Best EAA Supplements – Get Those Essential Amino Acids in One Place

When we decide to get healthy, it’s not only about eating better and exercising. We must ensure we receive crucial nutrients like vitamins, minerals, and essential amino acids (EAA) to help our bodies build and repair.

Our bodies don’t make essential amino acids; we need to consume them through our diet or supplementation. We researched some of the best EAA supplements to have you on your way to a healthier lifestyle. You’ll hit checkout on your cart filled with the best EAA supplements. What are we waiting for?

The Truth Behind EAA Supplements

Essential amino acids refer to amino acids our body doesn’t produce independently but are necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The nine essential amino acids are:

  • Histidine – produces histamine, a neurotransmitter required for immune and digestive functions and sleep patterns.
  • Isoleucine – one of the three branched-chain amino acids that focus on muscle metabolism
  • Leucine – another branched-chain amino acid used for protein synthesis, production of human growth hormones, and regulation of blood sugar
  • Lysine – helps absorb calcium and promotes the production of enzymes and hormones
  • Methionine – helps detoxification throughout the body
  • Phenylalanine – an amino acid that turns into neurotransmitters like dopamine and epinephrine
  • Threonine – makes up structural proteins like collagen
  • Tryptophan – helps regulate sleep and appetite
  • Valine – the final of the three branched-chain amino acids involved in muscle regeneration and energy production

These amino acids play a significant role in muscle development and protein synthesis. If they aren’t in your daily diet, adding EAA supplements via a powder or pill helps easily add these essential amino acids.

Benefits of EAA Supplements

EAA supplements enhance recovery rates by supplying the body with protein synthesis to repair muscles and tissues. They help the body reduce muscle breakdown during workouts for shorter recovery periods. Certain amino acids improve immune function, preventing frequent illness and injuries. Essential amino acids also promote fat loss while preserving lean muscle mass, a significant asset when losing weight.

Considerations for EAA Supplements

We know you’re already excited to explore the fantastic benefits of EAA supplementation, but before you go crazy, let’s take note of some considerations.

Only the Best Ingredients

Always look for EAA supplements with the best ingredients. They should contain all nine essential amino acids in the correct amounts. Also, EAA supplements shouldn’t contain extra additives or preservatives. Make sure you read the labels carefully if you have allergies to dairy or soy, as some EAA supplements contain these common allergens.


Choose products backed by brands with good reputations who facilitate excellent manufacturing processes. Third-party testing enhances the supplement further to ensure the product is safe, so look for that on the label. Consider how you prefer supplementation, whether it’s via pill or powder. 


Never sacrifice quality for cost. Some brands are similar but vary in price. Compare labels to find the best product and consider buying EAA supplements in bulk, saving money in the long run.

Best EAA Supplements

We’ve teased you for long enough. Now, it’s time for the main event. Here we go!

Naked EAAs

Founded by Stephen Zieminski in 2014, Naked Nutrition boasts supplements with five main ingredients without unhealthy additives like artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners. Naked EAAs are made with whey or pea proteins catering to various lifestyles like veganism. 

In addition to its variety of EAA supplements, Naked Nutrition offers over 50 supplements that promote healthier lifestyles without a laundry list of ingredients. Most Naked Nutrition supplements only contain three ingredients, making label reading easy. 

Naked EAAs are leucine-enhanced supplements that absorb quickly. Two scoops of Naked EAAs into your favorite drink before, during, or after a workout ensures proper muscle enhancement and recovery.

We love the Naked brand for people with various dietary lifestyles and those seeking raw essential amino acids without unhealthy additives. This product is best for people who don’t mind unpleasant tastes too.

Common Questions about Naked EAAs

People often ask if Naked EAAs are the same as Naked BCAAs. Naked EAAs and Naked BCAAs are different products. Naked EAAs offer nine essential amino acids promoting immunity and muscle recovery. Naked BCAAs contain only the three branched-chain amino acids, leucine, isoleucine, and valine, known for their impact on protein synthesis and muscle metabolism.

Naked EAAs contain no caffeine. It has the nine essential amino acids, which together form proteins.

We recommend Naked EAAs as a clean way to enhance workouts and provide better muscle recovery.

Naked Nutrition | Essential Amino Acids Supplement Naked Nutrition | Essential Amino Acids Supplement

Naked EAAS is a pharmaceutical-grade, fast-absorbing, leucine-enhanced blend of essential amino acids.

Supplementing with essential amino acids supports muscle development and faster post-workout recovery, as well as an active lifestyle regardless of your fitness level. 

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.


  • Products are gluten-free, vegan-friendly, soy-free, and non-GMO
  • Promotes better immune health, muscle growth, heart health, and weight loss
  • Mix this product with food or a beverage
  • Dissolves quickly


  • Free shipping only on orders over $99
  • Individual results vary when using this product
  • Expensive
  • The unflavored mix’s taste isn’t great
  • Instructions are unclear

Micro Ingredients Superior EAA with Electrolytes

Micro Ingredients is known for supplying companies with raw and pure supplement ingredients. Over 200 natural ingredients contain no added fillers, preservatives, or artificial flavors. The ingredients are USDA-organic and non-GMO.

Taking things a step further, Micro Ingredients are tested in USA labs for quality, and the results are available to customers upon request.

Micro Ingredients Superior EAA with Electrolytes contains all nine essential amino acids and three electrolyte minerals to enhance hydration during workouts. This vegan-friendly product comes in a 2 lb pouch with 79 servings.

This formula has a sugar-free pineapple flavor free of soy, dairy, gluten, and tree nuts. It’s an excellent option for people with allergies or sensitivities. It’s also third-party tested to ensure quality and safety standards. 

We like this powder for people who want a clean product with extra electrolytes for better endurance and hydration during training sessions. Since the test has terrible reviews, it’s best for those who prioritize raw ingredients over enhanced flavors.

Microingredients | Superior EAA with Electrolytes Microingredients | Superior EAA with Electrolytes
  • Micro Ingredients’ all-in-one vegan post-workout recovery blend that includes a full-spectrum complete protein complex.
  • Combines 9 raw EAAs with 3 BCAAs plus 3 electrolyte trace minerals to create the ultimate recovery and hydration powder drink.
  • Micro Ingredients’ superior EAA formula utilizes key sports nutrition nutrients to provide support for overall muscle soreness, lasting hydration, & peak performance.
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.


  • Excellent value for your budget
  • Contains EAAs, BCAAs, and electrolytes
  • No artificial flavors or preservatives


  • Label transparency is questionable
  • Some reviews state taste is bad

FAQs about Micro Ingredients Superior EAA with Electrolytes

Do Micro Ingredients products contain artificial ingredients?

Micro Ingredients products are 100% free from additives.

How do Micro Ingredients handle quality control?

They enlist third-party lab testers to trial their products, ensuring quality and safety.

Can any of the Micro Ingredients supplements be mixed and matched?

Yes. Micro Ingredients promote mixing their supplements to enhance performance and taste.

What is the return policy?

There is a 30-day return policy for all Micro Ingredients supplements.

Do Micro Ingredients have a complete intra-workout supplement?

Yes. Micro Ingredients offers a complete intra-workout supplement with nine essential amino acids, three branched-chain amino acids, and electrolytes.

Are vegan supplements available through Micro Ingredients?

Yes. Micro Ingredients offers a plant-based supplement that caters to the vegan lifestyle.

Is there a money-back guarantee with Micro Ingredients?

While no money-back guarantee exists, Micro Ingredients offers a 30-day return policy on all its supplements.

Is shipping free?

Free shipping for purchases over a certain amount is available through Micro Ingredients.

NutraBio Alpha EAA

The NutraBio Alpha EAA supplement combines essential amino acids with fermented branched-chain amino acids and hydration components for a complete formula to enhance performance and focus. The formula supplies better brain function, balances cortisol levels, and increases muscle contractions. It’s an athlete’s dream come true.

NutraBio manufactures its supplements in the US, and all are tested during various stages of production to ensure quality and safety. This company offers a 100% money-back guarantee for any unsatisfied customer with some exclusions.

NutraBio Alpha EAA | All-Day Aminos NutraBio Alpha EAA | All-Day Aminos
$39.99 ($2.55 / Ounce)
  • NutraBio Alpha EAA features an 8.2g blend of Essential Amino Acids, with 6g of vegan fermented BCAAs to help supercharge your recovery.
  • Full spectrum EAAs are a great way to improve lean muscle growth and recovery both intra and post workout.
02/19/2024 03:24 am GMT


  • The supplement contains a full spectrum of essential amino acids and branched-chain amino acids that elicit better endurance and muscle recovery
  • The formula also includes adaptogens and nootropics to enhance brain functions
  • Taurine and CocoPure in the supplement provide better hydration
  • Contains AstraGin, a plant-based compound that increases amino acid absorption


  • Products don’t include a list of side effects
  • Some users received broken containers and bloating when using the product
  • Other reviews stated the supplement wasn’t easy to mix

FAQs for NutraBio Alpha EAA Supplement

What are NutriBio Alpha EAA’s benefits?

This product promotes all-day energy and hydration with its blend. It also enhances brain function and improves cortisol levels.

How does Alpha EAA taste?

Reviewers liked the taste and called it sweet and tart. Some reviews stated there was an unpleasant artificial taste.

Does this supplement mix well with water?

Reviews suggest that NutroBio Alpha EAA doesn’t mix great with liquids and sometimes gets clumpy.

Summing It All Up

Some of the best EAA supplements are here, waiting to enhance workouts, increase hydration levels, and increase mental clarity. Lactose-free protein is available to cater to our vegan friends. The sky’s the limit on what EAA supplements can do for your health. Give them a try and report back to us!

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