Best Elevation Training Mask – Train your lungs for endurance

In a world where COVID is the main topic of conversation, we realize now more than ever how critical lung function is to our health.

Because of that, elevation training masks have grown in popularity for their incredible health benefits. This article will give you all of the information you need on what elevation training masks are and how they work.

Then, because we’re so helpful here at The Fitness Tribe, we’ll enlighten you with the best elevation training mask on the market. Sit back, relax, and grab a cup of joe.

What are Elevation Training Masks?

An elevation training mask or altitude mask is worn over your face while training.

By preventing regular airflow, your respiratory muscles work harder, which increases your lung capacity.

We’re all used to wearing masks these days, so this should be easy to adjust to, right?

Before you think we have lost our marbles, this mask doesn’t restrict the amount of oxygen you get when you take a breath.

Instead, it works to slow down your breathing, so you take deeper, more productive breaths by providing resistance.

Think of it as resistance training for your lungs and diaphragm.

Most elevation training masks come with different levels of resistance, managed by valves on the mask. Those valves change the amount of oxygen that passes through the mask, thereby creating more or less resistance.

When wearing high-altitude training masks, exercise will be more challenging, but that same exercise will seem so much easier once the mask is removed. Sounds great, right?

Key Benefits of Elevation/Altitude Training Masks

The best training masks come with various benefits that increase overall health. Check them out below.

  • Increased lung capacity
  • Better lung function
  • Improve overall stamina and performance
  • Increased aerobic capacity

Studies have shown that wearing an elevation training mask can increase your endurance during exercise.

They can create better lung function similar to lung trainers. A training mask helps your lungs similarly.

Best Elevation Training Masks

Time to take a glance at some of the best altitude training masks on the market to increase endurance, promote better lung functionality, and elevate your fitness level.

Training Mask 2.0

The Training Mask 2.0 is an excellent choice for your elevation training mask because of its value for your money.

For $31.99, this altitude training mask has over 30 airflow combinations making it excellent for any fitness level.

Made with lightweight, breathable materials, the Training Mask 2.0 improves performance while fitting comfortably with easy adjustment for everyone.


  • Choose from six levels of resistance
  • Features a three-year warranty
  • Manufactured with medical-grade silicone and neoprene sleeve
  • It comes in three different sizes
  • Comfortable


  • Hard to clean
  • Adjustment is more complicated than some competitors

Training Mask 3.0

A step above the 2.0, this elevation training mask is more comfortable than the 2.0 and features upgrades.

Adjust the mask’s resistance levels easily during workouts with the On-The-Fly adjustment technology.

Aesthetically designed to fit everyone with six resistance levels, the Training Mask 3.0 is ideal for pro athletes and beginners.

With 40% more fabric than the 2.0, the 3.0 is easier to wear during intense workouts as it fits comfortably.

While it’s more expensive than the 2.0 at $49.99, comfort comes first. You can’t put a price on a comfortable fit.


  • Extremely comfortable
  • Made with breathable materials
  • Excellent durable quality
  • Features multiple resistance levels for increased endurance training


  • Expensive option
  • Reviews suggest that a head strap is required to keep the altitude training mask in place

Sparthos Training Mask

This high-altitude training mask looks like the real deal. It features over 15 resistance levels for breathing.

This helps to train the diaphragm while taking deeper breaths that promote better oxygen function throughout your body.

With the Sparthos training mask, it’s easy to change the resistance levels while you’re training without having to remove the mask.

It comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and is excellent for beginners to professionals. This training mask is $39.97 and is available on Amazon.


  • Made with durable products
  • Quick and easy to adjust while exercising
  • Proven to increase endurance
  • Cleans easily
  • Over 15 resistance levels


  • Pricey option
  • Only manufactured in one size

User Reviews:

FDBRO Training Mask

The FDBRO training mask features a tight fit to ensure your training sessions aren’t interrupted by fixing a mask that slips off your face.

Made with food-grade silicone gel and top-quality lycra, this altitude training mask fits comfortably, is environmentally friendly, and is ultra-durable.

Six resistance levels make it perfect for a beginner or experienced professional fitness trainer to increase lung capacity. It comes in three different sizes to ensure everyone finds the right fit.

Depending on the color and size, it ranges in price from $27.97 to $40.99 and is available on Amazon.

10/05/2022 09:46 am GMT


  • Choose from a range of sizes
  • Comfortable fit
  • No slipping
  • Material is lightweight


  • Velcro on the strap can get caught in your hair

User Reviews:


If you’re looking for the best elevation training mask for your budget, check out the Vikingstrength mask.

It features 24 resistance levels that help to increase your inhaling capability to increase lung capacity. Improve your strength and endurance by exercising with the mask in place. It’s easy to adjust your resistance while the training mask is on.

It comes with a free storage bag when not in use and a guarantee. Buy this training mask for elevation training mask for only $27.95 on Amazon.


  • Resistance adjustments are easy during workouts
  • Affordable yet durable design
  • Up to 24 levels of resistance to choose between
  • Extremely comfortable


  • It doesn’t fit as tight as other competitors

User Reviews:

Alternatives to Elevation Training Masks

If increasing your lung capacity and endurance through a training mask doesn’t sound too appealing, there are other options.

Other lung trainers work to develop the diaphragm muscles and increase physical fitness.

Here are some viable options.

Airofit Pro

Our Airofit review describes the Airofit Pro in full detail, but we’ll give you a bit of taste here too. It’s one of the best lung trainers available on the market, and for a good reason.

Using this trainer for just five or ten minutes per day can cause remarkable results for athletes or those with respiratory issues.

Rather than using it while training, the Airofit Pro is used when you are at rest to train the diaphragm muscles to ensure deeper breathing.

The Airofit Pro comes with an app that gives you feedback on your progress. It aligns with your physical abilities like age, weight, gender, and more for complete personalization.

Bring it with you to increase your lung capacity. It costs $377.95.


  • Interactive app that gives real-time results
  • Customizable for anyone
  • Effective for increased endurance and lung capacity
  • Durable


  • Costly option

The Breather

The Breather is another lung training tool that improves your inhale and exhale to increase lung capacity.

This respiratory muscle training device is excellent for increasing oxygen levels without workout masks.

It’s an affordable option compared to the Airofit and comes with its app to monitor your breathing.

It gives you some of the same benefits as a workout mask without the masking for $49.95.


  • Inexpensive
  • Adjustable and easy to use
  • Focuses on inhale and exhale
  • Features six levels of resistance


  • Hard to keep clean


Another excellent option for your lung trainer, the AirPhysio, is affordable and durable.

It boasts the ability to train athletes to increase their oxygen levels and expel more carbon dioxide, enhancing fitness levels.

Consistently using the AirPhysio for five to ten minutes a day ensures better lung capacity and overall health for everyone. It costs $69.97 on Amazon.


  • Excellent for asthma and clearing lungs
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Durable lung trainer


  • Some reviews suggest the price is too high

Final Thoughts

Whether you are looking for a device that helps with high altitude training, increased lung capacity, or enhanced performance, the best training mask or lung trainer is right there for you.

Science shows that your respiratory muscles need exercise too.

A training mask or lung trainer can do that for you while you reap the benefits of better overall health due to increased oxygen levels.

Increase airflow for more oxygen to your muscles and achieve quicker recovery after intense exercise. The benefits just keep on coming.

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