Best Dumbbells Workout App – Get Cut Arms Right in time for Summer

Raise your hand if you bought some dumbbells or multiple sets of dumbbells during the lockdown. 

It’s true. We almost broke the internet purchasing exercise equipment to get fit because the fridge was just too close for comfort. 

We need the proper app to help guide us through the best dumbbell workout to build muscle. 

Below we looked at some of the best dumbbell apps to get your training at home with just a pair of dumbbells.  Get those arms ready because we are going to use them.

Build Muscle with a Dumbbell Workout

Yes, it’s true.  You can build muscle with just a pair of dumbbells at your disposal.  Heck, you can build muscle with bodyweight training and no equipment. 

It’s all about finding the right app or WOD (workout of the day) to guide you through a workout plan that will fit your lifestyle. 

The essential part of working out with dumbbells is engaging a different muscle group each time and developing a progression in your workout.  If you keep the same weight for too long, you will become stagnant in your weight training. 

To build muscle, you need to progress from a starting point of maybe 4kg weights to eventually 10kg weights.  Depending on the muscle group you are working with will also depend on how heavy your weights should be. 

For a beginner, 4kg dumbbells will work your triceps and shoulder muscles, but that might be too light for chest presses. 

Get a few different size weights depending on what dumbbell workout you perform.

Best Dumbbell Workout Apps

Studies show that dumbbells work the pectorals major (large chest muscle) and the biceps (large muscle on the upper arm between the elbow and shoulder) more significantly than a barbell or Smith machine. 

Dumbbells have proven their worth, and it’s time to find the best app to get your home workout done.


Fitbod is a versatile app that allows you to personalize your workout by inputting your information and workout goals. 

You create gym profiles, and there can be several that you use depending on the day.  That way, you are changing up your workout routine and maybe just using bodyweight one day and equipment the next.  It’s also great for any fitness level.

The app will provide you with exercises that will suit your muscle growth based on your fitness goals. 

If you are into weight lifting only, you can remove the HIIT exercises.  Circuits and supersets might be more of what you need. 

The best thing about this app is the ability to customize it to your workout plan.  Remove workouts that you don’t like.  Exclude muscle groups that you don’t want to work. 

Change an exercise to make it longer or harder.  The app is there to work for you. 

They even offer a muscle recovery percentage based on your workout.  That can be changed to fit your needs, but we stress that you need to recover. 

Those muscles won’t grow and will get torn or injured if you push too hard without proper recovery.

If you are new to working out with dumbbells, don’t stress. 

The Fitbod app offers tutorials on all of the workout routines.  It’s essential to understand the proper placement of the dumbbells for each exercise and how they work for each muscle group. 

Without understanding the mechanics of workouts, you won’t be as successful.  Proper form is everything in weight training to build the muscle correctly and prevent injury.

At the end of the week, get a summary of your workouts and the progression you have made with the Fitbod app

Also, see your workout schedule for the upcoming week and preview the exercises that are in store.  This helps your mental game in a huge way.  You can pat yourself on the back for your progression while gearing up for what is to come.

Fitbod Pricing

Ready for the best part?  Fitbod comes with a free trial. 

You get three free workouts to gauge if this app is right for you.  Once you decide that you love it, the monthly plan costs $9.99. 

If you want more of a commitment, go for the Fitbod Elite and pay $59.99 for a year’s worth of excellent workout routines right at home. 

Fitbod connects to Apple Health and is available on Android and iOS devices via Google Play or a similar store.


  • Extremely versatile and personalized
  • A vast amount of options for any fitness level
  • Excellent tutorials
  • Nice variation of exercises


  • Some reviews say the workouts are too demanding
  • Other reviews say the app drains your device’s battery


Another great app for working with dumbbells is the JEFIT app. 

Similar to Fitbod, it allows you to filter to different exercises that utilize dumbbells or any other equipment you want to use. 

You can use the workout at home or the gym.  Personalize workouts to fit your fitness goals and track your workouts progress with one simple click.  

With over 1,400 workouts, there is something for everyone.  This app has you covered whether you want to build muscle, gain strength, or lose weight. 

Search for your particular workout with various categories like beginner, advanced, general fitness, cutting, and more.  Create your workouts if you want and choose from a variety of options for equipment needed. 

They even have a coach mode if you are a personal trainer or coach.  Learn more about the best workout plans for your clients and how to train them to meet their weight loss goals.

JEFIT Pricing

JEFIT offers a variety of packages to choose from depending on how much you want to spend. 

Here’s a summary of what each package includes.

  • Basic – This package is free, which is always fun!  You receive a workout routine planner, training log tracker, 1,300 exercises to choose from, body stat tracking, and the JEFIT built-in community with this option.  
  • Elite Monthly – Free is great, but this option is only $6.99/month. Receive the JEFIT app without all of the ads.  Get everything that the Basic plan offers and advanced training reports, advanced mobile feature sets, and compare your stats with your friends on the internet.  A little competition goes a long way, people!
  • Elite Yearly – The final option comes in at $3.33/month for a year which is quite a savings from the monthly option with all of the same features.  We all love a great deal!


  • User-friendly, easy-to-use platform
  • Excellent at filtering equipment and exercises
  • Great for tracking and logging workouts
  • Share your workouts with the community
  • Animated tutorials for proper form during workouts


  • Some reviews reported issues with glitches
  • Some of the updates weren’t great and changed the formats


We could all use a buddy in life, right?  While this app has less dynamic features, it is simple and easy to use. 

Most of the exercises use dumbbells or bodyweight training, so it’s perfect for your home workout. 

The app breaks down the different muscle groups that you can work from chest and biceps to abs to triceps and shoulders to legs and back. 

Then you can select the equipment that you want to use, like dumbbells, mat, chair, or the wall.  

While there aren’t a ton of unique features, the exercises are simple and direct.  Plus, this app is excellent for a beginner who is just starting with dumbbell exercises or someone at a more advanced fitness level. 

Customize your workout according to your fitness goals, track your calories, calculate your BMI, and weight loss progress.  There is even a macro calculator to make sure your diet compliments your workout goals. 

Use this app even when you are offline and reap the benefits of your progression with daily reports.  

LifeBuddy Pricing

Grab that dumbbell and get started with LifeBuddy because it is only $1.99 per month or $5.99 per year. 

It’s an excellent option for getting starting with a dumbbell home workout.  Build muscle mass right at home.


  • Inexpensive
  • Simple to use and effective
  • Excellent for home workouts
  • Good tutorials
  • Excellent for beginners who want a dumbbell workout


  • Limited features compared to competitors
  • Some reviews complain of bugs in the app

Workout Apps to the Rescue

It’s time to take your dumbbell workout routine to the next level.  With the workout apps we described, you can do that and more. 

Visit your app store and download one of them now. 

Track your progress, get reports that showcase your hard work, and access a range of exercise routines that work with only dumbbells. 

This is our year, folks.  Let’s make it a cut one.

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