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Filtered Water Bottles: Should I Get One?

What's the deal with filtered water bottles? Do you think you might be inclined to drink more water if you always had clean cold water with you? Let's talk about filtered water bottles and give you a few good options.

Staying hydrated while working out is a necessity for all athletes, both new and advanced.

Rather than having a simple water bottle on hand, a filtered bottle provides a far healthier option.

It reduces the particles found in tap water so you have something safe to drink that will keep you hydrated during your workouts.

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What is a Filtered Water Bottle Used For?

Used as a portable drinking device, filtered water bottles allow athletes, or anyone for that matter, to carry a safe supply of water with them everywhere they go.

The filter inside helps to keep free radicals found in tap water out of the portion of water that gets consumed.

You may even use many of these bottles outdoors, gathering water from sources like rivers, lakes, and streams and filtering out any harmful bacteria or substances found within them.

As long as you use the system within the predetermined amount of usage, it should filter effectively. It gets rid of over 99% of all contaminants from any water source.

How Does a Filtered Bottle Work?

A built-in filtration system helps to keep water pure. Many have a carbon filter that keeps out certain particles that could taint the water.

A squeeze button needs to get pushed on most bottles before the liquid goes through the filtration system and comes into the mouth piece to be consumed.

You may have to replace the filter regularly or at the very least clean out the one the bottle comes with to ensure no debris get left inside for a later use.

What to Look for in a Filtered Water Bottle

Filtered Water Bottle

With countless filtered water bottles on the market, it’s difficult to determine which is best. Knowing some key aspects to look for can help each person find the right choice for them. Start by searching for a bottle that is lightweight and easy to carry.

This may not be important for everyone, but those who plan on taking their water bottle along to work out may not want a lot of added weight to their drink.

The size needs to get considered as well. Those who drink water more frequently and know they will need a larger size container should look for a larger ounce size. It will last longer before it requires a fill up.

When Should You Not Use a Filtered Water Bottle?

When you haven’t had the time to replace or clean the filter, you should skip the bottle for that day.

A bottle of water from the store is a better alternative that you know has been properly cleaned and filtered.

Wait to drink from your own bottle until the filter has gotten cleaned out or replaced correctly and you can ensure it is once again safe for use.

You should also avoid using the bottle once you know the gallon amount has been reached.

Although it may seem to work fine, not as many chemicals and bacteria compounds get removed once the filter has reached its limit.

You never know what is getting through even if the water tastes normal.

The Top Filtered Water Bottles

The following filtered water bottles are ones we believe are suitable options for athletes looking to stay hydrated during their workout routines.

They are durable and able to quench the thirst of the athletes who use them.

1. GRAYL Ultralight Water Purifier Bottle

The GRAYL Ultralight Water Purifier offers an award-winning one-press design that makes it easy to filter and use.

It takes just 15 seconds to turn water from any source into available drinking water that is safe to consume.

It removes 99% of all found viruses, including Rotavirus, and also eliminates bacteria like E. Coli.

If you want to filter your water and get rid of particles, chemicals, and heavy metals, this is the water purifier bottle for you.

You don’t just have to use this bottle while you work out. Take it with you on any trip and you can get a workout in outdoors or in anywhere in the world.

You simply fill it with water from anywhere, press the button to have it filter the water, and drink without worries.

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2. Ultimate Outdoor Travel Bottle with Advanced Microbiological Water Filter

The Ultimate Outdoor Travel Bottle comes with an advanced microbiological water bottle. It holds up to 28 ounces at one time, but has a 100 gallon lifespan before it needs to get replaced. It removes over 99% of toxins and bacteria virus pathogens.

The bottle itself is BPA-free. It has undergone rigorous testing so users can rest assured they are receiving a quality product they can drink from safely. The bottle has a carry strap and flip-top straw for easy drinking.

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3. WaterBasics Filtered Water Bottle

The WaterBasics Bottle can filter up to 80 gallons. It does not just work at home but also in the wilderness to filter out any water source and ensure bacteria and chemicals get removed.

The bottle accepts any WaterBasics replacement filters so you do not have to worry about searching high and low for replacement options.

The patented valve is known as the Bite Me Valve. You must bite down as you suck to get water out.

It prevents leaks since water cannot easily drip out without being pushed down slightly first.

The dust cover over the mouthpiece also prevents contamination and ensures you have a safe container to drink from any time you need it.

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4. Woder 24-Sur Survival Water Filter Bottle

Rivka™ 24-Sur Survival Water Filter Bottle w High Performance Ionic Filtration System - 100Gal Cartridge Capacity - Made in USA - 24oz. BPA Free
  • High Capacity: 100Gal cartridge capacity provides long-lasting filtration
  • Made in USA: Ethically sourced materials and manufacturing
  • Ion Exchange: Removes harmful contaminants through ion exchange process

The Woder Survival Bottle provides safe water anywhere you are. Whether you want to work out at home and get a drink water or work out in the wilderness and need to get water from a stream, all contaminants get filtered out in this bottle.

With BPA-free material and a 24 ounce capacity, this bottle is large enough to use and safe to drink from regularly.

The blue bottle with black top has an ideal appearance that both men and women, adults and children can enjoy. The lid also has a handle which works well to allow you to place it on a hook or string which ensures you can carry it around easier, especially when outdoors.

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5. Brita 34 Ounce Hard Sided Water Bottle with 1 Filter

Brita 0-60258--6, 34 oz, Black
  • FILTER ON THE GO: The filter inside the BPA free bottle filters as you drink to easily rehydrate at the office, a sporting event or on a day trip
  • BETTER TASTING: The water bottle filters and reduces chlorine taste and odor found in tap water as you drink
  • CONVENIENT: The hard-sided plastic, built-in carrying loop and flip open straw make this water bottle effortless to take on the go

The Brita Water Bottle provides a BPA-free exterior that keeps people safe who use it. It does not use harsh chemicals in the manufacturing process that can harm the body.

It also has a filtration system that takes out chemicals and bacteria from any water source. Use it on tap water most often to prolong your use.

The filter offers a one-time use, but that use lasts up to 300 bottles worth of water in 16.9 ounce bottles you find in stores.

It is best to replace it every two months or so, which equates to around 40 gallons for optimal use and taste.

Hard-sided plastic makes the bottle sturdy and leak-proof, along with a flip open straw and carrying loop that lets you place the bottle on any hook or string for easy carrying.

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Conclusion: Make the Most of Your Workouts with a Filtered Water Bottle

Filtered water bottles offer a safe way to stay hydrated during a workout.

Rather than drinking water straight from the tap, or spending money regularly on bottled water from the store, a one-time purchase of a filtered bottle ensures you always have safe water to drink.

It strains out the bad chemicals that sometimes makes it way inside our tap water and leaves only safe water to drink behind.

The GRAYL Ultralight Water Purifier helps you make the most of your workouts. Stay hydrated and cool with the water within this bottle.

Even if you run out and need more to drink, you can take water from any source and get the hydration you need.

It only takes 15 seconds to take water from an outside source and filter it through the bottle to make it consumable.

The award winning design takes just one press of a button to turn any water into something you can drink safely.

If you’re looking to have a reliable water bottle to use during all of your workouts, the GRAYL water purifier bottle with a filter is your best bet.

Take it on the go and gather water from anywhere to have safe and healthy water to drink and keep you hydrated.

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