Best Callus Removers: The Complete Guide

Keeping your feet in good condition is important. A lot of us hate going to get pedicures from strangers, but we still need to work to keep foot calluses in check. Let's talk more about foot calluses and how to take care of them.

A callus is a kind of damaged skin that forms a little protuberance mainly on your feet and hands due to constant friction and irritation.

And the only way to eliminate them is with the best callus removers that are available on the market, which offers a more effective and faster way to remove a callus from your body.

Calluses tend to be really annoying when it comes to feet as they can actually hurt a little and be uncomfortable.

So, we’ve decided to make a list of the best electric callus remover to help anyone in search of an effective way to eliminate calluses from their feet.

Take a look further and find out about the best callus remover tool on the market plus a little guide about calluses, how to remove them, and the benefits of using one.

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What Is A Callus?

Callus are those things that look like dead skin which can appear on hands, feet, elbows, or pretty much anywhere the skin gets too much friction.

This kind of annoyance appears with the purpose of protecting the skin from repetitive burns and harm.

Even though they can hurt sometimes, they are mainly inoffensive, but they look ugly and can even be uncomfortable when they appear on feet or hands.

They usually appear on the hands of bodybuilders who are in constant weighing and exposing hands to repetitive friction or with farmers who are constantly using a shovel or paddle.

And when they happen in the feet it is mostly because of shoes that are too tight or people who play a lot of sports.

What Causes Calluses?

Due to repetitive friction and pressure, our skin starts developing a harder protuberance due to the constant harm.

Callus tend to happen in feet and hands, but they can actually appear almost anywhere in the body, especially if that part of the body is not protected against friction.

They often appear in feet due to an improper walking motion making the feet rub against shoes too often.

Other main causes are shoes that are too tight or feet with malformations. However, if there is not a protective sock or material in between the harm is bigger.

Gardeners, tennis and baseball players, violinists and guitarists, or even painters and writers can develop calluses due to the constant use and friction on their hands.

For these calluses, the best product to remove callus from feet is callus removers, which help in eliminating those protuberances once and for all, leaving the skin all soft and without any dead skin.

Callous removers will always be the best option for anyone who wants to eliminate those calluses from their feet and even hands.

They are often very helpful, eliminating calluses without causing any harm to our skin and being totally effective, letting our skin be soft again and totally healthy.  You can sometimes even find callus remover gel to help get rid of these unwanted issues.

Keep reading and find out the benefits of using a callus remover.

Benefits Of Using Callus Remover

Using Callus Remover

Callus removers are in essence the best product to remove callus from feet.

As calluses are mainly made by thick and hard skin in our hands or feet, a remover is the best tool we can use to eliminate them from our body.

It can be immensely hard and even harmful to remove them with our own hands so avoid doing that.

This happens due to the great mechanism callus removers are made with, a spinning head with a material that exfoliates the skin.

However, not all of them are made with the same materials and in the same way.

Some are rolling tools that exfoliate while others are rotating discs.  Both of them have different focuses and advantages, while also having variable speeds and hardness.

Even so, there are many other benefits of using them so let’s take a look.

They Help To Get Rid Of Calluses Faster

Like all electric and mechanical machines, callus removers help to get rid of your problem much faster than doing it manually or with traditional tools.

Thanks to the great design of the best removers it will not only get rid of them faster but actually easier. 

They Are Lighter And Smaller

Callus removers tend to be really light and small, fitting perfectly in our hands.

Due to this, getting into the hardest parts to reach or just doing it for long times on the most difficult calluses to remove, a callus remover will be the best option.  While a pumice stone is great for getting rid of dead skin cells, it might take a while and involve a lot of energy trying to get the callus off.

Even so, you can use them whenever you want and wherever you prefer as you can bring them with you.

No Effort Is Necessary

Even though calluses can appear in the most difficult to reach places in our body, eliminating them with a callus remover is something that won’t demand any effort.

With just placing the tool over the callus and letting it do its job, you will eliminate that protuberance in just a few seconds without having to get exhausted.

Your Callus Will Completely Disappear

Yes, using a great callus remover will make that annoying callus to completely disappear from your sight.

Even so, you will be able to cure your skin and even make it look better than before.

Using an electric callus remover will be immensely better than using a manual tool like a pumice stone or a foot peel, as with a manual tool you are more likely to harm your skin but with an electric one you will be able to cure and even make it look good.

They Are Cheap For Their Advantages

One of the best benefits of using a callus remover is that the cheap price of these tools is not only wonderful due to the great advantages they offer but it is actually cheaper than going to the podiatrist or another professional callus remover.

Buying one of these is much more efficient than going to a specialist and will cost you a lot less.

You Can Use Them Again And Again

When it comes to flexibility and usability, callous removers are wonderfully effective. They will not only eliminate calluses once but many times and without losing their effectiveness.

Most of these callus removers will only need to be cleaned after use and store in a place away from damage.

This is also great because you won’t have to buy one every two or six months as one of these devices can last up to a year and more if it’s used correctly.

How To Choose The Best Callus Remover?

Among the best callus removers you can find, you will have to look for the one that best suits your necessities and the one that delivers the best efficiency.

Even though a callus remover is a device that doesn’t have much to offer more than just efficiently removing your calluses, you will have to know the basics and most important features of each one to wisely choose the right one.

1. Ease Of Use

Yes, even when you may already know that an electric callus remover is actually very easy to use, looking for the one that actually delivers versatility and ease to use will be better for you.

Even so, if you haven’t bought one before, ensure that the product comes with instructions to avoid any problem while using it.

2. Suitability

It is possible that the callus remover you are thinking of buying won’t fit your needs.

In that case, it is important to know what exactly you want it to do and look for one that fits your desires.

3. Performance

Just like with everything else, choosing the best callus remover for you is also looking for the one that delivers the best results.

Even so, it is important to look for those that will let you use them again and again with no problem and with the same effectiveness.

4. Design

The design of a callus remover is also important. With a good design, it will be able to get to the most difficult parts of your body.

And if you want a remover that lets you see in the dark or in places with low light, you can choose one with LED illumination.

There are others with replaceable heads and interchangeable features for different results.

5. Flexibility

When it comes to flexibility, you will have to look for the one that offers more features.

Among these features you can find different speeds of the head, rechargeable remover, lights, different head designs, or just handling, making it able to work on any part of your body.

6. Price

When looking for any kind of product, the price will always be important.

When it comes to callus removers, an expensive one won’t mean that it is the best or the one that offers the best features.

That’s why you will have to take a good look at the one you’re going to choose and analyze both specifications and reviews in order to avoid choosing the wrong one.

7. Reliability

Just as with any other product, we’ll always want our things to last until they are not useful anymore.

With callus removers is the same thing, you will want to choose the one that lasts the longest and the one that offers the best quality of its materials.

Take a look at customers’ reviews as they sometimes talk about how long they can work and the quality of how they are made.

What Are The Best Callus Removers?

If you are looking for a great callus remover to get rid of those annoying pieces of dead skin on your feet, there won’t be a better alternative than one of the following callus removers.

These are the best in the market right now, choose wisely and take into account every detail we talked about previously.

Foot Love Electric Rechargeable Pedicure Tool with 4 Rollers and Travel Case - Blue
  • FOOT LOVE PEDICURE TOOLS - One of the most powerful rechargeable electric callus removers available, designed to quickly and painlessly remove foot calluses and dead skin. This is the ORIGINAL Foot...
  • DETACHABLE GRINDING HEAD - FOUR INCLUDED TWO STANDARD AND TWO EXTRA COARSE, easy to clean by rinsing in water and easy to renew. More convenient than pumice stones or metal foot scrapers.
  • HIGH QUALITY TRAVEL CASE - Our original design travel case provides great storage for the callus remover, refills and its other accessories.

The Electric Callus Remover from Foot Love can be both in red and in blue.

They come with a rechargeable battery and with a travel case in case you want to take it with you on a trip or wherever you want.

One of the easiest to clean among callus removers and gives you the best versatility when it comes to interchangeable features and tools.

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Electric Callus Remover: Own Harmony Professional Pedicure Tools Foot Care for Women, Rechargeable Foot Scrubber, CR900 Electronic Feet File Pedi Sander Best for Hard Cracked Dry Dead Skin, 3 Rollers
  • POWERFUL 2000RPM Speed for FAST RESULTS, Effortlessly: Love getting pedicures? With this portable electric foot callus remover kit you feel like you’ve gone to a professional salon minus the cost;...
  • COMFORT and BUILT TO LAST: Innovative foot sander design gently and effectively buffs away thick and hard callous for effortless fast results; Ergonomic and easy to use with improved safety lock...
  • RECHARGEABLE: 2-HR QUICK CHARGE: High Performance Motor for exceptionally smooth and soft heels; Charge once, use multiple times; Cordless, Lightweight, and the perfect travel friendly gift set for...

The Own Harmony Electric Callus remover CR900 offers one of the greatest effectiveness in eliminating calluses from your body.

Even though they are mainly made to get rid of calluses from your feet, you can use it to get rid of any dead skin on your body.

The best thing is that lets the skin in a perfect state – really soft and very clean with just one use.

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Care me Electric Foot Callus Removers Rechargeable – Electronic Foot Grinder Files Away Dry, Dead, Hard, Skin & Calluses- Best Foot Care Pedicure Tool for Spa-Like Smooth Soft Feet
  • ► EFFECTIVELY BUFFS AWAY FOOT SKIN- Improved motor spins at 2,400 turns/min revealing your baby soft feet in mins. Perfect for Delicate Skin or Maintenance. If you have heavily callused heels, try...
  • ►PREMIUM LASTING BATTERY - This callous remover has built-in 800 mAH Nickel-Hydride rechargeable battery with up to 600 working hours. Charge 8 hours and powerfully run for 40 mins at plug-and-play....
  • ►FOOT SPA-LIKE RESULTS - Pamper your feet with this electric callus grinder for professional pedicure result at a fraction cost. Portable & Safer than a foot sander, scraper, scrubber. Best pedi...

This device is maybe the best callus remover you will find on the market.

Thanks to its reliability and convenience when using plus a wonderful design and performance that will make your skin look better and callus-free.

And the best is that it is chargeable, with more than 8 hours of use with just one charge.

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Electric Callus Remover and Shaver by Naturalico - Best Rechargeable Pedicure Foot Care File Tool - Remove Dead, Hard, Cracked Skin and Reduce Calluses on Feet in Just Seconds - Spa Like Results
  • REMOVE MORE SKIN EVERY SECOND Naturalico callus remover tool, spins 40 times/sec. More spins means more exfoliation than other tools. The built-in 1200 Mah battery can be charged more than 1,000 times...
  • EXFOLIATE A LITTLE OR A LOT With 2 speeds, our pedicure tool lets you customize the experience. Clear your callus using our callus shaver. Easy feet care - foot scrubber scraper is very simple, easy...
  • GOOD FOR THE PLANET & FOR YOUR FEET Rechargeable to reduce battery waste; Gentler than a manual file

This Naturalico Electric Callus Remover is a very comfortable and easy to use remover that comes with a rechargeable battery and delivers spa results for your feet.

It also offers a LED light in order to help see those areas that are harder to reach and also offers the ability to change between two different speeds.

What We Like:
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Maybe the best foot callus remover, this device offers one of the best quality and performances among the electronic callus removers available on the market.

It is wonderfully ergonomic, offering one of the best versatilities letting you reach every spot of your feet in order to eliminate those annoying calluses, leaving a soft and wonderful feel in your skin.

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J D beauty professional Tip2Toe Electric Callus Remover, White & Silver
  • Country of origin is United States
  • Item Package Length: 7.112cm
  • Item Package Width: 15.748cm

If you are looking for a callus remover that offers a professional result, there’s no better option than the Tip2Toe Electric callus remover.

This one offers the most powerful performance plus a cleaner and easier removal option. It will last longer than any other callus remover and won’t damage your skin.

What We Like:
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Being the cheapest among the best heel callus remover this device is really effective and one of the most easy-to-use removers on the market.

Even though it is very cheap, it can still offer a very powerful performance while also leaving your skin totally harmless and with a wonderful feel.

It can be used with batteries and last longer than other callus removers at the same price.

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In the end, choosing the right callus remover will be a matter of taking a good look at the best callus remover reviews on the market.

You will have to look closely at each one of them and be sure of what you’re looking for in order to choose the one that will help you with your callus problem and eventually offer the features that you need.

Even so, it is totally recommended to try at least one or two of these products before purchasing them.

Look for a friend or a relative who uses one of these and try it in order to know if they work for you. If not, keep looking for the best callus remover for you while taking into account our recommendations.

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