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Best Barre Instructor Training – Get the 411 on how to teach this Core Strengthening Workout

Have you been attending barre classes for a while and thought I can teach this?  Why not? 

Being a fitness instructor is one of the best choices you can make for yourself.  You get paid to workout.  Say goodbye to those gym fees. 

Plus, you learn great information about physiology and how our bodies work. 

It’s never too late to learn new things.  If you are thinking about becoming a barre instructor, we have all the best details for you.  Fitness certifications tend to compound on each other.  Before you know it, you’ll be looking at an ACE certification or maybe even a NASM nutrition certification.  Go for it all. 

There are endless amounts of information about fitness and nutrition, and it’s constantly changing.  Stay in the know and give your clients the best classes and fitness advice.

How Do I Become a Barre Instructor?

Before you become a certified barre instructor, we highly recommend taking a class from someone who has been certified in the same organization.  The certifications differ a bit according to your level of experience. 

Once you take a class from that instructor, you will get a feel for what kinds of classes they offer, and you can pick their brain about the certification process after class. 

When choosing a certification, education is an essential attribute.  You need to be educated to adapt to any situation or any student need in your classes. 

You might be teaching anyone from a beginner to an advanced barre student.  You can’t talk to each student the same way.  Knowing your terminology is crucial, but you need to speak to every student differently depending on their fitness level. 

Do your research (or read this article) and find the best course suited for your needs.  Then get to work.

How much do Barre Certifications Cost?

The certification costs range anywhere from $500 to $2000, depending on which one you choose.  We give you a few options below at different ranges to help you decide. 

Most barre instructors make an average of $27 per class.  While some feel they are underpaid, it depends on what organization you work for as to how much you will ultimately make. 

As with anything else, it might take time to develop yourself as an instructor before you can move up in the ranks.  For the most part, you can make more money if you offer your own classes vs. teaching in a studio.  

Is a Barre Technique Certification Difficult?

Y’all, everything is difficult at first, right?  Teaching barre is no exception.  Do we need to tell you that anything is possible?  You already know that. 

While the training and testing are intense, it is incredibly straightforward.  Usually, the training takes anywhere from four to six months, allowing participants to take their time and set their pace. 

Depending on your ability with barre, you might find it more challenging if you are a beginner.  Don’t stress though, because we were all beginners once and you will get there.

How effective is a Barre Workout?

The barre workout stems from the ballet, of course.  It originated from a ballet dancer named Lotte Berk in 1959.   After she injured her back dancing, she used the barre workout as rehabilitation and then ended up opening up her own studio in London to teach it. 

Barre workouts are challenging as it takes a lot of core strength and flexibility to do the movements.  For that reason, it is an excellent workout for your core, finding balance through your hip stabilizers and promoting flexibility. 

Its benefits are similar to that of yoga, which tones, lengthens, and strengthens our bodies.  

Barre Training – The Best of the Best

It’s time to give you what you came for–the best barre instructor certifications.  Keep in mind that we limited this to three certifications as you can be overwhelmed by the immense amount of training courses that are available. 

We found three different certifications that could work for anyone.  Let’s break it down.

Barre Certification from IBBFA

The International Ballet Barre Fitness Association or IBBFA offers this certification to teach you how to execute barre safely and effectively. 

Developed by fitness, dance, and medical professionals, this training is easy to follow and one of the most comprehensive barre trainings available.  It’s been taught all over the world to many barre instructors for many years. 

Over the years, it has been tested and changed to keep up with industry standards. 

Once you are a member of the elite group of IBBFA certified professional barre instructors, you have unlimited access to expert advice and support as you work to build your business and perfect your movements.

Give me the Details

Lots of people love this course because it is 100% online.  Considering we need to have a lot of our lives online at the moment, this is a definite perk.  The course is 35 hours, and you have six months to complete it. 

The course is constantly updated based on the latest science specifications and government requirements.  Another great perk is that you have complete creative freedom with your teaching. 

The course offers some example classes, but you are free to design your own however you see fit.  Capitalizing on that, you can also teach anywhere with no extra license fees.  This world-renown instructor certification is accredited by more fitness organizations like ACE and NASM than any other barre certification. 

This program is designed for everyone. 

Beginner participants or advanced fitness professionals are all welcome and will benefit from the training materials.  The online IBBFA instructor community is the biggest barre community online. 

Get support from your fellow barre instructors.  There is even an option for live virtual classes where you take barre demo classes twice a month via Zoom.  They go over the course materials, allow you to ask questions, and give corrections all in real-time.  Nice, right?

Let’s Talk Price

The IBBFA barre training course costs $347 with a 30-day money-back guarantee.  You get so much for your money.  There is an 8 hour Barre Essentials course included for anyone who does not have group fitness experience.  The Fundamentals of Barre Course Level 1 is 27 hours and will teach you everything you need to know about barre.  An instructor directory is provided so you can reach out to fellow instructors for guidance and support.  A sample class library is also provided, and over four hours of ready to teach Barreslim classes (barre classes that burn more calories than a regular barre class) and an eight-week Barreslim challenge for your students to try.  All of the materials are sent to you instantly, and the testing portion is via a pre-recorded video.  Once you pass, you get a certified instructor card.  You are official!


  • Very well-renowned and recognized
  • No teaching restrictions
  • Continuing education credits
  • In-person assistance available for practice
  • Classical Ballet Foundation
  • In-depth and comprehensive information and training


  • Completely online certification

Barre Eclipse

If you’re looking for lectures, mentoring, building peer networking relationships, and a comprehensive manual to bring you the very best training, you have come to the right place. 

This training takes phenomenal to a new level. 

Even though this course is online, the training course gives you everything you would receive from in-person classes.  Use your creativity to teach barre classes, even if you are a beginner.

Details Speak Volumes

This five-week course gives you four months to complete it.  Learn how to teach dynamic classes and the exact sequence to open your classes and build your success.  Learn how to measure the music and tempo to create classes with seamless transitions. 

The course teaches cue formulas, techniques, and anatomy cues to help your clients feel successful.  Livestream group mentorship lessons twice a month help you go through your training to get your questions answered. 

Near the end of your course, Adrienne, the founder of Barre Eclipse, provides one-on-one feedback to ensure you are ready for your barre certification. 

Weekly emails help you stay on track and practice assessments throughout help you with your barre education.  A bonus month of unlimited access to fitness, yoga, and meditation is available to you on Alo Moves. 

Also, receive 40% off your subscription to The Source, an online workout and sequence library for fitness instructors.  Continuing education credits are available for AFAA and NASM once you have completed the barre training.  

How Much Will All of this Cost?

While this barre certification costs $1495, you receive all of the benefits we discussed above and these listed below.

  • 7-day free sneak peek
  • Payment plan option of 3 payments of $498.33
  • Instant access to your Barre Eclipse lessons and download of the Barre Eclipse Manual
  • Entry to the private social media group called Run with the Pack
  • Access to the Free Foundational Shapes Course and playlist, which gives you sequences and new playlists every week for six months
  • Opportunity to become a licensed Barre Eclipse instructor

That cost seems more viable now, right?  Once you open your classes and get to work, you can recoup the certification cost in no time.


  • Organized and well put together
  • Fun and challenging
  • Professional and inviting instructors 
  • Continuing education credits
  • Inspiring and empowering


  • More expensive than some alternatives


With over 150 studios and an online platform for people worldwide, Barre3 is a full-body workout that in strength training, cardio, and mindfulness. 

This program offers wellness retreats in addition to its phenomenal workouts.  We could all use a wellness retreat right now. 

This certification is more exclusive as you have to email to find out how to become an instructor, but we got some of the details for you, so have a read.

Certification Details

First, you need to reach out to your local instructor to attend an instructor Q&A session or find out more information via email.  Next, perform a one-on-one audition with your mentor or local instructor after being given the tools to teach a warm-up. 

Once you pass that audition, you are given the information to conduct a 60-minute class for friends and family.  No worries.  This process takes up to four weeks to prepare, so you won’t have to do it immediately.  

You will then be invited to a new instructor training, a three-day intensive course for your teacher training of all things barre.  They’ll explain what barre is and why it is essential to learn. 

After that, return to your home barre facility and practice. Take all of the techniques and combinations you have learned and practice them on family and friends.  When we say practice, we mean plenty of practice.  You should teach barre classes constantly to build up your confidence and technique.

Throughout all of this, your mentor provides critical feedback and support to make you the best instructor. 

Finally, once your mentor thinks you are ready, you will teach a class for certification.  Woot woot!  This entire process takes anywhere from seven to ten weeks to complete. 

The one drawback of this barre training is no information about pricing is available online.  You must email and ask about pricing once you decide you are ready to become an instructor.


  • Fun and challenging
  • Hands-on, thorough instruction
  • Teach under supervision while learning
  • Gain experience and personally improve during the course


  • Can only teach Barre3
  • Instructors seem to be underpaid
  • Not available online

Barre Instructors Unite

We have given you all of the details.  Now take that and run.  Run right to your local barre facility and start the group fitness instructor training process. 

Remember, all of these barre training programs are excellent, so you can’t go wrong. 

Choose the one that will fit your lifestyle, whether you need online training or in-person training. 

Depending on your learning style, any of these programs will work for you.  Get barre certified and start helping others find their love of barre. 

It’s the best part of teaching a barre class.

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Kristen holds a bachelors in English from Louisianna university. With a longstanding passion for fitness, she owns and operate her own gym and is a certified jazzercise instructor.

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