6.30 a week. Other options are a $24.97 per month subscription, a quarterly rate billed at $4.00 per week or $47.00 per quarter, and a yearly option charged at $3.70 per week or $157.00 per year, so it has options to suit all budgets.

The Movement Athlete app is perfect for anyone who struggles with motivation, no matter their experience level, and even offers a 60-day free trial. It is worth noting though that you will require some additional equipment if you intend to complete all of the workouts in their entirety.


  • Support is available 24 hours a day directly from the app
  • A 60-day trial means you can ensure it is right for you before committing
  • Extremely easy to get into and progress through
  • Tailored to match your own level of ability, experience, and fitness
  • Has a range of different pricing options so is available for people on all different budgets 


  • Requires access to some additional equipment if you plan to complete all of the workouts
  • Some users have reported that the app can be a little glitchy
  • The number of instructional videos available can vary wildly from exercise to exercise
  • Can sometimes push users too hard and suggest exercises above their skill level
  • Exclusively uses bodyweight workouts

Cali Move

Cali Move is split into three sections, which are listed as basic, pro, and elite. Each section is aimed at a different ability level, and they can be bought individually for 90 to 100 dollars each, or as a bundle for 230 dollars, which saves you almost 20%. This means you only need to pay for what you will use.

Each section lasts 30 to 40 weeks, and the idea is that you follow all consecutively. This allows the program to take you through a detailed, 2-year full-body transformation. Each section uses workouts that last 15 to 90 minutes, 5 distinct phases, test and training weeks, and a variety of training styles.

Over the course’s duration you will use bodybuilding, body weight, and calisthenic exercises, to develop strength, size, core stability, and overall fitness. You will train 3 to 6 times each week and can expect to see notable results within 6 months.

Cali Move’s emphasis on fun workouts that don’t require gym equipment makes it particularly good for beginners and those who struggle with motivation. Users also get lifetime access to both old and new content, so it’s extremely beneficial for those who want to continue improving moving forward.

Cali Move course resources include access to their own dedicated YouTube channel on calisthenics, an online video platform run by experienced fitness trainers and presenters, a bonus downloadable PDF, and additional advanced tutorials for exercises like Splits, Handstand Presses, and V-Sits.


  • Uses time-tested training styles that are proven to get results
  • Includes a wide variety of options and exercises
  • Is great for beginners or those lacking motivation
  • The video demos and easy-to-follow tutorials are by experienced fitness professionals
  • Includes only research-backed exercises
  • Created by highly experienced professionals in calisthenics training
  • Ideal for those without access to traditional fitness equipment
  • It will help you to continue progressing over an extended period of time


  • The user interface isn’t user-friendly and can be hard to master if you aren’t tech-savvy
  • Some of the videos and exercises are time locked
  • Minimal nutritional information is included to help you achieve your goals


Vahva is designed to get people moving and in shape, while helping them to increase their flexibility and mobility. Boasting a huge range of different training styles and principles, it is ideal for everyone, including athletes, fitness enthusiasts, martial artists, therapists, yogis, and even beginners.

Membership is needed to access the resources, which are in an online portal full of video content, which is presented and designed by Vahva Fitness head coach Eero Westerberg and Grandmaster Jiang Yu Shan. This ensures users know they are always receiving the highest level of instruction.

The videos are split into 4 courses, 4 body transformation methods, and 3 training programs, all of which are easy to find and navigate. They contain 53 flow elements, 11 flow routines, 30 strength exercises, 30 mobility drills, 6 active flexibility drills, and 4 static strength skills.

Further broken down into the two main categories of movement training and strength and mobility training, you will enjoy 6 months of carefully planned workout routines with a weekly schedule. There is also a bonus muscle-up guide and you will have access to priority support around the clock.

All the routines aim to help you get fitter, stronger, and more flexible and mobile, while making you more limber and coordinated. Most exercises rely on body weight and require limited tools, and are explained in great detail with visual demos, to make sure everyone can do them safely and properly.

An ideal option for people who prefer less traditional workouts, Vahva is unfortunately better suited to those with a large budget. This is because, while each section has its own price and can be paid in installments, access to the complete course costs $997.

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.


  • Little equipment is required, but access to some dumbbells or kettlebells is recommended
  • Will help you to build muscle at the same time as improving flexibility and mobility
  • Great customer support and Facebook group to keep your progress on track
  • Extra modules on breathing and psychology help to improve your overall wellbeing


  • Routines can be too basic and not “flashy” enough for some more advanced users
  • Very expensive, especially in the more advanced categories or for the whole course
  • Not 100% focused on calisthenics or flexibility and mobility
  • Will require some equipment to complete in its entirety


ROMWOD stands for “Range Of Motion Workout Of the Day”. It is a subscription service that gives you access to both new daily videos and an extensive library of older clips containing workouts that are designed to help you improve your flexibility, mobility, and range of motion.

Each workout lasts between 15 and 20 minutes and contains clear, concise instructions, narration, and breathing cues, to make sure everyone is able to follow along exactly as intended. In total, the app contains over 500 hours of videos for you to choose from and work your way through.

The program starts with a mobility test to gauge your current level of fitness and ability and includes a selection of daily guided stretching videos and weekly programs. A 7-day free trail is offered so you can make sure it is right for you, then a monthly fee of $13.95 per month is required thereafter.

It is a perfect option for those who want to focus on light stretches in a workout and aren’t looking for too much variety, but instead would rather focus on effective workouts and consistency. It is also only for those who want to improve range of motion, rather than building muscle or losing weight.


  • All exercises include clear and concise instructions, narration, and breathing cues
  • Features a variety of playlists for people of all different levels of mobility
  • Specially designed with Apple devices in mind
  • No additional equipment beyond a yoga mat is required 
  • Good for those who want to start slow and from the right place


  • There isn’t a huge amount of exercise variety, especially for stretching
  • Warmups and cool downs are not included in the routines
  • Doesn’t include any information on calories burned or recommended nutrition
  • No live demos are available

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Before we end our guide to the best mobility and flexibility apps in 2022, I want to cover a few of the most frequently asked questions people have on both these types of apps and mobility and flexibility in general. This should ensure that no one goes away left with any lingering questions on the topic.

What Are The Benefits Of Stretching, Mobility, And Flexibility?

The benefits of stretching, mobility, and flexibility are extensive. They will protect you from injury, reduce the signs of aging, make daily tasks easier to complete, enhance your physical performance, improve your overall health and well-being, and generally make life easier and more enjoyable.

How Long And Often Should I Stretch?

Ideally, you want to try and stretch every day. This will keep your muscles and joints as mobile and limber as possible, leading to maximum increases in mobility and flexibility. Realistically, you need to stretch at least 3 times per week / every other day if you hope to see decent results.

How Do Stretching Apps Work?

Stretching apps work by creating routines for you to do based on your own ability and goals. They use the expertise of those who design them to make sure the plans are effective, well explained, and easy to follow, and switch things up often enough to keep you motivated and engaged.

How Much Should I Pay For A Stretching App?

The pricing of stretching apps can vary wildly from product to product, based on what they include, and the style of membership on offer, from free all the way up to $1,000.

For most people, you probably won’t want to spend more than $20 per month on a subscription till you decide to take your training further, and there are plenty of great options in this price range.

What Is The Best App For Flexibility?

There is no one best app for flexibility, as the ideal option for each person will vary depending on their needs. For example, Romwod is a pure stretching app, while things like Cali Move have long-term workouts that last up to 6 months and only use your bodyweight to train against.

The Reps Hand Balancing Course is great if you have an end goal and don’t just want to stretch for the sake of it. The Movement Athlete is ideal if you want to focus on bodyweight movements only, while Vahva is perfect if you have some equipment and want to build muscle

What Is A Good Free Stretching App?

Most of the best stretching apps are, perhaps unsurprisingly, paid. However, many will include a free trial period, such as Romwod and The Movement Athlete. If you aren’t ready to invest just yet, try using one of these first, to ensure you are happy to part with your money when the time comes.

Final Thoughts

Mobility and flexibility apps are a great way to boost both the health and physical abilities of your body. This is particularly true for newcomers to this branch of training, as they usually keep things short and simple, while being fun and easy to follow, to ensure you remain engaged at all times.

They will help you to do workouts that are specific to you and your needs, compete and encourage friends, and make improvements in the most enjoyable way they can. Our list of the 5 best mobility and flexibility apps in 2022 will hopefully have helped you to determine which one is best for you.

For those who want to take their mobility or flexibility even further, you also have more advanced options to consider, such as mobility programs. These will offer many of the same benefits as an app but will often go into much greater detail, so can be a better option for a more experienced person.

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