Far Out Healing: Best Infrared Heating Pad

When it comes to dealing with sore muscles, achy joints, and recovery attempts after a long workout, there are dozens of different options.

One of the best that has recently come back into style, is the infrared heating pad. Have no fear, this is not your grandma’s heating pad!

Instead of investing in several different methods to aid your recovery and still not getting the results you want, snag one of these heating pads!

Each one offers targeted heat and therapy so you can isolate the sore area and treat it more effectively.

What is Infrared Heat Therapy

Before you dive into something new and unknown to you, it’s best to know exactly what you’re diving into!

Infrared heat therapy has become popular in recent years and is used by professional athletes and leisurely workout enthusiasts.

While the heating pads you’re used to using utilize electric heating coils to emit heat, infrared heat pads use natural stones like jade to create heat and deliver it to one specific area.

Electric heating pads often only push the heat just below the surface of the skin. Infrared focus on pushing it in deeper and making sure it reaches your bones and joints.

Electric heating pads have several drawbacks which have caused them to decline in use and effectiveness while infrared has been gearing up. The heating coils can put out high levels of electromagnetic radiation which can overheat your skin and even cause burns.

On top of that, the electricity, if compromised in any way, can create a fire hazard if left on.

Far infrared heating pads use far-infrared radiation to create heat. This involves specialized carbon fibers that end up emitting infrared rays which penetrate the surface of the skin.

By simply slipping beneath the skin, these heating pads help stimulate blood circulation and this increased blood flow helps injured or sore areas heal more quickly!

This style of the heating pad is so safe, they’re used in hospitals, nursing homes, and even neo-natal units! While many recoveries and healing methods focus on the entire body and each system, infrared heating therapy targets just one area.

There are several different options you can choose from when you’re looking to invest in this new type of therapy so you can choose the best one for your health.

Best Far Infrared Mat

When it comes to far infrared technology and recovery tools, there are several that top the list!

Mats are larger and offer a more whole-body experience so you can work through different issues in your body as a whole rather than target the area individually.

1. HigherDose Infrared Mat

HigherDose has been making products that step outside the bounds of what we normally imagine for years! And this infrared mat is no exception.

The company produces both an infrared sauna blanket and the infrared PEMF mat which utilize crystals, negative ions, and infrared technologies that work together to create a whole-body experience.

This PEMF or pulsed electromagnetic field technology gives you tons of great benefits that go far beyond just simple infrared tech. The entire product weighs in at 43 pounds and has a range of layers that help it target your injured area with ease.

The top layer is a waterproof non-toxic PVC mono netting fabric that allows you to clean it with ease. The inner layers are filled with purple amethyst and black tourmaline crystals, oxford fabric, and detox charcoal as well as heat balancing clay. When it comes down to check it out, the price can weigh heavy on your wallet.

This mat comes in at nearly a thousand dollars! $995 to be precise.

There is a 14-day return policy if it doesn’t hold up to your scrutiny and there’s a one-year limited warranty as well.


  • Helps to improve your sleep
  • Alleviates joint pain
  • Warms up your muscles in a safe way
  • Keeps you relaxed and reduces your overall stress


  • Very heavy
  • Expensive to purchase
HigherDOSE | Infrared Mat HigherDOSE | Infrared Mat
  • Size: 73.5 x 185 cm (29" x 73")
  • Weight: 19kg / 43lbs
  • Power: Voltage USA 110V. Wattage 180
  • PEMF Info: 4pcs PEMF Cores Implanted. 4 levels of Hz Frequency: 3Hz-23Hz.
  • Heaters: 0.2-0.8 milligauss. (Global TOC criteria is 2 milligauss. Electrical field: Low EMF.)

2. HealthyLine – Mesh JT Mat Full 7224 Flexible

When you’re just starting, you want something simple and easy to use for everyone in your family. This mat is just the ticket!

The simplicity makes it accessible and easy to use even for beginners and there are applications far beyond just the first few uses.

While many mats are rigid and hard to move around, this JT Mat has 154 pieces of jade and tourmaline held in place by mesh so that it bends and moves with your body.

When you’re using this, you won’t be fighting the stiffness that comes with each mat but you’ll have a simple piece of equipment that adapts to your entire body!

The weight for this is much lighter than the previous mat and weighs in at only 16 pounds total. There’s an LED controller with both time and temperature settings so you can adjust it where you need it when you’re using the mat.

There’s also a 12-hour auto-shutoff timer so you won’t get too hot if you happen to fall asleep.

This product offers up to 21 functional layers within each mat and all of the materials are considered both high-quality and non-toxic. While there are plenty of layers to use in this mat, there is no amethyst and no PEMF utilized in the final product. 

Price can be a deterrent to any product but this one comes in comfortably under budget! Running in at just $260 for the unit, you’ll also have a 1-year warranty and there is a 30-day return policy for any unopened mat.


  • Offers an overall reduction of pain and increases your recovery time
  • Very affordable option
  • Works well if you want to detox
  • Heats everything quickly


  • No PEMF included
  • Can be uncomfortable for some users

User Reviews:

Healthy Line | JT Mat Full 7224 - Soft Light InfraMat Pro® Healthy Line | JT Mat Full 7224 - Soft Light InfraMat Pro®
  • Far Infrared Heating Pad
  • Dimensions: 72'' x 24'' x 1''
  • Hot Stones Jade Tourmaline
  • Negative Ions

3. Thermotex Platinum Far Infrared Heating Pad

When you need something that’s not just flexible but also versatile, look no further than the Thermotex line!

This system has 3 heat inserts that help direct heat to the specific muscles and joints so you get the entire effect without needing to move the heating pad around.

As this platinum product wraps around your body, the heat releases more blood to flow through the area and helps with pain and healing. This system has been studied over and over again and has stood the test of time and scrutiny to prove itself worthy of the name.

The entire product weighs in at just 2 pounds so it’s simple and light to use and travel with! Temperatures stay high so you get the full effect and you can use it comfortably anywhere on your body.

The way the product is designed allows it to wrap around your arm or leg or even drape over your shoulder to target the area effectively.

When it comes to pricing, this one is simple and won’t break the bank. Each unit will cost you just $219! You’ll also receive a one-year manufacturer warranty on parts and labor so if anything goes wrong you can get it corrected and continue using the product.


  • The company offers great customer service
  • The product is a step up from normal heating pads
  • Easily targets different areas of the body with concentrated pain relief


  • You can’t adjust the temperature for this unit
  • There’s no auto shut-off for this product

User Reviews:

Thermotex Far Infrared Heating Pad – Platinum Thermotex Far Infrared Heating Pad – Platinum
  • One year warranty
  • Temperature range between 108°F and 116°F
  • Infrared wavelengths penetrate 2.36 inches into muscle tissue
  • Dimensions: 15.25'' x 7.25'' x 5.5''

Best Infrared Jade Heating Pad

When it comes to heating pads, going with an infrared jade variety is a great choice! These offer tons of flexibility and the jade helps conduct heat deep into your muscles and bones.

The main focus of a heating pad over a heating mat is that the pad offers a lot more flexibility and ends up being much lighter.

You’re more easily able to pack this in your suitcase for a weekend away on business than you would with your heating mat!

UTK Far Infrared Heating Pad

All those awkward angles and areas where you’ve never been able to strap a heating pad before or even wrap an ice pack are a thing of the past!

This heating pad is one of the best and it includes both natural jade and tourmaline as a balm for your sore muscles and joints.

The entire wrap weighs only 3 pounds and is small enough to reach even the narrowest joints but large enough to care for your entire lower back. The jade and tourmaline help retain heat longer and emit even more negative ions through a low EMF.

Running throughout the heating pad are carbon fibers that emit far-infrared rays, penetrating deep into skin, muscle, and bone. The entire thing is controlled with a smart controller that includes a memory function.

When you turn it back on again, it will remember the last known temperature and return to it to keep you comfortable and moving smoothly.

All of the heat settings are precisely calibrated. You’ll be able to dial in a temperature to a specific setting so you won’t need to be uncomfortably hot or cold again!

All of the timing is controlled with a smart shut-off system so it will conserve energy and keep anyone from getting burnt.

Many times working with a heating pad means sitting uncomfortably close to the outlet because the cord is just too short. This product offers a 10-foot long cord so you can sit anywhere you like and still get all of the comfort and recovery that this heating pad can offer.

The price is just right on this unit as well coming in at just $139!

You also get a 3-year warranty so if you’re not satisfied with the product, return it for a different one or your money back.


  • Soothes sore muscles and tendons.
  • Heat penetrates due to the jade inserts
  • The company offers great customer service.
  • Small and versatile heating pad for traveling or smaller spaces


  • Pad ends up being stiff
  • Still heavy for the size

User Reviews:

UTK Jade Far Infrared Heating Pad UTK Jade Far Infrared Heating Pad
  • For Back Pain and Cramps Relief, Infrared Hot Therapy for Sciatica, Arthritis
  • Dimensions: 21"x31"
  • 126 Jade Stones
  • Adjustable Temp, Auto Off
  • Travel Bag

Best Amethyst Heating Pad

Building new technology often requires relying on old tech to lead the way. Utilizing amethysts and tourmaline in these heating pads is a wonderful mix of old and new science!

These natural products pave the way for anyone who wants to boost their health, feel better faster, and stay working longer. These heating pads work in much the same way as the ones with jade inside but the benefits are a bit different.

MediCrystal Classic Far Infrared Amethyst Tourmaline Mat

When they decided to create this product, MediCrystal took stock of their resources and found some of the best pieces of amethyst crystals sourced directly from Uruguay and tourmaline from Lingshou.

All of these untreated, unpainted gems are then used to fill red-violet tubes that form the entire surface of the product!

Choose the size that works best for you. MediCrystal offers several different options when it comes to the size of the product so you can find one that will work with your muscle aches and joint paint. Each one weighs in at 19 pounds though which is a mid-sized heating pad in this genre.

The cover is waterproof and there’s also a 3-D air mesh cushioning pad that keeps the hot stones directly off your skin. The entire thing is also EMF free so you can get the best benefits without any side effects.

Each heating pad focuses on the 18 layer system developed by MediCrystal which pushes heat and relief 6-8 inches deep in your tissue. This easily reaches achy muscles and tight joints to provide relief without the need for heavy medications that can slow you down.

The cost for this heating pad reflects the time and energy that goes into making it. Coming in at $580 this is one of the pricier options on the market.

If you’re willing to pay for more crystals and a rarer variety, this is a good option but you can get a lot of the same pain relief for a lower cost.


  • Decent price but can be more expensive
  • Helps you relax and find relief for achy muscles
  • Uses natural and unpainted tourmaline and amethyst
  • Two mat covers are included in the package


  • Larger surface area and heavier to use
  • Instructions included with the product aren’t helpful

User Reviews:

MediCrystal Infrared Heat Amethyst Tourmaline Mini Mat MediCrystal Infrared Heat Amethyst Tourmaline Mini Mat
$295.00 ($295.00 / Count)

MediCrystal Classic Mats come from the top quality ten years old TUV&CE certified factory. It is made under the quality control of U.S. company.

  • Power input 110-120V/60 Hz, 130W
  • Zero EMF heating system & more temperature sensors for precise & uniform heating
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.
02/19/2024 10:09 am GMT

Infrared Heating Pad Benefits

Whether you’re a professional athlete, avid walker, or just getting on in years and need some relief, infrared heating pads offer a chance for you to relieve your pain without taking heavy-duty medication.

There are tons of great benefits for anyone wanting to use an infrared heating pad that goes beyond exercise and everyone in your family will end up benefiting from using one of these!

Sleep Better

Being lulled to sleep by the warmth of an infrared heating pad or mat is one of the best ways to fall asleep! With the natural heat that the stones and layers provide with each heating mat or pad, you’ll drift off to sleep in a warm, fuzz rather than tossing and turning.

The heat soothes sore muscles including your back which can be a major issue when you’re trying to fall asleep. With this pain gone, you’ll be ready to head for dreamland!

Many infrared heating pads have auto shut-off settings so even if you drift off with the heating pad on, you won’t risk getting burned while you’re in dreamland. You can also set the temperature to be lower so while you’ll stay warm, you won’t get overheated while your snoozing.

Target Muscles

After a long workout or even just a long day, your back, shoulders, elbows, and knees may be aching. Instead of turning to ibuprofen or acetaminophen or even harder drugs, a few-minute session with the infrared heating pad can set your muscles to rights!

The infrared heat that’s emitted from the pad helps stimulate the blood flow to the area you target. This increased blood flow helps heal your muscles faster.

Anytime your muscles ache, it’s because your muscles have undergone microscopic tears. Healing them helps you get stronger and build more lean muscle faster!

Even if you’ve just had a long day or you’re dealing with cramps, these heating pads can target the troublesome area so you’ll be ready to tackle your day before long. Each one wraps around the area and pushes the heat into these sore muscles to help loosen them and ease the pain.

Target Joints

Your muscles are one thing and the pain that is associated with working out or even going through your entire day is superficial compared to joint pain.

Dealing with severe joint pain or arthritis can be seriously debilitating. Often, those dealing with this severe joint pain turn to heavy-duty medication that can soon take over your life.

Turning instead to infrared heating pads which push the heat deep into your muscles, past them in fact, and into your joints, will help relieve the swelling and pain associated with these diseases. You’ll soon find relief without turning to all of the heavy medication that can end up having serious health drawbacks.

Relieve Anxiety

Dealing with anxiety feels like a silent struggle without much recourse for action. While there’s a good chance you’ll need to turn to other people and outside sources to deal with the root of the problem, an infrared heating pad can help with some of the symptoms!

Infrared heating pads have a considerable weight to them which can act like a heated, weighted blanket working to soothe your overworked neurons. The natural materials being used also keep from adding more pollution to your tired mind.

All of the pressure points in your body work together to help ease your anxiety and by targeting some of them with this infrared heat, you’ll help calm down more quickly and get back to your normal day.

Between some heat therapy and some deep breathing, you’ll be back on track for the day!

Dealing with anxiety requires working with a professional in many cases to treat the root cause but when it comes to helping out with the symptoms, a little heat therapy can be a grand thing!

Remove Toxins

Your body naturally builds up toxins throughout the day and into your life. These can hold you back from enjoying life to the fullest and emptying your body of them in any number of ways is one of the best steps you can take for your overall health.

Far Infrared Radiation therapy helps remove toxins from your body through perspiration!

Applying a heating pad to your body or laying on a heating mat will help you sweat out those toxins in no time. Once the toxins have left your system you’ll feel healthier, happier, and ready to tackle the world.

Boost the Immune System

Your immune system is a delicate thing and it does a lot of work for your overall health! Any boost you can give your immune system is a great choice.

Infrared heat therapy works to boost your immunes system through the low-energy waves that penetrate your body.

These low-energy waves work to boost your immune system by increasing blood flow to your body. As the blood courses around your body, it carries white blood cells to areas that may have seen a decrease and tackles any invaders at the source.

Your immune system can then build up an immunity to the invaders and will recognize them when or if they return!

Increase Flexibility

By applying the heating pad to certain muscles, you loosen the connective tissue and allow for even greater flexibility.

While your joints and muscles may have gotten stiff and it may have become hard to turn or move, a small amount of time with the infrared heating pads will soon have your body back to a normal rotation and movement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before you jump right in and spend several hundred dollars on new technology, there are probably some questions rolling around in your head.

Now’s your chance to get all of your questions answered before you invest in this new piece of equipment for your whole family!

Infrared heating pads may be a great option but you’re likely asking yourself if they’re worth the money. Now’s your chance to find out!

Do Infrared Heating Pads Work?

FIR and all other applications including heating pads and saunas, are highly effective in pain relief and removing toxins.

While saunas are typically used for a whole-body application of the treatment, heating pads offer a targeted approach that allows you to tackle an individual muscle group for pain relief.

They’ve long been seen as safe as they don’t raise your core body temperature or increase your blood pressure and have been used in a wide range of settings from nursing homes to neo-natal units.

Can You Sleep With an Infrared Heating Pad?

Many manufacturers recommend or say that you can sleep with the heating pad and offer auto-shutoff options to limit the chance of burns.

But many experts say you should skip sleeping with the heating pad and just focus on treating the area for short bursts of time.

Leaving the heating pad on for too long regardless of the type or the padding included can result in burns to your skin or body. Utilizing the timer can help reduce the chance that you’ll get burned if you happen to fall asleep while using the heating pad!

How do They Work?

Infrared heating pads rely on stones and carbon fibers to emit infrared rays that then penetrate much deeper into your body to alleviate pain and stiffness.

Traditional heating pads use electricity to run through coils to heat up and then apply the heat to your body. With the stones and fibers, there’s a significant weight difference between the two types of heating pads which adds to the effectiveness of the infrared pad.

The weight helps to push the heat deeper into the muscles.

Is Infrared Heat Safe?

Hearing about infrared heating can seem like a scary prospect but this is a completely safe and well-tested method for heating and treating pain and inflammation!

There are no side effects common to infrared heating and while many companies caution you to look out for burns, most offer options that allow you to control the temperature and shut off the heat when you fall asleep!


Treating your pain and inflammation with heavy-duty medications can be costly for both your wallet and your overall health especially if you only need to target one area.

Turning to a heating pad is a great way to target the one specific area that you need to treat while you continue with the rest of your life!

Infrared heating pads rely on several natural stones like jade and amethyst to push the generated heat deep into your body.

Carbon fibers further the process and between the two, they create a whole new way to treat pain that is safe for everyone from grandparents to small children.

These heating pads can be expensive but when you shop around you’ll be able to find one that fits your needs and your budget!

Be prepared to invest several hundred dollars in a quality one though and don’t shy away from choosing one with higher-quality stones used in the production. Happy shopping and happy heating!

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