Best Bodyweight Workout Apps – On Demand Workouts for 2022

The pandemic has been a tough time to keep up gym routines and exercise goals that may have dominated the exercise journals of early 2020.

Through the last 6 months, people have had their self-discipline tried and tested to the limits. Here’s to hoping that you have come out on top.

For those who need a push to get back on track, there is hope for the post-pandemic online fitness industry.

The silver lining that blatantly shines through this uncertain time has been the perseverance of mobile fitness apps that have never been proven so useful.

In a time where gym options are limited, and the fear of returning to the gym prematurely can be daunting, it might be best to try out an application that allows you to exercise confidently and safely from the confines of your own home.

Here is our list of the best bodyweight workout apps that have guided the way through many pandemic induced fitness woes.

  1. Aaptiv – Workout App: Fitness Classes & Training Programs
  2. Aaptiv – Workout App: Fitness Classes & Training Programs

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If you want to focus exclusively on mobility rather than strength, then check out our best mobility courses article here.

#1 FitBod

Coming in as a bit of an unsung hero is the training algorithm application, FitBod.

We have to admit, this app is pretty cool, and for those who are not into conventional video or audio-based fitness programs, FitBod provides all the information while not robbing the athletes of their independence.

Using training algorithms to build and customize training programs, customers are guided through daily workouts based on their goals, available equipment, and previous experience.

What we enjoy most about this app is its ability to adjust on the fly for varying gym environments, and offers incredible bodyweight workouts that don’t get boring.

Its simplicity is addictive, and it works.

Finally, FitBod doesn’t break the bank, offering an annual membership for USD $59.99 following a free trial period.

#2 Aaptiv

Aaptiv is a renowned audio-driven fitness app that is targeted at exercise time-restricted dieters and exercisers who can’t seem to nail down a routine that works well for them.

Aaptiv has over a loyal customer base of 230,000+ paying members that have engaged in over 20 million classes to date.

As a member, you are granted access to 2,500 audio workouts guided by 20+ instructors, with 30-40 new classes added weekly.

Aaptiv carries with it an industry hype and credibility that keeps it hovering atop the audio fitness app rankings. With its unique audio model, motivating intructors relate to students through persistence, positive encouragement, and community support. 

For those who know that audio fitness works for them, or even for those willing to give it a try, Aaptiv might be the next best thing to shake your fitness routine.

Following the free trial, Aaptiv offers an annual membership of $99.99 USD, which at the moment of writing has been slashed to $49.99 USD. A monthly membership of $14.99 USD is also available for those who are not convinced of a full year commitment.

Another cool tool they offer is their online free fitness evaluation. This allows them to offer a personalized training routine. You can do yours for free here:

#3 The Movement Athlete

Introducing the Movement Athlete Strength Academy- a personalized program guided by AI design that takes athletes through industry-leading calisthenic and gymnastic training.

This unique program boasts quite a spectacular promise, “training that will make you invincible”.

For those of any skill level who understand their fitness goals, the Movement Athlete compiles years of expert experience and personalizes it to any individual in a game-like progressional journey that is sure to capture even the most wandering of attention spans.

The design of this program is beautiful, which is in large part why it sees so much success.

The best part? You can try this well-crafted program free for 7 days, and make the decision for yourself. After that, the program if paid annually costs USD $157 per year.

Bodyweight 1.0 - The Hybrid Athlete Bodyweight 1.0 - The Hybrid Athlete

Many people have trouble setting aside time to go to the gym, some don’t have the extra cash for a membership and others don’t have equipment at home.

Instead of letting those barriers prevent you from getting fit, we decided to crush them with this 4 week, total body workout you can do anywhere, anytime.

  • 4-week program, 3 workouts each week
  • Workouts vary in length from 25-40 minutes
  • No equipment required, but a yoga or exercise mat, towel, and water bottle are helpful
  • Free Bonus: Intro to Nutrition and Healthy Eating
  • Printable PDF workout calendar

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

#4 Freeletics Bodyweight

In a similar fashion to the Movement Athlete program, Freeletics makes use of an AI program tailored to an individual’s fitness level and their available exercise time.

With goal-driven programs ranging from 6-12 weeks, Freeletics prides itself on being flexible for all lifestyle choices, allowing customers to work out when they want.

Along with a personalized fitness program, members also gain access to group support from over 40 million active users as well as plenty of lifestyle hacks from their resource-heavy online blog.

Freeletics is currently available at USD $0.77 / week ($40 per year) for the training coach, and $1.15 / week ($60 per year) for the training coach & nutrition bundle. Both of these purchases offer a 14-day money-back guarantee should you not be satisfied.

#5 8Fit

For those looking for a well-balanced lifestyle change, and an app that will guide you through much more than just a physical transformation, 8fit might be the option you are looking for. While exercise is at the core of the program, this app also provided personalized meal plans and self-care guidance to allow users to complete a full lifestyle change.

This Berlin-based app offers a 14-day free trial followed by an annual membership for USD $79. For those who need a bit more convincing, check out some of 8fit’s transformation stories.

#6 BodBot

We would be amiss if we did not offer our readers a chance to try out a bit of a lifestyle change for free.

In a world with an endless amount of options, sometimes it is worth giving the idea of a fitness-based workout app a chance in the first place.

BodBot is a free application that allows users to personalize their exercise routines, exercise around their schedule, and to track and optimize their nutrition.

While these offerings are quite similar among AI-based fitness apps, keep in mind that you get what you pay for. While BodBot may be the perfect place to discover your addiction to fitness apps, it won’t offer the aesthetic nor functionality of some of the previously mentioned applications.

While mobile fitness apps might not be everyone’s cup of tea, we encourage our readers to take advantage of some of the free trial programs to see if anything tickles their fancy.

There has never been a more important time to maintain personal fitness routines than now.

Bodyweight 2.0 - Hybrid Athlete Bodyweight 2.0 - Hybrid Athlete

Bodyweight tactics for the experienced.

The bodyweight 2.0 is the sequel to the reader favorite Bodyweight 1.0. It adds a bit of difficulty, though it can be done by beginners by adjusting loads and reps.


  • Skill level: Intermediate
  • 4-week program, 4 workouts each week
  • Workouts vary in length, up to 45 minutes
  • No equipment required, but a yoga or exercise mat, towel, and water bottle are helpful.
  • Free Bonus: Intro to Nutrition and Healthy Eating
  • Links to videos, detailing each exercise
  • Printable PDF workout calendar

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

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