Best Home Workout App – Getting Fit Right in Your Living Room

Home workouts have gone through the roof these past few years because of COVID.

When the gyms closed, we put in the work right from home. However, sometimes it’s hard to find motivation at home. That’s where fitness apps come in and help us to stay on track.

What are the best workout apps? Here at The Fitness Tribe, we found out and are happy to report back to you like always. We’re cool like that.

Workout Apps and Their Effectiveness

We’ve heard of workout apps, but how effective are they? It turns out they are very effective when you choose one designed well and use it consistently. 

A study about the effectiveness of a workout app to promote exercise during leisure time found that over 75% of people who had a workout app on their phone consistently trained versus people who did not download a fitness app.

While a majority of the effectiveness of a workout app derives from a person’s motivation, a poorly designed app will struggle to bring effective results.

Whether your goal is weight loss, gaining muscle mass, or maintaining your current fitness level, an app should contain the necessary components for your success.

Things like daily workout routines, various workout programs, an allocated personal trainer, and workout goals will enable you to achieve lasting results.

Considerations for Fitness Apps

Before you purchase a fitness app, let’s look at what are the most vital considerations. 


There are plenty of workout apps available for free. In fact, you can download some of the best workout apps for free. That said, some require payment to gain access to more benefits like personal trainers, etc.

When searching for a workout app, look through their free options and decide if that will be enough to meet your fitness goals.

If you decide you need more through a paid option, there are multiple ways to pay for workout apps. Some require yearly payment upfront, and others offer a monthly subscription. Decide what is best for you best on your budget.

Fitness Goals and Workouts

Your fitness goals will determine which app makes the most sense for you. Not all workout apps will provide the same goals.

Some are better for weight loss, while others promote strength training for muscle gain. Based on your needs, find one that best suits you.

Your fitness goals will go hand in hand with the home workouts that are provided. Some of the best fitness apps offer customizable workout plans that adjust to your goals.

Look for some variety in the workout programs, no matter what goals you are trying to achieve. Keep in mind that your plans might change.

For instance, once you lose weight, you might then want to sustain or even start to build muscle. Therefore, you need a workout app that will adjust as your fitness plans change over time.

User Interface

Websites and apps that are easy to navigate provide less stress in an already stressful world.

If an app is challenging to use, there is a high chance you won’t use it.

Workout apps should be streamlined with search ability to help you find workouts quickly and efficiently.

Some offer a workout planner which keeps you on track from week to week. Check out the before you download the app to make sure it will work for you.

Workout Presentation

This factor is significant for your fitness success.

Check out how the workouts are displayed. Do they offer how-to videos? Are there full videos for the complete training? Is it a live-streamed workout during a specific time? Are the exercises written out for you?

It will depend on your preference as to which option will work best. Some people find reading the workout daunting and hard to understand.

A video of the workout helps since the instructor can show the proper form that helps to avoid injuries.

Operating System

While most apps are available on Android and iOS in-app purchases, some are specific to just one or neither.

Ensure that the app you choose is compatible with your selected device, whether that is a smartphone, tablet, or television.

Best Workout Apps

It’s time to check out some of the best workout apps that you can use right at home. Let’s dive right into the good stuff.

1. Fitloop

The Fitloop app is one of the best bodyweight training apps available. Choose from various workouts that the community shares. Most of the workouts build on each other each day and involve a warm-up and then a bodyweight training progression.

Fitloop is a fan favorite due to its minimal equipment requirements.

Usually, the only apparatus you need is a mat and a pull-up bar. Even if you don’t have a pull-up bar, the app shows local park gyms in your area that help you work out to the level you require.

The Fitloop app is free for download on either Android or iOS devices. The workouts are delivered in a written format with videos to help you along the way.

The exercises allow you to decide on the intensity you require, which makes this fitness app excellent for anyone beginning their fitness journey to a more advanced level of fitness.


  • Workout levels have a range of intensity
  • User interface is designed well for easy navigation


  • Not very customizable
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Fitloop | Bodyweight Fitness Made Simple Fitloop | Bodyweight Fitness Made Simple
  • Choose from hundreds of bodyweight workouts
  • Calendar-based, logging features, and follow allow workouts with videos

2. Caliverse

Supported by the United Calisthenics Group, the Caliverse app is fantastic for practicing calisthenics right from home.

The easy-to-navigate interface gives you access to workouts by text and videos so everyone can be successful. It is offered on both Android and iOS operating systems, and it’s free to download.

Caliverse allows you to click on the workouts you have completed. Because of that, the app can track your progress and provide feedback.

Whether it’s giving you information on correcting mistakes or increasing your intensity, Caliverse works to push you towards your fitness goals.


  • Most exercises require little to no equipment
  • Available on both Android and iOS devices


  • Does not feature integration with any health tracking apps like Apple Health
Calisthenics for everyone | Caliverse Calisthenics for everyone | Caliverse
  • All made for you to know what exactly to do every day
  • Have a workout set for every day of your week

3. Fitbod

If you haven’t checked out our Fitbod review, do that immediately after you read this article. It gives you a complete rundown on one of the best workout apps available.

In summary, Fitbod is an excellent strength training app that works to fit your exact fitness needs.

Think customizable to the extreme. Decide what kind of workout plan you want, and then go for it.

Add and remove exercises to your workout easily with the interface and see what muscles you will be working in the process.

The Fitbod algorithm keeps track of your fitness goals and what exercises you use the most.  Doing this sets up exercise programs you will like so you can do those or customize them more to your liking.

It gives you reports on your progress over time too. There’s not much this app can’t do.


  • Builds strength and size
  • Major publications have mentioned this app


  • Strength training is the only focus of this app

4. Aaptiv

Aaptiv is a more advanced workout app that comes with a price tag. You can download the app for a monthly subscription of $14.99 or pay for an entire year for $99.99.

Aaptiv offers a seven-day free trial before you take the plunge so you can see what it’s all about before purchasing.

A quick summary is Aaptiv offers you a questionnaire initially that helps them understand your current fitness status and future goals.

Taking all of that into account, the app provides you with a customized workout specific to you.

In addition to that, there are many different exercises and workouts you can choose from in their immense library. If you’re wondering, you get access to the entire library with the free trial offer.


  • Completely customized workouts for your abilities and goals
  • Seven-day free trial includes the entire interface and library


  • The yearly subscription is the only way to save money
Aaptiv – Workout App: Fitness Classes & Training Programs Aaptiv – Workout App: Fitness Classes & Training Programs
  • Fitness classes for every level ranging from running, cycling and elliptical to stretching, yoga and strength training
  • High intensity interval training (HIIT) to help you more effectively burn calories, build muscle, and lose weight

5. The Ready State Virtual Mobility Coach

Developed by Dr. Kelly Starrett, who has helped countless world-class athletes with their strength and mobility, The Ready State Virtual Mobility Coach is an app that helps to reduce pain and increase mobility after injuries or surgery.

Search the app for various training programs and stretching routines based on your specific needs based on your current fitness levels and lifestyle.

The app allows you to filter on what equipment you have at your disposal. Once you have done that, choose your workout using just your bodyweight or a pair of dumbbells.

This app also comes with a free trial for all new members for 14 days. That’s plenty of time to peruse the app in its entirety to decide if it’s right for you.

After your free trial, new members pay only $14.99 per month to enjoy the beneficial programs to increase mobility.


  • Mobility exercises to prevent and help injuries


  • Variety of exercises are limited
The Ready State - Mobility Training Program, Exercises, and Equipment The Ready State - Mobility Training Program, Exercises, and Equipment
  • Virtual Mobility Coach is trusted by top athletes and coaches in the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL along with top Crossfitters, Olympians, and elite military groups
  • Virtual Mobility Coach features an equipment filter that allows you to identify the tools you have available so that your mobility routines are tailored to equipment you have

Products to Avoid

Avoid the fitness app called Fitness-Home Workout.

It lacks the ability to teach you about establishing goals and reaching them due to the lack of fitness industry knowledge behind the app. The illustrations of the exercises are unclear and make it difficult to understand the proper technique.

With no user personalization, your goals are left unattained, and the app is left unused.

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Best Home Workouts are Done!

Whether you are looking for the best bodyweight training app or the best dumbbells workout app, a home workout app will meet your requirements.

Set your fitness tracker to begin a workout and watch yourself achieve goals.

Let your workout app be your personal trainer right at home. It’s time you put your health first.

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