Best Handstand Training Program – It’s time to view the world upside down

It’s time to go back to being twelve.  Envision that handstand that you were able to do, and let’s get it mastered once again. 

If you think we are crazy, and there is no way you could do a handstand, think again.  You don’t have to master it alone. 

There are some brilliant handstand training programs out there that walk you through how to master a handstand. 

Just think, once you can do a freestanding handstand, handstand push-ups are in your future. 

Then you will be ready for the best bodyweight workout apps and the best WOD apps

First, check out the best programs we found online to help you reach your handstand goals.  

Decision-Making Factors

Like anything else you purchase, there are different factors to consider before buying a handstand training program. 

Let’s take a look at what’s essential for your training.

Amount of Classes Offered

If you are attempting to perform a handstand, one or two classes will not do the trick.

Therefore, when looking for a handstand training program, make sure they offer various classes that go over technique and give you all you need to master a handstand. 

Most people will need multiple classes to get this move perfected.


You want to find something that is going to be easy to navigate. 

The interface should be self-explanatory and provide clear instructions on where you need to start training. 

Online classes are great, but make sure there is an app too.  That way, you can utilize the classes on your mobile device or smart tv.

Class Time

Let’s be honest.  We don’t have tons of hours in our day to train.  Between work, the kids, your workouts, and everything else, our 24 hours are pretty much accounted for. 

So when choosing a handstand training program, ensure they have various class times that will fit into your schedule.

Equipment Needed

For the most part, you will need some kind of equipment or prop for perfecting your handstand—research precisely what each training program requires before you sign up. 

You don’t want to sign up for one and not realize that you need several props that you don’t have. 

Once you commit to a handstand training program, you want to get right to it.  Don’t let props stop you.

Trial Offer

Most online fitness programs and apps offer a free trial precisely so you can get your feet wet before you dive right in.  This is crucial because something that works for one person might not be the best for someone else.

Also, always choose a handstand training program with a free trial to ensure that the program is legit and will help you progress to a handstand safely and effectively.

Best Handstand Training Programs – Let’s Go!

Now that you know what to look for in your handstand training program let’s look at some of the best online programs that will perfect your handstand. 

Remember, progression is critical!

Handstand Factory

It’s called the Handstand Factory, and we want to get in there and shop. 

The Handstand Factory offers a variety of training options for all of its users. 

The beginner program is called Push.  This is for anyone that cannot balance on their hands and is ready to learn. 

This program focuses on handstand practice that will lead to a freestanding handstand as a result.  The course comes with an ebook that is 113 pages and 43 videos. 

The progression takes about 8-12 months to complete depending on your fitness level.  The videos must be watched on the online platform, and there are more advanced handstand training programs available once you have achieved the two-hand handstand. 

The advanced programs are sold separately.  The Handstand Factory gives you lifetime access to the videos and ebook.  Practice your freestanding handstand over and over again.


  • Multiple handstand programs available
  • Videos and an ebook are included in the course.


  • Must purchase more advanced options separately.

Cali Move

To be honest, Cali Move is so much more than a handstand training program. 

It offers a variety of bodyweight training exercises that you can do right at home and information about eating healthy food options.  It’s all about increasing strength and mobility.  That said, a handstand does both of those things. 

Learn how to perfect your freestanding handstand and benefit from the other calisthenics training courses offered with your subscription. 

Choose from a variety of different classes and learn how to hold a handstand at Cali Move.

Workout Mobility | Cali Move

- 6+ month program

- 3 different difficulty levels

- Lifetime access (including updates)

- Bonus downloadable PDF

- Online video platform

-15-40 min per Workout, 3-6 times a week

- Additional advanced tutorials for Splits, Handstand Press and V-Sit

Start Now!


  • Many diverse exercise categories to choose from
  • Targets multiple muscle groups for overall health and fitness


  • No mobile app available


Similar to Cali Move, AloMoves is a complete fitness platform with various fitness courses

One of those is a handstand training program that has a total of 12 classes included.  You will need a wall, blocks, and a strap to eventually perfect your freestanding handstand for this course. 

The progression begins with a wall handstand and graduates to freestanding by the end of the course.  Each class is 20 minutes long.  It’s essential to note that this is an intermediate course that is slightly more challenging than some other beginner courses. 

AloMove offers a 14-day free trial, so you can try it out for free before being charged. 

Once your trial ends, you are billed $20 every month and get a lot of variety with your workouts in addition to your handstand.

Unlimited yoga, fitness, and meditation for $20/month or $199/year.

Whether you’re a complete beginner or you want to step up your routine, get the full studio experience at home with thousands of classes for body, mind, and spirit.



  • Trial offer available
  • Access to more than just the handstand program with various subscriptions


  • Expensive when only using the handstand program

School of Calisthenics

It fits that we should go back to school to learn how to do a handstand. 

With the School of Calisthenics, you receive a variety of calisthenics courses with your sign-up.  Learn how to do your first handstand and several other moves that are related to calisthenics. 

The programs can be purchased individually or purchase a monthly membership to receive all of the School of Calisthenics courses. 

The handstand training program costs £99 ($139.75).  If you want to get all that the School of Calisthenics offers, from handstand practice to bodyweight basics to nutrition, you can buy a monthly membership that starts at £9.99/month ($14.10). 

They offer a 7-day free trial offer so you can put your chest to wall and get that handstand going before you have to pay anything.  We like free! 

At the end of the handstand training program, you will be able to hold your freestanding handstand for 30 seconds.  Boom!


  • Offers access to virtual classroom
  • A mobile app is available
  • Affordable monthly membership package


  • The trial offer only lasts seven days.

The Movement Athlete

We like the Movement Athlete for the advanced options that it provides with its training.  Learn all bodyweight moves with this online platform. 

One of the significant benefits is an app that allows you to perfect your wall handstands, wall walks, and freestanding handstands from anywhere you go. 

Handstands for the win! 

The Movement Athlete makes it easy to get started and saves all of your information in the cloud.  That way, you can jump from device to device to practice. 

Learn the art of balance with this app and watch your progression to a handstand without any help. 

All of what the Movement Athlete offers are versatile and can be adapted to any skill level.  Walk your feet up that wall, get in position, and practice that wrist strength. 

Before long, you won’t need the wall to showcase your handstands.

as low as $3.7 / week


Start Training Today


  • Focus on bodyweight workouts
  • Versatile programs that suit the user’s needs, progression, and skill level


  • No nutrition focus

Handstand Journey

This free mobile app walks you through how to achieve a freestanding handstand while focusing on the importance of balance. 

It starts with practice exercises that promote strength endurance.  As you gain strength in your wrists, core, and shoulders, the progression continues to a wall handstand with the goal of a freestanding handstand by the end. 

This app is excellent for beginners who want to work on their core strength and shoulder strength, eventually leading to performing handstands.  Get ready to blow your friend’s minds with your epic handstand ability.


  • Designed explicitly for handstands with no other distractions
  • Built-in timer


  • No website available to make a user profile

Handstand Coach Kyle Weiger

When perfecting your handstand skills, why not get advice from a coach? 

Developed by Kyle Weiger, this mobile app and website browser walks you through the basics of perfecting a handstand. 

All of the video content of exercises is performed by Kyle as you challenge your body to perfect a handstand.  The free app also comes with a PDF guide that explains the process of mastering a handstand. 

It features all you need to know about balance, shoulder and core strength, and placement of hands and feet for the best handstand.  Kick your legs up onto that wall and get started.


  • PDF guide and video content available in course
  • Kyle Weiger is well known in the fitness industry


  • More advanced than some alternatives

More Handstand Fun

We’re not done just yet.  It’s essential to build up strength before attempting a handstand. 

Many of these programs that we mentioned have exercises that will do that for you. 

It doesn’t hurt to try to build up strength on your own by doing some pull-ups, push-ups, and crunches to develop strength in your backs, shoulders, core, and wrists.  Even a wall handstand is tricky if you haven’t developed strength in those areas. 

Remember, this is a marathon, not a sprint.  Progression is everything when it comes to perfecting a handstand. 

Kick up onto a wall and attempt your handstand in that position first.  Most of the programs mentioned above progress from a wall handstand anyway. 

It will also take time to get a proper handstand and hold it for about 30 seconds.  While some people who are already at an advanced fitness level or have an incredible hollow body might get a handstand in just thirty days, most people need to train longer than that. 

Get your wall handstand first.  Attempt a wall walk to work more on your stability and balance. 

Then when you have all of that down, try your straight line freestanding handstand.  Handstands aren’t easy so take your time.

If you want to achieve a handstand in six weeks, you must perform your handstand training at least three times a week.  That means building up your upper body by performing workout routines dedicated to the shoulders, back, and core. 

Check out our at-home lifting programs that everyone can benefit from using. 

Once your body feels strong, you know you can attempt your wall handstand and then eventually a freestanding handstand.  Don’t be too quick to move off the wall. 

It’s one of the best and affordable props you can use to perfect your handstand game. 

In the end, work to check out the world upside down.  Sometimes it brings a new level of perspective, right?

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