Best Leg Stretching Machine – Flexibility and the Splits are yours in 2024

Stretching is overlooked all too often, and it’s essential to increase blood flow and support mobility

Many different leg stretching machines work to increase flexibility in your hips and stretch your leg muscles.  Depending on which machine you use, there is a possibility of full-body stretching too. 

We have a list of the best leg stretching machines and what aspects to look for when doing your research.  We’ll give you all of the juicy details, so grab a coffee or tea, and let’s rock and roll.

Elements to Consider

If you want to get the best leg stretching machine, you need to focus on some necessary aspects in your research. 

Here’s a list of what not to miss when deciding.


When it comes to leg stretching machines, the price range varies greatly depending on the machine or device you get. 

There are bar and band options available that are inexpensive and effective. 

However, there are also extensive machine options that are more expensive.  Check your budget and space before deciding.


Any kind of leg stretching machine is great for legs and hip flexibility.  Depending on your goals, it will stipulate what kind of leg stretching device that you need. 

If you are a gymnast, you will need something different from performing leg stretching after a challenging workout.  Someone who conducts martial arts might prefer a larger machine to stretch because of the comfort and angle of leg stretching. 

If you want to achieve the splits, a 3 bar design will work best for you.  Dancers usually prefer bands that allow for standing stretches and different leg positions that resemble certain dance moves. 

Whatever the purpose of your leg stretcher is, ensure you get the right one for your needs.


Design goes along with purpose.  The design of the structure depends upon why you are using the leg stretcher. 

If you need something for the long-term, you want to find a durable construction that will last.


Regardless of why you need a leg stretcher, the device needs to be versatile to suit different leg stretches.  A larger machine might offer more back support, adjustable pads, and handholds for your needs. 

The 3 bar design is suitable for everyone because you can adjust the height and length of the bars according to how tall you are.  The bands are incredibly versatile as you can use them in tons of different ways for the best leg stretches.


All of the machines are suitable for gaining flexibility, but some may offer different levels depending on your current flexibility. 

It might be wise to start with bands or something less expensive than a large machine as a beginner.  The bands might be just enough to offer you the leg stretching that you need.

Best Leg Stretching Machines

Now that you know what you need to look for in a leg stretcher machine, let’s break down some of our favorite machines on the market and get you started on some ultimate flexibility.  

1. Century Versaflex 2.0

Century Versaflex is a well-established martial arts company that has been around for over 40 years. 

They know their stuff when it comes to martial arts.  That said, the Century Versaflex 2.0 leg stretcher is made with heavy-duty steel for excellent results when it comes to stretching. 

This stretching machine is advertised for anyone from a beginner to advanced and is ideal for those who practice martial arts.  The larger back provides excellent back support, and the padding is comfortable.  It comes with an indicator that allows you to track your stretching progress. 

A ratcheting mechanism and cable system will enable you to increase your range of motion from 0 degrees to 190 degrees.  We see the splits in your future! 

This leg stretch machine is 37.5” x 16” x 8” and weighs about 55 lbs.  There is some assembly required, and it comes with a one-year warranty. 

Priced at $269.99, the Versaflex 2.0 stretching machine is one of our favorites.


  • Great for martial arts and other athletes
  • The stretch indicator helps to keep motivation going
  • Heavy-duty steel construction means it is durable
  • Easy to use and time efficient


  • Assembly instructions are hard to follow
  • Some reviews said that the padding could be more comfortable

User Reviews:

Century Versaflex 2.0 | Steel Frame Fitness Exercise MMA Leg Stretching Machine Century Versaflex 2.0 | Steel Frame Fitness Exercise MMA Leg Stretching Machine
  • New Versaflex design with larger back for added support
  • Ideal for any athlete, beginner to elite competitor
  • Accomplish maximum stretching in the minimum amount of time
  • Heavy duty steel construction
02/19/2024 02:39 am GMT

2. Figrol Stretcher

If your goal is to be a splits master, this is the leg stretch machine for you. 

The Figrol stretcher comes with three steel-constructed poles that can be adjusted for different heights. 

As long as you are over one meter tall, you can use this leg stretcher.  This split machine gives you up to 180 degrees of flexibility.  The non-slip handles allow for a comfortable grip when using this leg stretcher. 

The Figrol leg machine stretcher is super easy to use and lightweight.  It also breaks down quickly to be stored when not in use.  Did we mention it only costs $25.99?  Getting your splits done at an affordable price is the new 2021 you.


  • Easy to use
  • An extremely affordable leg stretcher
  • Great for splits training
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Lightweight for storage and transport


  • It doesn’t come with an angle/degree indicator
  • Anyone over six feet tall may not be able to achieve the full 180 degrees.

User Reviews:

3. Door Flexibility Trainer Pro by Everstretch

Where are our dancers?  This might be the best leg stretcher for you. 

The Door Flexibility Trainer is a flexibility strap that allows for many different leg positions and promotes balance. 

Those are all of the things that a dancer needs.  All you do is anchor the strap to the door, close the door, and pull the strap through the ring.  Your construction is done, and now it’s time to stretch. 

This leg stretcher comes with a professional guide on using it to gain the most flexibility from the product.  Don’t stress about damage to your door, as the anchor comes equipped with foam padding. 

This versatile strap allows for many different leg positions so that dancers will love it.  Plus, you can go even further than 180 degrees when using it. 

Of course, you need to work up to that in your progression.  Since it’s just a strap and an anchor, it’s easy to store and put away when not in use. 

At $31.47, we are on board for this leg stretcher.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Perfect for homes and apartments
  • Excellent for ballet and dance
  • Extremely versatile
  • Quick to set up and take down
  • Instructional videos that come with your purchase are fantastic and easy to follow


  • Can be hard for beginners to gain balance at first
  • Stretching can be limited based on the height of the door

User Reviews:

EverStretch | Leg Stretcher EverStretch | Leg Stretcher

Get More Flexible with The Door Flexibility Trainer LITE Premium Stretching Equipment for Ballet, Dance, MMA, Taekwondo & Gymnastics. Your own Portable Stretch Machine!

  • Easy-to-use flexibility strap to improve your leg flexibility.
  • Door anchor secures the strap with a metal bolt through a metal plate.

03/08/2024 12:29 pm GMT

Why is a Leg Stretcher Important?

Now that we’ve given you some advice on some of the best leg stretchers, let’s discuss why stretching is essential for your overall health. 

When you exercise, you cause tiny tears in your muscle fibers.  While you recover, those muscle fibers heal back together tighter and more muscular. 

Sounds great, right?  It is, but if you don’t stretch your muscles, they become shorter and too tight. 

Think of something like shoulder mobility that can cause havoc as we get older if it’s not mobile enough for all of our everyday activities.  It leads to muscle strains or pulls or even ligament damage that requires surgery if you aren’t careful.  A good bout of stretching can go a long way. 

A study showed that regular stretching increased force, jump height, and speed in athletes. 

The more flexible that you are, the less likely you will get hurt and the better your athletic performance will be.  You might even want to give hyperbolic stretching a shot.  Stretching wins!

Time to Purchase a Leg Stretching Machine

It’s time, people.  Get out there and get a leg stretching machine that will increase your flexibility and improve your performance. 

Whether you are in martial arts, a dancer, or just an athlete, the correct leg stretching machine will benefit you tremendously. 

If you have the budget and space, go for the Versaflex 2.0. 

If you want to achieve the splits and are a dancer, check out the Figrol Stretcher or Door Flexibility Trainer. 

Either way, we know you will impress yourself with your new range of motion.

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