List Of Best Chest Bodyweight Exercises

5 Best Chest Bodyweight Exercises

If you’re putting in a lot of time and effort at the gym to develop and define your chest but are not seeing enough results, what do you do?

The right chest bodyweight exercises will yield results, so if you’re not experiencing success, the reason might be the type of chest exercises you’re doing or the specific techniques you’re using to perform them.

What you need is a fool-proof guide to demonstrate, firstly, what exercises work and that show, secondly, the proper way to execute them.

So that you know precisely how to get the results you want, the following list of the best chest bodyweight exercises will include specific instructions on sit-ups, push-ups, diamond push-ups, triceps dips, and weighted push-ups.

Read on to learn about a transformative bodyweight chest workout that will give you a strong, muscular, and more defined chest that you can be proud of.

Top 5 Bodyweight Chest Workout Exercises

Here are some of the best chest workouts outhere you can do:

1. Sit-ups (Surprise!)

Sit-ups can help you strengthen your core which is important for 2 reasons.

1. This can improve your flexibility by making your back and hips more flexible and well as improve your posture by keeping your shoulders, hips, and spine in proper alignment.

2. By improving your core strength alone you’ll be able to lift more weights as you will be able to use both upper and lower body muscles better due to increased core strength.

Here are some instructions to help you to do sit-ups as part of your chest bodyweight exercises.

a). Lie down on your back — whether directly on the floor or on a ma — with your knees bent and your feet stationary on the ground.

b). Interlace your fingers and place your hands at the bottom of your skull – just above your neck

c). Lift your body until you’re in a near-seated position.

d). Lower your body back to its starting position, and repeat these steps as desired.

2. Push-ups

Looking for a simple exercise that will help to strengthen the muscles in your chest?

You can’t get much simpler than push-ups.

It’s the sort of bodyweight chest workout that you can do from just about anywhere whenever you have some free time.

As for specific benefits, push-ups will engage various muscles groups simultaneously such as your chest, pecs, arms, legs, deltoids, hips, and core.

Why should you care — beyond wanting to strengthen and build your chest — about increasing overall muscle strength? Here are several important benefits you might not have known:

a). Strengthens bones;

b). Helps maintain healthy body weight, and

c). Helps with everyday mobility.

One of the interesting things about push-ups is that many people go about them the wrong way. And if your technique is off, you won’t get the results you want.

Here are some recommendations as per the American Council on Exercise:

a). Put your hands on the floor. They should be separated about shoulder width– and with your fingers facing ahead of you. With your stomach facing the floor, extend your body into the plank position. You’ll know you’re in the right position when your head is aligned with your spine.

b). Lower your body toward the floor while keeping your torso rigid and your head and spine aligned. Continue to lower yourself until your chest makes contact with the floor — and allow your elbows to shift outwards during this process.

c). While maintaining the same rigid torso and head and spine alignment, lift upwards until your arms are fully extended. You can repeat steps b and c as many times as you want.

3. Diamond Push-Ups

Do you enjoy doing regular push-ups but want to take things up a notch to enhance your chest bodyweight routine?

The answer is diamond push-ups.

This type of chest bodyweight exercise will yield results.

The steps are similar to the steps for the traditional push-ups exercise – but there’s a difference.

Place your hands close together and flat on the floor to form the shape of a diamond or pyramid.

You’ll do this by using your two thumbs to form the base of the pyramid shape, and then using the index finger on your right hand and the index finger on your left hand to form the two walls of the triangle or pyramid.

With your two thumbs and two index fingers touching, you should be able to form a triangle or pyramid.

After you’ve gotten positioned in this way, follow the aforementioned steps for push-ups for a challenging chest bodyweight exercise.

4. Triceps Dips

Triceps dips are the type of bodyweight exercise you can use not only to build shoulder and arm strength, but also to build chest strength. You can think of it as the sort of exercise to use to improve overall upper body strength.

Benefits of this sort of exercise include improving your ability to take on daily tasks that require pushing, maintaining proper balance, and more.

Doing this exercise requires a piece of equipment. The good news is that a chair with fixed legs – not one with wheels – will work just fine.

Here are some tips to do triceps dips in a way that will give you the benefits you’re looking for.

a). Sit down on the edge of your chair and get a good grip on the chair by holding using both hands to grip a portion of the edge of the chair that is adjacent to your hips. Ensure that your fingers are pointed towards your feet, extend your legs, ensure that your feet are spread approximately hip-width apart, keep your heels on the floor, and look forward with your chip up.

b). Use your palms to elevate your body and push forwards slightly until your rear end clears the chair’s edge.

c). Lower your body until you bend your elbows at an angle of at least 45 degrees and up to 90 degrees.

d). Push yourself to the starting position, and complete however many repetitions can want.

5. Weighted Push-Up

For weighted push-ups, you can use either of the variations of push-ups listed above. But you’ll also want to add some weights on your back.

You should start light and then work your way up to more weight over time.

If you’ve been wanting to get better results from your workouts, chest bodyweight exercises will yield results.

Give them a try, and see how they help you to strengthen and develop your chest.

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